(Final Episode 9) Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story!

The commander of the Joint Task force invited Rambo’s girlfriend to the secretariat. The whole place was spluttered with men on uniforms- they were in droves but stood in groups; each manning a particular post. A man directed her to the commander’s office who was seated on his rolling chair. He had his back to the door,

Commander: “You’re welcome!” he said as she entered. He knew it was her,

Rambo’s girlfriend: “You sent for me!”she said with arrogance.

Commander: “Have a seat!”

She folded her arms refusing to sit,

Rambo’s girlfriend: “I’m fine!”

He giggled and stood up.

Commander: “You’re as stubborn as your man right?” giggled again as he ambulated around her.

She shrugged as he tapped her hair with his pen,

Rambo’s girlfriend: “What do you want from me?”

Commander: “Good question!” he sat on the table with folded arms staring at her, “Simple, help us get Rambo so we could negotiate with him. That’s all!”

She hee-hawed,

Rambo’s girlfriend: “negotiate with him? Does the federal government think my man is a fool? Oho, you guys want to trap him in the name of negotiation? Never!”

He bite his lips staring at her- as stubborn as her man, he thought.

“The fight is simple the federal government should tell these oil companies who have destroyed our lands to compensate our people that’s all!”

Commander nodded,

Commander: “Exactly! That’s why we need you to convince him to come and negotiate with us. We are ready to listen!”

She roared in a way that the commander felt a bit annoyed,

Rambo’s girlfriend: “I see when you’ll want to negotiate because you know you can’t go into the creek to fight him right?” she pricked his pride, “ I need your words before doing that! An undertaken that he and his men wouldn’t be killed but granted amnesty!”

Commander: “Sure! Sure! Of course!!”


Rambo having been convinced by his girlfriend decided to come off shore to negotiate with oil companies representative and the federal government represented by the commander,

Commander: “welcome, Rambo!”

Both parties had agreed not to come with a squad just few members from the two parties. Rambo came with four of his men.  And there was an agreement that they should come with arms,

“I want to believe you and your men stuck to the agreement of coming without weapons?”

Rambo nodded not knowing his men who were suspicious that the negotiation might be a setup had guns with them.

Rambo: “Yes!” he said.

The two parties stood steps apart,

“Are all our demands going to be met?”

Mr White Leadbitter, who was representing one of the oil companies nodded with a squint on the face because of the sun,

White: “yes,of course! Here is the agreement for you to sign!” he said in an American accent; he stretched out the form and Rambo collected it.

Commander: “All we want from you is for you to surrender,” he whistled.

One of Rambo’s men screamed, “boss we have been set up?”

As they were surrounded by a battalion. Rambo and his men took cover as each men took positions and bringing out a gun.

Rambo was fuming,

Rambo: “How could you do this?”

The oil representatives ran behind the soldiers. Of a truth they were played.

Commander:” Give up the fight,man!”

One of Rambo’s men cried, “I knew these fools were going to play us!”

Commander laughed,

Commander: “Wait! Were you expecting us to negotiate with you guys. With criminals?” he shook his head, “not under my watch!”

One of Rambo’s men fired at the commander who went down and the battalion open fire on them. Spraying bullets on them, Rambo was the last to die- As he stood on his feet received a good amount of bullets. Gnashing his teeth, he knelt holding his stomach,

RambO :” this isn’t the end!” he fell faced flat.

Immediately Rambo’s mother who was breaking firewood felt a sharp pain in her chest. Something had gone wrong. She knew her son had been killed.

Looked up at the sky and screamed,

Rambo’s mother: “Rambo! Rambo!! Rambo!!” she dropped her axe heaved and went inside.


Kemi having no choice brought out a gun- it was all over! Kunle standing shivering,

Kunle: “why would you want to kill me!?”

With her hands on the trigger with the gun pointed at Kunle tears trickled down,

Kemi: “You killed my father!” she was panting,

Kunle: “Killed? Your father? Ah! I am not a murderer!”

Kemi: “Shut up! Just shut your filthy mouth up!” He stammered raising his hands in plea,

Kunle: “Please! But I cannot remember killed your father!”

