(Episode 1) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

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Days were neither scarlet nor crimson for Kunle before his elegant skin kissed the smouldering sun as Lagos based journalist who had been working with dearth. His work jumbled as a political correspondent. He was handy to his job and he wrote story against the government of Nigeria. Indeed, he was a journalist who had been writing for his gusto since he began his career. Kunle’s office was accustomed with simple decoration; with étagère of books and old copies of tabloids. His phone rang; twice, and repeatedly with the song of Reggae maestro, Bob Marley-Redemption Song. He was corrosive to pick but the phone kept ringing as if apocalypse was giving a warning; and he picked.

Kunle: ‘’ Hello, how can I help this caller?’’

He spoke but the silence was frustrating his cantankerous

Kunle: ‘’ Hello, can’t the caller speak’’

His florescence for patience was weary and he threw his phone at the flower vest beside the book he was reading before the strange call. He dropped the phone, which rang with misfortune headache to him. He ignored the call but the mellifluous voice of Marley kept foxy like the Lagos traffic. And such traffic can be terrified. Whereas that leads to weakness as a Lagosian pauper—in fact that gives Lagos a hocus-pocus sobriquet.

Kunle: ‘’ Does the caller think I don’t have a job doing? He or she must be stupid; mad and senseless for keeping mute when I picked the previous call’’

Immediately, he picked the book he was reading; which was exciting to him. He dropped the book and walked with little pomposity to his office water dispenser, took water and gulp. Later, he took the remote of his office L.G air-conditioner and increased the breeze, which was like plentiful snows in his office. He sat on his office sofa and buried his eyes on his HP Laptop. His fingers were making different rhythms on the laptop keyboard. He soliloquized…………

Kunle:  ‘’ I want to write article for my people on the creek’’

He could not see the silhouette himself because dusk was ascending; but the moon had not taken its orbit toward the darkness of the night.  He parked his office bags; redressed and stepped to the door before he remembered his phone, from where he had thrown it. He picked and put inside his empty trousers’ pocket. He shut the door and he left for home.


His office was at Alagomeji; he promenaded toward Herbert Macaulay road to the bus stop of BRT, Bus Rapid Transit. He was on the queue when he saw bus that had commuters sitting and standing. The bus approached the queue; he had already prepared himself to climb the bus before it drove away from Fadeyi bus-stop. He manoeuvred himself midst other commuters and his journey began. He alighted at Ojota; with tiredness and walked as snail to his resident.

Kunle: ‘’ Kemi, where are you?’’

Kemi: ‘’ Honey, you are back and how is work? ‘’

Kunle: ‘’ Fine, Today has been perfect so far except a strange call received from unknown person’’

Kemi glisten face changed with what he had spoken. She tried to bring him lively with the aroma of his favourite delicacy that she had prepared for him

Kemi: ‘’ Baby, you must be famished? But before you eat, you need to wash up yourself due to the Lagos sweat’’

Kunle: ‘’ Okay, that’s my baby and I will always write you poetry of love, whenever you want me to whisper the poem to you’’

Kemi: ‘’ You are funny. But tell me that you are speaking Shakespearean poetry?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Why should I give you this obscure poetry because I know your poetry begins with money and ends with sex’’

They both laughed hysterically


They both departed, Kunle visited the rest-room to wash himself to the taste of his delectable wife. She had wanted to dish the meal in such a buffet; but all of the sudden she brings her phone and dial a digit.

Kemi: ‘’ Hello, Alhaji why do you call him with strange number?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ The network caused the incommunicado’’

Kemi:  ‘’ That was nonsense. You can’t allow him to begin suspicion about the call’’

She heard the sound of his slipper flip-flop on the tiles of the living room toward the kitchen; and with hasty, she dropped the phone between the pockets of her apron.

Kunle: ‘’ Honey, are you not done with the food?’’

Kemi: ‘’ Almost my lord’’

He sat with amusement; that all his stomach worms had already eaten. He took the Television remote; swiftly his eyes saw the headline below the soap opera and he was disillusioned. She came near him with her perky smile, her resolute to him was more than the meal. Perhaps they both talked in uncourtly manner, and she laughed away her adrenaline.

Kemi: ‘’ Don’t tell me the meal will make you go insane?’’

