(Episode 17) Village Teacher.… from Pit to the Palace!


The prison warder in charge had gotten the instructions clear from Captain Nwanze,

Captain: “Make sure you give him the food put a full dose of the poison!”

Prison Warder: “But who do I say sent the food? For he is a very sensitive man! And my boss seems to like him. He is treated specially!”

Captain Nwanze sighed,

Captain Nwanze: “Okay, which warder is he very close to?”

Prison Warder: “ Sadiq!”

Captain Nwanze: “nice. We should use Sadiq!”

Prison Warder: “How na? E no gree oo!”

Captain Nwanze: “Relax! We would go about it like this!  We would lie that Sadiq sent the food!”

Prison Warder: “Ah! Dat wan go work sha!”

Captain Nwanze :” I’ll send you your balance once it’s done!”

Captain Nwanze was pacing around the office after heard the noise of ongoing negotiations for the country to become a democratic state. It annoyed him, “This is absolute ridiculous! Civilians can’t rule this country. It needs iron hand like us,” he hit his chest, “like me! When the British handed over powers to civilians what did they do? Messed things up until we came and took over, “he gulped a bottle of gin and belched, “So these bastards wants democracy so they’d marsh up all the things we have done? Damn it! Maku!”

He ran into the office and saluted as usual,

Maku: “Yes sir!”

Captain Nwanze leaning on the table,

Captain Nwanze : “Today is the day!”

Maku nodded he knew what Captain Nwanze was talking about.

Thirty minutes later, Maigari entered his office; he wasn’t smiling had a stern look.

Captain Nwanze: “what’s wrong? Why do you look sullen face, my friend?”

Maigari: “nothing Captain!”

Captain Nwanze: “Or is it because of the small beef we had?”
Maigari looked away, “C’mon my friend we shouldn’t act like kids,” he smiled and brought a bottle of gin with a cup and dropped it on the table,

Maigari looked at him suspiciously,

Maigari: “How am I not sure this drink has been poisoned?” Captain Nwanze walked behind and tapped him laughing,

Captain Nwanze: “I can be anything but not to murder my man! I want to make up for my wrong deeds, man!”

Maigari: “Never! You done wrong already no amount of good deeds can erase your actions.”

Captain Nwanze giggled,

Captain Nwanze: “Really?”

Maigari nodded,

Maigari: “Yes!” he pushed the cup away as Captain Nwanze returned to his chair,

Captain Nwanze: “Remember that hectare of land you collected from Bala’s father?”

Maigari grumbled,

Maigari: “It was my grandfather’s but he claimed it so I collected what belonged to me!” Captain Nwanze burst into laughter,

Captain Nwanze: “It’s me you are talking to remember? Your friend and partner in crime!” he laughed, “I’ve gotten a buyer for you and he is willing to buy it for ten million naira!” he crossed his legs on the table giggling.

Maigari: “what?really?” Top of Form Captain Nwanze nodded, “Oh my God!” he jumped out of the chair and screaming, “I am going to be a millionaire!!!” he ran to Captain Nwanze and shook him ferociously.

“So when do we get the business done?” he smiled foolishly.

Captain Nwanze looked at Maku who was standing by the door and smiled.


It was noon as Patience was sitting outside chatting with Noami,Shedrach’s wife.  After the discovery of the truth that she was raped her parents came and apologized to her pleading she returns home,

Patience: “I have forgiven you all. It wasn’t your fault for what happened but I want to stay here where I have been received with two arms until I have given birth this is my new home. Thanks to Clement, Shedrach and his beautiful wife, my friend, Naomi.” The parents were in tears.

They always come around to check upon her with food items. The Village head had come to personally apologize for the evil perpetuated by his son.

Village head: “I am here to apologize on behalf of my son and my entire family for mistreating you. I want to make up it up to you!”

Her pregnancy had become a community pregnancy. Households came to greet her.

Naomi: “I feel like eating pounded yam!”

