Ice Prince's Ghanaian Girlfriend Causes Stir on Social Media with Arousing Bikini Photos

Maima Nkewa has shown the world one of the main reasons why ace Nigerian musician, Ice Prince will not just let her go despite their past squabbles about her purported infidelity.

Maima, Ice Prince’s Ghanaian girlfriend after a lunch date in a red plunging gown, cooled off at the pool in her hotel in hot yellow bikini that showed off the super model’s banging body.

Maima Nkweta who is an half-cast till date remains the pride of Ice Prince as she visits top-notch events with the J-town rapper.

Meanwhile, Ice Prince currently has a son named Jamal but this has not deterred their relationship from waxing stronger amidst other image-tarnishing rumours.


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  1. She bares it all for everyone to see. Wonder what is left for Ice prince.
    It’s amazing what folks find beautiful. For me there is no iota of beauty in this shameless show of nudity!

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