(Episode 16) Village Teacher.… from Pit to the Palace!

Captain Nwanze: “Oh baby. You’re so sweet!”

Instead of responding to his compliments she shot him a dreaded look; he couldn’t really see her face. He attempted to touch her but she shrugged, “I could really do with a second round right now.”

Kyauta: “what?” she didn’t want to believe he had said that asides of the fact that she had cheated on her man she had sores all over, “turn around, I beg of you!”

Smiling he asked,

Captain Nwanze: “Why?”

Kyauta: “I want to get dressed!” she said in an unruly manner.

Captain Nwanze: “Someone doesn’t want me looking at her overly curvy and sexy body!” he said cackling as he obliged to her plea- the anger she felt was immeasurable.

Looking at him to be sure he wasn’t looking she jumped down the bed to pick her bra, she couldn’t find her panties, where had he flung it? After clipping the bra, she ran rushed for the gown  putting it on, it got stuck on her head, there was so much struggling before it finally entered- what was happening? Had the anger she felt increased the size of the head? After buttoning the dress she ran back to the bed,

Captain Nwanze: “Aren’t you done yet?”

Kyauta: “Noo!”

After raising his fluffy duvet she saw the folded panties and quickly got it on, “when is he going to be released?”

He was smiling she could see the satisfaction on his face having put on the light but that wasn’t what she wanted she wanted an assurance after which she’d bolt out- his sight repelled her.

Walking close to her,

Captain Nwanze: “soon!” he said smiling stretched out the hands to touch her,

Kyauta: “Don’t touch me, please!” she moved away headed for the door as she turned the knob.

Captain Nwanze: “I’ll tell Maku to drop you off”

Kyauta: “No!”

Captain Nwanze: “well, you know you’re very special to me. We could make a great couple you know?”

Was he drunk? Did he think if not for the situation she’d let him have her? She thought.

Kyauta: “never!”

He gave a nefarious smile; does she think he’d just have her once and that would be it? No,no! she was sweet as nectar and such women weren’t easy to come by, he thought. He wanted to make her his forever and he’d make sure Bala is dead.

Captain Nwanze: “You don’t think just once would grant his freedom right?”

She turned to him and all she could see was a man standing with horns,

Kyauta: “what!?” she couldn’t believe her ears at all; the air in the room began to choke her, “You’re the devil himself!” she shot at him and ran out crying.

Captain Nwanze: “That’s why you need to worship me, baby!” he threw himself on the bed laughing.

After a while he sat up, thinking of ways to make her permanently his. The idea of killing Bala came to him, “I could poison him through food using one of the warders! Wow! Commando Nwanze the viper! No one messes with me!” he laughed, “sweet girl! Yeah, “he bite his lips stood on the bed demonstrating a sexual position with his hand holding an invisible being, “And I gave it to her! I gave it to her! I gave it to her! Real good!!! I am the man!!!” he yelled and threw himself to the bed cackling.

Kyauta crying ran into the dark; the road seemed very quiet.

Kyauta: “You’re the devil himself ! You’re the devil himself !!” she kept repeating that.

She kept on crying until she could sneak into her room.


Bala and other prisoners were on the field going about their manual labour. The radio of one of the warders was placed on an empty drum and it was tuned to Radio Niger;

“You’re welcome to radio Niger. I am Adul Ismaila and you’re listening to ten O’clock news. The present military government has held a negotiation with some elder statesmen in the country regarding the news of returning the country to democracy. There has been series of meetings between both parties. The elder statesmen have charged the government to form a committee that would set up a constitution that would lay the foundation for democratic proceedings…”

The news made the prisoners wriggle in joy especially those that were handed long term sentences for they knew returning with democracy would grant them presidential pardon but those on death row couldn’t smile for the news meant they would be hanged as soon as possible. Bala continued working but his mind was filled with thought of Kyauta. One of the warders,Sadiq, came approached him-they had become friends,

Sadiq: “my Priend!” he said in his undiluted Sokoto accent,

Bala paused working and stood erect,

Bala: “Ah oga Sadiq! Good morning. I didn’t see you this morning!”

