(Episode 5) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

The doctor came with the pills, housed inside a satchet, he handed over to Kunle. After he had spoken, Kunle cuddled his wife as if they are newly wedded couple. From there, they started their romantic conjugal, and they left for their home with happiness and resounding fulfilment. As they stepped outside the hospital entrance, Kemi sent message to Alhaji; he replied her with an immediate call.

Alhaji: ‘’What is the problem?’’

Kemi: ‘’Nothing. The doctor said you gave him five million naira’’

Alhaji: ‘’Yes. Just to let him fake your illness’’

Kunle interrupted, and she hung up her phone conversation with Alhaji

Kunle: ‘’Who are you with on phone?’’

Kemi: ‘’ A friend of mine who has venereal disease’’

Kunle: ‘’ You mean Lola, Beatrice or who?’’

Kemi: ‘’ None of them’’


They boarded a Cab, this took them home without delay. They got home as they alighted from the Cab, Kunle held her waist and they went to their apartment with groan.

Kunle: ‘’Baby, what would you like to eat?’’

Kemi: ‘’ I want watermelon and apple’’

He briskly walked towards the refrigerator. He brought out some fruits, Kemi sternly stared at him.

Kunle: ‘’Why looking at me that way honey?’’

Kemi: ‘’ Can’t I stare at you’’

Kunle: ‘’ You can, but I’m just kinda curious’’

Kemi ate her fruits with feverish pretence

Kunle: ‘’Dear, hope you are good?’’

Kemi: ‘’No, I feel giddy’’ Kemi loves using the word “giddy” to show she’s weak and dizzy

Kunle: ‘’ Sorry dear’’


After she finishing up with the fruit served by Kunle, Kemi moved into the Guest Toilet, opened the tap and washing her soared face, then headed straight to the room.  Kunle was at the living room, facing the blank page of his HP Laptop to write another article which he felt could be scurrilous. He wrote the first word: corruption, later he pressed the backspace button of his laptop. He was disillusioned on what to write. He looked at his previous articles, and he saw the article of a man who had claimed innocent on a nefarious acts. He began to write on the blank page; His eyelids shifted to see the uncompleted article he had written about Chief Majekodumi who was director general of an Abuja based parastatal. He nodded with euphoria; that he would continue the story. He wrote the first sentence: ‘’A Panjandrum whose life was monotonous’’. He was not satisfied with the sentence, and he then pressed the backspace again. He was obnoxious about the stupendous spending of government revenue. He wrote another sentence after the one he had erased and he wrote: ‘’this man swindles the hearts of Nigerians’’. He decided to write in satirical style, and he wrote: ‘’Was it God that created this saint that stole money for his heaven refreshment?’’ He was profound on Chief Majekodumi affluence when he wrote his first paragraph. He stopped and decided to check Kemi’s health condition.

The room was cool with no slight darkness. She wore her pyjama, wrapped and hugged herself with the butterfly strip bedspread. She was on the bed helpless, when she remembered the day, it marked the second year she lost her jewel. Her expression was woeful; as she brought out the portrait of the dead. She looked at the picture with intense; gradually her eyes began to rain drizzling. She wept profusely with the melancholy. As she wept, her nose drooling some thick contents over her upper lip.

Kemi: ‘’ Now, you leave me alone to witness this pathetic mood. This grief is alone for me. And why can’t you come and strike vengeance on the culprit behind your gone-too-soon story’’

She placed the portrait between her chest and she utter some words: ‘’Death you are cruel and why do you take this joy away too soon’’

Kemi: ‘’ I swear anyone involved in this killing must not go free. I will deal with the culprit same way viper deals with other snakes. I can’t just imagine that they kill you….. You always light up my mood, making me happy all the time until Death snatched you away from me. I am still on the mission to return this wound to the household of your killer.  Kemi looked at the portrait again, pleaded for some chance;

“Please give me the strength to fight for you. Don’t be too proud to fight for yourself I will fight for you. Meanwhile, I guess the culprit doesn’t know my code name, It is: X9K2Y. I’m Kemi Solange…. I will certainly bring the ashes to your grace as at the time I’m done with your killer.

Kemi heard walking steps coming towards her, it was Kunle. She hid the portrait under the pillow and cleansed her face from tears. But her nostril still wrestling with mucus; and her face was sardonic. Kunle opened the door, saw her dull face, and he was ambivalent on what might have happened to her.

