(Episode 15) Village Teacher.… from Pit to the Palace!


Since Kyauta had gotten back from Captain Nwanze’s place her mind had being grasped by countless thoughts. She was stuck in a mud; her legs were deep inside.  What was she to do? Time was on the run. The day for Bala’s death sentence was getting closer; her mind flew back to the incidence,

Captain Nwanze: “Sit and let’s talk. Who knows I might be able to plead for him and he’ll be freed! Wipe your tears!” she wiped her tears sniffing, “So it’s going to be a case of scratch my back and I scratch yours. Ehm, “he sat on the table close to her as she stole looks, “my proposal is simple!”

She nooded,

“Warm bed in exchange for his freedom,” he stroked her cheeks and she jumped out of the chair again almost crashing into the door…think about it but don’t too long if not the head of your lover would be an art work on the wall of my office”

What was she to do? She got off the bed and leaned on her door with her hands on the hand,

Kyauta: “Oh,my God! I’m at a cross road!” her mind ran back to the discussion she had with Clement about his Uncle’s widow who had an elder brother ,a military officer in the city, “we can go through him then.”
she quickly got dressed and headed for Knayigbana


They were seated in the Village head’s palace just as they agreed; Clement, Shedrach, Solomon, Gognaje and a few elders. Henry wasn’t there yet.  They all stood to greet the Village Head as he entered.

Village head: “You are very much welcome! Thank you for coming as agreed!”

They nodded their heads, “Where’s Henry?”

They all looked at one another; the village head called the attention of the only palace guard asking him to go fetch Henry. He left for Henry’s.

Clement and Shedrach  exchanged glances,

Shedrach: “it’s possible that he is on the run!”

Clement giggled,

Clement: “You think he’d do that?”

Shedrach shook his head,

Shedrach : “ it’s possible!” they giggled.

The elders were whispering among themselves as the Village head sat lost in thoughts. Everyone was waiting for Henry.

Kyauta got off the bike of her cousin,

Theo: “Should I wait for you or I can go?”

They had gotten to Knayigbana.

Kyauta: “Just get going. I might get to the capital today help me tell mama and Baba!”

Theo: “Okay. All the best!” he zoomed off.

She didn’t know where exactly  Clement’s house was. Ladies were coming from the stream ,

Kyuata: “Good morning,!”

They stopped and responded to her greeting, “please, I’m looking for Clement’s house.”

He was every popular person in the village so it wasn’t difficult knowing Kyauta was referring to him. They directed her to the house. One of them said,

“If you don’t see him there check the next compound; It’s his brother’s he is always there!”

When she got to the house he wasn’t there but she met a boy of six who took her to the palace.


The palace guard returned and reported what he had seen,

Guard: “Henry is nowhere to be found!”

“what!?” everyone screamed.

Village head: “what do you mean?”

Gognaje: “what kind of joke is that?”

Guard:” A neighbour said they had seen him last night going down the road with a bag and when they asked him he said he was taking some cloths for repairs at the village tailor’s workshop!”

Village head: “And?”

Guard: “I went to the workshop but he said didn’t see Henry,” itching his head, “your highness checking his room. The place looked swept. There was nothing there!”
The village had shook his head,Solomon did the same.

Shedrach whispered to Clement,

Shedrach: “I told you!”

Gognaje was in tears; his pain was he had maltreated his daughter unjustly. Clement and Shedrach stood up and left. There was no use staying. On their way to the house they met Kyauta,

Clement: “who am I seeing here?”

Kyauta smiled,

Kyauta: “Good morning, Uncle Clay!” they greeted with Shredrach and left them.

As they were walking down the road to Clement’s place,

Clement: “Any news about Bala?”

Kyauta shook her head, he sighed,

“That military man I told you of. That my in law…”

Kyauta:”…that’s what I’m here to discuss with you.”

Clement: “After our last discussion I left for the city and when I got there my uncle’s wife told me that her brother had been arrested. Some military officers planned coup to overthrow the present government, their plans failed and they were arrested.”

Kyauta placed her hands on the head and started crying. Clement tried consoling her.