Kemi: “ Yes! You remember the article you wrote about slandering Chief Johnson Adebisi?”

Kunle: “Ah! Was he your father?”

Kemi: “yes! and you killed him by writing that sham of an article on him! I’ll make you pay,dearly!” He was depressed and committed suicide due to the article you wrote.

Kunle was on his tears sobbing and begging for his life,

Kunle: “I swear I didn’t it do it with the intent of killing him. I got it from what seem to be a reliable source and that seemed to be very big news that would bring recognition my way!”

Kemi was sobbing too,

Kemi: “This will serve as big lesson to all Journalists, Bloggers, get your facts right before you publish. Don’t play with people’s emotions because you are looking for traffic. Your selfish interest killed my father,” he was pleading, “I came into your life as a spy so that it would be easy for me to pay for my father’s death! I made a vow to revenge for him! And yes! Alhaji have something shady going on! I sell arms to him to foster the war in the Niger delta region!” she cried as her hands were shaking!

Kunle: “we can settle this amicably with no one getting hurt. I love you baby!”

Kemi: “I love you too but I must keep a vow to my father, “he crawled closer to where she was, “don’t come closer I’ll shoot you. I aint joking!”

As she was about pulling the trigger he dived on her and there was a gunshot. They both rolled on the ground with the gun in their middle. After seconds,  Kunle stood up recovering from the shock and found Kemi in the pool of blood and quickly rushed her to the hospital.


A year after, Kemi and Alhaji were charged for war crimes and were given prison terms while Rambo’s girlfriend  who was pregnant led a movement that caught the attention of United Nations and they took up the matter by suing the oil companies for on behalf of Rambo and his people.

Kunle opened a page on his laptop and started writing he was working on a very interesting article titled, “The Dangers of one sided story!”  :

I feel awkward this minute being guilty of what I’ll call a crime of the dangers of a one sided story. I know after reading this work you might feel like chopping my head off and hanging it on a stick. I totally deserve it! Long time ago, I wrote an article against a well known politician from a supposed reliable source.  It was my big shot story, little did I know that I was ending the life of a man by pen- a story inspired by falsehood. Before I go further I want to take this out to advice and caution journalists, Bloggers never to write story about anything or anybody without proper verification. It is unprofessional and you might end up being a murderer like me. It is saddening that I ended the life of a man whose daughter later became my wife and she is…

The words weren’t coming anymore as he broke down in tears,

Kunle: “I am sorry, baby! I’m so sorry!” he cried staring at the picture of Kemi hung the wall. It was smiling at him.

…. THE END (Stay tuned for Another Inspiring Story… AdeLove Stories.. Premiere Naija inspirational Blog)

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    • I knew Kemi wasn’t bad.. Kunle wasn’t supposed to have come out unharmed, maybe he for break hand. That’s how one stupid fake news got my father Disbarred, and later the Journalist started apologising. The Harm was already done.. mmmmttttcccchhhheeeewwww

    • The shortest episodes I have read so far on Adelove,’s blog. I knew fromthe beginning that it was a case of revenge. That’s it’s good to leave vengeance to God.

      Well done Adelove.

    • Hmmmm. I said it that Kemi has some thing up her sleeves. Thank God Kunle survived it. This story taught me to be very careful. You don’t play with other people’s emotions.

  1. waoh…..wat a great story,full of suspense and lesson to journalists, bloggers, fb nd twitter handlers dt luv creating false stories nd sharing it causing disaffection nd even lead to violence nd death in some cases

  2. whaooo!!! what a pathetic ending. I hope many will learn from this? You’ve done well guys. God will continue to strengthen you and more wisdom and inspiration. #thumbs up…

  3. Kunle is a lucky chap, it ended with Everyone reaping what they showed . It’s an Interesting story with lessons. Adelove, your stories are so inspiring. Keep it up. I am waiting for another story.

  4. Mehn can’t believe Kemi died sha… There is a need for everyone to be watchful of the things we say or do, we never can tell who our behaviour, attitude or discussion is hurting… May God help us… Welldone AdeLove and crew…

  5. kudos to adelove for this wonderful story,it taught us not to quickly jump into conclusion about something or on anybody without proper investigation because we don’t whom we may hurt with our conclusion .

