(Episode 2) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

His curiosity as a journalist made him to give the story an intense follow-up, but Kemi anticipation to his love mesmerized him. They took romantic step to their matrimonial room. On the bed, they spoke with whisper tone, and he began to kiss her with slowness. She laughed when he took off her pyjama with modest.

Kemi: ‘’ I love you’’

Kunle: ‘’ I love you too’’

Kemi: ‘’ Do you listen to the news on the presentation of the 2017 budget?’’

Kunle: ‘’Yes, but let me pass my own budget’’

They both chuckled

Kunle played her sweetness. He entered between her legs. She cried like a maiden. Her eyes were staring at him as he moved in, with no trepidation. She sounded like kitten; when his penetration made her tenderness to go another realm. Her voice went low, as the fun was all over her.

Kemi: ‘’ Baby, you are sweet’’

He ignored her statement; though he took her position to another level, so, she could enjoy herself to the fullest. He looked at her; with long trip of kiss. Again she changed her posture for him to drive her to her resilient paradise. He rode her with gentility. Even though her urge went crazy for him to come to her, he still gave her the best that made her sang song of her nicely melody to the entire household

Kemi: ‘’ You must be crazy, baby?’’

Kunle: ‘’ We are both crazy. Don’t you enjoy yourself?’’

Kemi: “Yes, I do’’

The neighbourhood cock gave them the dawn alarms as if its serenade to their romantic tale. Also, the morning dawn ray came with brightness to their room, and they both stood briskly for their morning chores.

Kemi: ‘’ The reason I love you is that you are not a promiscuous man’’

Kunle sighed


With her midnight tiredness, she still went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for him. She also sent a text message to Alhaji; and he replied her message with call

Alhaji: ‘’ Hello Kemi, I just read your message. But what do you think we do?’’

Kemi: ‘’ He is still at home and he may eavesdrop our conversation’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Okay. I will call you as the day sleeps away from the night’’

She hung her phone. She took the breakfast to him where he sat and he began to eat the delicious macaroni with cup of coffee, before he took himself to work, as journalist. After the meal, he took his phone and booked the newest taxi in Lagos, Uber.

Kunle: ‘’ Dear, I will be off to work as soon as the driver comes’’

Kemi: ‘’ When will you be back and what kind of meal will you want me to cook for you?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Cook as delicious as yourself’’


The Uber’s driver called him and he rushed swiftly, with the ferocity he had for his work. She dispatched him to the entrance. She closed all the louvers and began to read her favourite online Stories from ADELOVE.COM, AdeLove Stories to be precised. With her amusement for creative Stories by AdeLove, she had forgotten her normalcy as wife. She became frenzy on her pervious conversation with Alhaji; she called him again, but the AdeLove Stories’ serial bewitched her, and that made her concentration to go in vileness.

Kemi: ‘’ Hello Alhaji, are you there?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Yes. I’m with you in spirit’’

Kemi: ‘’ Okay. What do you think we do to him?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ I have a plan for him but I will reveal the plan to you when we have face contact’’

Kemi: ‘’ Okay. But he is courteous and a gladiator when it comes to his profession’’

Alhaji: ‘’ You don’t need to be worried because I know how to handle with such a man. He has this impetuous for his job’’

Kemi: ‘’ That is Kunle Amudidun for you’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Can you join me at Ikoyi club now?’’

Kemi: ‘’ Alright. I will join you in a jiffy’’


Her conversation with Alhaji, amused her to rush to her wardrobe and brought out her exquisite calico gowns. Well, she contemplated on the gown to wear, but her ephemeralness made her to agree; though, she was purveyor of cloth. However, she took the cloth to her mirror, for the semblance on her. Indeed, her plethora to the occasion with Alhaji was acute to her. She went to the rest room, bath herself to the clearness of an infant. She wore her ironed calico gown; with her chestnut like make-up. She smiled to herself through her mirror, but her lip-gloss was vampire lip. After her womanly, she moved out of the house, to look for taxi that would take her to Ikoyi. Where she stood, from afar, she saw a Peugeot Kabukabu taxi that was painted with the commercial motorist colour, yellow and black. Her hands were beckoning the driver with gaiety, and all of the sudden the driver approaches her

Kemi: ‘’ I’m going to Ikoyi?’’

