(Episode 8) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

Kemi remembered how Kunle cared for her, and that made her drop the pillow. She was unhappy; groaned when she thought of what she almost did. She sat on the edge of the bed staring at him angrily. Kunle was fast asleep; he snored like one that travelled to England barefooted. She tapped him, turned away from him since he couldn’t jerk up from sleep. She stood from the bed, went to the toilet and cleansed her face; afterwhich, she came back to the room and woke up Kunle with a full force.

Kemi: ‘’ You sleep like a dead man Kunle, what happened to you?

Kunle: ‘’Oh! God, dear, what is the matter? Why do you choose to wake me while I’m having a sweet dream? Couldn’t you have waited for me to finish dreaming?’’

Kemi: ‘’ I just feel like waking you up’’

He bounced up from the bed; stretched his hands and yawned uncontrollably. She was worried about what Alhaji commanded her to do, and it was obvious on her face. Kunle noticed her reaction; drew her nearer, said some sweet words of love into her ears, in order to calm her nerves; and immediately, she hugged him.

Kemi: ‘’ Dear, what about Alhaji’s offer?”

Kunle: ‘’ I don’t think I want the offer since my Job as a journalist is okay or what do you think?’’

Kemi sighed

Kemi: ‘’ You mean this your Job as a journalist?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Of course this job as a journalist,  that is what gives me fulfillment. I love the job because it does not make me deviate from my principles or sell my integrity’’

Kemi: ‘’ Kunle…. You are too stubborn. What are principles and integrity without good money? You better accept his offer before the god of sorrow strikes you”

Kunle: ‘’ What do you mean by that?’’ he drew away from her.

Kemi: ‘’ Never mind. All I know is that I love you with all my heart” she replied

She began to caress him and tease him in a husky voice so much that Kunle was overwhelmed, and he moved away to the living room. Where he sat, he called her name in excitement.  She rushed to him hoping for more sensual action; instead he showed her the Oloibiri footage on Channels TV. The footage was presenting the crude oil pipe lines running in and around the creeks. It also showed the waters which have turned muddy with oil spills, even the gas flaring that made the atmospheres in the Niger Delta more toxic, than anywhere else.

Kunle: ‘’This place is the engine power of the nation, where the black gold flows richly. Their land and environment shouldn’t be subjected to such awful pollution. Don’t they know how hazardous this is to people’s health?”

Kemi: ‘’ This is horrific, that’s just what it is’’

Kunle: ‘’ Indeed. It’s such a pity how disgusting the society we find ourselves’’

Kemi: ‘’ How are they surviving when their farms have been destroyed with oil spills? ’’

Kunle: ‘’ They survive somehow. They eat food from other communities and states. Even the water in their streams has been contaminated. For a community that lacks pipe borne water, the hardship is better imagined’’

Kemi: ‘’ You must be kidding?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Of course not. They have been surviving since 1954 when they discovered oil in Oloibiri’’

Kemi: ‘’ Where is Oloibiri?’’

Kunle sighed

Kunle: ‘’ Oloibiri is the bloody area of richness. Where people die in seconds and get rich in seconds. It’s the place of bandit. It is the place of crime with different oil kingpins. Children carry guns and kill each other. In fact, that place is where we have kidnappers that collect ransom without fear. Oloibiri is the land of hustlers. It’s the home of criminality. The boys drive exotic cars and build exquisite houses both in Abuja and London’’

She felt esoteric with his narration. She looked at him and nodded.

Kemi: ‘’ What is the government doing to the Oloibiri guys?’’

Kunle: ‘’ I think some top notch politicians are deeply involved’’

Kemi: ‘’Are you serious?’

