(Episode 19) Village Teacher.… from Pit to the Palace!

Bala woke up that morning with a very strange headache. Off late he hadn’t had enough rest, from one late meeting to the other. There was a knock on the door and it felt like it was in his head,

Bala: “Oh,oh. Who could that be this early, eh?”

The knock continued, it was harsh but gentle and continuous,

“Someone cannot have enough rest again?”

He dragged himself out of the bed and looked at the watch it wasn’t as early as he thought. It was almost ten in the morning; exhaustion had made him oversleep.

“I’m coming!”he yelled as he made for the door as it tweaked open, it was Kyauta- she was almost leaving when the door opened. He was super excited to see her- the headache he felt melted away. Her sight seemed to be the needed medicine.

Kyauta:”Good morning,” she wore a sullen face.

Bala cleared his throat, suddenly he remembered that he was ought to be angry at her for she had avoided seeing him- when he needed her she wasn’t there. He remembered that day he was selected by the people to represent them as the candidate he ran to her place to break the news for her before telling anybody getting to her house she received him dryly.

Bala: “I’ve got good news,baby!”

She gave him a cold look; an arctic feeling grasped him. It was as if the world had turned against him,

Kyauta: “Please,mum sent me, can we talk later?”

He nodded and shrugged it off tried not to make a big deal about her behaviour,

Bala: “I can wait for you in your room until you’re back!”

Kyauta:”Noo. It is Gawu I’m going to, I don’t know when I’ll back!” she looked away.

Unable to say a word, he just left. For days, he couldn’t eat or sleep in peace. Many thoughts entered his head, is she seeing someone else? Why has she changed? That was when he heard the rumour that she had been spot twice at Captain Nwanze’s house at night while he was in jail but it was something he found hard to believe. It was just unbelievable. His Kyauta could never cheat on him no matter what; she loved him too much for that.

For making him miss her so much, he was mad at her.

Bala: “Good morning, Kyauta!” he leaned on the door, “You know I’m mad at you right?”

She nodded,

Kyauta: “You have every right to,” he sighed, “Can I come in?”

Bala: “Gladly!”

He opened the door for her to pass and shut it as she entered; he went straight to the bed and sat by the edge as she sat down on the small couch,

Bala: “Why have you been avoiding me?”

She dropped down her head looking at her fingers; tears trickled down she tried to conceal it but it was late, he rushed to where she was,

“Why are you crying, baby?”

She shook head unable to say a word sobbing; he held her head to his chest, “Please, stop crying you’re breaking my heart with your tears.”

After five minutes, she wiped her red eyes. It looked like she had been sprayed by the tear gas used by the military.

Kyauta: “I want to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth…?”

Bala:”…About what?”

Kyauta: “why I have been avoiding you.”

Bala: “It doesn’t matter,sweetie. The important thing that matters to me is that you’re here and I’m happy to have you back,” he kissed her and smiled but she couldn’t smile,

Kyauta: “Please, I want to!”

He held her hands,

Bala: “Can’t we just forget about it?”

She sighed. Forget about it? She wasn’t ready to continue torturing herself. For weeks she hadn’t been able to eat or go about her activities for guilt had its toll on her. The plan was simple, leave Bala a note and then run to the city to her maternal uncle’s but then Hauwa advised her against such,

Hauwa: “That’s a stupid thing to do!”

Kyauta: “But I cannot face him and tell him I’m pregnant for another man!”

Hauwa: “why?”

Kyauta gawked at her,

Kyauta: “Are you seriously asking me why?”

Hauwa: “Yes,why not!”

Kyauta: “Do you realize I got pregnant for sleeping with his enemy a man who sent him to jail for no just cause?”

Hauwa sensed her anger countered her,

Hauwa: “Did you just decide to sleep with him on your own?”