There was total black out for me


Bala sat in his cell. It was noisy but he kept to himself. The stench of the place choked him but the thought of Kyauta was what kept him alive,

Bala: “I miss you, baby!”

He knew she’d be restless and worried.

The thought of his father and his younger sister, Kauna darted at him. He missed them too.

It was  twelve thirty in the afternoon, she had just gotten back from Knayigbana .

Captain Nwanze was listening to the radio in his office. The news of the military officers who had attempted a failed coup made rounds,

Captain Nwanze: “Cowards! They want to overthrow our government?” he giggled, “Do they have the minds? Nonsense!”

There was a knock on the door,


Maku appeared and saluted,

Kyauta: “Kyauta is here sir!”

Captain Nwanze: “Let her come in!” he said excited.

Kyauta entered with a stern look, “Kyau-baby,” he stood up from his chair and walked towards her,

Kyauta: “Do we do it here?” she was unbuttoning her gown already; he rushed at her,

Captain Nwanze: “Noooo! I can’t have you here! No! You’re a special cuisine that can’t be eaten just anywhere,” he urged her to get dressed properly. She did, “It has to be in a special place; she had stopped her conscience from working- the mind was on hibernation.

Kyauta: “Where should I meet you?”

Captain Nwanze: “My place”

Kyauta: “when?”

Captain Nwanze: “7, yes, 7pm!”

Kyauta: “done!” she fled out of the office.

Captain Nwanze was dancing around and singing,

Captain Nwanze: “I feel good, yeah! Yeah!!” he took a few steps of break dance back sliding to his chair, “I’m the man! I’m the fucking man!” he cackled, “I said it I know how to get these kind of girls! I said it,mehn!” he back slided to the fridge where he took out a bottle of beer and gulped it elated.


They were in Captain Nwanze’s room; he had undressed to just boxers with displaying his abs,

Captain Nwanze: “Can the party get started?” she was still standing fully dressed,

Kyauta: “Put off the light please!”

With no argument he jumped from where he was and put off the light; she shut the eyes with so much firmness and peeled off her dress from the body-tears stood in her eyes. Captain Nwanze couldn’t wait he made for her panties and took her to the bed where he tried kissing her but she shrugged him off. Tears ran down her eyes. Hurriedly, he pulled off his boxers and adjusted his buttocks, positioning himself in such a way that penetration wouldn’t be a problem. For some seconds he struggled with his right hand in search of the path; she burst into tears as he tore into her with his piece of meat in glee he moaned. As he bounced on and off, it was Bala’s thought that was on her mind; she scratched herself as he increased the pace. It was orgasmic for him but pure torture for her. Kyauta was praying he jerks off already but it didn’t seem like he was close to the peak; he kept on making sounds that annoyed her, breathing heavily. Like a creature of the wild he yelled like a tiger who had grasped its prey and he flung himself to the bed cackling and rubbing his tummy- he continued laughing. Kyauta was crying bitterly- she had betrayed herself and her lover. But she did it for a good cause. Captain Nwanze’s  laughter irked her as  she felt like choking life out of him. A thought came through her mind,

“What if he refuses to release Bala?”

She started breathing heavily like one who had asthma.

Was sleeping with Captain Nwanze the right thing to do? Do you think Captain Nwanze would release Bala?

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  1. Well, to her ….is a good thing and Captain will intervene not to prosecute Bala

    “So it’s going to be a case of scratch my back and I scratch yours. Ehm, “he sat on the table close to her as she stole looks, “my proposal is simple!”

    Good night everyone

  2. Sleeping with captain Nwanze is the only option Kyuata has. I think captain Nwanze will release Bala because he has gotten what he want. Very pathetic

  3. I don’t think sleeping wit dat man dat have a heart of d devil will result 2 sumtin Good.
    ntin cums easy in dis life, Kyauta u made a great mistake wat if u take in just like Diana d chameleon.

  4. This is touching! That z nt the right thing to do kauyata nd I dont think captain will release Bala because he will definitely ask for more.thanks to Adelove!

  5. hàaa, y will she allow dt? if u give d devil an inch he will take metres, if u give him a finger he will take d whole body. he might not release him, cos its might b more than his power.

