(Episode 14) Village Teacher.… from Pit to the Palace!

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Clement and Henry were summoned before the elders and the village head (Henry’s father). They sat opposite on the mat facing each other. Solomon  and Gognaje sat close to each other; they were the fathers of Clement and Patience. Shedrack his younger brother sat close to him. Patience couldn’t come for she had fallen ill that morning- it was few weeks to her delivery.

Village head: “we have summoned the two of you, Henry and Clement because of the childish act the two have put up in recent times! I mean, two grown men fighting like children for something that can be resolved through negotiation. Fighting like enemies when you’re brothers.”

The statement “for something that can be resolved through negotiation” irked Clement. Negotiate for what? What is there to negotiate, eh? He thought.

The village head continued, “We even heard that Clement you chased Henry with a loaded gun and fired at him! What if you had killed him? Did you think of that?”

Clement was really angry,

Clement: “well that would have saved a lot!”he chimed in.

All eyes fell on me but he didn’t care for he was presented a gun at that moment he would shoot Henry over and over again and presents his body as breakfast to the dogs.

Solomon: “Clay, show some respect!”

Clement looking away apologized,

Clement: “I’m sorry.”

The village head sighed, Henry on the other hand sat with shoulder raised high looking at Clement in a very cocky way.

Village head: “We aren’t here to apportion blames but to put an end to this once for a whole but before we do that we would want to hear from all parties unfortunately the lady in question isn’t present.”

Henry: “He is with my wife. She is ill!” All I want is.. Give me my Child. Do not steal my child from me

Clement: What Child? The moment the Child is born, the baby will be in her custody, not yours

Village Head: Quieeetttt!!!!

Clement cuts in..

Clement: Patience, the woman of the Child should have the baby, since she brought the baby into this world, considering the pain and labour alone.

The Village head turned to Henry, checking if he had something to say

Henry: “My lord ..I have a question, …. you know in the western world, when you insert your ATM card into the ATM machine and the money comes out does the money belong to you or the machine…..”?

That got Shedrack into uncontrollable laughs… Clements replied quickly

Clement: Not until you raped her. She was an innocent girl

Everyone was shocked.

Village head: Did you just say ‘Rape’… “Okay! So, Clement go first and explain what you mean “rape”!”

Clement: “Thank you your highness. I was in school with plans of coming back home after school and getting married to my heart rob. A union everyone in this village knew of and envied only for me to hear that my own cousin, Henry…” he gawked at Henry, “…has put her in a family way and not considering how I’d feel. I mean who does that?” he heaved, “when I returned to the village I avoided Patience but she came looking for me and told me the truth behind how she got pregnant. It was painful because no one cared to give her a fair hearing but to force her on Henry!”

Patience’s father couldn’t control his anger and disappointment. He was angry that Patience had brought scorn upon him for it was the prides of every man in Knayigbana to have his daughter go to her husband’s house a virgin.  And Patience was until the rape incidence.

Gognaje: “fair hearing? Did anyone force her to open her legs to get pregnant?”

Village Head: “Gognaje, this isn’t the time to display anger, please. Clay, Is that all?”

Clement: “No! She told me of how this son of a devil raped her!”

Everyone’s eyes moved from Clement to Henry, who was fast to defend himself,

Henry: “That’s a blatant lie! She brought herself to me. We had fun!”

Clement charged at him but Shedrack held him and Henry ran behind one of the elders.

Gognaje couldn’t believe his ears. His daughter was raped? How true was that? Or it was just a false accusation by a lover to hit at the one who snatched his lover? He sat mute with his hands holding his cheeks.

Clement was panting; he was really vexed. The idiot is trying to deny? He thought.

The village sat quiet until peace was restored,

Village head: “Clay, you know if the accusation you’re making is false you know tradition states that you’d be banished from the village!”

Solomon jumped in,

Solomon: “my king, just ignore Clay’s accusation you know how one who is hurt can be?”

Clement: “My accusation is false? She told me herself! “

Village head: “What if she was just saying it to get your sympathy so you wouldn’t mad at her again?”

Clement: “I know Patience like the back of my hand. She doesn’t lie!”

Tears twirled with Gognaje’s eyes. It was true, his daughter could be accused of anything ooo but not lies. She doesn’t lie. Why did he consider all these before chasing her out?

Gognaje: “what if Henry is guilty what would happen?”

The village head sighed,

Village head: “Then he’d dance to the music of tradition and I’d disown him!”