The driver drove towards the third Mainland Bridge, there was unsexy gridlock, which Lagosians call go-slow. The car moved bumper-bumper, until she told the driver to manoeuvre cars; before she called Alhaji.

Kemi: “Alhaji, where are you?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ I’m around Ajose Adeogun now’’

Kemi: ‘’ Okay. Please, hasten whatever you are doing because I don’t want him to query me if he arrives home early’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Meet you now’’


Every newspaper room is always a mad room, but not a rehab for insanity. It is always a serious place for news making—-Kunle was tattered, and shabby because he had to meet deadline. His office was noisy; when his fellow colleagues were to dissect the 2017 budget for another fiscal year; and others were deliberating on the senate rejection of Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairman.  Kunle ignored their conversations, and called his wife. His love for her was juicy.

Kunle: ‘’Hello sweet heart, where are you?’’

Kemi: ‘’ I’m on the Island to see a friend’’

Kunle: ‘’ Male or Female?’’

Kemi: “Female’’


No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth- Plato

Ikoyi club is where Lagos doyens, titans and business moguls come to have eventide refreshment. When she got there, she was delirious with what she saw. Her eyes glimpsed the scenery; after she had paid the Kabukabu man. She looked at her dress properly before she entered the cafeteria. She sat, also her neck copiously looked at the interior, which glint in different colours that gleamed her splendour. The waiter approached her. As she was about to speak, and also checked her Dolce & Gabbana bag, she saw Alhaji coming to her direction. Alhaji dressed as chieftain of the Hausa clan. With his such an expensive fabric of kaftan. She giggled, with haphazard emotion as Alhaji sat at the seat beside her.

Kemi:  ‘’ Ina Wuni (good afternoon)’’

Alhaji:  ‘’ Ya Kike (how are you?) I’m sorry for the late coming’’

Kemi:  ‘’ You don’t need to plea because it’s normal in Lagos’’

Alhaji:  ‘’ You mean Lagos has this as a normalcy?’’

Kemi:  ‘’ Yes. Even though Lagos is the populous city in Africa—the government has not done anything as providence’’

Alhaji:  ‘’ Kemi, you have not stop this your public agitation. Do you want to become an activist?’’

Kemi:  ‘’ Oga, leave tori for journalist to write’’

Alhaji nodded ruefully; and he waved the waiter. The waiter approached him. He asked Kemi what she wanted to eat.

Kemi: ‘’ I’ll prefer Shawarma and two bottles of Guinness stouts’’

Alhaji requested for Hennessy VO. The waiter left for the request, and within wink of their eyes, he had served them their requests

Kemi: ‘’ What do you want?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ From who’’

Kemi: ‘’ Kunle’’

Question: what could be the purpose of Kemi’s meeting with Alhaji?

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  1. Interesting Story, I think Alhaji wants Kunle to do a job for him as a Journalist, but I don’t know why Kemi is being discreet about her meeting with Alhaji. Next episode oo

  2. purpose is to discuss how the duo will work against Kunle

    Alhaji: ‘’ I have a plan for him but I will reveal the plan to you when we have face contact’’

  3. I’m thinking political issues would come up…I wonder why Kemi would keep things from Kunle…strange! Let’s move to d next story jare…

  4. ha i am getting it twisted here is like kemi is planning somether good for kunle throug alhaji.cant wait for episode 3

  5. Alhaji is a politician, he has a job for kunle but knowing what the type of journalist kunle is, he wants to use his wife as a channel to him, kemi hid it because she wants to get her own interests to. u know women with money na .lol

  6. I think kunle had something that can nail Alhaji and that is why alhaji is trying to get close to kemi to get informations about him. Let’s wait and see sha

  7. Alhaji might b a politician whom kunle might have wrote about before, or better stil Alhaji wants to reach someone via kunle

  8. If Kemi is this exited about meeting Alhaji, they must surely be dating and suspicious Kemi must have been planted in KUNLE’s life to get hold of him because of the stories he writes about the government.

  9. It seems Alhaji has a secret that he’s scared of it coming to d open!, Kemi has to be careful so dat Kunle won’t be hurt ooo.

