(Episode 3) Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies

In Essien town, Abasiama had become a shadow of herself, Life had dealt unfairly, the years told on her. Her face was all wrinkled; her eyes were dark and lifeless. Since her husband, the Obong died, years ago, she had lived the life of a recluse, wasting away in the house the community had given her upon her husband’s death. The Obong had died without a child, and ever since his twins were cast into the river, he had become an object of mockery. His detractors could not wait for him to vacate the throne; they instigated many uprising against the Obong Kparawa.

One day, on a cold November morning, when the leaves were brown and dried, and littered all over the village, Abasiama woke up and decided it was time to once again, find succor in the arms of the Whiteman’s God, and this time she wanted to take her husband too. So she had her bath and wore her costliest velvet, with big ceremonial beads and patterned her hair in new designs. Her husband loved beauty, and it was time to cajole him with hers, he must come with her to the Whiteman’s church, after all, what has their beliefs, culture and tradition done for them, other than cause them untold pain. Even Awasi had turned deaf to their cries; perhaps the Whiteman’s God would be more merciful. She walked gaily, to her husband’s hut, to the amazement of the palace hands. Since the incidence of the twins, she had withdrawn into her shells, she ate her meals in her hut, and avoided her husband’s company. So when they saw her that morning, beautifully attired, they wondered what she was up to, and most of the palace maids walked behind her. They were intent on finding the source of her happiness. Abasiama got to her husband’s hut but did not find him there, so she proceeded to the throne room. She staggered backward, when she beheld the Obong.

Abasiama: “Oh no, no, no. This cannot be, why you did this Ima mi” she cried as she stared at the gory sight before her. The maids, who were walking behind her, heard her cry and rushed into the throne room.

Maid: “Awasi oh” she wailed.

There on the throne, the Obong was suspended by a rope hanging on the ceiling, the Obong had committed suicide… he had hung himself. In those days, it was forbidden for a person who had committed suicide to be buried. So when the news spread, even though Abasiama had tried to conceal it, the villagers trooped to the palace, to cart the body away. The body was thrown into the Kwa river, and the palace was cleansed by the chief priest. Abasiama was thrown out of the palace, normally, she would have remained as the queen mother if she had a son that would ascend, or the next in line would have married her, but the villagers saw her as a woman with bad luck. They blamed her for everything that had happened to the Obong, and they wanted her stench out of the palace. They gave her a hut close to the bank of the Kwa river, and every day, she walked a few depths into the river, just where the water came up to her waist. She looked farther into the horizon, like she was expecting her twins to come back to her from wherever they had sailed to. She had this feeling deep in her heart that her twins were still alive, but whether they were fine, that she could not tell.

One day Abasiama woke up with another idea…


Kaylah began her new role as a beauty queen with zest; she was given an official car and a monthly salary package. But that was not the end of the good things that would happen to her this December. She had also secured an admission into the University of Lagos, to study Public Relations and Foreign Policies. So the family had decided to celebrate God’s goodness, by travelling to their hometown for the festivities. They had bought a lot of food items which they intended to share to the villagers. Kaylah was happy about the impending trip, as she would have a chance to reach out to the village children. She told Nadia about her plans and the latter offered to come with her. They agreed to organize a show for the kids to help them celebrate Christmas. Nadia’s main aims of coming along, were to share in the glory and also keep an eye on Kaylah. Kaylah had taken the crown that belonged to her, and she was determined to take it back.

Kaylah recruited some musicians and comedians to go with her to Eket her hometown, and celebrate Christmas with the village children. She had planned a three days tour, from one community, to the other, so as to reach virtually all the children in Eket. On the 25th day of December, they mounted a stage in the village square in Esit Eket, there was food, drinks, music and comedy. The turnout was tremendous, even men and women attended, they have never had that kind of Christmas before. Even though, Kaylah had not invited the press, Nadia could not waste an opportunity to shine, so she licked the details to the press, and they trooped to Eket ready to capture every moment with the new beauty queen. Nadia kept giving interviews, in which she would say that, the idea was hers, and she presented it to Kaylah. Kaylah was not disturbed by this, she was just happy that she made the children happy.