That took Henry aback. What had he gotten himself into , “ that is if he is guilty but if Clay is lying then he’d be banished from this land and his father, my brother, would be forced to disown him!”

Silence strolled in whispering into the ears of everyone present.

The punishment for rape in Knayigbana was that the victim would be paraded naked around the village as the village masquerade; “Dawiya” the fierce one would flog the person.

Henry wasn’t himself,

Henry: “I can’t stand being disgraced oo!” he thought.

Village head broke the silence,

Village head: “Now this is it, we give two days to hear the truth; if Henry is guilty he should come and confess to his crime and if Clay is accusing falsely he should come with the truth. That’s it for today!”

Everyone seemed please with the verdict but it unsettled Henry.


The news of Bala been on a death row had gone round the village. It was announced on the radio; Kyauta was in tears since she heard the news. She sat under the tree in front of the house looking unkempt, ruffled hair and unwashed face.

Kyauta: “I can’t sit and watch my lover been killed for a crime he didn’t do. I’ll take myself to the captain. I’ll go and plead with him!”

She quickly rushed in, washed her face and ran down to the district office. Captain Nwanze was standing by the window of the office when he saw Kyauta running towards his office; his eyes were feasted on the juggling breast,

Captain Nwanze: “that’s right!” he licked the lips and kept on watching her approach.

There was a knock on the door, “yes!”  One of his men came in and saluted before he could say a word Captain Nwanze chimed in, “the girl right? Let her in!”

Kyauta came in panting,

Kyauta: “Good morning sir!” she said sober.

He smiled at her,

Captain Nwanze: “To what do I owe this surprise? The village beauty herself coming to see me? No one wonder the clouds are heavy!” he smiled but she didn’t instead she dropped her head down, “have your seat!”

She drew a chair and sat,

Kyauta: “Thank you!”

He stood up from his chair with his eyes feasting on her breast and sat on the table very close to her.  With her head his coming close made her crawl into her shell, it made her feel very uncomfortable.  He tried touching her hair but she jumped out of the chair panting.

Captain Nwanze: “Relax! I’m not planning to eat you! Come and sit,”he returned back to his seat, “you see?”

She crawled to the chair, “so what brings you here, angel?” he licked his lips.

Kyauta stylishly smiled to melt his heart

Kyauta: “Please, I want you to make them release Bala,please! I know you’re good man with a good heart,” she tried patronizing him.

He sighed,

Captain Nwanze: “Release? You think that is possible! I cannot. It isn’t in my powers anymore. And besides the crime he committed is too heinous to be forgiven!”

She fell to her knees,

Kyauta: “please, because of God!”

Captain Nwanze he heaved,

Captain Nwanze: “But I warned him. Told him to tread with caution but he dared me,” he stood up, “and no one dares the viper without getting a taste of its venom!”

Kyauta held his legs crying,

Kyauta: “I know! I’m sorry, sir. I beg of you to tamper justice with mercy. Forgive him please!”

He helped to her chair,

Captain Nwanze: “Sit and let’s talk. Who knows I might be able to plead for him and he’ll be freed! wipe your tears!” she wiped her tears sniffing, “ So it’s going to be a case of scratch my back and I scratch yours. Ehm, “he sat on the table close to her as she stole looks, “my proposal is simple!”

She nodded,

“Warm my bed in exchange for his freedom,” he stroked her cheeks and she jumped out of the chair again almost crashing into the door.

She shook her head,

Kyauta: “Nooooo! I can’t sleep with you! I can’t cheat on my Bala! Noooo!” she said shivering, “my body belongs to just him. It’s just for him alone!” as he walked towards her she made for the door but it was bolted. She shut her eyes as he pressed her to the door, “Please, don’t do anything stupid, please!”

He smirked,
Captain Nwanze: “I want to really have you with delight forcing myself on you would spoil the fun!” still pressing her to the door he twitched the key opening the door, “think about it but don’t be too long if not the head of your lover would be an art work on the wall of my office, “he returned to his chair cackling.

She remained glued to the door sobbing and cursing him in her heart.

He lit his tobacco and puffed it out laughing, “The ball is in your court,baby!”

She ran out crying,

Kyauta: “I can’t sleep with that pig!’ she said to herself.

Captain Nwanze sat with satisfaction,

Captain Nwanze: “She’ll come around I know, “he beat his chest no one ever plays with Nwanze the commander, the viper!” he puffed out the smoke from his mouth in grandeur.