  10. Kunle knows something that will obstruct alhaji’s political carrier that is why he needs kemi as a middle person to get to kunle

  11. Kunle has something that will implicate Alhalaji if published and Alhaji needs to get it from kunle but must b thru Kemi so that it won’t b published . . Adelove kudoos!

  12. hmmm very complicated ,KUNLE as a jounarlist is like to be in possession of some important documents or information that may be of use to alhaji and may even depent on his life he now want to use KEMI to retrieve such information or document.

  13. The English wey dey for this story no be for here o, one need to have a dictionary by the side. Anyways, lets watch and see what happens.

  14. Adelove, we need episode 3 please. Alhaji is definitely using Kemi to obtained information we are yet to know. Probably about the budget

  15. well as for me kemi and alhaji they re lovers and fir kemi shr just wan to play her husband politics . if not why is she covering up

  16. Maybe he wants Kunle to help him in his games as a politician. Kemi are Alhaji, I don’t understand you two ooo

  17. hmmm…..am just trying to figure out what’s going on btw Kemi and Alhaji and the main purpose what their plan on Kunle is all about, Adelove ride on with d next episode pls

  18. suspense……. kemi is not clean she is an undercover Alhaji wants to use to get at kunle. her love for material things…..might make or mar kunle at the long run

  19. its either that the Alhaji have some shady business to do with Kunle that he trying to use Kemi for seeing that Kunle is a tough guys or Kunle have some bad info about the Alhaji and Alhaji wants to clear himself…
    I am really loving this so much….
    next episode please

  20. Alhaja wants to know kunle’s weak point through kemi so as to get back at him. Is likely that kunle knows Alhaji’s secret, which would affect political ambition.

  21. I think alhaji want kunle as his puppy and to endorse him (alhaji) so that he will be knew, as a politician and to gain ground cos kunle is a freedom, trusted & citizen journalist that people love.

  22. Thumbs up adelove… I think Kunle has smthing alhaji needs and seeing the love btween d couple he wants to go through the wife. Of course money will b involved

  23. Kunle is writing a story that will portrays alhaji in a bad light and alhaji has gotten wind of it and want Kemi to work against it because alhaji and Kemi are having secret affair.

  24. Wat kind of relationship does Kemi have with Alhaji, their conversation seems like they have known each other for ages and why is Kunle their bone of contention.. Adelove am waiting for the next episode sha

  25. I think alhaji has a proposal for kunle but I don’t know why kemi is keeping it secret well as d story continues we will find out

  26. I think Alhaji want to use Kemi to help him convince Kunle with something and he knows that Kunle is the type that is not bias…so he want to use the love he has for Kemi to get to him

  27. This is interesting. Seriously I can’t guess correctly what’s going to happen next. Thumbs up Adelove.

  28. i think kemi and alhaji have known each other too well and so she knows what alhaji can do,the purpose of their meeting might be that alhaji wanted to continue affair with Kemi and so wanted to threathen Kunle,by making him dance to his political game whereby using kemi to capture kunle and know his weak points….kemi should have jst involve kumle from the begining now before alhaji starts his game fully………kudos Adelove

  29. I don’t think Alhaji and Kemi are dating, but it’s like he wants something from her husband Kunle and the best way to do it is to go through his wife.

  30. Is really hard to say but I think Alhaji wants Kunle to drop a news story he’s writing on.. is either the news will affect his career or his personality. so he wants to get to Kunle through his wife.

  31. It is obvious that Kunle has information that Alhaji requires, but why the wife is part of the plot is fussy.
    Let the story continue

  32. I think kumi goes against alhaji and kemi and alhaji are friends so through kemi, alhaji will get to kumi hmmmmmmmm jamb question

  33. I think Kemi has known Alhaji for a very long time and Ahaji wants Kunle to do something for him as a journalist but I don’t know why they re been sneaky about it

  34. I think Kemi want to betray her husband for money. I think there is a story kunle is writing that alhaji want her to help him stop the publication. interesting story

  35. I think Alhaji is a corrupt politician and needs kemi to help him get some information from kunle or seduce him to stop a case on alhaji and his crew.