  6. I think its a wrong move by Kyuata. If Bala will be released, it won’t be because of sleeping with this dirty captain. I hope the act won’t cause irreparable damage.

  7. suspense in d air… will captain kip his promise? chai!! i sha just knw dat nevertheless.. bala wont die..he will leave prison..

  8. Sleeping with Captain Nwanze was not the right thing to do. And i don’t think he would release Bala even with the fact that he succeeded in having his way with Kyauta.

  9. Sleeping with Captain was a terrible mistake on her part cause Bala will not be released just yet. Captain has gotten his meat now and he would like to continue eating.

  10. O God that brought tears to my eyes…so painful…
    I’m sure d Captain would find ways to tie them down again…wicked man! *…still in tears…*

  11. No it was not the right thing to do. I guess there would habe been another way out. Men like Nwanze will want to have another go at her body before they fulfil their promise.
    I just pray Bala will understand when he gets to hear of it.

  12. Kyauta u fuck up jor….I know Bala will not die in jail even if u did not sleep with dat thing.What if he did nt release him now?

  13. I think He will still went ahead saying “Bala will only be released when you’re mine”….. Useless Captain

  14. This is getting critically…… Don’t think that captain ll be able to help Bala… Captain ll ask for more ooo… Next episode please

  15. Wot Kyauta did wasn’t rite bt she did it out of Love for Bala. As for Captain, I dnt tink he will release Bala like dat. He might want to b using it to blackmail Kyauta. And he will b asking for more frm her. God help us in d hand of betrayals

  16. 50/50 chance bt wow kyauta had no choice than to save the man she loves! am sure Bala would understand . but I pray it won’t happen in our situation! Amen

  17. Kyuata made biggest mistake that can’t be amend, Captain Nwanze has told her the truth ” it is beyond my power” he just use the opportunity to get her to bed. Good night everybody.

  18. Kyauta did it for the love she has for Bala but I don’t think the captain wil be of ant help in releasing him and I hope she doesn’t get pregnant for him (captain).

  19. sleeping wit captain is nt d best option kyauta what if bala later heard of it…..nd bala leave u nd dumped u for another woman…..chai kyauta u dissappoint me o…. bt i hope bala wil understand yur love is nt fake bt real one. i mean genuine one

  20. The situation is really out of hand though sleeping with the captain wasn’t the right thing to have done but she had no option I think henry has eloped into thin air rubbish fellow

  21. d captain only used her he will neva release bala nd bala wunt b happy dat his kyauta slept wit anoda man dou she did it for love but she shouldn’t…. hmmmm gudnit alf

  22. Oooo! Kyauta has fall my hands. Now that she has given in to him, it will continue because he will continue using it to manipulate, threaten and suppress her. As for releasing Bala, am not sure he will keep his end of the bargain. Anyways, lets watch and see what happens.

  23. She made a very fatel mistake, I hope Bala will understand when he comes back cause I strongly believe Bala will not die . But as for the so called captain and the village head, the time of their reward will soon come. They will definitely pay for all the atrocities they have committed.

  24. Oh my!, Kyauta just made a great mistake that is irreversible! , the captain may end up betraying her. Though when one is in a state of confusion, the mind doesn’t think straight.

  25. This isn’t the right decision Kyuata.. The captain might blackmail her with this.. I don’t think he’ll release Bala..

  26. Sleeping with captain Nwaneze is not the solution. He will not still release bala because the case is out of the captain control.

  27. It was not a right thing to do but I guess she had no choice.. It’s well sha. For Bala he might release him but after much persuasion and maybe more sex from kyauta

  28. Aaaaaaaaagh so Kyauta just messed up big time. Now d capt will keep collecting until he is satisfied..and possibilities of d capt. Releasing Bala is very slim ooo.
    Kai Kyauta you for just wait and pray more.