Patience: “Me too!”

Noami: “lemme go and peel the yams!”

Patience adjusted her sitting position by holding her waist; Noami stood up, “when is Clay coming with the bush meet he promised you?”

Patience: “today. I can’t wai…”

Noami: “Talk about him and he’ll show up,” Clement was coming with the bush meat; her water broke,

Naomi rushed towards her, Clement too. She was screaming,

Patience: “I just urinated ooo! I just urinated!!!”

They carried her each holding a leg as they got into the room they laid her on the mat and Naomi ran out to call other women. Clement was confused,

Clement: “take it easy!”

She was panting and whistling sweat ran down her cheek and neck,

Patience: “there is fire ooo!”

Clement became nervy,

Clement: “where?”

Patience: “My  back ooo! Rub it! Clay,please quench the fire!” she tore her shirt, he rubbed the back for her.

The women came in, six of them. One of them said,

“Clay, thank you ko! We can take it up from here!”
He was chased out. At the veranda he kept pacing about and whispering words that seemed like he was praying.

Patience: “Oh my God oooooo!!! Yeh! Yeh!! Yeh!”

The women kept shouting, “Push! Push!! Push!!!”

Patience let out a shrill;it was scary. Clement rushed at the locked door and started screaming,

Celment: “what’s happening in there? Is she okay?”

No one answered him, tears gathered in his eyes, “Please,God keep her and the baby,please!”

Patience kept screaming and crying,

Patience: “Henry it will not be well with you!”

The groaning continued for about twenty minutes within that period Clement had cried. The cry died down. Clement rushed to the door again.

One of the women screamed, “it’s a boy!”

Patience was sweating and smiling; as she rested her head on the mat tears trickling down into her ears. Exhaustion had taken its toll on her. Clement smiled holding the baby.


Kyauta had arrived at a conclusion,

Kyauta: “I must go and see Captain from all indications since Bala may never make it out of there. But Bala, I’ll forever love you even in death, baby!” she promised

She headed to his office by the time she got there he wasn’t in. she met two officers playing cards on a bench,

Soldier one: “Comot there! Your father!” he dropped the last card.

Soldier two: “You too get mouth! Cos you manage win today abi?”

Kyauta greeted them,

Kyauta: “Good afternoon, officers!”

Soldier one: “afternoon, fine girl!”  He looked at her lustfully, licking his lips, his colleague hit him.

Soldier two: “Kyauta, how na?”

Kyauta: “I am fine!ehm is captain around?”

Soldier two: “noo he went out with Maigari! But you can wait for him in his office!” he led her to the door and opened it for her.

She sat down with her eyes bouncing off the war to the pictures on the table and the locker filled with books.

Soldier one: “Baba, dat geh burst brain oooo!” he was a new soldier that had just been posted to the district.

Soldier two: “try em if oga no go burst your brains make dogs chop!”

Soldier one: “Oga na wa oo ! e get eye sha!!”


The creaking of the door woke her from her slumber. It was Captain Nwanze.

Captain Nwanze: “who do I have here?” he placed his hands on her shoulders he was excited to see her.

Kyauta: “welcome!”she said dryly.

Captain Nwanze: ‘what should I offer you,sweery?” he ran to his fridge.

Kyauta: “nothing I’m okay!” she stood up leaning on the table as he poured himself water, she added, “ I am pregnant!”

He turned and looked at her. She was scared- the way he had turned and looked at her sent jitters her way.

Captain Nwanze: “You can’t be serious? Are you?” She nodding, “Woah!” he jumped at her and she screamed too in fear.

He was excited! Super -excited. Pregnancy was the key to making her his,

Captain Nwanze: “marry me then!”