Kaylah: “Who brought the press men; I would have to send them away, if they scare the children away with their big gadgets”

Nadia: “No way you cannot do that” she replied in a rush, which got Kaylah’s eyebrows raised up.

Kaylah: “The press is not important here, I brought you on board because I believed you had the same vision. The children are my priority here”

Nadia: “Of course they are, but how will people know they have someone like you, if the press does not cover our activities. In saving the world, you need the media”

Kaylah: “When you put it like that, it makes a lot of sense. I am so glad you are my right hand woman” she said with a smile.

Nadia: “Yes, I am glad too. We make a great team, don’t we?” she embraced Kaylah. Kaylah pulled away after the hug, and left to oversee the event.

Nadia: “Such a hypocrite! But I am a bigger hypocrite” she said with a scowl.

On the 26th day, the entourage moved to Ibeno, the stage was set at the beach, and children from all corners of Ibeno trooped to the event. It was spectacular, to watch Kaylah relate with the children. Benita watched her daughter with tears,. After the birth of her son, Malcom, she had been unable to give birth, she wanted another child, preferably a daughter, but life had denied her the opportunity, until she met Kaylah. She had been a beautiful baby, with an aristocratic feel to her.  She wished things were different, she wished she didn’t have to keep this secret that haunted her every time she thought of Kaylah.

Stinger was sitting at his usual spot, under the coconut tree, from where he watched the event happening a few meters away. He watched with so much concentration, that one would think he was interested in the children. But no, his eyes were on the celebrities gallivanting around the event. He had to find out who would be more profitable to him, so he decided to go the vent. He walked closer, till he was in the midst of the children. He shook their hands and ruffled some hairs, but his eyes were on the beautiful fair lady, hopping and dancing around with the children. He edged closer to her, and tried to catch snippets of her conversation.

After a while, he brought out his phone and discreetly, took pictures of her and then he sent the pictures to his second in command.  He tailed her everywhere she went. Even after the event, he tailed her in a car to the house she was staying in. There were lots of people in the house, but he knew, with surveillance he could get what he was looking for. He brought out his phone, as he stood outside the magnificent building, from the exterior, he could tell that the occupants were affluent. He smiled as he thought of this. He dialed a number and gave an instruction to his men.


Stinger watched the house for a few minutes until four of his men arrived.

Stinger: “The house is huge, how do we locate the person we want?”

Militant: “We can just pick anybody, they are all rich and important people in that house, anyone would serve”

Stinger: “We cannot act like that, without a plan. We go after the victim that I have chosen”

Militant: “Aye aye, anything you say”

So they spread themselves around the house, hiding behind trees, as they waited for nightfall. They discovered that despite the number of people who had trooped to the house, after the event, as dusk approached, people began to leave the house. At about 8pm, they flew over the fence into the compound. The compound had electrified barb wire fencing, but Stinger had cut a space, big enough to accommodate one man at a time, with a pair of insulated tweezers. They had their guns at the ready as they lurked in corners, inside the compound. Just when they were getting impatient waiting for the signal from their leader Stinger, they struck gold.

Questions: Will Stinger/his team succeed in their evil plans? Is Nadia a Jealous friend? What idea has Abasiama come up with, will it do her any good?

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  1. He who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.. Watch yourself Stinger. That might be your Twin Sis. … AdeLove, na u biko. Next please

  2. They might, im not quite sure.
    Nadia not just jealous, she’s evil (hahaha).
    Abasiama going to try and search for her babies.
    It could do her some good.