Kyauta getting her point, she became sober,

Kyauta: “I did because of him!” tears gathered in her eyes,

Hauwa: “now you get my point! It’s better you tell him before he finds out by himself. If it happens that he finds out by himself it’s going to be a real disaster.”

Kyauta: “But he is going to be mad at me!”

Hauwa: “You did that because of love. You loved him too much to watch him die!”

So, that was how Hauwa with her persuasive prowess was able to convince Kyauta. It had taken her two days to really digest the advice and make a move. She couldn’t allow Bala talk her out of telling the truth- he didn’t even know what it was in the first place.

Kyauta: “Please,lemme tell you.”

He sighed,

Bala: “If you insist!”

Kyauta: “when you were locked up in jail. I couldn’t sleep,eat or do anything. I cried everyday,wondering the pains and torture you were going through. Every minute of the clock, I imagined what was been done to you. For I heard it is such a cruel place, “Bala nodded, “I wanted to feel your pains. Time was running real fast and I learnt you were to be executed I just couldn’t watch you die without a fight. I ran to Captain’s place…”

Bala:”That bastard! Did he touch you?”

She ignored the question and continued,

Kyauta: “ I pleaded with him to help release you! He agreed but on one condition!”


she nodded,

Kyauta: “to sleep with him!”

Bala: “I know you didn’t sleep with him,right?” he smiled but she broke down in tears,

Kyauta: “I’m pregnant for him,” she held his hands on her knees as she pleaded sobbing, “Please,forgive me!”

Bala who was now standing gave her a look of disgust as tears rolled down one of his cheeks,

“I didn’t have a choice, baby!”

Grinding his teeth,

Bala: “someone that planned for me to be poisoned in jail?”

Kyauta who was still crying said,

Kyauta: “he tricked me! I was played!”

Bala moved away from her. He was angry about himself, Nwanze, the world and Kyauta.

Bala: “I never thought you’d ever cheat on me not to talk of getting pregnant for another man!” she crawled to where he was standing held his legs sobbing, he was sobbing too,

“why? Why would you break my heart like that?” he heaved,

Kyauta: “I’m sorry, baby,” she still held his legs.


Bala stood in silence for a while; he wasn’t thinking but pained. Getting rid of Captain was on his mind. After being silent for few minutes, he heaved and moved made for the door,

Bala: “I want you out of here this minute!” he said with quivering lips,

She was still pleading but ran out when he yelled, “leave me before I do something stupid to you!” he banged the door collapsed to the ground crying like one who was mourning. He kept saying,

“Nwanze I’ll make you pay dearly for this!”


Timothy sat down in Captain Nwanze’s office waiting for him. Captain Nwanze had sent for him; he kept himself busy by looking at the artworks that covered the wall and Nwanze’s pictures,some showed him during officer’s training and others captured him in parade.

Captain Nwanze: “Sorry for keeping you waiting!” he said as he shut the door.

Timothy gave an awkward smile; he was wondering why Captain Nwanze had summoned him,

Timothy: “No problem,Captain!”

Captain Nwanze sat and crossed his legs on the table,

Captain Nwanze: “It’s been hectic,man! From one meeting or the other we are trying to make sure the transition from the military era to democracy becomes a smooth and successful venture!”he smiled.

Timothy smiled too and nodded,

Timothy:”That’s good!”

Captain Nwanze grunted,

Captain Nwanze: “Without wasting much of your time. Let me tell you why I called you!”Timothy rubbed his hands on his trousers and smiled, he looked nervy, “I hear you and Bala aren’t best of friends,” he smiled for he was planting a seed in Timothy’s heart.

Timothy: “ God forbid. We can never be! I can’t be friends with a murderer and a criminal!” Captain Nwanze smiled as he saw the anger on Timothy’s face- they were on the same page.

Captain Nwanze: “Good I just had a meeting with members of the People’s United Front not too long and they are looking for a candidate that would go against Bala and I couldn’t think of no other but you!”