Kunle: ‘’ We have millions of expatriates working with foreign oil companies, their safety that is a topic for another day’’

Kemi: ‘’Huh, but you can’t just give conclusion. I think the government is trying to curb the menace’’

Kunle: ‘’ Why do you support the government or have you been working with them?’ The only organization working vigorously on the Ogoniland is the UNEP: United Nation Environmental Programme. But Nigeria politicians have their own personal interest. This militancy has begun since the day of military dictatorship. They have business doing with Shell and Chevron. These companies have the percentage of the offshore been produced in Ogoni and Oloibiri’’

Kemi: ‘’Nope, I disagree with you because Nigerians never mastermind atrocities like this. These politicians are always trying their best to make Oloibiri and Ogoni a better place’’

Kunle: ‘’ Perhaps, they are covetous’’

Kemi: ‘’Who?’’

Kunle: ‘’ Both the government and the Creek people. They have insatiable enthusiasms for money. I begin to suspect you even though you don’t have job. How do you know about all these things’’ She was angry by his statement

Kunle: ‘’ Hope you don’t have anything to do with them oooo?’’

Kemi: ‘’ You mean me? God forbid bad thing. I got to know all these from watching television and of course, from the social media’’

Kunle: ‘’ No go join dem oooo. Dem no get human heart. The weird crocodiles on their creeks have eaten their hearts and that of the politicians. Hope you don’t have anything to do with them because this Alhaji’s job is giving me big headache. I value my people more than anything’’


Rambo was the best graduating student of his University. He went to University of Port- Harcourt, where he had 4.7 CGPA. He studied Petroleum Chemical Engineering. Since he graduated, he had been looking for job like he was drawing the Nigerian map. His bosom friend from school introduced him to a business. ‘You better go and drop this your certificate and do better job’ his friend asserted. He took a critical look at the statement when he got home, and finally he decided to join the militant group because of his mother’s medical bill. He said:

‘’I will do anything possible to make my mother well because she deserves to be happy’’ And that was how he joined the unscrupulous group.


Kemi’s phone was blinking. She ignored the blink. But it kept coming like bomb signal.  Her mind was not at the phone, she ignored the phone and later she realized the phone vibration came in sequence. She was forced to check the phone, when she noticed it was a message. Kunle turned his eyes toward her from his seat. His right palm rest on his face like he was ready for a photo session. His focus was on her, and she was wandering on whom might have sent the message.

Kunle: ‘’What is the problem? I can see you are destabilized’’

Kemi: ‘’ Nothing dear’’

Kunle: ‘’ You think there is nothing? I don’t think so.’’

She ignored him, went to the toilet and locked the door from behind. The toilet wall had white tiles; and by the left angle, there was the bathtub, with the Twyford toilet seat which was stained with faeces. Also, she opened the Twyford hand-basin tap, and the water kept flowing like she was truly using the toilet. She brought out her Blackberry phone, and freely read the message; and discovered the message was from Rambo. She read aloud: Hey! He told me you couldn’t get those rifles. But can you help with these latest guns: Bauer Automatic, Beholla Pistol, Benelli B76, AMT Lighting, AMT Skipper and Arsenal P-M02?

Kunle screamed from the living room

Kunle: ‘’ What are you doing?’’

She ignored him and focus on her phone. She replied the message: I will try my best with my code number: X9K2Y

She opened the toilet door and moved to the living room. Kunle sat on the cushion; she cuddled him, kissed him, and massaged him- he shrugged her off,

Kemi: “what’s wrong,baby?”

He stood up towering over her; she was taken aback.

Kunle: “No, what’s wrong with you!?” he yelled.

Kemi: “Me?” she asked befuddled, “I don’t understand!”

Kunle: “what are you hiding from me?” She was afraid she must have been found out, she thought.

Kemi keeping her composure,

Kemi: “I really don’t know what you’re talking about or insinuating?”

He sighed,

Kunle: “You’re always not picking your calls around me even text messages. You jerk whenever your phone blares and you’re around me. What does Alhaji want from you?” he had over heard her talking on the phone with Alhaji she thought he had slept but he was pretending to be asleep having noticed that she had to go out to read a text message but he couldn’t lay a hand on a particular thing. It was obvious that she was in some shady deals. The telephone conversation with Alhaji said it all.

Kemi: “Alhaji?” she was perplexed.

Kunle: “Ask me again!’ he flared.