Kunle: ‘’ I was exhausted before but now the aroma deluges my worms’’

Kemi: ‘’ You must be crazy’’

Kunle: ‘’ Don’t you know love is crazy when you have too much emotion like I do’’

She chuckled

Kunle: ‘’ You have hypnotized me with your care and meal’’

Kemi: ‘’ Okay. Hope foolishness is not the love you have for me?’’

Kunle:  ‘’Haha! I love you as the colour of rainbow. In fact, you are the woman am destined to marry’’

Kemi: ‘’ journalists are not pious about lies’’

Kunle: ‘’ My truth is beneath the skirt of your beauty’’

Kemi: ‘’ This is vulgar’’

Kunle: ‘’ This is love’’


The news headline was still showing, as he opened his office bag to bring out his notepad and began to write headline before he glimpsed on this headline: Water Kills four in Oloibiri.


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Question: what could be the relationship between Kemi and Alhaji?     

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  1. Relationship of Sugar Daddy just like the husband Kunle said….your poem starts with Money and ends with Sex. Good morning all.

  2. Adelove and crew are back with another juicy story.Well I think Kemi may be playing games with Kunle or maybe there is an information Alhaji wants to hand down to Kunle.

  3. adelove has come again,hope KEMI is not planing something against KUNLE in collaboration with her unidentify alhaji because why would she instruct alhaji to call KUNLE she even disagreed with alhaji for calling KUNLE with stranger number.well sha let us see what adelove have for us again .kudos to you.

  4. AdeLove and Crew, Back2Back

    Let’s see who go tire sef.. whether na me ooo or AdeLove. Next please LOL #LoveThisBlogDieee

  5. Good morni adelove crew I think the relationship between alhaji and kemi is a romantic one, bcos she was nervous he called kunle and also kunle said kemi is more conscious of money and sex and alhaji’s get d money dem.

  6. Good morning guys, Alhaji y did u call him with strange Nomba. Dat means Kemi is Alhaji private investigator even dou dey might b having something in common.

  7. I guess the relationship between Kemi and Alhaji could be lovers at the same time partners in crime. AdeLove nyz one.

  8. It’s either kemi is dating alhaji or alhaji is trying to scare or treating kunle of something we’ll find out

  9. Nice story, AdeLove this one should not be about women’s betrayal coz people will start comenting rubbish things about women.

  10. Kunle: ‘’Haha! I love you as the colour
    of rainbow. In fact, you are the woman
    am destined to marry’’
    It seems they are yet to be married and Kunle might have castigated Alhaji, and Kemi is been used as an intermediary.

  11. I guess the relationship between Kemi and Alhaji could be secrete lovers at the same time maybe partners in crime. AdeLove nyz take up.

  12. Kemi is a Spy, planted into kunle’s life feeding Alhaji with Vita Info about kunle.

    Kemi: ‘’ Okay. Hope foolishness is not the love you have for me?’’

    It is well, good morning all

  13. ‘’ Does the caller think I don’t have a job doing? He or she must be stupid; mad and senseless for keeping mute when I picked the previous call’’ #lols

    probably Alhaji is having secret affairs with Kemi; ….

    Nice starts!

  14. Almost immediately after pit to palace, adelove u are back again, every story is a hit back to back!!
    Who is Alhaji? What is Kemi conspiring with him? Is Kunle save? Adelove next episode jooor..i need to salvage my hunger for ur suspense

  15. Kemi is cooking up something, she wants to use Alhaji to frontier a plan she wants to execute. In return i think she has something to do with Alhaji.

  16. I think Alhaji and Kemi have a secret they are keeping from Kunle which will be a dent to her relationship with Kunle.
    Nice write up Adelove. I love your stories. You are simply the best.

  17. Awesome story line.. The writer’s vocabulary is totally awesome.. Kunle should be careful, alhaji nd kemi are up to smtin bad.. #thumbs up to adelove blog.

  18. Kemi may be wrking wit Alhaji or beta stil alhaji is her ex b4 she met Kunle bt I dnt tink dey av bad plot against him. Cos wat I saw dia was Kemi told Alhaji to help Kunle

  19. Another story of betrayal…but I can smell this story s going to b a bombshell.
    Nice quotes n poetry…I think this is going to be very educating in terms of vocabulary!

    • My appreciation to Adelove crew…receipt of #3000 cash prize is confirmed by me. Thanks for keeping to your promises…I already confirmed this in episode 2 but I wasn’t sure if d rules so I had to come back here…Happy New Year once again and God bless u!