Sadiq: “My priend,it is the suna of my daughter that delaying me!” he said mix coding,

Bala: “Oh,really? So your daughter’s name was today?” Sadiq beaming with excitement nodded.

Sadiq: “Salamatu!”

Bala: “Aha, that’s a beautiful one! I wish I could see her before I die”

Sadiq reduced his voice to whispers,

Sadiq: “my priend does not talk like that! I believing you no die!”

Bala smiled,

Bala: “I appreciate your encouragement but it’s a done deal,bro!”

Sadiq: “It’s not done anything! Do you no hear news?”

Bala: “About?”

Itching the head, Sadiq looked like he was trying to recall something,

Sadiq: “what’s the name fa! Yauwa, damokraci!”
Bala smiled,

Bala: “Oh,democracy! I heard but that’s good news for those who aren’t on death row!”

Sadiq: “kuma, I over hear my pirst oga and socond oga talk dat your case look somehow fa!” he shook his head, Bala sighed, “Ka che, you have problem wit your district administrator ko?” Bala nodded,

Bala: “Captain Nwanze! He victimized me for standing for my people!”

Sadiq shook his head,

Sadiq: “Dan iska, I know him aii!  A bery wucked man! Zee devil himselp! Don’t the sun,” he pointed to the sky, Bala followed his hand, “ the sun go smile por you!”

Bala laughed but he appreciated the encouragement after all there was going to be hope at the end of the tunnel;he stared at the sun again its warmth felon him, he could feel it smiling at him-he smiled back too.


Captain Nwanze was in an open field showing a man who was neatly dressed in Baban Riga(northern regalia);he looked wealthy and well fed.  Captain Nwanze referred to him as Alhaji,

Captain Nwanze: “Alhaji so that’s the end of the land!” he handed over the measuring tape to Maku,

Alhaji: “I’m impressed ! the land is big! Leave it for a million naire my friend!”

Captain Nwanze: “Alhaji, that price is good oo but not good enough! This is hundred by hundred!”

Alhaji smiled,

Alhaji: “I know! I’m begging!”

They both laughed,

Captain Nwanze: “Okay! We have a deal then!” they shook hands.

Alhaji instructed a man with him and he handed a sack of money to Maku.

Out of the blue Maigari appeared fuming,

Maigari: “Captain! Captain!! What are you doing? Why would you bring a buyer to buy my land behind my back?”
It wasn’t really his land; it was one of the farmlands they had ceased for themselves,

Captain Nwanze feigned a smile and dragged Maigari aside giving a signal to Maku who quickly handed Alhaji the papers,

Captain Nwanze: “Maigari, my friend, come let’s have a talk! I was going to sell it then call you so we’d share the money!”

Maigari: “That’s a lie!” he shrugged him off, “please, let go off me. You cheat!”

One of Captain Nwanze’s boys placed his hand on the trigger, Captain Nwanze gave him sign ordering him not to pull it,

“I’d reveal all of your wicked secrets!! “

He gathered his regalia hopped on his bikes and fled.

Captain Nwanze shook his head; he was sure Maigari had dug his own grave.



Kyauta was back to Captain Nwanze’s house; it wasn’t one of his jokes when he had mentioned that he must have her again before he pushed for the release of Bala.

He was in his boxers as usual,

Kyauta: “Put off the light!” she said in a sobbing tone, he put off the light as she bent over and dragged down the flare skirt and pulled off her dress. He was on the bed already, ready for action his boxers was rest on the edge of the bed. Immediately, she lay on the bed he mount her sprawled her legs and before sliding he caresses the tip of her nipple with a tongue- he wanted to really get her in the mood but she was too sad for that to happen. He did that for a minute or two but she remained unresponsive, biting his tongue he slid into her and she let out an agonizing cry. In quick succession he slid in and out panting like a dog. And he shrilled as he got to that peak of satisfaction, flung himself to the bed and smiled. Hatred surged from her heart; the hatred was not only for Captain Nwanze but herself too.