Timothy was dumbfounded but excited that the chance he had wanted to tear Bala down had presented itself,

Timothy: “Really?” he sound overly excited,

Captain Nwanze nodded as he came close to Timothy,

Captain Nwanze: “Let’s tear Bala down in shreds. I hate him as much as you do!” they shook hands.


Was Bala right to send Kyauta away? Do you see trouble brewing for Bala? Would Timothy and Captain Nwanze succeed in bring down Bala?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 20 (You don’t wanna miss this!)

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  1. Wow! Happy new yr Ade love
    First 2 comment,
    Timothy and Nwanze will not success in bringing Bala down because he has majorly support.

  2. Happy new year pals. Bala sud please forgive Kyauta though it’s not easy but nobody is perfect. Timothy and captain cannot succeed in bring Bala down.

  3. Bala has every right to be angry but he will still come around. as for Timothy and capt Nwanze, they will not be able to succeed .

  4. Bala’s reaction is normal for any mortal…but he could look at the bigger picture still!
    Happy new year to everyone!!

  5. Bala was not right to send kyauta away, cos she did all she did for his sake, am sure he wld come back to his senses and go back to her

  6. Kyauta makes a good move. I understand the first time will be like a bitter pill to swallow. But Bala will grow with it. Bala should not relent, Captain is still planning evil. Next please

  7. Am very sure Bala will forgive her. Captain at his game again. Timothy am sorry for you ooooo. Another show of shame.next episode plsssssss

  8. Captain and Timothy won’t succeed to bring down Bala cause he has de heart of his community. And yes it was very right for Bala to send Kyauta, who wouldn’t?.. if it was just sex it will be a bit better, but pregnant for captain that’s disgusting..

  9. I just pity Timothy, he will be used by he captain….Bala, tamper justice with mercy, Kyauta did it out the love she has for you

  10. Their can’t bring him down instead push him to a higher level… As for what Bala did to kyauta it was just for him to be calm….Happy New year All….

  11. Bala is only angry as expected, he sure has every right to be but he would have to weigh her reasons for doing wat she did…Captain and Timothy, u both will lose big time..happy new year adelove family…

  12. Yes, his right wen it’s come to anger. But he w surely understand her motive, and love dat bond dem 2geda w fight. As for captain and Timothy, dey w lose.

  13. Bala has every right to b angry. Its natural for humans in pains. The trouble will b d downfall of captain. They can’t succeed cos majority of the people are do bala

  14. Because of the love he has for kyauta he has every right to be angry but am sure they will still come together he will forgive her.and for Timothy and captain d wuld not do anything to Bala

  15. Though he will still forgive her but he was right by sending her away for that moment because anger is one words short of danger, and for captain Nwanze and timothy Their plan will never work though Bala might face a strong competition from them.

  16. bala please forgive kyauta, she did everything for u. as for captain and timothy, i’ll be smiling when u both lose finally. Bala is the man of the people.

  17. It’s not easy for Bala to forgive Kyauta and to crown it all, she is pregnant for that Wicked Captain Nwanze, his worst enemy but he will forgive her because he still loves her.As for Captain and Timothy, whatever plans they are making will collapse like a pack of cards.Captain will pay dearly for everything. Wishing Adelove and all his fans a happy new year.

  18. Yes Bala was right to send her away because for now he needs to be alone and put himself together. I see trouble for Bala since timothy and captain Nwanze has teamed together. but I don’t think they will prevail to bring Bala down because Bala is a MAN FOR THE PEOPLE

  19. Bala wasnt right sending n yelling at kyauta like that, but at d same time we didnt expect him to hug her after hearing of the pregnancy. He is human with feelings. But am sure he wld come over it and go back to her.

  20. Bala hav every right to be angry o, d pain is too much to bear.timothy and captain will meet their doom. I just hope bala wont do something stupid coz of d hatred e feels for d captain

  21. timothy n captain r already losers. they cant pull bala down. anyway bala acted on d impulse of disappointment and confusion dats y he drove kyauta away bt he will come around. sure bala will face hurdles bt he will prevail. kudos adelove.. u making my day already.