Kunle: ‘’What is wrong with you?’’

Kemi: ‘’ I’m fine” she replied sternly

Kunle: ‘’ Are you sure?

Kemi: “You can see am okay’’

Kunle: Do you need some money?

Kemi: ‘’ You mean you want to give me money. If so, am grateful’’

Kunle: ‘’ Yes I have about N40,000 left in my account , if that is the problem that means the money is yours because I want you to remain happy all the time. I love you as the Christian loves Christ’’

She smirked, cautiously used her hands to hide the portrait under the pillow

Kunle: ‘’ Tell me what you want and I will give you like God gives breath to all beings’’

Kemi: ‘’ You must be crazy? For now, I want you to read me one of your favourite poem’’

Kunle: ‘’ Hmmm…… You mean?’’

Kemi: ‘’ Poem that will bring me back to my real person’’

Kunle: ‘’ Okay listen my TrueLove. I will read:

‘’In vain your bangle cast

                                                Charmed circle at my feet

                                                I’m Abiku, calling for the

                                                First and the repeated time’’

Kemi: ‘’ Haha! Abiku for where? Don’t call the god of still-born here ooooo’’

They both laughed merrily

Kemi: ‘’ Whose poem is that and I want you to give me a romantic poem?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Abiku is from Soyinka. I will give you this poem from ADELOVE’’

Kemi: ‘’ All ears’’

Kunle: ‘’ One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!

                I see the love birds of these numbers

                Smiling at me to kiss them, at each

                One! Two! Three!

                Their songs are homely;

                When I realize that their songs

                Are just for me to remain sublime to their twats

                And I bend my knee and I see their legs open

                To my resound word of love. And I say

                Birds can love when you kiss the austere of emotion

                They come, one by one and two by two and we play

                Our love in secluded area. And they all say: birds are

                Human that can love. I laughed, and we begin our

                Bird and human love’’

Kemi: ‘’ This poem is deep. You mean this is poem or song lyrics’’

Kunle: ‘’ Poetry is deep and obtuse”

Kemi sighed

He moved closer to her while in bed, and slowly he gripped his hand toward her chest, squeezed her with romance, and she began to get the sensation.

Kemi wasn’t scared, she knew it would be hotter this time around. This was of course helped by some few drinks they both gulped while being together. They couldn’t keep their chests off each other, Kemi was already wet for him and Kunle’s ‘bulge’ was visibly hard through his jeans, He layed her down on the bed and kissed her passionately, Kemi remembered his kiss being so passionate even that was sexual, They both struggled getting the pants and jumper off, Kemi giggled.

Kemi is not particularly a large girl type, she’s size ten, but blessed with a bust of about 32G, it looks huge on her little figure, especially as she’s only 5”2 height. Kunle’s eyes gazed at her body as if he never saw it prior to that time. Kemi noticed his ‘bulge’ getting bigger, now throbbing to be inside her as he got on top of Kemi.  She allowed him pushed her hips down to his tongue so he could explore her vigorously. After some deepthroatings, Kunle rolled her onto the bed, still keeping eye contact. Kemi was so turned on and wet. She moaned uncontrollably as Kunle got himself busy at the vulva arena.  This only encouraged him to concentrate majorly at that region. Kunle was cumming closer, he started to pulsate in her, he kissed her hard and came. It was the most amazing feeling Kemi had ever felt, and soppy of her to say, afterwards… they cuddled!

It was so amusing to her, as Kunle handled her with care, and that made her went gaga. Kunle did his best within her scent continent, with splendour. Kunle phone rang. He turned away from her, like they had altercation.

Kunle: ‘’Hello, who is on the phone?’’

Alhaji: ‘’Don’t you have my digit?’’

Kunle: ‘’Oh, the minister, right?

Alhaji: ‘’ I’m calling you because of the Job offer’’

Kunle: ‘’What is the Job?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ The job offer is about your article’’

Kunle: ‘’ That sounds interesting’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Good. Will you do the Job? You will write an award winning story on the creeks of Niger Delta because the former minister wants to present the story at UN headquarter in New York’’

Kunle: ‘’ Do you think I can do the job appropriately’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Yes, because no journalist is respectable as you’’

Kunle was flattered

Kunle: ‘’ There are thousands of journalists here in Lagos. Both magazine, newspaper and blog have journalists that can do the job with all perfectness. I’m satisfy with my wages despite the recession in the country. You can meet discontented journalists’’

Alhaji: ‘’The ministry will provide money beyond your imagination’’

Kunle: ‘’Thanks. But I write my column to the masses’’

Alhaji: ‘’ I hope you realize that hunger will never give inspiration to write or do the best. When you are hungry your ink won’t flow. Mind you, nobody knows when this recession will end’’

Alhaji: ‘’ 500 million naira is attached to the job’’

Kunle: ‘’ That can’t be possible’’

He hung the call. But Kemi eavesdropped all his conversation

Kemi: ‘’Who called?’’