    • My appreciation to Adelove crew…receipt of #3000 cash prize is confirmed by me. Thanks for keeping to your promises…I already confirmed this in episode 2 but I wasn’t sure of d rules so I had to come back here…Happy New Year once again and God bless u!

  20. love is in indeed crazy at time. I’m suspecting kemi and Alhaji. maybe she’s an informant to him, she’s just lying to him in order to get vital information for Alhaji. adelove well done.next pls

  21. 9c start
    Adelove Crew, I say Kudos
    No one can say what transpires btw dem yet but it looks suspicious. I’m just not convinced & wudn’t know why Alhaji is calling Kunle if there’s an affair wit his wife?
    Finger crossed *

  22. Gud morning Adelove thanks for all stories u r d best. I think kunle has an info about alhaji DAT will dent his image and alhaji wants to use kemi against kunle…Neva a dull moment with Adelove

  23. I think something fishy is going on between kemi and alhaji but in whatever case she doesn’t have any bad things against her hubby

  24. alhaji might be kunles business associate but at the other hand using his wife to plot evil against him which may result for both of them been secret lover. Kudos adelove

  25. hmmmm……Adelove have come again with another suspense story, @ Kemi what business do you have with Alhaji and what are u planning against ur husband…well let’s find out from my favorite blog Adelove

  26. Yeeeeee Ooo Am So Happy O Dat Am Among D Winners, Thank U God Is Not By My Comment God Is By Ur Power, To Adelove And Crew I Appricate U Guys U Re D Best Ur Knowledge And Wisdom Wil Nvr Ran Dry. Well Dis Another Lovable Story Here I Think Kemi And Alhaji Re Partners And Dey Re Up To Something In Kunle Life Welther Good Or Bad

  27. Kudos to you guys in adelove I don’t think anything is going on between kemi and alhaji but kemi is just using alhaji to give kunle information

  28. kemi and alhaji are working togeda to c if kunle is cheating becos in dis episode she said jornalist are liars so probably she dont trust him so dae are trying to monitor him she is not dating alhaji…..

  29. After ending 2016 in Diko, we are starting 2017 @ Lag.

    Village to city.

    Mawnie guys….. 2nd of January is gradually going.

  30. I think alhaji might be one of those people that KUNLE might publish something about and try to use KEMI to have his revenge on KUNLE and promise KEMI something big since they are not yet marry.

  31. Adelove and his crew has started again with a delicious story line, can’t wait for the next episode…
    you guys are the best.

  32. yeah I think kemi and Alhaji must be up to something and they want to use kunle expertise to achieve something evil

  33. Perhaps Kunle is abt 2 write a story dat will implicate alhaji nd kemi is his spy. I guess she’s in d relationship 4 smtin else….Thanks @ Adelove…one of those dat won! wil write to you asap! Loving ya stories!

  34. Alhaji and kemi are lovers and kunle is writing an article against alhaji and in other to frustrate kunle, he is working with kemi

  35. kemi might be a mistress to alhaji and dia aim is to tramp kunle,he is a journalist which means dat dia is something he knows abt alhaji

  36. I think kemi and alhaji are up to no good, kunle should watch his back. His words and I cote your poetry starts with money and ends with sex, she might be cheating with alhaji and want to legally bring him into their lives

  37. It’s too early to predict but this beginning shows Kemi has skeleton in her cupboard. Adelove, fire on, let’s see what happen in the next episode

  38. kemi and alhaji are planning a set up for kunle. alhaji must be a politician and kemi a culprit used to set kunle up.

  39. Wow, are u serious, just got a happy new year massage from adelove. So happy to be a fan. I think I’m loosing it bcos of ur stories, I get sick wen ever my network providers messes up. U are d real G. #adelov#more of GODs grace.

  40. U bet Alhaji is one of those kunle writes about n he(Alhaji)wishes to pay him off his case n kemi is his 2nd option. That lady must be an agent. She just wud corrode kunle’s head b4 bringing him down

  41. He’s either one who extorts money from Kunle or Kemi’s sugar daddy….

    Awwww I didn’t win again
    Adelove stories are the best

  42. Kemi could be a spy or an informant, Kunle need to be careful with Kemi, alhaji is an influential political stakeholder

  43. Since Kunle is a journalist, Kunle have something that will implicate alhaji so he keplt kemi in kunle’s life so as to monitor Kunle.