  22. He snt her out cuz he was angry and that’s the best thing he needed to do but he will come back to his senses later on as for timothy and nwanza they won’t succeed

  23. Though is that easy to just accept the apology like dat we are all human and human being are always prone to err but Bala supposed to remember that table always turn round he also has fell in similar path before and she accepted him for the sake of love she had for him

  24. God saved Bala from being executed and so Nwanze and Timothy ll never bring him down. higher he is going. But he should see reasons with Kyauta and 4giv her

  25. Bala have every right to be angry and react by sending her away dat moment but am sure he will get over it…And as for bala trouble can brew up but truth will prevail and Timothy and captain will meet dia waterloo

  26. Bala should forgive Kyauta.but as for captain and Timothy, they have failed already.this because Bala Has won the heart of the village so there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

  27. Bala is right bt he has to back and make a reconcile or settlement with her bcoz all what kyauta deed she did it for the sake of love she has bala

  28. He did d rigt tin by sending her away so that he can think straigt. Timo u want 2 folow d steps of maigari ba. U beta watch out

  29. I understand bala is angry and in pain …it will pass….kyauta should just be patient with him ,he will come around ..as for Timothy and captain.. Well gat Ntin 2 say 2 u both cus u re both failures ..

  30. Bala wasn’t right for sending kyauta away bt anger can make one do d imaginable.I see trouble brewing for Bala but captain nd Timothy won’t succeed in bringing Bala down.

  31. Bala was right to send her because it’s not easy.though he will still come back for her. Timothy and captain can never succeed.

  32. Bala’s reaction of sending Kyauta away was wrong but that is normal which I believe he Will have a rethink and forgive her and as for trouble, he is in trouble but they will never succeed because he didn’t choose himself but the people do because of the leadership quality they saw in him

  33. For the moment Bala’s reaction to Kyuata is good but I believe he will forgive her later…As for captain your grave is about 4fts now..Timothy sorry for you to be used by that devil..I believe you dont know him

  34. Bala was right in sending Kyauta but he will eventually come around. Enough trouble is coming for bala but captain and Timothy cannot succeed in bringing him down.

  35. Bala should try to forgive kauyata,timothy and captain can never be succeed in bringing bala down because he do follow the right pat and was destiny by God to succeed and lead his people,so captain and timothy will soon meet there Waterloo.kudos to you adelove

  36. Bala was right in sending Kyauta but he will eventually come around. Enough trouble is coming for bala but captain and Timothy cannot succeed in bringing him down.Happy new year Adelove and crew.

  37. Bala has the right to send her out because he is angry and disappointed but he should still forgive because she did it for him…trouble is on the way for Bala…captain and Timothy won’t succeed

  38. Happy New Year O I Love U All, Bala Is Nt Right To Send Her Away But I Knw He Will Av Rethink, Timo And D Cpatian Will Nvr Succed Bcus God Wil Nt Be On Dere Side

  39. He is right by chasing her away for that moment because anger is one words short of danger,but he will still forgive her if truely he loves her and for captain Nwanze and timothy their plan will never work though Bala may face a strong competition from them. HAPPY YEW YEAR ADELOVE FANz.

  40. Hmmm he sent her out bcos of anger it’s very devastating she getting pregnant for his enemy but I believe he will forgive her with time and as for Timothy and captain they can’t succeed in bringing Bala down bcos the people is behind him although they will create trouble for Bala but that can’t bring him down.

  41. Bala has no right to be angry with kyauta, afteral when he slept with diana kyauta’s best friend she forgave him. its his turn now to forgive her. Besides he need her more now as timothy and cap. nwanze are conspiring against him.