  29. Well am not sure he will released Bala wit dat laugh of his. Hmm I just hope he didn’t just play a fast one on her, But Kyauta shuld nt have done dat right away until she’s sure dat captain will released Bala as promise. Oh poor kyauta

  30. it was not right what kyauta did, Captain will not release Bala. Because Bala has also been an obstacle for him to kyauta. So him releasing Bala means losing kyauta

  31. Sleeping with Nwanze is not the best thing because he will not release Bala. He Would want more of Kyauta’s honeypot. That Captain Nwanze has no conscience, he must suffer for his wickedness. Adelove please next episode oo!

  32. I think sleeping the captain is perfectly wrong, because a person that can do such to fellow human like him in order to satisfy his own lustful desire will not have the conscience of setting him free because he will like to continually satisfy his lustful from her.
    To the captain – no wicked shall go unpunished says the Bible.
    Thanks to adelove blog

  33. kyuata did bad for sleeping with the captain. she did for the love she had for Bala. it is a costly mistake. Captain may not keep to his promise because the case is now at the headquarters. how will he change the case again.

  34. I have tried every thing possible to comment via the website but network problems could not allowed me. I knew Kyauta took that decision for the sake of love she has for Bala, but for me that is a very dangerous decision for her, what if captain Nwanze refuse to free Bala. And for Henry he can only run but can never hide.

  35. Kyauta f**k up but will get blame her because some girls will fall for it also. Captain will keep using it as excuses nd keep demanding for more

  36. Kayauta u just did d unspeakable, I didn’t expect u to do dat ,u should have faith on God instead of going out of ur way to sleep with DAT foolish captain

  37. She has just made a big mistake. this monster is not gonna release Kyuata man. She shouldn’t have dance to his tune.I pray for Bala freedom.

  38. Kyauta and captain; a wrong turn but at least she tried her best in rescuing her love, I just hope she didn’t get pregnant sha.
    Adelove crew; God bless and more grease to ur elbow

  39. i just pray kyauta doesn’t get pregnant for captain o, cos it doesn’t look like he wants to release bala. let’s wait and see sha

  40. She shouldn’t have slept with the captain, cos he might end up fooling her and not wanting to release bala.I believe is better not to dine with the devil than using a short spoon.

  41. She made a mistake by accepting the offer. Captain Nwanze: “Sit and let’s talk. Who knows I might be able
    to plead for him and he’ll be freed! Wipe your tears!” she wiped
    her tears sniffing, “So it’s going to be a case of scratch my
    back and I scratch yours. Ehm, “he sat on the table close to
    her as she stole looks, “my proposal is simple!”

  42. Why! why!! why!!! did you do this Kyauta? what if captain refuses to order for the release of your lover Bala at the first encounter? He may say he would have to have youbagain before he could ahead for the release processes. Can somebody help me find Henry? Fire on AdeLove a BIG THUMB to all the crews.

  43. Kyauta shouldn’t have slept with captain Nwanze, it’s definitely not the best option. I seriously don’t think the captain will release Bala

  44. kyauta am even falling in love with u as I am bcos I respect d love u have with Bala but u fall my hand by allowing that man to have s*x with you

  45. She has just made a big mistake by sleeping with that monster of a man. He sure won’t release Bala.I pray God intervene in his case on time. hmmm! Henry d cruel man u can only run but not for eternity. Captain or what do u call urself ur downfall is near

  46. Kyuata has made a mistake by sleeping with captain Nwanze, because Nwanze is not done with her yet. What she just did was solving problem by creating another one.
    Next episode please ssssss

  47. Kyauta has spoilt everything. She has failed by sleeping with Captain, He won’t want to release Bala in order to have more of her

  48. Kyauta has made a huge mistake! Captain nwanze will keep to his bargain but will blackmail her later and when Bala gets to know, he’ll still forgive her because of the love he has for her! After all he once made a mistake too.

  49. Kyauta did that for love as for captain hmmm I hope he do his own role by releasing him. I can’t wait for next episode. Kudos to Adelove

  50. Someone like captain Nwanze does not have a heart and sleeping with him is a biggest mistake u have made. even after sleeping with him he will not release Bala because he will still wat to taste her more anyway i no u did it for love but d case is beyond captain now.