Diana whose stomach had grown big was returning from her mother’s place. She had refused to move from Bala’s house,

Diana:”I must give birth in that house,” she vowed, “all I know the child is Bala’s!”

Timothy accosted her; she jerked when she saw him,

Timothy: “Oh, you think you can run or hide from me, right?”

Diana: “You imbecile, what is it you want?”

Timothy: “I want to take responsibility of my child! Is that too much to ask?”

Diana: “what child?”

He pointed to the big tummy,

Timothy: “this of course!”

Diana: “You must be a joker!” she hissed and walked away.

Timothy in a crying tone,

Timothy: “I’m just watching you. That’s my child! In my family we have strong genes our children always steal our looks,” he cried, “why is Diana mean? I’m waiting until the child is born and I’m denied my right as a father that’s when they would know who I am, really!”

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  1. AdeLove, the fact still remains that your stories are lot more worth than the free gift. I presume the free gift is just to appreciate your ALF. Nevertheless, we do wholeheartedly appreciate you too. Your Daily Episodes have done great impact especially in my life. Please always keep the ball rolling *kisses *hugs

  2. Kyauta should not sleep with the captain because sleeping with him is no guarantee that Bala will be released. Diana should have a re-think before its too late for her

  3. Hmmm,Kayuta shouldnt make the mistake to sleep with captain nwanze oh, because that man is a viper he wouldnt release or appeal on bala’s behalf. And as for diana, she definitely wont rethink and the child would look exactly like its father(Timothy), lol.

  4. I Knw I Will Nvr Be Mention Starting 4m Monday Till Nw Still Nt Reconize Na Wa O, Well Sha Kyauta Shuld Not Allow Him She Shuld Found Another Way Out, And As 4 Diana She Shuld Av A Rethink Since D Owner Wat To Take Responcible Of It

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  7. She should never sleep with this God forsaken idiot and Diana should do herself a favour coz no matter what the truth must prevail

  8. Diana should hv a rethink before its too late,kyauta should please not sleep with nwanze cos he s after her body and there is no full assurance dat bala would be released after all

  9. Sleeping with d captain will be a very foolish thing to do bcos I don’t see the captain keeping to his promise.As for Diana, that one is a she-devil…No remorse in her at all.

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    Very simple
    Who knows,bala might not b thanked sef cox if he dies this story will just end

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  27. She shouldn’t. Kyauta shouldn’t accept captain Nwaneze’s offer . if she does and captain grants what she wants. She may loose Bala cos captain can bargain for something higher.She should pray cos prayer moves mountain. For Dianna I am sorry for her cos she will be disgraced. She should confess now because in life you can’t force yourself on someone rather if you are meant to be with the person ,that person will always create a room in their heart. She will loose even a Timothy.

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  34. There is nothing like impossibility in the diary of God, because the scripture says with God all things are possible so kyauta pls cast your burden unto the lord and he will surely see you through sleeping with captain nwanse is not the solution have faith in God and am very sure that Bala would be released as for Diana if she did not amend her ways, she will surely fall into disgrace.

  35. The case is now far beyond the captain to release him, is only God that will single someone out from the sambisa where he schooled to testify for him as a good man, but for Diana I don’t want her to have a rethink, I want her to be disgrace after birth, I trust Timothy he said that they have a strong gene

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  43. Kyauta should never sleep with the wicked captain Nwanze because sleeping with him is another case and it doesn’t guarantee the release of Bala. Diana should have a re-think before its too late because d truth will b review very soon.

  44. My advice to Kyauta is to move close to God, wit God all things are possible. Sleeping wit captain Nwanze wil not solve d problem, as for Diana is better for her to have a re-think before it’s too late ooo, @Adelove u are d best

  45. Kyauta shouldn’t give in to the captain. He will only use and dump her….
    Diana will soon have a taste of her own medicine….

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  51. Kyauta should think about it very well
    @Diana no matter how smart you think you are the truth must come out

    Thumbs up for adelove

  52. I will advice kyauta not to sleep with Captain Nwanze because even if she does he will not be able to bring Bala back….. the case is already above what Captain Nwanze can Handle…. and for Diana she should have a rethink and report herself to the rightful owner of her pregnancy which is Timothy, if not, when the TRUTH unveil itself I don’t think she can stand the shame…… THOSE THAT DESPERATELY CLIMB THE THE TREE THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM SHOULD KNOW THAT THE HIGHER THEY CLIME THE HADER THEY FALL….. This is for Diana

  53. Kyauta shldnt slip with d Captain and if she does wotsvd assurance dat Bala would b released. Wot if Bala was release and d guy turn his back @ Kyauta nko? As for Diana, no need for u to rethink. Ur secret will soon b xpose

  54. Kyuata should nt sleep wit captain but she ll sleep wit him becos of the luv she has for bala…..
    I advice diana to hv a re-think but she won’t becos she want to give birth in bala’s….