  36. this is a hard nut to crack oooo, i think Alhaji is a politician, he has a job dat only kunle can do but knowing the type of journalist he is, he wants to use his kemi as a channel to him,probably the wife too needs her own share of d deal.

  37. this is a hard nut to crack oooo, i think Alhaji is a politician, he has a job dat only kunle can do but knowing the type of journalist he is, he wants to use his kemi as a channel to him,probably the wife too needs her own share of d deal.

  38. this is a hard nut to crack oooo, i think Alhaji is a politician, he has a job dat only kunle can do but knowing the type of journalist he is, he wants to use his kemi as a channel to him,probably the wife too needs her own share of d deal.

  39. maybe Alhaji want kunle to do something for him…like political stuff n he is trying to use his woman to get to him

  40. Is like at this point Kemi is oblivious about what Alhaji really wants. I guess Kemi now wants to ascertain what Alhaji really wants from Uncle. Fingers and legs crossed. Fire on AdeLove.

  41. Kemi: ‘’ I’ll prefer Shawarma and two bottles of Guinness stouts’’

    Ladies always trading their lives for sharwama

  42. I think Alhaji is doing something bad that kunle knows about, and he want to use kemi to convince him. Because both of them are long time friends I mean Alhaji n kemi.

  43. I still think Alhaji’s reason is sinister, if it is genuine, he would’ve asked to meet with kunle and not his wife instead.

  44. I think Alhaji did something bad and want to use the media to cover up his mess. So he want to use kunle for the job. Since he knew kemi before now , he want to pass through her.

  45. I think alhaji n kemi had something intimate in the past. But alhaji needs kunle help bt doesn’t want to create any suspicion from kunle in other not to ruin his marriage with kemi

  46. Probably for a political reason or lemme say for job connection but why is Kemi fooling herself by telling a lie to her lover


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  48. Maybe Alhaji have skeleton in his cupboard which kunle might bring out or dug out for him, which can be detriment to his political career or family

  49. Let me borrow the words of Captain in the last story From Pit to Palace “scratch my back,i scratch your back”.Well this is the case here.Kemi loves good life and s^x too.Alhaji was involved in that Olobiri scandal,Kunle wants to cover it and perhaps expose the killings.Kemi is Alhaji’s mistress/secret agent.He knows Kunle loves Kemi and his job too.So he wanna use Kemi to try convincing Kunle slow down.Kemi may not want Kunle dead,she tricks Alhaji and gets away with the reward.

  50. I guess Alhaji was Kemi’s sugar daddy and hes trying to get Kunle through her.Exchange by batter is about to happen

  51. i think is a political issue. Alhaji need kunle to write in his favor but why meeting kemi privately. maybe he was kemi lover

  52. one thing is sure…alhaji and kemi have known each other for long. it could be dat he needs kunle to do him a favour or that kemi and alhaji are bedmates.

  53. Before I answer ur question this quotes catch me
    Kemi: ‘’ Do you listen to the news on the presentation of the 2017 budget.
    Kunle: ‘’Yes, but let me pass my own budget’’.
    The driver drove towards the third Mainland Bridge, there was unsexy gridlock, which Lagosians call go-slow. So adelove we have sexy and unsexy gridlock.

    Alhaji wants kunle to work for him because he is an intelingent journalist with self esteem. Anything he write people takes it to be true cos of his personality.

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  56. Aww nw i think am getting it…i dont think kemi has uterior motive towards kunle but why is she playing hide and seek games…why lie to him

  57. i think kemi is an agent bt want to use alhaji to get rid of kunle.Alhaji may giv Kunle work 2r dis kemi will do ha aim.dis look lyk an indian film by sharukh Khan dat i watched a while ago.Adelove u ar d num 1.next episod

  58. Kunle might b writing something about Alhaji or discovered a thing about him, so he wants to shut him down.

  59. alhaji needs kunle’s help being the journalist he is but he is proving adamant and a strict one..alhaji called kemi so as to help him talk to her husband on his behalf by bribing her with money or perhaps steal the thing for him

  60. Alhaji and Kemi re probably lover’s. Maybe there’s something alhaji has done which he doesn’t want to be published.

  61. It seems something is goin on between Alhaji and kemi nd frm all indications kemi seems to be working for Alhaji

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