(Episode 18) Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker!

Chucks: “Are you sure you that are ready for the surprise?”

Charity: “Of course, baby. You want to kill me with suspense?”

Chucks: “Okay, then”. He grabs his night robe and wears it while she does the same. “Close your eyes and promise me that will not open it until I tell you to do so”.

Charity: “Done, my eyes are closed”.

Chucks: “You have to promise that you won’t open it”.

Charity: “Okay, okay, okay. I promise”.

Chucks grabs her in his arms and carries her to the compound, even as he notices the accelerated beat of her heart.

Chucks: “Nervous about something? Don’t worry, you will like the surprise”.

“Open your eyes”, he says as he puts her down. There parked in the compound to her utmost surprise is a brand new car. She turns to him with her mouth opened and sees him flashing the keys before her face.

Chucks: “It is yours, baby. A marriage gift from me to you”, says with a beaming smile.

Charity: “Wow!” she heaves a sigh of relief as she thinks that she had succeeded in convincing him about her virginity. This is like a dream. You bought a car for me? Thank you so much. I love you dearly”. She runs into the car and inspects it, comes out and hugs him.

Chucks: “And about last night…”

Charity’s heart begin to pound furiously again. “What about last night”, she asks with fear.

Chucks: “About the love we made”.

Charity: “Yes, what about it?” her eyes popping out.

Chucks: “Erm, I…well, never mind”

Charity: “Okay”.

Chucks: “I thought you said you couldn’t walk properly from my poundings? By the way, did the blood stain on the bed sheet come from you?”

Charity: “I still feel the pain, I only got excited with the new car. And of course the blood is the blood of my virginity. Where else could it have come from if not from me?”

Chucks: “Really? Okay”. He says, his eyes searching hers.

He carries her in his arms and takes her to the bedroom for another round.


A knock on the door wakes Stephen up. He glances at the wall clock opposite his bed. “It is almost 9pm, who could be knocking my door at this time? It must be Segun, that night crawler!” He reluctantly gets up and opens the door. “What! You? What are you doing here at this time?” He asks Stella who is standing at the door provocatively dressed in a black sleeveless mini dress.

Stella: “Ah-ah barrister, are we fighting? Won’t you at least allow me in without pushing me down with questions?”

Stephen: “Allow you in where? I am sorry; I can’t just allow you in until you tell me why you are here”.

Stella: “Okay. I have this issue that requires a professional advice. Since you are the only lawyer that I know, I thought of coming to seek your help”, she lies.

Stephen: “In that case, there is absolutely no need for you to come to the house. You could have visited me in the office which is more convenient for such discussions”.

Stella: “Okay, I am sorry for bothering you”, she turns around to leave.

“No, it is okay. Come in”, he steps out of the door for her to go in. He offers her a seat and gives her a glass of cold juice. “So tell me, what is it that you need to be advised on? Do you have a court case or do you want to sue someone?”

Stella: “Erm yes, no, I mean yes”. She stutters.

Stephen: “Yes, no, no, yes. What is the meaning of that? I don’t understand”.

Stella: “I don’t know how to say it”, she lowers her gaze.

Stephen: “You don’t know how to say what? I mean you knew how to find your way here, so saying what brought you shouldn’t be a problem”.

She gulps the remaining juice in her cup, adjusts her dress and moves close to him. He moves away, uncomfortable with her moves.

Stella: “It is about us”.

Stephen: “Us? Who are the ‘us’?”

Stella: “You and I. Can’t you see that I love you? Ever since Charity introduced you to me as her boyfriend in 100level, I have loved you. When I was a little girl, I had a dream that I marry a lawyer and I have been praying about it since that time. Now that Charity is away, I want you to be mine”.

Stephen: “What!  Are you joking or is something wrong with you? “ He snaps at her.

Stella: “I know your heart is broken because of what Charity did to you. But I love you more than Charity ever did. I am ready to do anything to please you. I know Charity never allowed you to touch her, but you can do anything you want with me, I will satisfy you in bed and love you unconditionally”.

Stephen: “Oh my goodness!  What is wrong with the ladies of this generation?  Are you all cheats and betrayers? You have the audacity to ask me out? Now, get up and leave my house “.

Stella opens the nylon bag and breaks out a flask. She opens it and offers it to him. “Here, I made your favorite rice, stewed chicken and plantain. Come have some before we go to bed.” Don’t you like what you see? She pulls off her dress revealing her boobs and smooth thighs.

Stephen: “I never asked you to cook for me and no, I don’t like what I see. Now get out of my house, I need to sleep and wake up in the night to prepare for a case tomorrow “.

Stella takes his hands and dips it into her bra. “Touch me, let me bring out the man in you “.

“Get out, you Jezebel! “, he thunders and pushes her out with the food in her hands.

Stephen: “God, she has gone crazy “.


Charity wakes up tired that morning, about a month after her wedding. She turns and Chucks is not in the bed with her. They had made love in the night and that morning she needed to be cuddled. “He must be in the restroom “, she thinks. After waiting for five minutes, she checks the toilet and he is not there. “Why does he keep going out when I am asleep?  Where is he always going to?” She checks the other room and finds him sleeping there.

She goes to the bed and lies down close to him wrapping her arms around him.

Chucks: “What is it?  Why are you here? Isn’t the other room big enough for you?”

Charity: “I was missing you. I need you around me, it feels cold this morning “.

Chucks: “Missing me? Is this one of your tricks? You think you are smart, huh? My friend, get your hands off me and grow up. If it is cold, go cover yourself under the blanket or get a cardigan and wear”.

Charity: “But you are my husband and…”

Chucks: “Oh God, there she goes again. Husband husband husband, that is all I hear in this house. Did I commit a crime by marrying a low life like you? ”.