Question: Do you think Kunle will fall for the huge deal? what do you think will be Kemi’s response if she knows about the 500 million naira job offer to Kunle? 

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    • i’m beginning to wonder there are many things attached here. Why is kemi crying bitterly? hmm… suspense is full here ooo . next pls

      • i said it that it’s like kunle has unknowingly hurt kemi… of course she will be surprised when she hearf about it. kunle ooo, hope alhaji is not trying to trap you sha and what is it you have done to kemi exactly???

  1. Yipeeee… First to comment. … I think the money is too much for kunle to reject. . He will certainly fall for it n once kemi gets to know she will make him accept it. ..

  2. kemi will want kunle 2 accept the money. because she loves money like they say Money is the root of all evil.
    for her being a secret Agent is sumtin else.
    As for the deal I think kunle will accept it but he will b very smart.
    the story has just started
    kudos Adelove

  3. Kunle is at a cross road.. He’s almost broke n here comes a whopping sum of 500m. Kemi won’t give him a chance to say no if she knows about the sum involved. She was already complaining of his broke ass. Lolz

  4. Ok now I get it. Kemi is on a revenge mission. Kunle please don’t be tempted by that huge amount of money because you won’t come out alive.

  5. oh boy!!! millions… hmmmm i cant say anything abt kemi yet till i see her true picture wella. kunle into God’s hands i commit ur life oooo…

  6. wow tempting offer!!! kemi wuld hv 2 reverse her plot against him!!!! But Ade love crew I always get late notification from you guys!! anyways am an addicted fan thumbs up!!

    • I think kunle will be tempted to take the deal.As for kemi,she will get upset against Alhaji for not telling her about the offer.

  7. This kemi S a chameleon… Loving this… Full of suspense n intrigue.. Kemi might change her mind cos d offer s tempting

  8. Kemi will try to persuade him,but I dont think kunle will budge being a principled person…..well let’s c as d story unfolds

  9. I think kemi knows dt alhaji wants to give kunle a job already, she’s going to use her fake ailment to blackmail him into accepting the job. After all the drugs is 100k per tablet n he has just 40k in his acct.

  10. He will fall for it, kemi will persuade him to take the Idea , knowing how he loves kemi he will try to do her will and by that they will bring him closer in getting what they want , most especially kemi who is on a mission of vengeance

  11. Yes Kunle will fall for the deal because Kemi will persuade him to take the offer in other to meet up with her medical expenses.

  12. hmm why does she av mixed-up emotions? does she hate him really or like him? anyways I tink she’l persuade him 2 accept d deal since she once complained abt previous huge deals dat av bin turned dwn.

  13. Hmm! Kemi has the right over Kunle to accept the offer. Adelove is killing… This story is fascinating… I know this episode is bombshell. This writer and the entire adelove crew are entertaining…. see description of word. Adelove blog do this serial into short movie because it me and the fellow fans captivating………. God! You guys are the the best. Thumb up!

  14. Dose dis means dat kemi ws once married n tink dat kunle ws d brain behind her husband death n nw joining hands wit alhaji 2 pull him down……………… I knw kemi will make him fall 4 d money cos he loves her n cnt denied her her wish……… Kunle jus be careful n b watchful ….. Thumbs up 2 adelove………. Cnt still calm my prize oooooo

    • @splendor splendor, you are still behind. Follow the instructions given by adelove. you will receive your gift same day. Best of Luck

  15. Kunle: Thanks . “But I write my column to the masses ” well, if this be the case, he will not fall for the huge deal.
    Kemi on the other hand will try by all strength to persuade her husband by circumstance..

  16. Kunle will not accept the money I bieleve that even if kemi persuades him,he so much respect his integrity and profession beyond anything.

  17. Kunle won’t fall for the job. By the way, Kemi reaction on hearing about the money attached to the job will pressurize kunle to accept the deal.