As she opened the door to leave, he said,

Captain Nwanze: “I can’t do anything about Bala’s release. The case is beyond my powers!”

She couldn’t before her ears; she had been played. Crying she ran out. Killing herself was on her mind. She was doomed.

Captain Nwanze felt bad for the first time in his life; he had falling for her and vowed to get rid of Bala so he could have her for himself.

What Should Kyauta do? Would Captain Nwanze be able to get rid of Bala? Should she just become Captain Nwanze’s mistress?

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  1. Kyauta should forget about the incident between her n captain….. Captain won’t be able to get rid of Bala. Mistress, no she shouldn’t consider such option.

    Good morning all

  2. Kyauta should just stop this nonsense. Nothing will happen to Bala. He’s the hero of this story. Captain Nwanze will meet his match soon. Morning ALF.

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  5. I knew it…mtcheew I can feel Kyauta’s pain. It’s unfortunate that her sacrifice was in Vain but I hope Bala would understand…what’s happening with Diana, Clement n Pashe?
    …ride on Adelove, I’m feeling this one to d utmost

  6. One thing about Adelove story, no one can predict the direction of the next episode. Just keep given it to us, but Bala must enjoy as well as Captain don’t enjoy his girl.

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  8. Captain Nwanze is the devil himself, He wil surely reap what he sowed.Kyauta has messed up big time.Bala is his people’s saviour, just as the name of this story suggests, Village teacher:from pit to Palace. He will survive this and become the head of his village.

  9. so the devil has a heart “Captain Nwanze felt bad for the first
    time in his life; he had falling for her and
    vowed to get rid of Bala so he could
    have her for himself.”

  10. OMG what a real devil, I pity Kyuata, Captain Nwanze will not be able to get ride of Bala, Kyuata need to stay off captain and wait for God intervention.next pls am loving this story

  11. I knew captain Nwanze is just playing Kyauta and he won’t do anything about Bala been released. Kyauta is already his victim and he’ll continue to oppress her the more. Captain Kyauta can’t do anything to harm Bala and will definitely fail in any attempt made on his life. As for Kyauta, its better she avoid the captain henceforth and continue praying earnestly in her heart for God’s intervention. God will have mercy on her and grant her prayers.

  12. Captain cannot get rid of bala,the democracy goverent is gonna be in his favour… kyauta should not accept to be his mistress in anyway. Weldone adelove

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    Nwanze can’t stop the release of Bala because there is hope of democracy.
    But I fear because she is likely to end up being his mistress

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    Captain Nwanza would not be able to kill Bala.

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    Am sure Bala will be release with those the new government will release when they take over power.

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    As for the captain he can’t kill him because he is not God that can kill the body and soul.
    Being the mistress of a wicked is out of it.
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  43. Well it sadden me knowing kyauta had 2 pass tru all dis for the sake of bala release….. Killing herself won’t help out at all she should get that out of her mind ,bala will b out of jail b4 we know it…

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  48. She should just try to forgive herself for her mistake and forget about the captain and i hope she wont be pregnant for the captain and as for Bala the captain would try to kill him but would fail

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  52. I am sad for what captain Nwanze is doing to Kyauta, he is taking advantage of Kyauta desperation to save Bala to have his way for a girl that despite him.
    Bala will not be kill, a miracle will happen.

  53. She should just try to forgive herself for her mistake and forget about the captain she seem to be pregnant and i hope she wont get any StD from him and as for Bala the captain would try to kill him but would fail

  54. One bad decision can lead to another. Yet, I see Kyauta winning if she is able to forgive herself. Reason she fell into his trap was because she did not seek guide from older folks so no one was able to advise her rightly. Alot are involved and Captain has unpatronising personality. A man that has wanted you even before problem began cannot be satisfied with just 1,2,3 times sex. He must get his fill before discarding if need be. How then will it be possible for him to free a man who will take his won ‘TROPHY’? He cannot risk freeing Bala even if he has all the needed influence unless he no longer want to be sizing and selling his people’s lands and also reduce tax or romancing Kyauta. Free him; Kyauta will go, protest will continue. So she didn’t think it over or naive.

