(Episode 16) Wrong Turn … A fatal Attraction!

Brian: “My father? Did you say my father? Bitch?” he raised his hand and smacked her hard on the face, Bimpe stumbled and fell backwards, but Chief Bamigboye was there to catch her.

Chief Bamigboye: “I did not raise you to raise your hand against a woman, you worthless son”

Brian: “You are the useless father, were you sleeping with my fiancée?” he said and made to grab Bimpe, but she held his hand.

Bimpe: “You dare not hit me again. You think I didn’t know you were after my wealth, I know everything, Brian, and that is why I refused a court marriage. I was ready to pretend and marry you, just to make your father happy, because I thought if I married you, I could be close to him. But I cannot imagine myself bond to you with the bonds of marriage. You are a despicable person” she turned to the priest, with a sober face.

Bimpe: “I have never slept with Chief Bamigboye, but my heart yearns for him, and I know he yearns for me too. Join us now” she turned to Chief Bamigboye and held him.

Bimpe: “We can live our life; we must not allow ourselves to be bound by the chains of society. I love you” she said passionately. At that moment her father opened the big oak doors of the cathedral and walked in.

Ladejo: “Bimpe” she turned and saw her foster father, her mouth opened in surprise.

Yusuf tried all he could to locate his mother but could not, with pain in his heart; he decided to go back to the State. He was at the airport lounge waiting for his flight to be called when a woman dressed in a blue burka came to sit close to him.

Yusuf: “Assallamu alaiku”

Strange woman: “Mualaikum salaam my son” she replied and Yusuf sat up.

Yusuf: “Mother, is it you. Where have you been?”

Alhaja: “You can’t leave the country, I need you”

Yusuf: “We have to look for a way to get you out of the country, you are a fugitive now”

Alhaja: “I won’t leave the country till the person who did this to us is recompensed” Yusuf thought of Bimpe and sighed. Maybe in another life, they would have been married now. After he lost everything, he began to see that buried under all his desire to get back his father’s properties, he had fallen for Bimpe, he had fought these feelings every time, but his heart won every time. He loved her but they could never forgive each other for the hurt they have each caused the other.

Yusuf: “Mother, you cannot hurt Bimpe. Killing father was not enough? How did you turn so evil?” Alhaja Zainab turned in her seat and gave Yusuf a resounding slap.

Alhaja: “I did not kill your father, I might not be a saint, but I would never hurt your father. That girl Bimpe is the murderer; I have no doubt about that” Yusuf thought back to when his abductors wanted to kill him, but Bimpe allowed him live, even when she knew that he could harm someday.

Yusuf: “Even if she did, we have to do everything legally. Two wrongs don’t make a right”

Alhaja: “She bribes everyone even the judge, even my own damn lawyer. Nobody wants to do any investigation; they want me to be the fall woman. I will do this my way.”

Yusuf: “Then I really must catch my flight. I hope you see the light early, before the darkness destroys you. Farewell Mother” he stood up and began to walk away.

Alhaja: “Please Yusuf, don’t leave, Yusuf!” people began to stare at them, and Alhaja, afraid that she would call attention to herself rushed out of the lobby, into the morning sun. Since, the day she ran away from the stairs of the courthouse, she had met a friend of hers who helped her access her offshore accounts. So even though she was on the road, she lacked nothing, she had already recruited people who would keep 24 hours surveillance on Bimpe, she wanted to know everything she was doing.

“This time, when I strike, you must go down” she pondered in her heart.


Bimpe: “Uncle, what are you doing here? You refused to give me out for marriage today, when you know my parents are dead. I don’t want to see you. Just leave immediately” she yelled. Ladejo’s heart broke, he tried to say something but the look in Bimpe’s eyes shut him up; he turned and went back the same way he came. The guests, when they left their houses, had not bargained for the drama they were watching now. They stayed glued to their seats, not wanting to miss any part of the drama.

Priest: “Are you willing to take this woman as your wife?” he asked looking at Chief Bamigboye. Chief Bamigboye was too stunned to answer. He could not believe that a woman such as Bimpe wanted him as a husband. But he wondered what the marriage would do to his family, especially his children. He felt a hand on his back, when he turned, he saw his friend, Doctor Dapo.

Dapo: “Think this through, you don’t have to do it today” he said. Bimpe looked at him and wondered why he was intent on scattering her plans, but she kept her cool. Then Dapo turned and their eyes both met. For a moment, they were immersed in each other’s eyes, but the moment passed.

Chief Bamigboye: “I don’t want to wait, I want to marry Bimpe now.” He said firmly. The priest blessed them, and they exchanged their vows.