    Nice one adelove

  3. Be wise not everything you do comes wit a good reward.
    stinger u might end up hurting ur flesh n blood
    Nadia is a jealous friend and an enemy in disguise

  4. If Abasiaba can visit d white man’s God as mentioned in dis episode it will really do her a lot of good nd bring peace to her
    as for stinger i think he will succeed in kidnaping d yellow gal dancing wit the children but he wunt be able to harm her nd i believe he will hav a feeling dat he has seen her bfor..
    Nadia is a jealous frnd nd kaylah does not kw about …she may try to harm her in future…….nice one adelove

  5. Stinger and his team will succeed,but later be caught. Nadia is so full of envy against Kaylah. This world is so full of fake friends.

  6. Nadia is really jealous, but why will Stinger want to harm Kaylah? Abasiama might want to look for her twins. Nice one guys!

  7. Nadia is jealous and she’ll fail. Abasiama has decided to find solace in God, i think those guys might end up kidnapping nadia

  8. Nadia is a jealous friend.stinger and his team may succeed but the outcome may not be as plan. The idea of meeting r children some day. Yes.kudos to you Adeslove n its crew

  9. His evil may succed but it will lead him to his sister he never knew. Nadia is a jealous person and it may lead her to trouble.
    Adelove you are always trilling me.

  10. Stinger and his friends will succeed with their plan..Nadia is a very jealous friend..Abasiama will not succeed but she will turn to christianity for refuge. Thumbs up @ Adelove..More grace..

  11. nadia is such a jealous friend
    I think stinger will succeed in his plans via kidnapping
    I think abasiama wil search for her children

  12. Stinger and friends will succeed..Nadia is a jealous friend..Abasiama will not succeed but she will be a christian..nice Adelove..

  13. Stinger and his gangs will succeed in their evil plans and that’s how Kaylah will get to meet afiok now known as stinger and I think Abasiama plan is to leave her village to somewhere else and it will be of good, is obvious Nadia is jealous of Kaylah bcos she wanted the crown.

  14. Yes Stinger will succeed. But It is most likely that Nadia will be the victim.
    As for Abasiama, she’ll start making inquiries about the twins

  15. stinger might not is succeed in his plans, Nadia has a bad motive for her friend and abasiama will go in search of her children

  16. Stinger n his men would succeed bt They’ll kidnap Nadia instead of kaylah… Nadia is a jealous person. For Abasiaba, i think she wants to to leave the river kwa n go over to the other side of the bank n move with her life

  17. Hmmm this indeed is a wonderful story. Keylan is the girl stinger meet as a small boy and i believe she is his twin sister,keylan will meet ifiok also known as stinger because i believe they will kidnap her. Its a pity that a prince is now living like a slave. Nadia is indeed a bad looser and her wish will not work

  18. Nadia is really bad and those militants will kidnap her and as for Abasiama…she will go for her children.

  19. Kayla will be kidnapped but that bond they have will make Stinger be her protector.
    Abasaima will give herself to the white man God and she’ll be re-united with her children in the long run

  20. Stinger and his team will surely succeed with their evil plan. Nadia is indeed a jealouse friend Abasiama has come up with the idea of going to church. And it will do her great good once she embrace christ.

  21. They will succeed (stinger and crew) Abasiama will search for her twins. Nadia is a proof that not all friends that smile with u have ur interest at heart

  22. They will succeed in their evil plan but Nadia will be their victim because she is a jealous friend and Abasiama plan is to join the church since she is already seen as out-cast and joining the church will do her great good

  23. Stinger and his team will succeed in kidnapping kaylah, nadia is being jealous, abasiaba plan is to seek refuge in white man’s God.

  24. I think Stinger and his men’s mission is kidnapping Nadia, not Kaylah.
    If so, they will succeed.
    Nadia Is A very Jealous Friend.
    Abasiama wants to go in search for her babies, it could do her some good.

  25. Stringer will succeed but it could be with the help of Nadia because she is very jealous and Abasiama might leave the village to the city since she have been rejected in the village.