  18. Kunle won’t fall for the deal, he’s too smart for that. but i think kemi wants to take vegeance on kunle though he might not be at fault.

  19. Kunle is an upright journalist that i feel won’t fall easily but Kemi on her part will convince him to take up the article

  20. Kunle will not fall for it, but kemi will find a way to make him go for the money maybe using her fake illness

  21. Kunle will be forced to accept the job offer. Reluctantly he will accept and Kemi also will be putting pressure on him. The offer is toooo good to reject

  22. kunle won’t fall for the money and kemi will try to convince him to accept the offer. who was the person kemi was bitterly crying for .could it her ex, could kunle has something to do with the person dead? Hummn

  23. I don’t think that he will accept that offer but that witch Kemi will try to persuade him, when he tells her about it.
    I can’t wait to read the next episode

  24. kunle will not fall for the huge sum, kemi will like to persuade him to take the job. kunle has a hand in the death of kemi’s first love, so she want to avenge. my guesses

  25. Kunle has already walked into the trap set by Kemi and Alhaji. Of course she will use her fake illness to convince Kunle to take the offer.She is also crying over a dead loved one who might have killed through an article written by Kunle

  26. Kemi is not particularly a large girl type, she’s size ten, but blessed with a bust of about 32G, it looks huge on her little figure, especially as she’s only 5”2 height.

    This is too deep from Adelove…….

  27. kunle been d kind of person he is he wunt fall for the job but kemi will want to force him to accept d job……..if he tells her hu called and how much is involved

  28. Hmmm kemi is on a mission, I jst pray she doesn’t regret it because d husband loves her wit all his heart, he is jst a principled man, dat doesn’t must too much value on money so I Dont think he would take d job

  29. If kemi finds out Kunle has rejected such amount for dis recession, she gonna try convincing him to get the offer, and if he declines, that is where war and hatred Wil increase, lol……..

  30. Kunle will not fall for d deal, but Kemi might use her illness as an excuse to make him take d job. Kunle pls shine ur eyes u r surrounded by enemies unknown to u, abeg as e dey hot serve me d next

  31. Kemi will definitely do all her best for Kunle to accept the offer. But Ds kemi is something else sha. Still putting my fingers crossed.

  32. KUNLE will not accept d offer but kemi being a devil’s incarnate will persuade him to accept.. Chai dis story go make brain OOO.. OK naa let’s go there @ Adelove and crew

  33. 500 million attach to it… kunle shine ur eyes ooo before dey use ur nose blow whistle.. as for kemi I reserve my comment for her

  34. Hmmmm, I think kunle will fall for this oooo, bcos he has to keep up with his wife’s demands dis time around , just to keep her happy as promised. And I also think kunle knws those dat are behind d death of kemi’s ………………..

  35. KUNLE will surely fall for it because 500m is huge amount of money and KEMI will surely advice him and encourage to do the job.

  36. Kunle wont accept it but kemi will convince him otherwise…. Itz like kunle or his family was involved in the death of someone that she once loved. Thumbs up adelove d story just started

  37. on of kunle’s article may have led to the death of kemi said “jewel”.Alhaji might even love him and that would stop her evil plan from pushing thrgh

  38. I’m not sure kunle will accept the offer because he will not want to tarnished his image being a strict man, but kemi will persuade him to accept the offer, I trust my man kunle he no go gree…

  39. Kunle might fall cos kemi will persuade him to do d job, maybe Kunle is part of dos who killed kemi’s jewel dats y she wants him dead.

  40. Kunle might not accept d offer even though is tempting but kemi will pressurize him to accept it so dat she can carry out her plan

  41. Kunle has no choice than to accept the offer cos he’s down financially.. But what has Kunle done to hurt Kemi nd who is kemi shedn tears for?

  42. Kemi came into kunle’s to revenge the death of her love. She is there to persuade if possible frustrate kunle to accept the juicy offer that will lead to his destruction.

  43. Kemi has alot of thing hidden and she’s out for revenge, as for kunle he will not want d offer but Kemi will convince him… Adelove you are killing me suspect

  44. First and foremost Kunle shuld not tell her d amount involved in d job offer, and I guess she’s after Kunle to take revenge of someone she loss.she is a secret agent dats. Why she finds her way to kunles life to destroy him.

  45. Kunle might fall for the money.
    Kemi will surely persuade him to take the offer but she might end up turning against Alhaji when the money finally gets to Kunle.