  51. Sleeping with the captain was wrong and these
    means more trouble for the two love bird because releasing Bala is the last thing on the captain’s list

  52. Kyauta sleeping with captain Nwanze was not the best option because as he said early the power to release Bala is not in his hand.

  53. Kyauta thought she did the right thing because for her that’s the only solution on ground, but Captain Nwanze will not release Bala, he would want to continue enjoying her with the promise that he is still working on it

  54. Sleeping with captain Nwanze is not d ryt thing to do……. Kyauta Y now????????Captain Nwanze will not want to release Bala so dat he can continue to sleep and finally have Kyauta…….. Thumbs UP Adelove

  55. Though wrong decision, a person in dilemma can do anything and so did Kyauta.
    However, considering Captain Nwanze’s personality and what are involved, he will not like Bala to be freed…may be life imprisonment. Reasons being that:
    1. Bala’s freedom means he and Kyauta will be back again and Captain Nwanze would not be able to have her again.
    2. Bala will continue to organise more protests unless tax is reduced and his people given back their lands. This does not favour Captain Nwanze who wants to acquire wealth and properties.
    Besides, how influential is Captain to make Bala free without implicating Maigari or himself?

  56. Sleeping with captain is not the best option, she should have put her trust in God who can fight the battle without human strength. I know captain will not do anything but God’s intervention will set Bala free.

  57. It was a very bad decision by Kyauta to sleep with Captain Nwanze, Such options don’t work out, most times,the other party end up not trusting you just like Nelson Mandela didn’t trust Winnie Mandela after coming out of prison. Henry is guilty that’s why he ran away.

  58. She as fucked up sleeping with captain sleeping won’t solve d issue she should av plan or set a trap for d captain colliding with clement….. Gosh big time fucked up

  59. Hmm.. Adelove readers! Now Dat Adelove is giving rewards everyone wants to comment.. Had t bn t was b4 eh! D maximum amount of Comment Wld be 3.. Well Adelove keep doing great.. I enjoy every story u post,dey re inspiring.

  60. hmmmm,what a complicated situation for kauyata,I believe love do blind at times but she should not have allow captain to have a taste of her,she should have carry clement along by telling him what captain want her to do for the release of bala before opening her leg for him,because I so much believe that captain does not have any power again to get bala release because he has been condemn already and captain will still use this first attempt to have her again .
    If she can open up to clement I believe she can still get some reasonable help and advice.

  61. Oh no Kyaunta!!! I doubt if captain will release Bala, he just wanted to av u on his bed. God help Bala. Henry y u dey run? guilty conscience dey disturb u.

  62. Henry don’t run away oooo, come back to finish up wat u start….kyuata I understand y u did wat u did but I don’t think captain can release him just like dat

  63. Kyauta, I feel very bitter and dissapointed…. I just feel like choking life out of that demon of a Man….. This is just the worst irreversible mistake which Kyauta have done…. I hope this is a dream, I pray it didn’t happen but if it did happen, I pray for a way out…. Kyauta I’m having a feeling that you might not end well but I pray you do……

    This is really a very big lesson to us all….. It’s just like it’s happening to me….. Just feel like crying… I pray I don’t find myself in such situation…

    Kudos Adelove

  64. Kyauta shouldn’t have slept with the captain(though I hope its a dream) and I Dont think captain pot stomach will release Bala just like that,he would want more of kyauta even if Bala’s release is going to happen

  65. She shouldn’t have slept with the captain without him releasing Bala first, it was a very wrong move. Captain will never release Bala. But Bala will not die, his helper or saviour is on his way.

  66. we can’t blame her this is where true love lies.. she wanted him to be released that’s just what she thought was right… bala will come with or without the help of the captain.

  67. Well-done. Pls I cant access episode 14, its saying error in database connection. Pls help me out. Cant miss dat. Good work…keep it up.

  68. why na kyauta?you shouldn’t have slept wit d captain….He only deceived her and won’t help her with the release of Bala.(I pray its just an imagination)

  69. “Warm bed in exchange for his freedom,” he stroked her cheeks and she jumped out of the chair again almost crashing into the door…think about it but don’t too long if not the head of your lover would be an art work on the wall of my office”

    What a tyrant offer.