  6. Thumbs up Adel love
    Interesting story,I learnt not to based my judgment on just hear said or one sided like u called it…mk proper investigation B4 concluding .

  7. adelove,I suggest to you and crew member to turn most of all this your story to home video because I feel like watching it not reading it alone ,because they are very educative stories which someone do derive and gain a lot of lesson and knowledge from it.una too much adelove

  8. Full of lessons indeed. Its wise we get our facts clear before saying or writing anything about someone. Life and death are in the power of the tongue/pen. Nice job adelove. Keep it up guys.

  9. Good story full with suspense. Kemi was on a revenge mission l these while, an eye for an eye. Adelove crew, u guys are too much

  10. Wow! That was an amazing ending, kudos to Adelove.com and crew keep it up. More interesting stories to be expected God bless U….

  11. wow!!!. This is so sad. sad ever after. This is not applicable to the blogger n journalist alone, also to anyone that judge people from hearing a story from one angle without proper verification. A GREAT LESSON.

  12. First time commenting.been following every story and they all pass a very good msg across.. Good one from you guy’s (adelove and crew) ,hoping to see more fascinating stories.

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  15. This story don finish, hmmmm. Vengeance isn’t favourable in any way. God has d final say. Lesson learnt, thumbs up to the writer and Adelove.com

  16. Wow.. Suspense filled, great story line.. Indeed a motivational story. #thumbs_up_to_adeloveblog.. U rock.. Nd to the writer(s), wisdom nd knowledge to u. Expecting more great stories like dis from u.evn better stories sef!

  17. nice one.truely an advice to journalist and bloggers and even backbiters and rumour monger,the false story u spread today might end someone journey on planent earth tomorrow.

  18. Ade love please don’t write this type of unorganized stories. it doesn’t suit your reputation! Am a big fan but trust me if this was your first story I read I would never have have read your subsequent stories. I know you are better than this, Please maintain your standard and don’t mess it up with such shabby narration pattern

  19. Hmmmmmmm is a pity dat Rambo died ,but justice was served to both alhaji and kemi the Bible says for d wages of sin is death.adelove u guys Rock next story can’t wait ooooooooooo

  20. Happy ending for Kunle, but I just hope all jounalists nd bloggers learn to always verify their stories before publishing them for viewers to read. Thumb up for Adelove.com crew. More grease to your palms.

  21. Wow! Wat a story. Rambo, Alhaji n Kemi got wat dey deserve for not being good citizens n for taking laws into thier hands. Journalists, bloggers n their likes, pls get ur facts well bfore slandering someone cos life may b at stake. Thanks Adelove for keeping us entertained.

  22. I wish all journalist,can read this so educative, a lot of home has being broken, a lot of ppl aren’t free to walk on the street, cause what all the journalist,they lie and deceive ppl with they story.adelove thump up.I really enjoy this story.thanks man

  23. Nice Starting, wonderful ending, full of suspense, intriguing, carefully and skillfully interwoven. I give the writer thumbs up, you are wonderful. And seriously, i must admit, you are really talented, more grease to ur elbow, knowledge to ur knowledge……………………………………………… I Celebrate you!!!!! Kudos

  24. Aww. What a sad end. Kudos Adelove, your stories are always unpredictable the beginning always full of suspense. Nice story. You rocks

  25. Wao..Nice write up @ Adelove..Pen is mightier than the sword..Journalist needs to know the truth ,before writing to avoid causing unnecessary deaths and making more enemies..

  26. Wonderful piece @ Adelove…Kudos to uuu..Journalist has to be sure of their write-ups to avoid causing unnecessary deaths and making more enemies..Pen is mightier than sword..One needs to be careful and sure before writing anything…Thanks..

  27. Thumbs up Adelove. A lesson to all journalist, bloggers and to individuals. We should mind what we write or say in public.