    Please adelove I still waiting for my price for winning last week

  46. KUNLE will surely fall for d money with the help of kemi, more so, everybody have price.
    Just hoping that d article will not implicate kunle.

  47. I think Kemi actions are based on revenge and Kunle has something to do with that. For a girl like Kemi she would stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. Kunle might not be so innocent after all. We’ll see.

  48. Well money comes with a large dose of temptation, Kunle might b tempted to take d job just to please his wife while Kemi will try to pressurize him into accepting the job.

  49. before Kunle could take this offer, been the inquisitive kind of person he is i believe he will want to know more about the deal but quite honestly that amount is too huge to be ignored. and as with Kemi could it be that one of Kunle’s article led to her previous hubby’s death? just curious. this could be a revenge trap

  50. ɦʍʍʍʍʍ ɖ ʀɛċɛssɨօռ ʐ ɮaɖ ɮt ɨ tɨռҡ ҡʊռʟɛ ʐ a ʍaռ ʄ ɦօռօʊʀ,ɖօռ’t tɨռҡ ɦɛ աɨʟʟ aɢʀɛɛ easily

  51. No he wont, but kemi will persuad him n DAT were d stress will start coming up…love dis adelove d story is getting hotter

  52. Kunle won’t fall for the money because he’s for d masses and against the govt., Kemi might want to influence him though!.

  53. I think kunle will accept it cus he needs money for his wife medicine. Kemi Is out on revenge for her jewel murder. Seems kunle has a hand in it dats you she married him to execute it.

  54. I knew kemi was on a revenge mission! Something must have made her stone hearted. Kemi will surely pursuade him and give him no breathing space until he accept the job. Not to mention now that he needs money for kemi’s drugs

  55. now it’s gradually getting shape! but quite unfortunate that Kunle was too madly in love to notice that Kemi is a serial killer “who on d verge of taking vengeance, pretend to be in love”

  56. Omo..see comments..abeg how many people subscribe to adelove ..before I’ll scroll to the comment box ehnnn..whewwww…anyways I think Kunle had something to do with the death of kemi’s relative..husband or boyfriend and they are trying to pay back

  57. Kemi will persuade kunle to accept the offer. She will use her woman power to make him take the offer. But I smell danger

  58. Yes, he will be trapped with the huge amount of money, and also with the persuasion from kemi( his beloved wife).

  59. Kunle will not accept the offer but kemi will push him to accept the offer, she love money too much remember that she abused kunle for turning big offers that will bring money. She will force him to do it.

  60. I have a feeling kunle is a puppet, the real game is between alhaji and kemi….kunle might be pretending too you never know. adelove next pls ejoor tori olorun

  61. Kunle will accept Alhaji offer because of Kemi illness so that he can see money to treat her, am very sure that Kemi is still going back to hospital because her illness is not end there.

  62. He probably might …as for kemi as much as she doesn’t like him she will want him to have the money so she can have it to her self.revenge is what is on her mind .and every tactics of hers goes with it .

  63. I think Kunle will later take the offer, Kemi will persuade him to do so. And Kemi married Kunle to bring death upon him because she believe Kunle to be the culprit that threw death upon her formal lover.

  64. Kunle will not fall for it at and Kemi will get more angry n hate him the more but she will persuade him to take the job under some conditions he will place him on

  65. Kunle has a hand on the death of Kemi’s Jewel and she is on a mission to take revenge by killing Kunle but Kunle is not aware and he loves her with his whole heart. Kemi would definitely convince Kunle to accept the money Alhaji is offering.

  66. Kunle won’t fall for the deal….. Kemi would be very mad at him and will do her possible best to make him accept the offer

  67. Looking at the premises, one can conclude that Kunle will not accept the offer.
    And when Kemi know about this, her hatred for him will be insurmountable

  68. Kunle looks like a principled man and he might not take the offer but if kemi knows about the 500 million offer she will want him to take the job and after he has collected the money she will plot his death and inherit the money

  69. Alhaji wants somthing,kemi also want something, i hv d feeling kemi doesn’t no its alhaji.d money he gave to d doctor n dis wan his offering kunle its for his benefit. Kunle will accept it only for kemi’s health,kemi wont b happy abt offer,remember she wants him dead by all means,she wants h to suffer.tnx adelove

  70. I doubt that Kunle will accept the deal. of course Kemi will insist he collects it since she loves money than her husband.