    On the other hand, Captain cannot kill Bala. Some people in authority are already seeing the ish as false accusation and he is now friend with a warden who will likely rescue him from such evil plot. Maigari may likely risk death and open Captain’s yansh. Since he was the only one that gave testimony that sentenced him, Bala could be freed if Maigari confessed in addition to suspicion the sentence is brewing.

    In other news, Kyauta will not become Captain’s mistress.

  55. Kyauta shouldnt kill herself, she did all for sake of love for Bala, captain Nwanze can not kill Bala and Kyauta shouldnt be captain mistress.

  56. Kyauta is an idiot… she is senseless
    first time, captain did nothing, she came again d second time and was expecting the release of bala wen she knew captain had eyes on her?
    Adelove…thumbs up sha

  57. Kyauta should just forget everything that transpired btw her and dat useless captain,he’s just taking advantage of her, i believe bala will be release if democracy take place and wit God on his side, he will definitely get his freedom

  58. Kyauta should have know that that dog can help her before she want to help herself with him for nothing she is not helping bala but herself bala is serving terms there is denning with the devil himself that is want help him, let her help her this time

  59. Kyauta should stop sleeping with the captain and seek for God intervention about Bala case. D captain will not succeed in killing Bala and Bala will soon be free.

  60. i feel like killing dat useless maggot captain myself… i knew it! he was just using her..
    noooo kyuata wont kill herself she is strong..
    i just knw they will smile at d end.. bala and kyuata..

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  62. Dis Kyauta fall my hand ooo but she just need to be praying for Bala to be released……… Captain Nwanze will not be able to get rid of Bala……. And thirdly , lailai Kyauta shud not be captain Nwanze ‘s Mistress……. More strenght to Adelove

  63. captain nwaeze is d beast itself. he cant do anything to bala cuz the truth wil be reveal. I feel kyuata pain, is quiet unfortunate she gives in d second time, I pray bala will understand at last nd forgive her. cuz she did it cuz of him

  64. kyauta should stop b4 it gets out of hand. its clear captain cannot do anything regarding bala’s case. really feel for bala……but like I always say…….he’s the reason for the story. good morning to u all

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  66. kyuata should just forget the captain will release bala cuz he won’t do it,she should just keep praying that democracy government take place and help her bala and I know the end of the captain is coming soon.just pray that kyuata is not pregnant else she should tell the truth to bala if he comes out.Hope is on the way

  67. Kyauta messed up big time…
    I knew dat a man like Capt. Nwanze wont be satisfied wt just one round. Well Bala will not die. And Kyauta shudnt even consider the option of bcoming his mistress.
    Kai i just hope Bala will understand and forgive Her because It was done with a good intention…
    Nextt episode Adelove.

  68. I really feel for kauta for bowing to the pressure on her mind of which I hope Bala will understand and as for that devil captain Nwanze, he shall fall prey to his wicked deeds

  69. Secondly kyauta will not kill herself BUT she should try and forgive herself. And hope that she is not pregnant or contacted an STD. She should also be ready to confess to Bala by herself. Love will always win no matter what.
    Hoping for the best though.

  70. kyauta has really made a mess of herself, but becoming Captain’s mistress won’t be a wise idea, she has to get herself together and get over the pains she’s feeling. Captain Nwanze’s days are numbered, he won’t be able to harm Bala cos

  71. So sad within me. She (Kyauta) should forgive herself cos victory is sure gonna be on her side with Bala by her side and as for d so called captain Nwanze he can’t harm or kill Bala. Kudos AdeLove

  72. Dz z epic…kyuata shuld just stop sleeping wit captain.
    As 4 Bala, he shuld very careful in dt prison cux if captain got to knw about d news on democracy, I knw he wil wnt 2 get rid of Bala fast nd not wait 4 d alloted tym 4 him 2 b hanged! Captain myt succeed in mkin kyuata hz mistress but he cn nevr win her heart dt z d most important tyn! Bala wil conquer hz enemies one by one!

