(Episode 7) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

Under the almond tree, Rambo who worked for Alhaji stood, wore black pull-over jacket and Timberland boot like a soldier in the Biafra army. His Clothes were very worn and ragged. In his hand, he carried a worn old hat. He was inside a building, tushed with high cathedral ceilings, ornate statues, beautiful murals and stained glass windows, plush carpet and velvet like cushioned seats. The building must have cost many billions of Naira to build and maintain. His mate, Zaka were all dressed in the finest and most expensive suits and shoes.

Rambo is rough-looking, with ragged jeans, cowboy boots, leather, with a ceramic coffee mug in one hand, holding a cigarette. He sucked a cigarette stick in his mouth with magnificent joy evident by the wide grin on his burly face. He took the cigarette-lighter from his crazy Levi’s denim jeans pocket; and began to smoke in ease and the cigarette fume spread into the wind. Rambo’s friend, Zaka inhaled the fume from afar and approached Rambo, he collected the cigarette and lighted his, both smoked, with their minds deep in thoughts.

Crime is not a bulwark to any society. Every society is entertained with nefarious and bandit; even with drug peddling. The cloud was like sepia when the day was gradually fading, as the sun strolled home to see for another day, dawn.

Rambo: ‘’I sent the woman a message’’

Zaka: ‘’ Which of the women?’’

Rambo: ‘’ Alhaji’s Agent”

Zaka: ‘’ Oh! Ms Kemi Solange abi?’’

Rambo: ‘’ Yes. I sent the message concerning the purchase of guns’’

Zaka: Does she supply Ammunitions for the group?

Rambo: Yes, she’s the major Supplier

Zaka: ‘’ I once told Alhaji that the guys needed to re-strategize because of the other syndicates (groups). They produce more than 55 thousand barrels of crude oil than the refinery’’

Rambo: ‘’ You mean the other syndicates (groups)?’’

Zaka: ‘’ Yes. They have their oil-bunker all over the state. The biggest one is at Bori’’

Rambo: ‘’ Bori serves as the commercial centre for Ogoni. And that is the reason Alhaji wants to bring someone from Lagos to write the story of the location”

Zaka: ‘’ Who do you think the person will be?’’

Rambo: ‘’ I don’t know’’

They continued smoking the cigarette

Zaka: ‘’ See, the story behind the death of those four men should not be our problem because I believe those men trespassed other syndicates and they were killed for that’’

Rambo: ‘’Yes. Perhaps this work is illegal’’

Zaka: ‘’ Oil business is evil due to the danger involved’’

Rambo: ‘’ I saw The PUNCH newspaper article about the people of the creek’’

Zaka: ‘’ You mean: The Heartland of the creek by Mr Kunle Amudidun?’’

Rambo: ‘’ Yes. The man is compassionate with his writing’’


Quickly, before Kunle could say anything about the message Kemi received, she lurched at him with her lips as they kissed clawing at each other. They kissed taking few breaks and resuming accompanied with heaving breathing. Laughter was what they did during the few breaks- it wasn’t a laughter of jest but one birthed by lustfulness. After a while Kunle broke off,

Kunle: “Let’s play a game first!” Pouting her lips for another mouthing that produced a sound she nodded.

They discussed their love, and played weird cat love, and gradually, Kunle  stole a kiss from Kemi and Kemi was turned-on. Seems like another chance for real ACTION. She stared at his ‘bulge’ and reached for it with a scroll. That triggered the desire for taste. They started undressing each other. She pulled off her top while Kunle shrugged out of his shirt. And then they both reached for the button on their jeans. “Ready?” he asked. “Ready!” She replied. Within seconds, they were down to their undies.

Kunle was already aroused. He was a fair guy, as in fair all over reaching his junk. What flashed through Kemi’s mind at that point was: “Vanilla ice cream, with chocolate sauce as lollipop”. He smiled at her, walked over, while She was still staring at his crotch, she was along the line thinking about ice cream spread on him. Kunle kissed her softly on her forehead and ruffled her hair. Infact, that was the sweetness she needed at the time in her life.

Again, Kemi scooted over to one corner and tucked herself under the blanket. Kunle shifted next to her and pulled her closer to him. Without even giving her a second, he kissed her and moved on top of her. Her eyes fluttered shut as her fingers tangled with his hair. She kissed him back with a passion equal to his and his hands slid under her.

Kemi: ‘’ Baby you are so romantic. I love the way you handle me. I love you with everything’’

Kunle: “You are the woman of all women’’

Kemi: ‘’ Stop flattering me’’ she said smiling as they snuggled.

Kunle broke his promise, went ahead, reminded her of his hidden conversation with the Minister

Kunle: ‘’Now I tell you what! The minister called me and he said he had read my article on the PUNCH newspaper and he wants to offer me Job at the creek’’

Kemi: ‘’ Oh! That is interesting. Which minister?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Minister of Environment. He offered me 500 million naira for the job. He said he wanted me to investigate the story behind the news of the four men who died by water in Oloibiri’’

Kemi: ‘’ It sounds attractive and that will also add to your recognition’’

Kunle: ‘’ Sure. But am still contemplating the offer’’

Kemi: ‘’Are you serious?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Yes”

Kemi: ‘’Just accept the offer now,my baby,’’ she stroked his chest and he heaved.

