(Episode 15) Wrong Turn … A fatal Attraction!

Because Bimpe began to spend so much time in the Bamigboyes house, the patron of the house began to have fond feelings for Bimpe, and this was not lost on Bimpe. She began to invite him often, for business dinner on the pretense that they were to discuss the fashion week. And on such dinners they would not discuss business, but other personal issues. Chief Bamigboye would tell her about his late wife, the things he liked and from such discussions, Bimpe began to have an idea about his weaknesses. One day she had come to the mansion, hoping to take Chief Bamigboye to his favorite polo club, but met Brian instead.

Brian: “Hello honey”

Bimpe: “Sweetheart, where is your dad, I want to take him to the Polo club”

Brian: “Why don’t we go instead, dad is not in the house”

Bimpe: “No we can’t go together because you are not a member, and the reason we are going, is business, and you wouldn’t know anything about that” Brian looked at her carefully, he was wondering if it was derision he heard in her voice.

Brian: “Bimpe, when are we getting married. You tell me that marrying me has been your lifelong wish, and yet you keep postponing our wedding. You hardly spend time with me, you rather spend it with my dad. I know you lost your parents, but my dad is my dad. No matter how much you take him out or spend time with him, he is still my dad”

Bimpe: “Oh Brian, why are you acting like a child whose candy is threatened? Your dad is just a good man, and we are business partners. So it is imperative that we get to know each other” she replied.

Brian: “So when are we getting married?” He was ready to force a date out of her because he was tired of waiting for her to pick a definite date.

Bimpe: “we will be married in two weeks, on my birthday” she said.

Brian: “Good, I will get in touch with a celebrity events planner to plan our wedding from scratch to finish. The court wedding will precede the church wedding”

Bimpe: “I won’t have a church wedding”

Brian: “What do u mean by that?” he said, trying hard to keep himself from flaring up

Bimpe: “It means exactly that Brian. I don’t see the need, it is just a waste of time and resources. I love you Brian and I want us to be joined by a priest, before God” she replied and embraced him.

Chief Bamigboye was sitting in his office with his friend from the University days, Doctor Dapo Ogunleye, they were discussing. Dapo confided in him the thing that has been disturbing me and kept him from marrying until now, while Chief Bamigboye told him the thing that he wouldn’t dare say to another person.

Chief Bamigboye: “Dapo, I am in trouble oh. This girl has entered all my system, I cannot go an hour without thinking about her, I am perplexed, I want this girl, but it is impossible. A girl like that wouldn’t want me; my son is whom she loves”

Dapo: “Don’t tell me, that your son’s fiancée is whom you are talking about like this”

Chief Bamigboye: “Who else. I have never met a girl like her, if my son was half the person she is; I would be the happiest man today”

Dapo: “What would you do about this? This is dangerous; she is supposed to be your daughter-in-law”

Chief Bamigboye: “I know what I will do”

Dapo: “Tell me, my friend, what will you do?”

Chief Bamigboye: “You will know about it in due time” he replied and sipped from his glass of wine.

One day, Chief Bamigboye was alone in the house and Bimpe visited, she had intended to drop the  groom and his men’s outfit.

Chief Bamigboye: “My dear Bimpe, how are you and how is the wedding preparation?”

Bimpe: “I am fine daddy. I wanted to drop this for Brian” she bent down in front of Chief, to drop the package on the adjacent sofa. Chief could not hold it anymore, he grabbed her from behind. Bimpe turned abruptly in surprise.

Bimpe: “Dad, what is this?” she said softly.

Chief Bamigboye: “Bimpe, I love you, not just your body, but your intelligence, the way you carry yourself. I would have asked you out the day I met you, but I thought by giving you to my son, he would be a better man. But can I just have a taste of you?”

Bimpe: “After that, what next? I like you too, a lot. What would society say; I want to be with you. After knowing you, I found out you were perfect for me, but what would society say?” she replied him, and moved slowly to him. She kissed him lightly on the lips and ran out of the house. Chief Bamigboye wanted to run after her and ask her to cancel the wedding, but he knew she would not. He thought her, too principled.