  73. what a wicked captain, he will never succeed in killing Bala, and for Kyauta she took a very dangerous decision by sleeping with that wicked man, but getting married to him will be the worse mistake of her life.

  74. Morning Everyone,

    Well the turn out isn’t unnatural considering the antecedents.

    Kyauta must get a good grip over her emotions now, immediately cease seeing the Cap and resort at once to the one best option she first failed to use ….PRAYERS.

    I do not think the heartless Cap will succeed in his ploy to eliminate Bala – he will fail.


  75. God punish dis mad man after having her twice, I pity the poor girl sha, kyauta pls don’t kill urself there is still hope just do answer him again.

  76. Kyauta am disappointed. Anyway I knw Bala won’t die sha. I have been crying since 4 a.m wen I lost my mom ,tot I will feel better by reading dis but I feel more sad

  77. Kyauta should gather her strength and pray to God for divine help, Bala will be freed from the prison without any scratches.

  78. Kyuata should not commit suicide or be the captain’ s mistress for bala will be freed and rewarded bountifully cos from the look of things maiguri and the captain have started to have issues and maiguri has sworn to expose the captain

  79. Captain has met his waterloo,either maigari or kyuata would kill him,bala won’t die there would be divine intervention,of course kyuata can’t be his mistress.

  80. Hmmm, as if I knew dat was going to apened. Bt bliv me, Captain won’t escape dis. Innocent Kyauta did all dis for his Love bt d man betray her. I just hope Kyauta will b able to come out of d shock. Bala won’t die kus as if d man dey will ask to poison his food will b dat warder man.

  81. Kyauta should hand over everything to God.Captain Nwanze can not get rid of Bala because Bala is innocent.She should not become Captain Nwanze’s Mistress.

  82. Captain dis is nt fair ooooo……. Jus pray n hope she doesn’t get pregnant 4 captain………… Pls Bala 4give her cos she is doing it 4 u………. She badly loves u n will do anytin 2 get u release…………….

  83. I said it…… something like this is likely to happen. But kyauta made a great mistake in d 1st place by not telling anybody she trusted most for proper councilling b4 taken up with decision of given herself to captain. Well d damages had been done. AdeLove let this stay here, next episode I don’t want hear that kyauta has gone to captain again for another round of show ooo………. This is total blackmail ……. I hope she realises soon.

  84. Nice one Adelove, Bala will not die jare, n for maigari n chief Nweze, ur day of reckoning is at hand. Kyauta the deed has been done, its so painful sha but let go of the pain n pray for Bala. This same story is happening in our present world. People should fear God o, anyway change begins with you and me.

  85. he can not kill him but for kyauta it choice to sleep with him for the second time she should have known that he is not going to help her to get bala yet she chose to sleep with him for the second time

  86. I think am addicted to adelove stories. I feel so sorry for her but she took a wrong step to solve d problem. Her lover will find favour and she might be pregnant for d captain. But am sure d relationship will pass tru a lot of tribulations. As for Diana, na punishment sure for her.

  87. I think am getting addicted to ur srories. As for kyauta, she made a mistake by solving her problem wrongly and d problem still remain unsolved. Bala will find favour and be freed, and kyauta might get pregnant just lik Diana and d relationship will face tribulations inwhich Bala might want to kill d captain. As for diana OYO is her case ooo

  88. Permit me to add that relationship partners especially the female folks MUST learn to remain patient hopeful and resilient while going through trials.

    Trials often times are harsh and short-lived , so you remain patient and level headed all through the challenges that way you don’t get caught up and sometimes trapped by avoidable mistakes.

    Catch ya

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    To he’ll wit u captain. Pls don’t dare av it in mind to become his mistress o, just leave it to God and also seek God eyes for divine intervention.

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  95. am so sorry for kauyata,she should just forget about captain and continue praying to God,I believe that captain can never succeed in his plan in killing bala because I believe that democracy will come to reality .adelove tuale

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    Adelove….I’m really into u

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