Kunle was thrown into the mud. Yes, the money was luring, I mean five million naira who comes by such ponderous amount every day. It was obviously a case of a life time opportunity. But the big question was, what about his integrity? Was he to compromise and go against what he believed to be moral? Indirectly, his wife who had just given him the best sex of his life wanted him to give a yes to Alhaji. What about the people? He had written all his life for them-to fight for the oppressed. He sighed again!

Before Kemi knew what was happening she was talking alone,

Kemi: “Baby!” she tapped him but he was snoring.

The text Kemi received still bother her. She read it over and over again! She was curious to know the caller, she called back, the number was unreachable. Her anxiety couldn’t exercise more patience; she left her building to call Alhaji. Having noticed Kunle was dozing off she ran out to call Alhaji,

Kemi: ‘’Alhaji, did you give anyone my number?’’

Alhaji: ‘’ What happened?’’

Kemi: ‘’ I saw a message on my phone from this:+2348049027ND’’

Alhaji laughed

Alhaji: ‘’Huh! That is from Rambo. And the ND is our area code in Bori’’

Kemi: ‘’Alhaji, the rifles are new by the Israel secret operation. The only place to get them is Bethlehem’’

Alhaji: ‘’ Oh! These guys need good rifles. Rambo will call you. What about Kunle?’’

Kemi: “What about him?”

Alhaji: “He is refusing my offer I think the best thing to do is to eliminate him?”

Kemi: “Ah,Alhaji isn’t it too early?”

Alhaji: “My patience is exhausted already! Do it!”

Kemi: “How?”

Alhaji: “Suffocate him or something. Just do it!” Before she could say a word Alhaji had shut her out.

She walked into the room and stood over Kunle holding a pillow over his head.

Questions; Could this be end of Kunle? Do you think Kemi would kill him? What if Kunle jerks out of sleep?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 8 (You don’t wanna miss this!)

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  1. Hmmmmm!!! this is getting very serious, but kemi can’t kill kunle now, she will surely remember the good sex they have.

  2. Kemi will try to kill Kunle but she will not succeed. She will find a way of getting out of the situation cause she knows Kunle’s WEAKNESS SEX and she will use it to deceive him

  3. This will never be the end of Kunle..Kemi has started developing something for him..She won,t have the mind..nice and ride on Adelove..You are the best….

  4. hmmm women ar d second devil, jst imagine hw Kemi distracted kunle attention from wat he saw on her phone, but kunle fall my hand for falling into that trick from Kemi though I know Kemi won’t succeed in killing kunle….ALF next episode pls

  5. hmmmmm,kemi can not kill him just like that KUNLE will jerk up from his sleep,KEMI will talk to KUNLE to accept the offer in other to please alhaji and forget about killing him but KUNLE need to be very very careful because his life is at stake now,he was sorounded by enemies even the person he love most.waiting for the next episode.adebaba.

  6. She wont kill him moreover its not easy to kill a man like that i think she might change her mind about that part of d job… She loves kunle and will soon realise it and confess then both of them will be on the run.

  7. She won’t succeed,Kunle might jerk up and as usual she wld convince him dat she was only playing……yeye child(in jenifa’s voice)

  8. Kunle is living with a devil, he needs deliverance, cos she lures him over with good sex and he forgets every principle he stands for

  9. she will not succeed kunle will jerk out of that sleep if she try to killed him with the pillow.but kemi is very wicked and dangerous woman.

  10. Kemi willnt succeed in killing kunle cus even thought she hate him a part of her still love him, and kunle can still be acting as pretender

    • Come to think of it again. Everybody is just busy condemning Kemi. That’s how we judged Iyabo, and see how it turned out (Charity was actually d Villain). Let’s just be observing first o. I ve my reservations about Kunle too

  11. One thing is sure Kunle will not die, no attempt by Kemi and her colleagues will succeed in snuffing life out of Kunle.He should also not accept Alhaji’s offer because that will make him a target to Alhaji’s enemies.

  12. I doubt if Kunle is asleep, Kemi won’t succeed at all.. Alhaji and Kemi are mean sha ooh.. Well done guys..#thumbs up…

  13. Too early 4 Kunle 2 die…jst like Kemi told alhaji. Kunle still av a lot role 2 play in dis interesting story so take some chill pills fellow fans. @adelove gbayi

  14. Killing Kunle will be d biggest mistake she ever made in her life coz it will definitely reveal the kind of person she is and who she is working for.

  15. She won’t.. If kunle dies now then the story is over.. She’ll cover the pillow act, saying she wanted more sex..

  16. This can’t b d end of kunle cos kemi will not succeed in killing him, I have a feeling dat kunle is acting up on her also so as to know what she’s up to nd get her caught in d act. Nice one Adelove u guys rock, but dis episode delay to come too I don’t wait tire since morning

  17. I don’t think Kemi will have the heart to suffocate Kunle but even if she have the heart am certain Kunle will jerk up from sleep.