On the day of the wedding, Bimpe woke up in the morning and for the first time in a long while; she knelt down and prayed to God, but the kind of prayer she prayed…

Bimpe: “My father in heaven, I have no father so you are the only father I have. I know I am not worthy to be called your daughter, I am a terrible sinner, my heart is black with pain and vengeance. But Lord you understand that they wronged me first. Brian, the only man I ever loved. Father I gave him my heart and my body, and he smashed it on the floor. So, Lord, I want to fight, I want to take back my glory, I want to make him feel pain. Be with me Lord, as you have always done, and let the odds continually be in my favor, Amen” she prayed. She ended her prayer just when the makeup artist knocked on her door. It was time for the bridal rituals.

She opened her door and allowed in the bridal entourage, they fussed over her, scrubbing and pruning till her skin shone like polished gold. They dressed her up in her white sequined ball gown and pinned her hair with sparkly pins. It was time for her to be married for the second time.

Bimpe was in the white Limousine with her bridal train waiting for the groom.

Bimpe(to herself): “Wouldn’t it be so ironic if Brian stands me up? Wonder what would be my next plan if that happens. Well, I have a contingency plan, don’t i?” she smiled. Just then, she saw a black limousine decorated with nuptial flowers drive into the church courtyard. When the groom was inside the cathedral, Bimpe was led in by her train; no one walked her down the aisle. Chief Bamigboye had wanted the honors, but Bimpe had refused. She kept the wedding away from her family, but her foster father, Ladejo was passing by the Anglican church of the nativity, when he saw the wedding banner.

Ladejo: “Ha, is this not my Adebimpe?” he went in through the gate.

Bimpe was standing side by side with Brian, she turned to him, and when their eyes met, she smiled.

Priest: “Mr Brian Bamigboye, do you take Miss Adebimpe Dambazzau as your lawfully wedded wife, to be with her, care for her, and cherish her till death do you part”

Brian: “Yes I do”

Priest: “Miss Adebimpe Bamigboye, do you take Mr Brian Bamigboye as your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish, until death do you part?”

Bimpe: “Yes I do”

Priest: “Does anyone have any reason, why this two should not be joined in holy wedlock, speak out or forever hold your peace” The whole cathedral became quiet, everyone looked on, not expecting any hiccups, for this was a golden couple.

Priest: “By the powers vested in me as a minister of God, I…”

Bimpe: “Priest! Wait” she turned to Brian, with tears in her eyes. “I am sorry, I cannot go on with this charade for the sake of society, I have another man in my heart, I am in love with another man. I cannot marry you” Brian gripped her by the shoulders, and shook her desperately.

Brian: “You can’t do this to me. Who are you in love with, tell me this moment you bitch”

Bimpe: “Your father” she said and Brian’s hands fell limply from her shoulders. The whole congregation exclaimed in surprise.

There is fire on the mountain, and it will burn, who will be scorched and who will prevail?

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  1. adelove
    let c what has become of alhaja?
    what become of his son yusuf?
    what bcme of other wives?
    will d happy home stil turn happy home cos bimpe hv ruined it wit greed……. nd what wil later bcom brian nd his father?
    who is the stranger travelling around 2 knw about bashira?
    what wil later bcome d end of d master planner Adebimpe……….

  2. Hmmm.bimpe! Adelove keep it up. Bt always send my mail to my inbox ontime pls. I get to read it on fb before its delivered top my mail.

  3. as for me, chief Bamigboye’s friend who is Dr Dapo Ogunleye is Bimpe’s father. period.

    but Adelove.com why are ladies always the villain in ur stories?

    • @Eugenia, a woman’s mistake is the most costly, men can get away with almost anything easily. AdeLove should have an high-sight. Most of their stories are real-event stories. Nice1

  4. Bimpe is toying with their emotions and fooling around the Bamigboye’s.. I just hope she won’t regret on the long run. Its getting more interesting…nextt episode adelove plssssss

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