  42. Hmmm he sent her out bcos of anger it’s very devastating she getting pregnant for his enemy but I believe he will forgive her with time and as for Timothy and captain they can’t succeed in bringing Bala down bcos the people is behind him although they will create trouble for Bala but that can’t bring him down.

  43. But I have d feeling in me dat things will turn around for kyuata and bala and dey will get back again who knows kyuata may have a miscarriage or something more and she and bala will reunite as for d captain and timothy dey will definitely fail in deir plans cos bala is not planning evil against dem

  44. Bala didn’t do well by sending Kyauta away. There’s trouble brewing for Bala but he will overcome with WISDOM. Timothy will be put to shame.

  45. Bala was wrong for sending Kyuata out of his house. He is human and it is expected from, remember the case between Bala and Diana kyuata equally reacted too. All the same captain and Timothy plans it will not work. God will deliever Bala again .

  46. Captain should have known my now that Bala is like a cat with nine lives, he keeps escaping his every attempt to put him out, so whatever plans he brewed with Timothy will also be futile. Bala is destined for the top and he will get there.

  47. it will be difficult for Bala to accept it. wit time the wound will heal, he loves his woman so much.
    Timothy is digging his own Grave
    “Timothy was dumbfounded but excited
    that the chance he had wanted to tear
    Bala down had presented itself”
    ur Grave is near

  48. Yes Bala is right by sending kyuata away at the moment because he might do something stupid as he said.captain and Timothy can’t do any because I can that Bala is destined for greatness

  49. Happy Newyear to u all!!! Bala’s reaction is very normal, he has every right to react the way he did, but love covereth all sins, if he truly luvs her, he will forgive her cos time heals wounds.

  50. Hmmmmm this is a bit complicated as Bala is heart broken but he should also remember Diana’s case as Kyauta forgave him. As for captain Nwanze, his days are numbered. Bala will beat Timothy hands down in the chairmanship race

  51. Bala has a right to be angry,but I believe he will come around n forgive her. As for capt nwanze n Timothy they will not succeed

  52. Captain nd Timothy wont succeed , Bala shouldnt hv send kyauta out, thou its painful bt he should try nd understand she did it out of frustration nd luv 4 him….. Well she should jst let him b 4 nw he we will come around..

  53. Thats the least he can do at least to quench the anger in his heart than to to something bad to her, a lot of trouble is on his way for bala and captain nwanze and Timothy can only try but not succeed..

  54. Bala is just acting based on his adrenaline. trouble is brewing up for Bala but he will overcome. Captain and Timothy won’t succeed in bringing Bala down..

  55. Bala did what he suppose to do as a human being n he did it out of anger n that’s what most of us will do if we r in the same position but he will forgive her later. Timothy n Captain will not succeed this time instead Timothy will fall into trouble n Captain cup is about to full

  56. Bala is people’s choice….. Bala: “I never thought you’d ever cheat on me not to talk of
    getting pregnant for another man!” she crawled to where he
    was standing held his legs sobbing, he was sobbing too,
    “why? Why would you break my heart like that?” he heaved,
    Kyauta: “I’m sorry, baby,”

  57. I almost forgot to read my morning safari ‘adelove’ this morning due to new year crossover.
    Bala will rekindle his love for Kyauta when his anger subsides, we expected his reaction as he did, he is human.
    For Timothy and captain Nwanze,s conspiracy, Bala will also whether the storm and come out victorious.

  58. happy new year Adelove . more blessing to u
    bala reaction was normal… as for d captain n Timothy, dey can never get bala

  59. Bala will still go back to Kyauta,he just acted out of anger, Timothy and Nwanze can never succeed,Bala is loved by all especially after standing up for his people against Nwanze and Maigari

  60. To be candid,Bala u a right,u ve every right to be angry but please 4give her for the sake of Love u share.Timothy,u a wounded lion,Capt.d die is cast.shame on the way for u.Adelove&crew,happy new year.it is well with u.