  28. nice ending but the stories are too short.,..kudos to u ALF thanks for entertaining us with ur interested stories

  29. Nice story. Journalism work ain’t easy. Trying to meet up with deadline while balancing facts.
    Meanwhile just a little advice. Pls do try to proof-read before publishing due to avoidable typos and few grammatical errors..
    Thanks for keeping us entertained, informed and educated.

  30. What a end.. Its easy to predict the end of a Nigerian movie bt can’t do same with ur stories.. Well done, nice work.

  31. Wow, though I missed out in d last two episods,due to poor network. I’ve learnt sumtn here, its really educative. tnks adelove

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  35. Oh my! wat an amazing story full of suspense, short and straight to the point. thank God Kunle didn’t accept Alhaji deal and kemi was dealth with by trying to take revenge on her own. leave vengeance to God. Kudos to u Adelove. Gud morning.

  36. Woooooooooooooooooooooooow,
    What a story – a great one at that
    Since when I’ve been reading your stories, I swear down, I’ve gained a lot more
    I say More Power To Your Elbow
    Keep the good work going guyz
    I’ve recommended the site to all my friends because of the educative stories
    Muaaaaaaaah Muaaaaaaaah Muaaaaaaaah

  37. What an happy ending. I wish kemi and kunle could get married again by giving kemi a state pardon
    Weldone, a delivery
    Short story and precise

  38. Nice story Adelove. I’m not a writer neither am I a book critics . D. Story isn’t properly aligned some big grammar and description wre unnecessary. Ur stories are going places, wit hard work and dedication I believe an international recognition is in d waiting. just Polish them properly. Pls don’t take dis d wrong way I love ur stories even though I don’t comment I read every story u post.

  39. It’s a good insight into the world of our journalists and worst of all is the bloggers, they write anything writable just for their own selfish purposes. As long as it will cause traffic for them, they dnt care whose been hurt by those.

  40. Thanks Ade love. It’s a motivational story indeed and very educative-Don’t just into conclusion when you have not made proper investigation and leave vengeance for God.. The grammars are carefully selected journalism term. thump up for u.

  41. Everybody reap wat dey sow, do not listen to one sided story to judge @kunle, revenge is not of human but of d Lord@kemi, u can’t eat ur cake and still av it@rambo and alhaji, trust no one human can betray u@ Rambo girlfriend, always keep to ursf don’t promise wat u can’t give@commander. ..Adelove u rock

  42. It was really really interesting reading this story.
    Thanks Adelove.com you guys are wonderful..
    Nice ending.. Kunle you’re lucky.

  43. This is so short n brief but a lesson to writers, journalist, bloggers etc kip up the good work more power to ur elbow.

  44. Of a truth, it is not good to finalize a case from one source cos it’s always dangerous. Thanks to Adelove for this educative story

  45. Short but interesting, educative and thrilling. Warning to all journalist bloggers etc you may not need to be a murderer by gun but by pen you can send ur fellow human being to its early grave. Kudus to Ade love

  46. This is a short and interesting piece, its not jst a story its whats its what transpires in our country, few ppl are embezzling the country’s wealth at d detriment of large masses. D story reminds me of a movie “black november” EBERE. Adelove una 3 much. Keep it up

  47. Each and everyone of us need to ponder on the lessons in this story, most especially the journalist who writes to get people’s attention without verifying the authenticity of the story. In summary, not all rumors are true. Kudos Adelove.

  48. Wow! A good lesson to be learnt. It is not until we use physical weapons before we commit murder. Our words can kill too. Don’t judge others,when you’re not even sure of what they’re going through! Don’t hear one side of a story and jump into conclusion. Food for thought , so short and precise a story! Weldone Adelove.

  49. I know for sure Kemi is on revenge mission for someone dear to her and want kunle killed. God us from hearing one sided story and judging. lesson to all of us

  50. Wow i luv dis, adelove u guys re superb. At last, kunle learnt his lesson nd dis goes to all bloggers dat likes writing false stories bout pple.

  51. kunle had a pure mind,after all it was just a story.Kemi though how can you be so intimate with a man you totally detest to the points of murdering,hiannnn horrific. na she biko,its so sad she isn’t that bad afterall .

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