  55. She should not consider sleeping with that beast of a captain. Kyauta should go on her kneels and pray. God will intervene

  56. Kyauta might eventually do it since the elders can’t do anything. Diana doesn’t know what she is doing to herself

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  58. kyauta shouldn’t give in for captain just because she want to save bala, captain will not save him even if he has d power to do so

  59. I believe bala will b back, kyauta Dnt let that devil incarnate fool u.. Diana will surely get what she deserve.. Adelove av read series of stories but yours is
    an exceptional… if I say you guys are the best then its an understatement.. u guys rock!!! love u guys….

  60. Kyauta should not accept captain’s offer, because if she eventually do he will keep taking advantage of her yet Bala will not be released. I believe that Bala will meet someone who will help him either in the cell or before he will executed.
    But for Diana she is just a disaster awaiting to happen because Timothy will either disgrace her before she give birth or go fight for his child after Diana gives birth.

    Nice and intriguing story. Ade Love Team more Grace.

  61. With God all things are possible……. Kyuata,keep to God,pray for man and hope for d best….as for Diana d devil,nemesis will soon catch up with u………kudos to Adelove and crew,my best blog ever

  62. My advice to Kyauta is to exercise patient and seek God’s intervention and He will fight for her. To sleep with captain Nwanze will not solve the problem, is like sleeping with the enemy which will leads to chain’s reactions.
    For Diana, she can’t get a rethink because the only thing in her mind now is to separate Kyauta and Bala so she can be the madam of the house. Women’s like her don’t see the eveil they got themselves in to until they are disgraced.

  63. Diana get ds into your head that nothing is hidden under the sun the bitter truth you know must surely surface as the father (Timothy) of the child has spoken, As for kyauta pls do not lay wit dat Devil (captain nwanze) he is not going to ask dem to release him just to taste d cunt in between ur leg, keep on praying the truth will set him free.

  64. Kyuata shud not sleep wit captain but she shud made a deal wit him but am sure dat bala wouldn’t be hanged cus his innocence will be prove soon and dat captain and magairi will be punished. .And as for henry he willnt go unpunished cus d truth will be revealed and Diana am waiting patiently for u to give birth to dat baby in ur womb then d paternity can be proven

  65. Nice, write up, anxious to get d end of the story,kyuata should never sleep with the old man rather she and the youth should summon courage nd go to d state to complain, as for diana the earlier she realises she is already a looser d better for her

  66. Kyauta shldnt sleep wit dat fool…I know she won’t sha…as 4 Diana a.k.a Dee, she should have a rethink before its too late…but I trust her, she won’t…

  67. Kyauta should not sleep with the captain, and for Daina, should have a rethink before it’s too late. Thanks @adelove crew and fans.

  68. Na wa o Adelove has not still noticed me. Pls my stories comes very late, pls help. Kauyat does not HV much choice except she prays for God to intervene. As for DAT mumu Diana, I don’t think she will have a rethink n God will punish her so well that the child will look just like Timothy the real father.

  69. Pls. Adelove don’t allow Kyauta thinks in a negative way by agreeing to the Captain’s bargain. Do your magu-magu and let Bala escape being killed in the hands of these tyrants. Next pls.

  70. Kyuata shouldn’t even try to sleep with the captain because she’s not even sure after that, Bala will be released. Diana should have a rethink before it is too late.

  71. kyauta shouldn’t sleep wit captain Nwanze..seeing d one u love being arrested for a crime he/she didn’t commit really hurts..she should be strong n also put Bala in prayers..Diana is very stubborn..i hope she rethink b4 its too late..next plss

  72. The worst thing Kyauta will do is to sleep with Captain.He will never release Bala and even if he does, he will broadcast what transpired between him and Kyauta. As for Diana, just as Timothy said, his genes will reflect on the child and of course Henry will be banished from the village for raping Patience. Adelove keep it up.