  61. I can’t say bala is wrong cos at dat moment he cant think straight & at d end love will prevail he will forgive her for tell the truth herself, she did all to save love. I can see trouble but the word of God says he tha lives in me is greater than who is in d world and no matter how Timothy & captain try for bala down fall God will lift him high cos his fighting for his people’s right.

  62. Bala would have a rethink. Its logical for him to feel that way! I wonder why captain won’t give up now when its obvious he has lost already. Timothy is just digging his grave lol

  63. They will not succeed in bringing Bala down
    Bala should hv not send her out, but I feel that he will still accept her back

  64. Bala was not actually angry with Kyauta, he is angry about what Capt. Nwanze did to his fiancee. I think he will think it through and have a change of heart. Kyuata really deserves a second chance.
    Timothy and Nwanze cannot do anything to Bala. There anger is borne out of hatred for a superior candidate.

  65. Bala was deeply hurt n I guess he will forgive kyauta n accept her back. Timothy plan with the captain will not succeed.

  66. surely there will be disgrace and down fall for captain and Timothy cuz they will be put to shame. Bala was right in telling her to go cuz anger can make him do something bad to her.

  67. Itz normal for Bala to act like that but he will still forgive her……… Bala will definitely overcome captain Nwanze and Timothy…….. Welldone Adelove

  68. Bala was right sending kyauta away at that moment,he was hurting seriously cus of the love he had for her but with time he will forgive her. She did it to for love too.
    Timothy and captain will not succeed bala. For bala is unstoppable, a Man for the people.
    Happy new year to all Adelove fans

  69. Yea he did d right thing,he is angry,he needs to think,am sure he is gonna forgive her,as for captain n Timothy they arent going anywhere wit der plans,happy new yr everyone

  70. Bala just need time to think,he won’t settle with her,Timothy n captain ll not succeeded because majority of d pp ll vote for Bala n dey ll just make mockery of dere selves at d end of d day.

  71. Bala is only angry,I can’t sense trouble for bala rather stepping stones and Timothy won’t win against bala even with captain nwanze on his side.

  72. Bala did the right thing by sending kyauta away for he was hurting badly cus he loved her but he will forgive her with time. She did it to save him from jail.
    Timothy and captain will not succeed bala. Bala is unstoppable and will scape tru

  73. It’s a normal thing for Bala to fume up against Kyauta because he never expected her to sleep with captain Nwanze under any circumstances yet he’ll still come back to his senses later on since he also did such stupid mistake with Diana and Kyauta stood up for him against her best friend. Truly, I sense trouble brewing up for Bala but am 100% sure that captain Nwanze and Timothy will fail in every of their plans on Bala. He (Bala) is destined for greatness and nobody can stop him.

  74. Bala sent Kayauta away so he could put himself together and think of his next line of action.Bala will really face troubles but those who are for him outnumber those who are against him,he will conquer.Timothy is just another prey,I really feel for him.

  75. It is normal and human for Bala to be angry but he will always come around. I think Bala is up against something but I know he’ll overcome it.

  76. It is human for Bala to react but it should not take him longer to forgive Kyauta so that she doesn’t do somtin funny to herself. Captain nd Timothy can’t bring Bala down ,he has d masses support.

  77. Hi there,

    Yes Bala was right on the interim for sending away his Kyauta, that’s to enable him get himself back and resolve to fight for her cause she is worth fighting for and have herself given Bala a benefit of the doubt after impregnating Diana having himself been played.

    There is some problem brewing in wait for Bala. The old bad cap still feels treatened by his presence and would continue to exploit every available means to destroy Bala.