Oyinda had traveled to avoid her brother’s wedding day, when she came back, she found out the worst thing had happened. Bimpe, her former roommate, someone who was on the lower rung of the ladder, was now her stepmother.

Oyinda: “Why the hell did you allow this happen? Did you just sit down and allowed your ex girlfriend become your step mother?” she yelled. Just then Bimpe walked into the kitchen.

Bimpe: “Hello children. No bickering in my kitchen, go to your rooms” she said with a wicked grin. Brian rushed towards her but Bimpe pulled out a knife from the knife rack and brandished it.

Bimpe: “Do I have to hire a bodyguard because of you? Instead of bickering in my kitchen, you should start looking for a wife. You know what is at stake, don’t you?” she snarled.

Oyinda: “You are such a conniving bitch; you never wanted to marry Brian, did you. You always had eyes for my father “

Bimpe: “He is very handsome and intelligent; it seems to me though, that you two missed the intelligence gene. This is just the beginning my dear children” she said and left the kitchen. As she passed through the living room, wanting to go up the stairs, Chief saw her.

Chief: “Bimpe, what are you doing with a knife, you want to hurt yourself?”

Bimpe: “It is for protection. Brian threatened me; I don’t feel safe in this house anymore”

Chief: “What do you mean, is Brian giving you problems? I know just want to do” He left Bimpe on the staircase, and proceeded to his private study. He always took very important calls in his study.

The next morning, Chief Bamigboye called a breakfast meeting. Bimpe was not ready to slave herself for anybody, so she had employed housekeepers as soon as she got into the house. So while the housekeepers set the foods on the table, Chief told them his mind.

Chief: “All your trust funds are in my new wife’s hands; she has a conglomerate, if she could manage that, she can manage your trust fund appropriately”

Brian: “What!”

Oyinda: “What has come over you father, to what purpose are you doing this?”

Chief: “I waited for you guys to grow up and be responsible, but I have been waiting a long time and none of you is stepping up. I do not want to die and my legacy dies with me. I will leave all I have in the hands of someone who is responsible.

Brian: “That will be over my dead body” he pound the glass table with his hard fist and the table gave in, breaking into pieces, and spewing the whole breakfast on the occupants of the table.

Oyinda: “The battle line has been drawn. Bimpe must leave this house or else…” she joined in. They both stood up and left.


Chief Bamigboye had gone to meet his lawyer, he wanted to change his will, but unknown to him, his son had an informant in the law firm that managed Chief’s assets and legal issues. So Brian was at home, when his phone rang, he saw it was his informant from the Law firm. He received the call and after listening for a while, his face contorted into rage, and his fist was folded. He hung up and threw the phone at the wall.

Brian: “I wonder how you got rich, was it by claiming other people’s inheritance? If so, you have come to the wrong house. I will not spare you” he said and walked to his wardrobe, he removed several piles of clothes, and then he brought out a parcel wrapped in a white cloth, he unwrapped the white cloth, and behold, it was a silver pistol. He dropped the cloth and left his room, the gun held firmly in his hand.

Brian: “You have bitten more than you can chew, Bimpe” he said as he descended the staircase one after the other. He could already see Bimpe and his father in the living room; Bimpe had her head on Chief’s chest.

Question: What is going to happen to Bimpe, will Brian go through with his intent?”

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  1. What a game plan by Bimpe…its payback time. I hope Brian won’t mistakenly kill his father with his own hands. Bimpe is playing smart round the family. Her cup will soon overflow sha.

  2. I so gbadun this story … hahahah

    Bimpe: “Hello children. No bickering in my kitchen, go to your rooms” she said with a wicked grin.

  3. Chief just nailed his coffin

    Chief: “I waited for you guys to grow up and be responsible, but I have been waiting a long time and none of you is stepping up. I do not want to die and my legacy dies with me. I will leave all I have in the hands of someone who is responsible.

  4. beautiful vengeance!i wish she didn’t kill alhaji but the stupid asshole brian no matter how bad u are I think I love your courage.buh u know u gonna pay for everything someday.

  5. Bimpe is on a revenge journey and she doesn’t care what could be the consequences ……… Brian was the first person that scattered her life on the pretence of love, Alhaja too higher ppl to deal wit her n turn by turn took the advantages of that on her…………..
    Omobimpe…….Mission Impossible Part………….Lol
    Good morning to all the readers
    Adelove………kudos to you guys

  6. Atimes, the com87bination of brain and beauty, if not channel into proper path, is more dangerous than death itself.
    Bimpe is a bomb.
    Next episode please

  7. Bimpe did no wrong these guys involved all hurt her in the past.the only mistake was killing alahaji.I think brain would kill his dad

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