  73. Kyauta should devise another means to distract captain because even if she does sleep with him, it’s not a guarantee that Bala will b released. Diana Diana lol wil not have a rethink because she’s full of greed and jealousy. The baby wil sure look like Timothy the real father.

  74. kayuata should find another means of convincing the captain to free her lover,she is obviously his weakness and can make him change his mind with false promises,she mustnt sleep with him.No need to advice Diana to think twice cos she wont,she should meet her doom.

  75. Kyauta should not sleep with captain Nwanze. God will definitely fight their battle. Diana ordinarily should have a rethink before is too late for her but her evil agenda wouldn’t allow her. Certainly she would be disgraced by the time the baby will be born.

  76. Kyuata shouldn’t sleep with the nothing and useless captain, Diana should open up an Henry should confess the truth.

  77. Kyauta should not give in to the Captain. Together they will overcome. As for Diana it’s in her best interest to follow the father of her child or else she will face the disgrace looking Henry in the face. So all the time truth is CONSTANT.

  78. Kyuata will go back to d captain to sleep with him but will not b able to do it but d captain will force himself on her der by getting her pregnant.

  79. The only way kyauta can win this battle is to go to God in prayer. She shouldn’t give in to the nwanze’s demand. As for Diana I advice she goes back to Timothy before the truth is revealed to the entire village

  80. Kyuata shud use d tricks of a ladies to trick him. am very sure if he tries to slip wit that stupid captain, he’s going to get impregnate her. and for Dianna, nemesis will catch u up soon

  81. Hi Adelove, Kyauta should not sleep with th captain as it will not guarantee Bala release. As for Diana, she should not have a rethink the face of the baby will expose her. Thank you

  82. Kyauta should not sleep with Captain Nwanze because he won’t change a thing but pray and think a way out to salvage the situation. Diana needs to rethink inorder not to loose both sides. Adelove you guys rock!!!

  83. Am sure Kyauta would not sleep Capting, cos she’s a smart girl, and for Diana Timothy will expose her.cannot wait for d next episode. Nice one Adelove.com ur d best

  84. Sleeping with d captain is not a guarantee that bala will be freed…I would advice her… just like her father said..prayer is the only solution now ….as for Diana her doom is fast approaching.

  85. Diana should not sleep with captain Nwanze for even if she does he is still not going to intervene on behalf of bala cos he has a traecheus heart instead she should still go to maiguri and plead with him maybe he will have a change of heart and speak the truth. As for Diana she should leave bala’s house before she put to birth otherwise she will be disgraced.

  86. Kyauta shouldn’t bother herself….Help will come from another angle n Bala will escape the death penalty.
    For Diana, she should have a rethink…. Timothy would not give up on her

    Good job adelove.com

  87. just cant wait for that devil diana to be exposed. same goes for henry. chei patience don suffer. Adelove kudos. ur stories makes my day. so inlove with it

  88. Diana is a disgrace to womanhood and she deserves to be exposed shamefully, Kyauta don’t fret……your Bala will be released and Captain Nwanze disgraced out of office..as for Henry, you cannot escape the wrath of the land for the despicable act you perpetrated

  89. No o. Kyauta pls dnt slip wit d captain o its disastrous rather use a feminine knwledge 2 catch him. Diana shuld beta change her mind b4 its 2 late

  90. I advise Kyauta to keep praying and trusting God for change in government, that will make Bala to be release, she should not sleep with captain Nwanze. As for Diana she should have a re-think before it is late because once the child is born the real father will be known through facial look or body structure.

  91. Kyauta will not stoop so low to sleep with captain Nwanze and Diana won’t say d truth till baby is born which means d truth unveil thru d gene of the baby

  92. Kyauta should not sleep with the captain because he will not fulfill his promise, instead she should be prayerful. There’s nothing prayer cannot do. Kudos to Adelove, nice piece.

  93. Kyauta should not sleep with him because even if she does the captain will not speak on Bala’s favour as for Diana she will soon reap the fruit of her Labour

  94. Kyauta pls don’t give ur body to dat pig, Pray God is in control, as for d she devil it is better for her to confess d earlier d beta for her. Captain soon u will Kiss de ground.

  95. Sleeping with the so call captain wouldn’t change anything. So my advice is for her is to far from captain and only pray to God for the release of her lover. After all, no verdict is Final. God can still reverse any verdict made by man. All I believed and will keep on believing is that, Bala will not die and Must no die. Next please.