Kyauta, Leaving the office gloom was the crown she wore. She’s heading back home to meet her parents. She had committed herself- she had agreed to marry him. What was left? Bala was going to be killed soon and here she was pregnant for the man she so much hated. He had tricked her and she foolishly fell for it. The compound was quiet everyone had gone out at the door of her room she saw a man sitting. Her heart missed a beat,

Kyauta: “who are you, please?” she said from afar getting ready to flee. The man stood up from where he was smiling he had bushy beards,

“I came to see you first!” as he spoke she could recognize the lips covered by the ruffled beards.

He walked towards her? What was happening to her? She couldn’t scream or shout. For sure she was about to die!

Sweat ran down her spine as she gasped for air. She fainted

Bala: Kyauta! Kyauta!! Kyauta!!! It’s me Bala. I am FREE!  Please wake up. I still love you Baby …… (Hmm… Gbese ree ooo)

Question: Should Kyauta tell Bala about her pregnancy and her commitment to Captain Nwanze?

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  1. Kyauta should tell bala the truth. There’s nothing to hide. Together they can deal with the captain
    This will be a shocker for captain to know that bala has been released and back to the love of his life

  2. Abeg comot d yeye pregnancy and start afresh wit Bala.He’ll understand and forgive you. Congrats Pashe. Cant wait for d next episode .

  3. Mehn this is double wahala for kyauta o, but i bliv she wld make up with bala. Am not happy with the way its unfolding. I want captain to hear it hot

  4. Kyauta should tell bala the truth cue that is the right thing to do together they will deal with the captain and be victorious at the end. Captain will get the shock of his life when he realized bala is released and back to the love of his life

  5. Mehn this is double wahala for kyauta o, but i bliv she wld make up with
    bala. Am not happy with the way its unfolding. I want captain to hear it hot

  6. this is serious! kyauta shud tell Bala, I think he will understand. captain Nwanze shud b arrested nd made to pay for all his atrocities. useless captain

  7. Kyauta should tell bala the truth, he will be deeply hurt but she will be forgiven for love sake. Together they will plan and deal with the captain.

  8. Kyauta u should also do the same as Bala told u dat he cheated on u wit ur frnd Harlot Diana jst tel hm the true eve if it wil cause ur r/ship

  9. Getting pregnant for your boyfriend’s enemy and expecting him to forgive? now that will be difficult but she must tell him regardless

  10. Kyauta shld tell bala everything, but wld d captain take it likely with dem knwing that kyauta is pregnant for him. But since d military wld b handing over they might not find it difficult to battle with him.

  11. Oh my!, Kyauta just messed up!. Now the love of her life is back and she’s committed to her sworn enemy. I hope Bala wl be able to understand wt her sha.

  12. OMG y is everyone receiving other’s pregnancy. Bala would forgive her but that would incur d wrath of d Captain. Though I don’t think Kyauta would go back to Bala so as to protect him from d Captain!

  13. She should open up to him after all she did everything because of him. If they truly love themselves they will both laugh at the end,though its not going to be easy.

  14. Yes is dutiful for her to tell Bala although he would be annoyed but I think he will forgive her after hearing she did it for him out of desperation, but I also think captain would put up a fight bcos the pregnancy belongs to him and he has felling in love with her.

  15. Adelove ,you are more than the best..filled with suspence.None is like you.You are too much…more grace and love..thumbs up!! Ever entertaining and educating.. I hail you..thanks and happy new year in advance..Keep reigning with your intelligence….next plz..

  16. Kyauta should tell Bala everything that transpired between her and the Captain, if he truely loves her, he will forgive her, besides, she forgave him when he cheated on her with her best friend Diana.

  17. Yes it is dutiful for her to tell Bala although he would be annoyed but he will forgive her after hearing she did it out of desperation. I also captain Nwanze will put up a fight bcos the pregnancy belongs to him and he has also felling in love with her.

  18. Oh my! well two wrongs don’t make a right, let Kyaunta tell Bala about her commitment to d captain, surely he will feel bad Bt he will forgive her because of d luv he has for her. Kyaunta can’t marry dt wicked Captain. wia is dt she devil called Diana?