    Kyauta is not doing it for good cause. I disagree with dat opinion Adelove.
    Good nite.

  70. conscience
    we all have it… it made Henry take to his heels
    it made kayuta do the unthinkable
    buh Diana…. dos she Av a conscience tho

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  72. Sleeping with captain Nwanze isn’t the right thing to do because he will not release Bala. He will cook up another story so as to continue sleeping with Kyauta.

  73. What if its jst a dream. U nvr can tell. Anyways i hope she does nt complicate matters 4 her self (kayuta). As for henry he shuld beta nt come bck. Diana d thurda way go strick u still dey do execise. Hapi new year ALF in advance.

  74. Kai! Kyauta goofed! She should have taken to prayers and be hopeful that with God all things are possible. Obedience is better than sacrifice, she should have known that.

  75. Honestly bilive dre was nawtn much diana culd do in dz situation, she took d risk, now I fear captain myt not do hz own part of d bargain!

  76. Kyauta’s sleeping with captain Nwanze isn’t the right thing to do, though she had no choice but am sure the captain isn’t ready to do anything about getting Bala released. He’ll keep demanding for more and using that as an upper hand against her.

  77. She shouldn’t have slept with the captain. What if she gets pregnant? What if the captain starts blackmailing her and what if he decides to kill Bala so he can have her all to himself? For the sake of the love birds I hope things turn out well n I hope Bala forgives kyauta

  78. This is a cross road no woman in love would love to get to. Most people would be angry at her but I think Kyauta wanted to exhaust her options. If her body will bring back her man, so be it but thats a wrong choice. I think she could have spoken to Clement or another person that wont judge her but help talk to her. Who else is thinking this…..Captain wont help in releasing Bala and would want to turn Kyauta to his ‘sex toy’.
    I think Henry has disappeared. He needed to run than to be publicly disgraced. #sayNoToRape.
    I just wanna fold my arm and watch what will be the outcome of Diana foolishness. She is not even bothered that Bala is about to die, her so called father of her unborn child. Timothy is waiting seriously….hahahaha. I love this story…. more pop corn pls

  79. Sleeping with captain Nwanze wasn’t the right step for kyauta to take but desperation leads someone to a path they didn’t ought to take and I don’t think captain will release Bala yet he will use that as a bait to continue tasting Kyauta youghurt

  80. too costly for her to av done…I just hope she didn’t get pregnant for him cos dat will make d whole issue more complicated…
    she should av been patient though anything for love….
    getting more interesting…thumb up to adelove.com

  81. She really did the wrong thing because the case is already above what Captain Nwanze can Handle… captain can’t save Bala

  82. Kyauta but y…in tears already….that pig might continue to fool you and use you nw and even give you another stupid condition.

  83. Kyauta just made a big mistake cos dt captain will keep demanding more of her and might not end up releasing Bala cos the case is no longer within his power. Just feeling for the poor girl.

  84. Sleeping with Captain was not right though the only option left for her, the idiot captain will not make any effort to release bala as he will want to continue sleeping with kyauta, I pray she doesn’t get pregnant.

  85. that’s isn’t the right thing to do cos its not a guarantee that bala would be released. just hope bala understands when he hears this

  86. This is actually my first time comment since I fell in love with Adelove stories; before I say about the story, I would really love to commend you on your stories although some of the stories still need few tweaks to make it perfect but all in all your stories are the bomb, they are entertaining,educating, inspiring and whatnot; More power to you… Now to the story, I know just reading it everyone thinks Kyauta shouldn’t slept with the captain, I think so too but the thing is you never know how hard a situation is until you are dealing with it; she already slept with him, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that he doesn’t blackmail her with it; As for Bala, I just think maybe there will be some sort of miracle to get him out of there if not for anything,for his kindheartedness and for Kyauta..