  96. Kyauta shouldn’t dare sleep with Captain, she should only pray for God’s intervention. As for Diana God will surely expose her.

  97. Bala is definitely going to live and d captain will be put to shame!, goodness, must Diana continue with this deadly game she’s playing?, Patience, the truth time is near and the air will be cleared.

  98. Hmmmm! Oga o. I think Kyuata should not give in to that dog call himself a captain and Diana better come to her senses and confess. But I pity Bala he is such a strong man.Adelove good work

  99. Adalove you are the best choice for this year for me since I found out about your page it has been a good lesson for me for two days i couldn’t open your page I know how i felt. It has been a very wonderful year with your stories pls let’s do more of it come 2017 praying for more wisdom knowledge and understanding for you more grace

  100. AdeLove, thanks a lot. Just letting you know i received N3,000 alert. May God continues to bless you and your great work. The sky is your limit!

  101. Kyauta shud not sleep with captain Nwanze ooooo as she said…… Timothy will keep disturbing Diana and she will be disgraced @last………. Keep it rolling Adelove, Welldone guys

  102. OMG, what a tragedy for Bala, only God and his(Bala) innocent that can save him even captain did not have d power to rescue him

  103. kyauta shldnt make d mistake of sleeping with dat wicked captain..d captain seems like a man who is bent on using ppu for his calous advantage.. diana on d other hand is a hardened heartless and desperate woman… will advise her to change but its obvious dat she wont… she would be disgraced at d end..

  104. Sinners can never go unpunished. Goliath the mighty man died in shame.the table will still turn to captain nwanze.as for Diana,she shd keep deceiving herself

  105. My advice to Kyauta is since Captain desperately want to sleep with her, she should be the one in charge of making the deal. That’s he shld release Bala before she will sleep with him. As for Diana, she shld have a rethink before is too late.

  106. Kyauta sleeping with the captain isn’t a guarantee that bala would be released,in short he would still spite bala in the face for sleeping with his girl like its an award…… As for Henry, u better go and confess and face the judgement cos u will soon meet ur water-loo. And for Diana who thinks she’s smart, the truth will be out once u give birth and u won’t escape the shame,like mother like daughter …. I believe nothing will happen to bala cos he is standing for the truth,a man of the pple indeed. I Luv this story.. Tnks Ade love. U guys rock!!!

  107. Kayuta shouldn’t sleep wit DAT fool nwanze cos d truth always have a way of finding its way, Diana should beta have a rethink b4 its too late for her. Welldone Adelove u guys rock

  108. Kyauta should not make the mistake of sleeping with the captain, as for Diana she will never have a rethink because she have a devilish mind.

  109. Kyauta should not even think of sleeping with captain bcos its not even guarantee he would release bala to him never, but can also consider it for love also, but der is nothing impossible for God and as for Diana its better for her to change her mind jeje and go meet the original owner of the pregnancy before its too late.

  110. Good day ALF. Pls I quickly wants to say thank you Adelove for having the innovation to writing and showing us this raw talent. May God bless ur team.to add I believe kyauta will not sleep with the captain cos there is no assurance that he’ll keep his word. There is no need for Diana to confess as I strongly want to believe as Timothy put it…..if it’s his time will tell.tank u

  111. Its a dicey situation bt Kyauta should neva sleep wit dat beast of a man..even if she does, he might still not help in releasing Bala. She should pray instead nd hope 4 d best. As 4 dat hoe called Diana, I really pity her cuz she’s going to end up aving a child 4 a man she never loved.

  112. Kyauta don’t worry God will vindicate Bala. It will only be a matter of time. As for Diana, you will surely get whats coming to you.

  113. Kyauta shouldn’t go near d captain cos Bala wouldn’t approve of it.

    Diana!? Change her mind? Lolxzxz…that’s not even possible! She has a one-track mind focused on having Bala without thinking of d consequences on how she gets him. No she wouldn’t. She s too greedy n would b disgraced soon…

  114. Adelove, u guys are doing a great job. I can’t stay a day without reading ur stories, may God continue to give u more wisdom and understanding. I think kyauta should not give herself to captain blc sleeping with him will not guarantee Bala release and Diana should give d pregnancy to Timothy.