  19. Na wa o. the captain succeeded in catching up Kyauta with cheap and simple blackmail……… I pray that this can’t be true….. Adelove pls turn it to be a dream ooo…… next episode pls.

  20. It keeps getting better and better! Kyauta should better confess everything to bala oh. After all when he erred he confessed to her, now its her turn.

  21. Na wa o, so kauyat has gotten pregnant for DAT fool.hmmmm, she sud tell bala. I don’t like how dz story is now going. Y did u HV to get pregnant kauyat…

  22. this isn’t good at all. Now that she is pregnant, I don’t think Bala will still accept her for to him he has been betrayed

  23. She should tell bala the truth cause wen bala was in her sheos he did same and I know that doh bala would be hurt he will forgive her

  24. I can smell problem ooooooo…… I am pregnant!”
    He turned and looked at her. She was scared- the way he had
    turned and looked at her sent jitters her way.
    Captain Nwanze: “You can’t be serious? Are you?” She
    nodding, “Woah!” he jumped at her and she screamed too in

  25. She needs to tell him wat happened but am very sure he will be furious and ready to take revenge. The relationship will pass through tribulations sha….

  26. Gbese re ooo, Thank God for bala’s life, kyauta pls open up to him, tell him everything ask for his forgiveness am sure he will forgive u.

  27. Omo see gobe o! Kyauta has already messed herself up. I wonder what she is going to do now that Bala is out. This is one of the tragedies of man trying to do by himself what God is supposed to do.

  28. Hehe… Turn by turn naija ltd. Now its your turn to forgive her just like the way she did sonetimes back, kyauta go ahead n confess everything n clear ur mess, u acted foolishly sha

  29. And now She’s dead after agreeing to marry the Captain. Poor Kyauta, see what desperation has caused. However, dome pregnancy could be false alarm.
    Anyway, more trouble for the The Rothschild family. . The much hated competition is back..
    Another Henry and Clement loading

  30. Kyauta should tell Bala about the pregnancy and her commitment ,Bala will forgive and accept her no matter what because he loves her deeply.thanks adelove,you
    guys rock

  31. Honestly my heart is broken, I feel so much for kyauta. I pray it’s not real pregnancy o lol! She should tell Bala everything, I’m sure he will forgive her. As for the commitment, it will never work out for the wicked captain. Adelove how far Diana now? Lol!

  32. What an irony!kyauta should tell Bala everything that transpired btw her&capt..i believe he will 4give her though painful,but since she did it 2 safe Bala nt knowing she was being fooled.Frm pit to palace…..still waiting

  33. she has to let him know every thing that happen between her and that wicked captain nwanze though Bala will not take it easy with her but saying the truth will make their reletionship more stronger. Still i am not yet sure she is pregnant for captain Nwanze.

  34. in life we shouldn’t be in a hurry 2 say yes 2 sum certain situation we find ourselves. Bala’s woman said yes not knowing there is a God out there helping his faithful children.
    “Kyauta: “nothing I’m okay!” she stood up
    leaning on the table as he poured
    himself water, she added, “ I am
    pregnant!”” a simple mistake is a regrettable one. nice one Adelove.

  35. Me I just believe that even she didn’t give herself to captain they will still release the guy she has eye for captain believing that bala will not come back. If it were bala he will wait for her no matter, when Diana force herself on him he quickly told her but she kept going back to dirty man in the name of helping bala Noooo that is not help. She has eye for the man. After all he didn’t rape her in all his evil so think about she is not innocent. Let bala forgive and forget her that is all

  36. Wahala dey o. Telling Bala about the pregnancy and commitment to Captain is the best thing to do but I don’t think Kyauta will tell him for the fear of loosing him.

  37. I said it, she will get belle for this captain. Anyways love covers everything, she should just let the truth out. Captain would surely want to get back at Bala.

