Woman whose husband attacked and stabbed her in her priv*te part speaks from hospital bed

Her name is Ifeoma Okeke, she shared her very touching story of how her husband beat her up with black eyes, and backed it with pictures. This is really sad! and read her story.

Domestic violence is a bad wind that does no one any good. Men try control your temper and for the sake of how you used to love your wife before marriage, forgive and forget, stop doing this.



  1. The woman is not telling the truth . Why would your husband beat you ? Even a mad man won’t beat his wife for no just cause.

    • Marty there is absolutely no justification for the pictures of this severely beaten woman that I see. The man that beat up this woman is senseless and in my opinion should go to jail.

  2. Do pictures lie? What truth? Should a husband beat his wife at all for any reason? I do hope Marty is not a bird of the same feather. He should be charged to court as early as possible.

  3. Must you stay there and die. If the relationship is no longer working you should take a work and go for the exit door. You can only be called his wife if you are still alive, but remember that you would remain unmarried when you leave as long as he is still alive.

  4. Marty is talking rubbish. Even if we assumed she did it, does the husband has the right to inflict this horrible pain on this woman, taking laws into his hands? I do not justify sin, I hate sin. If it was the husband who did it and may be he does so, will he give his body to the wife to beat.?

  5. Do not beat a woman for what ever reasons, because u need not to prove to anybody that u have power to beat a lady. Bible says husband deal with ur wife with wisdom, how do u apply d wisdom during troubles at home or anytime what u need to do is to take a walk by d time u returns home ur mind would have settled down,any man that raise his hand to beat a woman is not a real man, real man does not fight a woman no matter what she says but real man uses his Brian not his head. I rest my case

  6. It only hegoat dat display deir animalistic tendency so anoying woman pls us d exit door bfor he sent u to an early grave

  7. End the marriage straightaway otherwise he will kill you next time and bury you somewhere without the knowledge of anyone and then claim he is looking for you

  8. @Marty …. listen to yourself … there’s no reason on earth to be beaten that way .. whether she did what was accused of or not , he has a right to tell her to leave the house and not kill her ::: even if her mouth is like that of a parrot and must have said the unspeakable, same applies …….. because could have been the reverse and what do women do ? They cry and beg for him to change, leave the house for a while until he asks for forgiveness or get divorced …… so why can’t he do same…. because he’s a man ..:

    I hope you future daughter doesn’t get beaten up or killed for whatever stupid reason…

  9. If dis is wot marriage and love is all about,i belt u,i would hv bn single,
    No matter wot d issue was,it is a weakler dat is controlled by evil spirit dat can inflete pains like dis on a fellow human,wot happened to d first love he confessed to her,how will he feel if dis is done to his sister,wot is d fate of d children he brought to d world?bc dere is an adage dat says snake does not give birth to a short tin,am sure his bozzz might hv witnessed 1 or 2 of him beating dere mum,a nursing mother,kai, chineke
    Kpo nwoke ahu oku….she must get justice.

  10. A sad event the man should not go unpunished to be a lesson to the others. very inhuman he wants to show his power let him go to the ring and challenge world heavy weight champion nor matter what she does report her to her parents if you want to divorce her good not to the extend of killing her very animalistic behavior send him to jail with hard labor

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