  115. Kyauta shld not sleep with the administrator, cos it doesn’t guarantee bala’s release. Diana shld get ready to leave or b disgraced. Clem shld stand by pat, next episode pls

  116. Kuala should not sleep with the captain and I believe there will be a way out for Bala. As for Diana she will get what is coming to her soon

  117. Kyauta should not sleep with Captain cos I believe that help will come for Bala for God doesn’t allow the just to die like that. God will surely intervene, let her fast and pray help will surely come. For Diana I believe that her sin will fish her out and she will be disgraced for hurting her friend. Adelove and crew thank you for making this festive period more fun.

  118. Kyauta should not sleep with Captain Nwanze if she do she we regret her action bcos the Captain we not release Bala. As for Diana the baby in her we review the truth since Timothy said their child always look like them and Diana we be punish for what she did..

  119. Nicely written. A twist I never anticipated..
    Bala can only be saved by a miracle, hence the Captain cannot be of any serious help, but wants to capitalize on Kyuata’s desperation.
    Even if his intention was to punish Bala that should not have been to the point of plotting for his life. And foolishly the Chief testified.
    But come to think of it, this is a replica of Nigeria where the people use their positions of authority to amass wealth while the people suffer and are killed innocently.
    As for Diana, a true case of obsession, which does not always end well

  120. My advice to kyaute is to pray for her lover nd never give up cos surelly when God is with him no man even d captain no matter how long he tried it will just be for d main time.nd kyaute should not even think off it atall.Cos God is not asleep nd i believe kyaute will not fall for captain cos she truely loves bally.and as for diana time shall tell cos its only wen d baby is born dat d truth shall come out.but as for nw i knw she wount tell timothy d true cos she has a misson

  121. I would advice Kyauta to accept the proposal on one condition, which is: to release Bala first before he will sleep with her. After which she can make other plans

  122. Kyauta should wipe her tears and try. Seducing captain,get him to make a strong statement then nail him,bala would be released.diana should better confess,genes don’t lie.

  123. I Started With Adelove Right 4m Don’t Play With My Heart, My Heart Is Not A Toy But I Don’t Use To Comment Den Bcus I Do Use A Small Phone, But I Do Read People’s Comment But Right 4m Wen I See Dat Adelove And Crew Av Started Given Promo People Av Started Commentin People Like Me But Wat Mk Me So Surprice Is D Way People Re No Shoutin Adelove I Love U Is More Dan B4 Even If U Shout 4m Now Till Jesus Come D Winning Will Be 4 Does Who Will Be 4. Lol Wel Adelove Ride On,,,,..,

  124. Kyauta sleeping with the Captain will not solve the problem,its adding salt to the injury because the tribunal has passed her verdicts.
    As for Diana, her rain of shame is about to drop. Lies are short-lived.

  125. Kyauta should go and pray and believe that God will do it. As for Diana, she really need to have a re-think and allow Timothy to take responsibility of a father

  126. Kyauta should nt sleep wth dat useless captain not 4 anyfin cos it might later turn out in2 blackmail. She shuld wait on God’s judgment n as 4 Dana her cup is almost full cos d day of delivering will be d day of confession 4 her. Thump 4 u adelove n crew

  127. Kyuata shouldn’t sleep with that fool of a captain o. and Diana has been forewarned by Timothy,, and I can only pity her

  128. Kyauta shd nt sleep with the captain oo cos even if he releases bala, the captain would still want to continue sleeping with her… So she shd nt start wat she can not finish

  129. Gud pm 2 adelove n crew, plz am among d winners of dis week n I don’t no hw to claim my prize. Plz can any1 help me out on hw to claim it

  130. Kyauta should not dare sleep with him o. She should keep herself for Bala. God will fight for Bala and he will come back alive. As for Diana, that wicked girl called Diana I don’t even want her to have a rethink, let her stay there and be disgraced- Wicked and evil friend. Thanks Adelove for the lessons I’ve been learning here o, God bless you and your crew

  131. Kayuta only God has d final say,dnt go bck to dat devil,keep praying for Bala,he will survive it.and for Diana d truth of d matter will surface,regret on her way.

  132. My advice to kyauta is that she should move closer to God and she should not dance to the captain tune because she might get pregnant and as for Diana she can never have a re think because she is yet to be suffer for her foolishness..

  133. My advice to kyauta is that she should move closer God and she should not dare to sleep with the captain because she might get pregnant and as for Diana I don’t pray she should have a rethink because she is yet to suffer for her foolishness.