    Apparently captain Nwanze and Timothy who both happen to have strong dislike for Bala , may enjoy transient victory but they will not succeed in pulling Bala down, who is destined for final victory


  78. The duo can never succeed over Bala that m sure of. Nevertheless, while we wait for the next hearing on dis case, I wish u AdeLoveyDovey a Prosperous New Year

  79. Very right to do so…..I mean Bala’s action. The trouble would mount to nought…….no cause for Alarm….God that save him from being executed is still in charge. Both the captain and Timothy’s plans will be in vain at last

    Moving to the end of the story gradually.

    Adelove thank God for you guys life, HE will continue helping you in all your endeavors. ……we are here together…. 2017

  80. This is a very difficult time for Bala and Kyauta but I know that love will prevail at last. As for Capt. Nwanze and Timothy, you evil plots will not work.

  81. This is a very difficult time for Bala and Kyauta but I know that love will prevail at last. As for Capt. Nwanze and Timothy, your evil plots will not work. Happy new year Adelove crew and fans. One love!

  82. Bala would surely forgive her, sending her out only expressed his anger at that moment. I pray Bala should be saved though trouble is ahead but captain and Timothy would surely fail.

  83. Its was wrong for Bala to send kyauta out, she did everything for him 2 be released, Timothy and captain nwanze will try but they can’t bring Bala down…

  84. It was normal for Bala to react d way he did, I know he wl come around wt time. Bala can’t ever be brought down by Timothy and his cohort, they can only try but Bala is a man of the people which gives him edge over Timothy.

  85. Bala he’s right by sending her away, he wants to clear his head, anger nd disappointment nd to decide on wat to do, dia wil be trouble bt it will nt overcum Bala nd Timothy nd Captain can’t succeed in bringin down Bala bt are planning dia own downfall

  86. Happy new year Adelove God blessed ur hand work dis yr.bcos dis yr is a yr of shining light. Bala pls for give ur lover oo

  87. Bala sending Kyauta out was done in anger even though he could have handled it differently. He shud have remembered wen Diana claimed he (Bala) impregnated her and how Kyauta stood for him not minding if it was fake or real.
    Well capt. Nwanze n Timothy can try all they want but they cant kill bala. He is the Hero of this story while d Capt. N his cohorts are the villains.

    Adelove kudos and more efforts…
    Happy new year fellow Adelove fans…welcome to 2017. Our year of unstoppable favour.

  88. He is right.Bala is just angry and doesn’t need to make any decision.Kayuata’s presence can make him do the unthinkable and later regret.Even though there will be trouble the storm will be still only after a short while cos victory awaits Bala.

  89. I understand bala’s anger, it’s normal cos of the love he has for her but I know he’ll come around and forgive Kyauta… Who knows the baby might be bala’s *just saying* Hehehe……..thimoty and captain won’t succeed since the captain couldn’t kill him while he was in prison, he won’t succeed now that he’s out.. Tnks Ade love. Happy New Year

  90. Dis is a tough situation for bala but he should remember that ‘LOVE CONQUERATE ALL’ coz for every suffering is a blessing in disguise. As for kyauta, she shouldn’t worry but hope and d captain will surely get wats coming for him hahaha

  91. see men,Bala shouldnt have driven kyauta away ,he should forgive her d same way she forgave him.i think trouble is brewing for Bala but Timothy is not his match at all but he shudnt take him for granted.Thumbs up Adelove ,i love the way you write your stories

  92. Bala will overcome and forgive kyauta as for Captain and Timothy , their plans will fail and , Timothy may die in the process.what kinda of a child is kyauta carrying now?

  93. Bala shouldn’t have sent Kyauta away,but he couldn’t control his emotion at that moment.Timothy and Captain won’t succeed in their plan.

  94. Timothy and Captain Nwanze will not succeed against Bala. Bala’s reaction upon knowing about Kyauta’s pregnancy is expected and normal. But he has to forgive her, bcos he was once in her situation, even though his was willing and Intentional, Kyauta’s was out of love for him. I bliv Love will excel at the end.

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    this is what happens in today’s society… many men cheat on their wives and nothing happen…but let a woman try it,she is finished..

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