Watch Sports Minister committing grammatical blunder at Senate committee meeting … See Video Clip

Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, made a grammatical blunder on Friday when he appeared before the senate’s committee on Sports.

When asked by one of the committee members why the Ministry was spending more than the allocated budget approved by the National Assembly, Dalung said: “The Funds spended were properly spended because we got them from intervention funds from Mr President”he said.



  1. Please keep in mind that English is not his first language. If oyinbo man mispronounced our language we still praise them for trying. Why are we so quick to judge ourselves? I guess it’s the colonial mentality.

    • Really? @Samef! It’s obvious English is not his first language, maybe he should get an interpreter. See where our making excuses for clowns like Dalung has landed us. We are yet to get over his goof on the unpaid allowances to the Falcons, and then this!!!! Is this what PMB spent 6months to get??

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