  87. Captain jst enjoyed free sex cos he cant release Bala.you shouldn’t hv dine dat Kyuata,wot if u bcome pregnant for captain? Clement,ride on and claim ur woman cos d beast succeeded in running. Bala,God will make a way for u. Kudos Adelove,always liiking forward to d next episode

  88. Ah! That’s d greatest mistake kyauta had made for sleeping with the Capting, kai Henry cup don full d should look for him pls

  89. She did it Becx of love, but it would have being a sealed agreement, Becx d captain might be last person on her mind nd since he knew she Wil come running to him for help, he would Want to take advantage of her without any help

  90. Great lessons here…most times we don’t need to keep quiet ova some matters so that we can receive help.kyuata wud av hinted Clement abt wat captain wants from her,we also need to be sensitive.kyuata was not cos if captain had been asking her out all ds while she should kW that accepting his evil offer is never the best…Bala will surely be released n if truly u love someone u don’t have to open ur legs to save the person…wrong choices has its own consequences…she might be pregnant for the shameless fool who calls himself captain ow wud she face Bala to tell him d stupid story….God will help us in decision making. Kudos adelove

  91. I won’t say she made a mistake, she did all that because of the love she have for bala…. I wonder what should she have done, she doesn’t have anybody or know anybody to fight for her, but I don’t think captain will want to release bala o, but only if kyauta is smart to nail captain. But still difficult sha….

  92. What ? I’m awestruck, Kyanta oh no! You didn’t need to. Bala is fighting a just cause, he’ll come out , some how. Hummm.

  93. kyauta fucked up, she shuldnt have slept wth dat useless captain. Wat if he refuses to release bala n even if he does wat makes her feel he might nt use it as blackmail against her in d future. Gosh I feel like crying 4 her, still adelove I don’t no hw to claim my precious prize oooooo

  94. Women will do anything for love, but unknowingly may lose at the end. Does Kyauta think she can blackmail the Captain now after trading her pride?
    Anywhere is not surprising Henry is not at the meeting. Who wants to dance naked in public?

  95. kyauta just fucked up cuz d captain won’t ever release bala,he will continue manipulating her and even if he release him he will continue blackmailing her and using her till he is filled up and disgrace her.she should have strike a bargain before him before doing DAT by telling him to release bala first.she messed up.

  96. Oh kyauta,too bad na…you wouldn’t have given yourself to that wicked captin na…y not pray over it for God’s intervention?? im not happy with you.i pray God should delivered Bala

  97. Sleeping with d captain wasn’t a good idea bcos such people never get satisfied with just once. They are like blackmailers always demanding again & again. It’ll b a miracle if he releases Bala on dat account.

  98. Kudos Adelove and happy year ending, it’s always an exciting adventure with your stories.

    Hell no, it’s not the right thing for Kyauta to sleep with the inconsiderate exploitative cap.

    The captain knows better than to release a contender like Bala – he won’t.

    Just want to add that this is the same feeling we provoke when innocent helpless ladies are exploited just for the sake of providing them with some assistance- many men from across various cadres and sometimes with a smack of good intention are sadly equally guilty.

  99. Too bad for kyauta,sleeping with him only enslaved you to always fulfill his sexual desires, you should have just hope on God.it never too late to have rethink dear.God bless you adelove.first timer here.am impressed

  100. No,sleeping with Captain Nwanze isn’t the right step to take. She’s very wrong,but a woman in such a crossroad will definitely be so confused,and will battle with her thoughts.Taking the wrong decision at that time might somewhat be visible.

  101. She don’t have to trust him no man on this earth do no how to keep to their words after the are done with what the want. Why will she accept or even trust him . captain as the name sound is womanizer all he need is to sleep with her . I feel pity for her.

  102. Uhm! Double wahala,
    What a pity kyauta,the captain just want to have his way with her,and he will wnt to continue with her,dat will be an excuse to realse Bala .

  103. Am sorry my post is coming late, i knw she will sleep with d captain and d captain might not be able to free him except to kill and to have kyauta to his side. Same thing is happening around us, where u cant get favour except u give in ur body expecially men. What a corrupt nation

  104. kyauta! u got it wrong, u shud ve made him make commanding calls for his release before u get down with him. gosh###i doubt if dis devil of a captain releases Bala ooo

  105. He might but I know he will want to continue having sex with kyauta nd he will continue threaten her that he will tell bala about there affair.

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