  44. this is serious..kemi is becoming suspicious.it seems kunle has an evidence in his possession dat will implicate alhaji..so he is trying to use kemi against her husband

  45. Ade love don come again o! Kunle to kemi ” your poetry begins with money and ends with sex. Lol seems kemi likes money so much, I think the relationship between kemi and Alhaji its simply romance. Kemi is for the money while Alhaji is for the information.

  46. since he’s a journalist that writes about politics, I think alhaji is a politician and she wrote something on him and he’s crew or trying to do and the planted kemi to get those information from him.

  47. Adelove crew, I am sitting on my ten toes now,because I have already started feeling the story already. already in love with kunles’s character, kemi and alhaja are up to something.

  48. Kemi is a spy or private investigator planted in Kunle’s life by Alhaji because of his astuteness in writing against the government but I think @ the end both Kunle and Kemi will fall deeply in love with each other.

  49. I think kemi is cheating on kunle with alhaji,hmmmm dis one is another interesting story, must follow bumper to bumper

  50. I will say that they are secret lovers, in a disguise acting as family friend, the number he used to call kunle is the one they use for their secret runs maybe she saved it with a female name.

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  52. Kemi has secret deals with Alhaji but I don’t think the deal is to affect Kunle negatively. Please ALF how do I access the complete archive stories like “True story of the girl I spotted from afar” and a host of others. The ones that keep poping up when I click on adelove story I v finished them! So please your assistance is needed

  53. the relationship btw kemi and alhaji unclear at this time but it either kemi is a spy working for alhaji or they are dating but in all i sense trouble for kunle…sorry for the late response i just came online now since sunday.

  54. I think Kemi has been having affairs with Alhaji before she got married to kunle. Kunle should be careful because it might lead to his death.

  55. kemi z kunle lover jst as kunle’s belief.bt kemi hav affair with Alhaji dat z y Alhaji z using her as spy on kunle since she doesnt knw more than money and sex.there must be somthing important that Alhaji want from kunle.

  56. Waoh
    It keeps getting hotter with each story
    Kemi, pls do not betray him!
    thumbs up Adelove
    * sips tea while reading the episodes*

  57. I promise and have decided to be consistent in commenting because……..
    Kemi and Alhaji are together because of her husband, I don’t think it is a sexual relationship.

  58. Kemi was sent by alhaji to get close to Kunle.
    One thing baffles me when loading next episodes, in the afternoons I try loading by 2 &3 pm, but all I get is the page of Adelove freight services.
    Once I finally succeed in loading by 5pm I see more than a hundred persons commented by 2pm to 3pm.
    Also are you awarding gifts for meaningful comments or any comments like
    ‘ thank God first to comment ‘
    ‘ wow i commented,
    ‘ ways to become rich ‘

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  60. money!!! money!!!money!!!this five lettered word is inded the root and source of all evil. is so disheartening realizing that someone you truly love has no atom feelings for you but just playing along for their own selfish motive. kunle is in for trouble,i just pray he doesn’t get carried away by the so called ”love”

  61. Thanks Adelove..God bless you..I have been credited with three thousand naira..More grace and thumb up…I appreciate…Ride on..

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  63. Something’s wrong somewhere but just can’t place it. It’s too early to draw conclusions tho. Thumbs up adelove!

  64. Kemi might be cheating with alhaji or trying to use kunle for a purpose. Because she doesnt sound like a woman that truely loves him. Thanks to u adelove for the wonderful stories

  65. Kemi might be dating Alhaji, or he’s her partner in crime, they might b planning something against the journalist Kunle. I love stories wt investigation etc

  66. Thank you so much adelove for your kind gestures. you guys are the best blog ever known. as you said you will do so you have done. As one of the luck winners of your #3000 giveaway to 50 winners, you have sincerely increased my account by transferring a whole #3000 right into my account. I thank you all the adelove and crews may God replenish you guys.

  67. Adelove ur stories are interesting I must confess Yoruba, Hausa so many tribes and u no how to write with des languages nice.You can evn put in manuscript and produce novels with it plus nollywood can produce films with it. Nice I will keep reading even though most times I don’t comment just no I’m always reading ur stories keep up d good work I love u 4keeping me entertained thank u so much.

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