  71. hmmm dis is really getting interesting and complicated… dat money is to big to b rejected
    for kemi she is on a revenge mission which she tinks kunle was involved in cos she wants him died

  72. Kemi may not be what or who we are seeing now, they is surely a twist to this lovely story, who is her jewel and culprit. I want more!!!.

  73. Kunle will not fall for the offer because he is not a greed journalist but I think Kemi will talk kunle into accepting the offer wen she knows the amount involved in other for her to achieve her purpose of wanting Kunle dead.

  74. Yeeeeeeeeeee am last to comment…………I think Kunle may not like to accept the offer because of his keenness about unhealthy wealth. But considering the huge amount of money involved, he may tempted…. Next episode sharp sharp AdeLove

  75. I guess Kemi lost her first lover before she met kunle….. am sure kunle will fall for d huge deal with the mastermind whc is Kemi. but I will only pray for kunle to get what’s going on bfor is too late

  76. I guess Kemi lost her first lover before she met kunle….. am sure kunle will fall for d huge deal with the mastermind whc is Kemi. but I will only pray for kunle to get what’s going on bfor is too late….am yet to see whre this story going

  77. No, he won’t accept the offer if he had his way. but since he loves Kemi very well, she will persuade him to accept the offer.

  78. No, he won’t accept the offer if he had his way. but since he loves Kemi very well, she will persuade him to accept the offer. H

  79. There is a game here ooo, hmmmmmm kemi is something she is not. she will try to convince kunle to accept the offer.

  80. Still cracking my head around kemi,she seems like a private/secret investigator…. As for Kunle he should dig deep b4 accepting alhaji’s offer

  81. Kunle will fall eventually but not immediately ( of course, with persuasions from Kemi using her “illness” as an element).
    Kemi will use her “illness ” as a pressuring element to make Kunle take the deal

  82. I said it that kunle must have written an article that nailed someone close to kemi, it’s coming out now.
    Giving a contact to write an article is not bad, buh I think there must a condition attached to that job offer wich I suspect isn’t a good one and kunle might not understand until he’s deep into it. #myopinionthough

  83. Panjandrum, monotonous.. Hmmm writer abeg no kill me with all dis vocabs ooh. I ve never heard d word Panjandrum before.. A big thumbs up to u.. Adelove stories hmm.. Best story blog ever.

  84. yes he might cos he needs the moni to buy drugs for kemi. once kemi discovers d amount involved, she may change her plan of eliminating Kunle

  85. Kemi will persuade Kunle to accept d offer n it will give her n alhaji d opportunity to enter kunle. Remember, Kemi is on a revenge mission n Kunle might b d cause of d death of her loved one dat she laments about so she will do everything possible to get Kunle. Kunle can not reject d offer as long as Kemi is there n Kemi already know about d money n d offer before it came to kunle.


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  88. I trust Kunle, he is a smart man, he can’t fall for that amount of money because from his experience, he has never been given sure offer while kemi on the other hand will be pretending and encouraging him to accept the offer because it’s a big offer

  89. if kemi found out about d 500m naira offer to kunle she will force him to accpt d job but kunle being a smart man might refuse her

  90. Adelove, u always have a great story line. But may I ask a question, must there be sexual activity described in details in each of ur stories?

  91. thats a staggering amount. kunle may fall for the amount.
    kemi would persuade kunle to take the job. bcos she wants kunle to die in d course of writting the story

  92. I Dont think kunle will fall but kemi will make his life a living hell both mentally and sexually if he refuses the offer.

  93. The money attached to d job offered by Alhaji is mouth watering but Kunle should not allow money to dissuade him. He should stick n maintain to d tenets of his profession. Danger is looming.

  94. Kemi would persuade kunle to have the offer but kunle won’t accept. In my own view, I would have loved the story to turn is such a way that kunle would so pretend till d amount would be increased and he will collect it and @d end, kunle would still be d mastermind behind d whole story as in d real muddy buddy.

  95. I believe kunle will fall for the 5m because Kemi advice to take it she on a mission to revenge, everything that will being kunle drown is what she want, she believe that kunle has hand in the death of a belove of her not minding his death too will make her happy that is what revange does

  96. I hope kunle wnt tell kemi ooo bcos if he does she ll talk him into collecting d money nd dat means trouble. Thumbs up adelove i luv reading ur stories

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