  38. I think she should tell him about her pregnancy and explain wat lead to her sleeping with the captain and her reason for accepting to marry him.I believe Bala will definitely forgive her

  39. Serious gbese ree oh lol.I dnt think she’s going to go ahead to marry the capt.thank God Bala is back nd I think kyauta shld tell Bala abt everything she did wit d captain

  40. Oh my God. I never believe that Kyauta could compromise his love for Bala to this extent. Womeeeeen!!!! No woman can be trusted in love without Christ

  41. Oh my God. I never believe that Kyauta could compromise her love for Bala to this extent. Womeeeeen!!!! No woman can be trusted in love without Christ

  42. Kyauta should tell bala the truth, he will understand and forgive her, for the wicked captain his evil deeds will find him out, thank God for patience new baby boy and clement love and forgivness, henry is a coward.

  43. kyauta should tell him the truth of all that has happened if not for anything,at least for his (Bala) sincerity when he messed up with Diana. But,Kyauta mess up big time.

  44. Kyauta should better tell him everything…. because even if she fails to tell him…… the pregnancy can’t be hidden for too long

  45. wow! Thank God for Bala. She should tell him. This is a lesson for everyone not to trust human being for help, only God can do what no man can do

  46. Yes, kyauta should tell bala everything without hidding a word and if bala truly love her he will marry her because kyauta also accept bala when he made mistake.

  47. Yippee Bala is free. I knew it! Yes she should tell Bala about it. It will hurt but he will forgive her. It will be a test of true love.
    Ehen abeg where is Diana o, she don born ni? I can’t wait to see her shame and Timothy’s bravery to claim his child.
    well done Adelove

  48. Kauta should tell Bala everything that happen between her and the evil captain, I am sure he will understand because he love her and because it was a mistake and he once make the same mistake and she has forgiven him

  49. Kayauta those not have the strong faith to bliv dis guy will be free….. She has ate the forbidden fruit so nothing to do dan split out the truth

  50. I knew it, exactly wot I’m scared of. Kyuata, just go ahead and tell Bala the whole thing w8 missing a thing and ur reason behind ur action, am sure he w understand it for he love u

  51. What an irony for Kyauta to be pregnant for evil captain Nwanze.
    Anywhere she has to tell Bala because one good turn deserved another. This is Bala,s turn to forgive her, she did it for Bala not knowing the implications of what she was getting herself onto.
    The story is getting more interesting and exciting.
    Next episode please.

  52. Adelove weldone, she must eplain from A to Z how it all happen and how she lose her fate on his release. if their is truely love between them he will forgive her and life goes on but wat she did is not good, i no she did it for love but first & second time how will she explain that. one can do anytin to save ones lover’s life and u wount be able to think at that moment.

  53. Praise God for Bala’s release first. Of course, Kyuata should open up just like Bala did during Diana’s case. I know things will work out by themselves later.

  54. Hah no b small gbese re ooooo she shouldn’t hv considered bala to b dead …she should tell bala about d commitment nd pregnancy she is carrying for captain….and mayb bala can forgive her nd take her back….

  55. clement and bala same experience, their most cherished women are pregnant for someone else. kyauta tell him the truth he’ll understand

  56. Kyuata should tel bala the truth about d whole matter and maybe bala may consider her and den she cab give birth to d baby and give it to d captain and continue her life with bala

  57. heyheyhey… holy moses..pregnant gini… plus bala is free… chei kyauta ooooooo… well ofcos she has to tell him na… bt this na complication oooo. they will open baby home becos stupid diana dey claim say na bala get her unborn pikin. now bala is on the cross roads cos now its for to forgive n accept kyauta’s baby n be with her. dat captain. his doom is near. mtchew

  58. Thank God for Bala…..as for Kyauta…she should open up and explain how it all happened… Thanks and God bless Adelove..keep the flag flying.