Kemi noticed that he must have found out something and  she decided that to either attack which is the best form of defence or avoid any confrontation. She was quiet for a while and that made Kunle suspicious that she must have been sleeping with Alhaji. He was getting too aggressive,

“Have you suddenly gone deaf?” his scream sent jitters all over her body as she was jumped on her feet.

Kemi: “Just leave me alone!” she attempted to bolt out of his presence, peeved tore at her arms as she screamed, “Yes! Yes! I had plans of killing you!”

How did that come out? Kemi held her mouth as Kunle stood staring blankly. She had messed everything up.

How would he react to the news? Would he strangle her? What lie would she tell to cover up?

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  1. I think that he’ll be very furious but may calm down after she must have explained everything to him.

    Am patiently waiting for the next episode

  2. he will be shocked!..Kunle won’t strangle her..Kemi might forge a lie..bcoz he refused to tell her if he had accepted Alhaji’s proposal..my thought tho..Ade love next oo

  3. This story is really inspiring,i cant wait for the next episode…i knew kemi wont kill him,because some where in her heart,she yells for him but all her wicked deed and thought is not making her realise it despite how he cares and loves her,i just pity kunle guy

  4. he may show some understanding, bt though depends on her explanation. now Kunle will b extra careful of his movements

  5. Kunle will be surprised and dumbfounded at the same time and wouldn’t know what to do. As for Kemi I don’t think she will continue with the lies any more and may spill the beans.

  6. Wow!, the cat has been let out of the bag finally!, now Kunle knows his worst enemy is his spouse but I believe they will iron it out. Weldone Adelove and crew!.

  7. How would he react to the news? Shock

    Would he strangle her? No

    What lie would she tell to cover up? using women way of course

    Awaiting final episode……..

    Good work

  8. She’s gonna tell him everything from the look of things.. N its obvious she kinda like him too. Kunle will definitely react bt bcos he loves her so much he’ll let go. I think they’ll form an alliance n then work against alhaji

  9. O my God to find out u have been living wit a total stranger all this while,he will b too surprised to even touch her,na God way of exposing her b dat because she can’t talk herself out of this one oooo

  10. kasala don blow o!!! kunle won’t kill her or anything of sort. but he will definitely want to find out the whole truth and her extent of involvement with alhaji

  11. Kunle is shocked but he won’t strangle kemi because true love does not hurt but protects. Lol….you need not worry cause kemi will cover up accurately.. Trust women naaaa

  12. whao , finally she said it out “Yes! Yes! I had plans of killing you!”, at least kunle now know who he’s dealing with

  13. kemi u alone exposed yourself. clap for urself. so nice and we’ll exposed. well Kunle will b shocked and will ask kemi Wat he has done to her dt made her to plan to kill him. Though he loves kemi so much but am sure he isn’t stupid not to read the hand writing on the wall dt he isn’t safe and Alhaji is anoda Pharaoh. Kunle watch ur back.

  14. He will not react for now because everything will be like a joke to him,he will not strangle her to dead because he will tell her to explain every details she know, she will not look for a lie to cover up i think she will tell Kunle the truth and both of them will look for a way to fight Alhaji

  15. Haaa gbege, see as she koba herself. Kunle will want to find out what she ment by that statement and she will definitly find a way around it. But kunle needs to be very careful sha

  16. Kemi will probably tell him something but not everything, or she will form mistake…she might transfer all the wahala on top Alhaji

  17. Uhm! She as mistakely confess,
    And kunle will be mad at him and can also pretend to find out more abt her plan,as he discover dat of alhaji.

  18. kunle watch your back because kemi is not the only one after your life. But kunle as a journalist will like to find out more truth from his wife *kemi*.very interesting story

  19. kemi seems to be interested in what kunle is working on already, she’ll tell him the truth and they will both plot against alhaji cos i don’t think she’ll be able to go on with her revenge plans again

  20. He try to find out more from her but strangling her will be out of the option cos he loves her. She may tell him dt she have in mind to kill him if he lays his hands in her

  21. This is serious. Kemi can’t carry out her mission because she is in love with Kunle. Am sure this will pose a serious threat to kemi’s life and Kunle is not safe too except he handles the issue technically. anxiously waiting for for the final episode.

