See the Giant Python Snake Spotted in Anambra State

A social media user has narrated his frightening experience at the sight of a very long python snake that was killed in the South-eastern part of Nigeria.

An unnamed young man currently undergoing his Industrial Training in Anambra, South-eastern part of Nigeria took pictures of a long python snake that was killed by some locals just before it ended in a pot of soup.

Read his interesting account about the creepy creature below:

“So when I decided to do my Industrial training in Anambra it was just for my love for the state, its beautiful girls and the environment in general. I never knew I was going to get the thrill of a lifetime. I’ve seen such huge reptiles on Tv and online but part of me was really seeing it as unreal till yesterday.

“Took some time off from work to take in a view of the new environment we just started a project in, a serene, airy village setting( a farm settlement actually) when I noticed a group of people surrounding something , I decided to go take a peep, to my amazement it was something i’ve longed to see for a long time. First thing that came to my mind was sharing on social media.”

Looks like Anambra is populated with these exotic reptiles, I wish the government can come up with a law to protect these animals I mean before I could say jack they were already dissecting the creature.”



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