  18. Kunle can cause God is with him and he is hero of dis story,I believe dis a means for God to expose kemi and alhaji

  19. what if kunle is just pretending to b sleeping, moreover kemi won’t b able to kill kunle DAT easily for she has feeling for him somehow.

  20. Of cos he wont die, or he can pretend to be dead of which he can uncover her true identity. How can u marry who u don’t really know

  21. on a second thought, one can clearly see that Kemi is out for revenge. here is d question; why can’t she leave it for God. Nomater what Kunle did, for the sake of the love they share she should have forgiven him and learn to love him. I believe love conquers all!?

  22. She will not kill him, at least for now and she will not succeed in her plan to kill Kunle in future because God will fight for him though the enemy within is a dangerous enemy.

  23. Not the end for Kunle! Kemi won’t kill him!! Then he must be dreaming

    @ Mr Anikulapo – our uploader, hope all is well sir, it took you much time today – yesterday fell within the range, late though unlike today.

    Well done to all of you ……

  24. I think she is in love with kunle but d hatred from her past is preventing d actualization of d love, she wont be able to kill him n I think Kunle has something to do with her past.

  25. it’s not possible for kunle to die just like that.God will surely be on his side.that’s if he also refuse alhaji’s offer

  26. She love Kunle but she is being manipulated by Alhaji and her past. Is not the end for Kunle he will live to the end of the story.

  27. First of all kunle must be stupidly in love with kemi for allowing her use kiss to decieve him from the text, that shows he is not as smart as i thought. Kemi will not kill him at least not now and even if she attempts she will not succed because kunle will wake up but i strongly believe she will drop the pillow

  28. kemi wont succeed in killing Kunle. I won’t be surprised if Kunle is also acting up to find out some info abt his wife. I wonder who was Kemi JEWEL! So kemi is d major supplier of ammunitions. Lord av Mercy.

  29. Na was for Kemi o, she won’t succeed, she’s not strong enough to kill him. He’ll over power her. She must tell Kunle who she is. This is just the beginning for Kunle

  30. Humanbeing, Kemi who not succeed, because Kunle is a destined guy…. People can be sooo fickle, anyways all that glitters is not gold. Muddy buddies indeed! Mucha gracias Ade my love

  31. Kemi wouldn’t kill kunle, she seems it’s to early even though she needed her revenge, so certainly kunle wouldn’t die now, even when she tried it he would pretend to be death or he will survive it, afterall kunle is acting to, he knows what he is doing to

  32. The story is getting more interesting Kunle will wake up and she will certainly find another way since she know his weak point

  33. Dis is not d end of kunle kemi can not harm him cos she already falling in love wt kunle n if kunle jerks up from his sleep he wll never suspect dat his lovely wife wants to kill him. Nxt episode pls

  34. Kunle cannot die now for the sake of sweetness of the story. And I have the believe that Kemi will not kill him considering the fact that she was about to convince him to accept the offer, and once the offer is accepted by him she stands the chance of getting a substantial share out of it. Next episode pls this is getting suspense.

  35. Am nt a prophet, neither am i an evangelist but i knw one thing u,, are still using 2016 tooth Brush , u knw urselfߘܰߘ܊Please how can I go back to 2016 ?
    I left my charger there.


  36. Kemi won’t have the alibi to kill kunle……but don’t trust any human being wholly.
    Adelove. Com keep it flowing… Nice

  37. This story has too much ambiguous words, and d story is not really connecting smoothly, maybe am not really understanding it.

  38. It is not time for kunle to die now.bcos kemi her self didn’t av d heart of killing him due to d love they both share.next pls Ade love

  39. hmmmm, dis na serious issue ooo
    but Kemi can’t kill kunle,she wil talk talk to him abt d offer.
    she still has little feeling for d guy

  40. I Dont think kemi will go through with it and even if she foolishly does,Kunle will come out of his sleep and his strength as a man will save him from his vicious wife.can’t wait for the next episode.adelove u guys are awesome

  41. She won’t be able to do it. SHE LOVES KUNLE even thou she is rude… she don’t have the heart to take away Kunle life

  42. I don’t think Kemi will have the mind to kill Kunle. From the look of things she’s already fallen in love with him. Kunle on the other hand might finally accept Alhaji’s offer if Kemi continues to pressure him. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  43. Hi HI,

    Nope that couldn’t be the end of Kunle, I think suddenly Kunle seems to have struck a passionate cord somewhere inside Kemi for her to let go just now. She may try but doesn’t have the will now. If Kunle jerks out of sleep the situation can easily be faked by a pro like Kemi.


  44. she may decide to hold back from suffocating him, if truly she loves him. bt considering her actions & attitude b4 now, she may push ahead, cos she hasn’t shown a genuine love to him.

  45. Not at all…. I think kunle heard their conversation and pretended he’s asleep but come to think of it, ll Kemi really do it? She won’t

  46. Kemi cant kill kunle bcos if she does dere ll be nobody to make luv to her nd i also believe dat dis is not d end of d road for kunle.


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