Electoral College confirms Trump as winner of US presidential election

America’s Electoral College has on Monday made Donald Trump‘s victory official, despite a last-minute campaign by Democrats hoping against the chances its members could turn off and keep the Republican billionaire out of the White House.

The country is angrily divided following Trump‘s win over Hillary Clinton, with the Democrat finishing nearly three million votes ahead in the popular tally.

Plus, there’s uproar over allegations of Russian hacking of Democrats during the campaign to sway the vote in favor of Trump.

When US voters cast their ballots on November 8, they did not directly elect the next president but rather 538 electors charged with translating their wishes into reality.

Trump won a clear majority of those electors: 306. At least 270 are needed for election.

Electors — most of them party members without name recognition — gathered Monday in each state plus the District of Columbia that houses the capital Washington to officially designate the next president and vice president.

In most states, electors must vote for whichever candidate won the popular tally in their state.



  1. Me think he should be allowed to rule whether good or bad. He is the significant people’s choice. That is American brand of democracy. Tough luck to them!!!

  2. I hope all those bad losers out there, including those that promised to tear their creen cards and pull down their houses, will now come to grips with reality
    With Trump’s victory, God has further demonstrated that he will always love and favour all those folks that live by there true colour by usually being straightforward and speaking out their real mind, like Jesus did
    God had already blessed Trump abundantly even before he went into politics
    The Americans have demonstrated with their votes that they are on the same page with Trump,
    When God says yes, no one can say no

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