  59. Yea…she should tell him once and for all…
    He will 4give her
    She didnt think twice b4 doing wat she did but she did whatsoever she did 4 Bala sake
    Bala should 4give her

  60. Kyauta should tell Bala everything that transpired between her and Captain Nwanze, I think Bala will see love her and if so she should forget about the wicked Captain

  61. Yes she should tell Bala d truth though it won’t be dat easy but if Bala is truly hers,telling him d teuth won’t break d relationship

  62. Kyuata should tell Bala everything that transpired between her and the Captain. I believe Bala will forgive her because he loves her so much.

  63. Of course yes, Kyauta should tell Bala about the pregnancy and explain all that led to it. But am very sure Bala will understand and take her back as his wife. Kyauta shoukd forget marrying captain Nwanze because his doom is already at hand.

  64. She has messed things up.but she has to tell bala,even if she decides not to open up, with time bala will get to know.it’s left for bala to decide if to continue with the relationship or not.

  65. it won’t be easy but she should open up. menhhhhh……am heartbroken adelove why to this to me na. not happy at all. why kyauta of all people. sobbing……

  66. Hello ALF,

    To the question, yes by all means, Kyauta should notify Bala.

    Telling the truth always and early in relationships for mature serious partners like Bala’s and Kyauta’s is strong positive relationship building factor.

    Catch ya!

  67. That’s the best thing for her to do cuz if he loves her so much he just overlookel it and take her back like clement did to patience. Now is the downfall of the Captain he’s in soup. Thank God.nice work adelove and Happy New Year tobu guys nice works do far.

  68. Kyauta took the wrong turn, but she should just open up to Bala. Telling him how everything happened. I knew Bala will be free!

  69. She should be bold enough to admit her mistake after all she did what she did in the name of love. And i strongly believe the baby is Bala ‘s. Its all a test to their love

  70. Relationships is built on trust so she has to say the truth. Tell bala everything if their love Is strong they can cope with the situation after all captain can’t get a hold on her

  71. Real gbesee, so she finally scratched his back, oh my dear k, u have missed it. Still tell bala about the whole dram, after all he did same with ur best friend and u forgive him, so this is time to test his love for u too.

  72. Bala will definitely feel betrayed but ll ve no option than to accept Kyuata and the pregnancy, after all she sacrificed herself on d alter of love. Captain Nwanze be ready for Bala’s wrath.

  73. I saw this coming! kayuata should just open up to Bala and face his wrath.Am sure he would forgive her cos its for his sake.However,sleeping with the captain at first was to save Bala but am yet to understand her main aim of repeating it.

  74. Ofcourse, she must tell him ooooo…… Hapi New Year in Advance Adelove and crew, U guys r d best……. Love u guys like kilode….Kizzies

  75. Thud is the time to test the love as proclaimed. Hmmmm, Kyuata should just open up now before it is too late o……I’m shivering…..kai

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  78. Wow! Wow!! An interesting episode. She will have to tell him everything that happened when he was away. Adelove and crew u guys are awesome. More grease, more blessing. More knowledge from above and Happy brand new year in advance. Thumb up.

  79. It is really a shameful thing that is why it is difficult for her. Bala may feel that since he was not around Kyauta could not keep herself. He will be deeply hurt but I feel after the explanations from Kyauta, he will forgive her and take her back. As for Diana and Maigari their evil deeds have found them out. Happy new year in advance Adelove and crew -love you guys

  80. Let kyauta marry captain and move on with her life. Bala can move on too.life can be cruel sometimes.i had similar experience in the past but am happy with sweetim today??

  81. Hmmm the story is getting more interesting kyauta shuld tell Bala the truth has he in Dianas case I know Bala will be free

  82. Am commenting late on this today.

    Kyauta should tell bala all she went through to secure his release. Love conqquers all.

    Happy new year adelove fans

  83. she should tell him, and Bala will forgive her ,after all she did it for him and besides she stood by him during his time and Diana. fate has really played a fast one on her. I felt for her. she will wish to turned back the hands of time

  84. She nids to let Bala know d truth nd wat hz bin happnin since he left! N she nids to tell him she did it out of d love she had 4 him!

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