Charity: “I am sorry but…”

Chucks: “My friend just shut up and go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast. And here is a warning; never you interrupt my morning sleep again. Else, I will do something that you will regret”.

Charity noticing the change in his mood obeys and goes to the kitchen.

After serving his breakfast of custard and fried plantain with egg, she settles for Coker oat.

Charity: “Baby, it’s been one month since you got me a car and you’ve not said anything about enrolling me in a driving school”.

Chucks: “What is that you are saying?” he snaps at her.

Charity: “I am saying that you bought me a car knowing that I can’t drive. I was expecting you to enroll me in a driving school, it is not right for us to just pack the car in the compound like that “.

Chucks: “What is wrong with you for God’s sake?  Can’t you just allow me eat in peace?  Ehn? And so what if the car is parked there, is it your money I used to buy it?”

Charity: “I am sorry but I need to enroll in a driving school “.

Chucks: “Why didn’t you learn how to drive from your father’s house?  Did you bring any car from your father’s house to this place? “

Charity: “You knew that I don’t know how to drive a car, yet you bought one for me. What has my father got to do with this?  Why do you derive joy in insulting the only parent I have in the world? My father brought me up well and that is why I reserved my virginity until I married you. How many girls are virgins before marriage these days? You should respect and treat me like a queen for that reason.

“In a twinkle of an eye, Chucks gives her a slap.

Chucks: “How dare you talk back at me?  Who are you to tell me what to say? What stupid virginity are you talking about? You call that well you have in between your legs virginity? Listen, I don’t have time to deal with you yet, when I do, you will know who is smarter between us”.

A tear drops from Charity’s eyes. “You slapped me?  Chucks you slapped me? What do you mean by asking me what virginity I am talking about?“

Chucks: “I will slap you again you liar and deceiver if you don’t allow me eat in peace. You know what? I am done with this breakfast. You can have it all to yourself”, he storms out of the house.


The next morning, Charity makes up her mind to visit Stephen. She had barely slept all through the night as Chucks didn’t return home after the incidence they had that morning, her mind kept running to the statement Chucks had made about her virginity and she prayed that he hadn’t found out the truth after all she did to deceive him. She kept calling him and he refused to pick. He had sent an SMS to her at about midnight informing her that he would spend the night out. She tried calling him back but his numbers were switched off. She decides to visit Stephen early that morning before he leaves for work and before her husband returns.

Dressed in a tight fitting jean trousers and black t-shirt, she picks a cab to Stephen’s house. She gets off and pays the taxi driver. Checking around to make sure that no one is seeing her, she steps into Stephen’s compound and taps gently on the door. Stephen who is dressing up for court hurries to the door and opens it.  Charity taking him by surprise pushes him to the room and closes the door.

Stephen: “Charity!  What has come over you? What are you doing in the house of an ordinary charge and bail lawyer?”

Charity grabs him in a tight hug, sobbing uncontrollably. Stephen who is taken aback by her reactions struggles to get her hands off him when his door opens and Chucks walks in.

Question: How did Chucks find out about Charity’s location?  What will happen between him and Stephen?  Will he allow her to go back to his house?

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  1. Omo, see yawa ooo

    Chucks: “How dare you talk back at me? Who are you to tell me what to say? What stupid virginity are you talking about? You call that well you have in between your legs virginity? Listen, I don’t have time to deal with you yet, when I do, you will know who is smarter between us”.

  2. Oma se ooo.. what a pity Charity. Chucks, you too easy on her na. Haba!

    Chucks: You call that well you have in between your legs virginity?

  3. Charity ds is d begini of ur miserable lyf.wat r u doing in d house of an ordinary charge n bail lawyer?u wi regret ur action 4 treating dat guy dt way after all he sacrify 4 u.ds shd b a lesson to all ladies especially dose hu can neva b contended wit wat d hv rather runing after big men dat wi destroy deir dream.ds shd b a lesson as my ladies tink it is a fun especially wen opportune 2 b in d university

  4. Adelove, change your tactics oh. Stephen must not accept her back. She is evil and devilish. Let it serve as a lesson to em Chicks!

  5. Cha Cha!!!, wetin u dey look for in ordinary charge n bail lawyer house???, I tire for ur matter ooo. Go back to ur rich Chucks to continue slapping u cos dats exactly what u deserve!.

  6. Charity’s ending has just begun. It’s only the way she wants to implicate Stephen that worries me. I hope Stephen won’t be fooled and get carried away by this pretender and deceitful slut.
    Adelove, kudos!
    Next episode please …..

  7. charity if only u knw d meaning of ur name nd dat u re suppose 2 b showing compassion on pple buh u re a complete opposite, u re full of deceit nd lies I pity u cos u re getting paid in ur own coin so dnt complain nd leave Stephen out of ur shattered lyf…….Adelove una 2 much see as una dey use suspense dey give me hrt attack here abeg do kia kia wif d next episode, gud nyt all

  8. Please dear Chuks can you make the slap a hit back to back..thumps up for you not because I like women hitters but cos she deserves every ill treatment she’s receiving n more…madam better get out of Stephens life..ode..wait o…chuks in steves house…madam it have b for u…hehehe

  9. Now the game has just begone. Chuks understand how this Charity gal think….he knows she will definitely go to “the fall back option”. Charity will have nowhere to go now.

  10. Charity! Charity!! Charity!!! How many times did I call u, the poor Steven is trying to move on wit his life naw and you want to make him loss is court case again. Is it a crime to love

  11. Wow thanks adelove u guys are the best charity ure in 4a long ride u itself said it shouldn’t be well with you if you break Steve’s heart

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