  22. KUNLE will not strangle her he will rather calm her down and demand an explanation from her for him to know why she want to kill him and what she is up too,also I believe KEMI will not lie to him at this juncture,she will tell him the whole truth just because of her love for him
    furthermore they will now plan together and look for a way of overcoming alhaji trouble.tuawale adelove.

  23. He will only ask her to find out who are those that wants him dead… and then he will be ready to handle them… as for Kemi even thou she don’t show it both of them are madly in love…. so kunle will not harm her… both of them will team-up and face those rascals

  24. Atomic bomb dropped,confession by mistake,i love that.Kunle loves Kemi so much,he won’t kill her.thank adelove,network is delaying my posting of comments badly

  25. Kunle ll feel betrayed at first but with good explanation from her might calm her down… Kunle wont harm her cause of the love he had for her

  26. Final episode will shed light to all adelove fans including me…interesting story but short. “Wrong Turn” my best story so far…… Ise lo se bobo adelove nd crew… More strength.

  27. He won’t be too surprised and I bet he will like to know what made her make such a statement. He will not strangle her

  28. He will be furious with
    her but Kemi been a cunning and a woman that knows her way around her man will definitely convinced him otherwise

  29. Hmmmmmmm, he wouldn’t want to strangle her because of the love he have for her, He will just want to find out why she wanted to kill him.

  30. Now that Kunle’s eyes have opened with her conversation, its time to protect himself.
    In the other hand, Kemi can still cover up as Kunle might still be blinded with love

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  33. He will feel very bad but will forgive her, kunle will not strangle her. both will work as team to bring alhaji down

  34. kunle will not believe what he heard from her and discuss it with her how they can protect themselves from alhaji menace

  35. She has done the most sensible thing by talking. They can now tackle Alhaji together. Their love will eventually triumph

  36. Kunle has a good heart dats y God made her to confess. I think he wll hand her to d police then from dia she wll mention d rest n kunle wll be awarded for not betraying his ppl for money.

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  38. Morning AL & Page Fans,

    Exciting story.

    Kunle will be shocked. Nope, he couldn’t strangle his beloved wife – he’d have to patiently listen out as Kemi opens up finally to him regarding her covert dealings.


  39. Of course he cnt strangle her,kunle dont hv d nerves to do dat… Bt i knw 4 sure kemi cn nt.kill kunle cause she is on luv with him

  40. she will surly fine a way to cover her words up after all she is a woman. but no kunle won’t kill her, he will only b calm but surprise at d same time n ready for an explanation.

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  43. .
    (Episode 8) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

    Details: Kemi remembered how Kunle cared for her, and that made her drop the pillow. She was unhappy; groaned when she thought of what she almost did. She sat on the edge of the bed staring at him angrily. Kunle was fast asleep; he snored like one that travelled to England barefooted. She tapped him, turned away from him since he couldn’t jerk up from sleep. She stood from the bed, went to the toilet and cleansed her face; afterwhich, she came back to the room and woke up Kunle with a full force.

    Kemi: ‘’ You sleep like a dead man Kunle, what happened to you?

    Kunle: ‘’Oh! God, dear, what is the matter? Why do you choose to wake me while I’m having a sweet dream? Couldn’t you have waited for me to finish dreaming?’’

    Kemi: ‘’ I just …

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    Tell: 07088096693/07088096693..

  46. KUNLE will not strangle her rather he
    will may give her chance to say her mind. Then may be he will be extra careful with her. Yes ooo last to comment.

  47. UNLE will not strangle her rather he will may be give her chance to say her mind. Then may be he will be extra careful with her. Yes ooo last to comment.

  48. leme tell u guys wat happen next…..kunle was the One that killed kemi dad by an article he wrote,kemi was jailed with alahaji.that’s Jst wat happen u guys should thank me for the brief

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