Nollywood Actress Blasted for Wearing this Revealing Outfit (Photos)

A budding Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels was taken to the cleaners by her teeming fans for exposing her body in a questionable outfit.

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels who is just sixteen years old came under heavy attacks and bullying on social media for toeing the path of her adult counterparts.

Regina shared photos of herself rocking a very skimpy blue dress with an anticipation for attacks. Regina clearly said no one should judge her because she’s just being herself.

Majority of her fans reacted bitterly probably out of the feeling that she is being corrupted by her older colleagues in the industry.



  1. Whoever says nothing bad in this kind of dress is just encouraging her to path of destruction. it’s never too late to change her ways now.

  2. There is nothing wrong in her outfit. In fact, she needs to show more skin

    Peoplease forget that tradionally, African women wore less clothing than they are wearing today

    We men should stop trying to control our women. Instead let us provide infrastructure for them : good roads, pipe borne water, health care, etc

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