  134. She should not sleep with that pig captain and alone God can help bala out of his present situation and person like Diana can never retrace her step

  135. Thanks to adelove crew for their interesting and inspiring stories though I’ve never commented *covering my face*
    Kyauta should just pray to God for Bala and as for Diana ehn,I pray she rethinks though that’s not visible now Cuz she’s pure evil. Fingers crossed,waiting for d next episode

  136. she shouldn’t sleep with captain that’s ma own and weda Henry confesses or not he will still fave his punishment. the truth must surely be known……like I always say bala is the reason for this story so he will not die. that’s for sutr. kudos to adelove and crew.

  137. kyauata should not sleep with the chief else she ll live to regret it cos d chief ll taunt her with it even if he fulfils his promise of releasing bala and bala ll not see it as a gud measure to seek his release. Diana should av a rethink else Timothy ll ask of his child sooner than later cos the child isn’t bala’s. thank u

  138. Bala will be vindicated and set free while Diana will leave to regret the rest of her life. Thanx adelove for including me on the list of lucky winners for the week.

  139. Thanks Adelove, you always make me see reasons to come online. Kyauta should not sleep with the devil in human form, Diana should give birth, blood is thicker than water. I know Bala will scape through. NAGODE

  140. i think she shouldn’t give in to his demand because if she do he is not going to help him released ,and for diana I know she will leave that house very soon

  141. Kyautu should nt give in 2 captain……. Hmmmm as 4 u Diana truth will so find u……….. Anyway 2 adelove……. Even if I dnt comments frequently…… Knw dat I folo u even single story of urs…….. N odas……. So if I dnt Win am still very much hapi been opportune 2 b reading ur story……… More grace 2 u…….. Splendor loves u@adelove……u re d best…….. Kisses

  142. Kyauta should not sleep with that wicked captain, but I know she will go and sleep with him and Bala will not be release because of that. Diana should not have any rethink because I want her to be disgrace when the child look like weeping Timothy. Thanks Adelove

  143. I believe in miracles and I know one will happen for Bala soon so, kayuta should not make the mistake of sleeping with that sleezy captain. As for Diana she better own up before it’s too late

  144. kyauta please don’t sleep with the captain as for Diana that Child will bear a striking resemblance to Timothy then shame will be on her

  145. Sleeping with the captain doesn’t guarantee his(bala) release cos the captain had that on his mind right from the onset , God will intervene on bala’s behalf… And for Diana,her cup is filled already cos timothy will expose her…

  146. Adelove,

    Good work and kudos!

    1. No, Kyauta shouldn’t reconsider the Captain’s offer – it has a dead end.

    2. Yes, Diana ought to have a rethink because she couldn’t get far with her already failed plan.


  147. Tyauta should not sleep with captain. If she does the captain will make sure bala will not come back alive being his rival. Diana should have a rethink and give Timothy his baby bcos she would not be able to face the consequence. Thanks.

  148. Kyauta should not sleep with that monster captain nwanze because not only will she betray Bala’s love but also she might get pregnant.
    Diana should really have a rethink because no matter how long it takes,the truth will always prevail.

  149. adelove I don’t know what is wrong with your browser if I post my comments it will not go why,well my advice to her is that she should not sleep with that Devi that called himself captain she should pray to God and for that second devi she will be expose in a very shameful way

  150. Kyaut shouldn’t sleep with the captain, she should take everything to God in prayers and hope for his release, Diana should wait for disgrace in a short time….

  151. I won !!! thumbs up adelove wats d next stage to claim d prize……… I pray dat kyatu doesn’t sleep with d captain and Diana’s plan will be exposed

  152. Kyauta should not sleep with d captain. I implore Diana to ve a rethink before it is too late.
    don’t know why am not on d list dis time around.

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  154. Hmmmm, pls kyauta should not sleep with dat idiot, I just hv dis feeling dat Bala would not be hanged and as for Diana she should be ready cos a big surprise is coming her way and she would wished she never traded dis path.
    NICE ONE ADELOVE,keep it up
    Kuddos to u guys.

  155. I received 3000k in my account this morning from Adelove for being one of the 50 lucky winners of Adelove posts commenters…..I so much appreciate this token from Adelove……I couldn’t believe it……Kudos Adelove more powers to your elbow

  156. I just received N3000.00 alert from Adelove. come for being one of the lucky winners. Thanks Adelove for rewarding us. Happy New year

  157. Juanita should not sleep with the captain because Bala wouldn’t be released, Diana should rethink about given the baby to Bala because Timothy would split the true out about their involvement together

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