  26. I think Stinger and his men’s mission is kidnapping Nadia, not Kaylah.
    If so, they will succeed.
    Nadia Is A very Jealous Friend.
    Abasiama wants to go in search for her babies, also seek refuge in the white man’s God, it could do her some good.

  27. Stringer will succeed but he will be shocked with what he will find out and Nadia is a very jealous friend. Abasiama might go in search of her children since she believe they are still alive.

  28. And I think if stinger kidnap Kyala then she will remember him as the boy she used to visit at the orphanage some years ago and he will also remember her and that’s where their bond comes in….. before they finally know they are brother and sister.

  29. Stinger and his team will succed with their evil plan but he will later find out that Kaylah is the girl he had been so fond of. Nadia is unfriendly friend. Abasioma will also find favour or even meet her twins one day. More ink to your pen Adelove

  30. Abasiama will embrace God and of course, God will lead her to her twins .Stringer and his men will succeed in their kidnap plot. Nadia is an evil friend but nothing will happen to Kayla.

  31. they will succeed but it will also help the twins to be together. Nadia is a jealous friend and the idea Abasiama is thinking of will help her

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  33. Stinger and his team will succeed in kidnapping Kayla, Nadia is a bad friend..the plans Abasiama’s plan is to investigate on what happened to her twins that were thrown into the river years ago

  34. We all know that Nadia is a snitch and a two tyming b**CH….its so obvious that stinger and his partners in crime will succeed but this is the beginning of sumtin new

  35. Interesting…. Stinger and his team might, succeed in their plan.
    Nadia is really jealous,
    Abasiama is going to search for her
    It could do her some good.

  36. Hello AL & Fs,

    I smell that Stinger will fail on his evil mission to abduct Kaylah.

    Obviously Nadia is a very jealous and desperate friend.

    I believe Abasiama is on her way to search for her kids.


  37. Stinger nd his men will succeed in their evil plans but in d process he will meet his twin sister,I just pray it won’t be late for him by then cos he has eaten wit d devil already. Nadia is not only jealous but also bad,her facial expression is different from what is in her heart I pray kaylah realizes it on time. As for Abasiama I pray she succeeds in finding her children

  38. Stinger will kidnap Kayla, and that bad friend of hers Nadia is just a glory hunter. But whatever Abasiama is planning, only Adelove knows.

  39. Kaylah will be kidnapped by stinger and soon they will find out they were good friends. Nadia will meet her doom, abasiama will take solace in the white man gods

  40. Stinger will abduct Kaylah but it’s going to be a source for their unity. Abasiama will leave the village to township where she will be united with her children.

  41. kaylah is stinger twin sis.Nadia on the other hand is a jealous friend that can go extra miles.kaylah will succeed on her mission since it from the bottom of her heart not eye service

  42. Stinger and his team will succeed in their plan and yes Nadia is a jealous friend with evil intentions. I think Abasiama want to travel to Calamari in search of her twins.

  43. I think Abasiama idea is to commit suicide just like her husband did, unknown to Stinger d person he wants to kidnap will later turn out to b his twin sister, too bad, nice one Adelove crew

  44. Stinger’s plan will work but if not d wrong person den dey will b a recognition nd for Nadia she z indeed a jealous person nd she z no friend to kaylah at all. Nd for Abasiama she will embrace God nd go in search of her children

  45. Stinger may succeed but can’t harm Kaylah, Nadia is not only jealous but also evil, any Abasiama’s plan will work.

  46. Stinger will kidnap keylan but that will be an opportunity to get to know each other .stinger is her twin brother that wave caused them to part
    As for their mum, she will be consoled because her children will return to her

  47. Nadia is an enemy in disguise…she’s bad company… Something strong is drawing stinger close to Kayla.. BLOOD… Even if stinger succeed with his evil plan..one way or the other he wud find out Kayla is his twin

  48. Stinger and his group will succeed. Nadia Is not only jealous but over zealous. Abasiama’s new idea is to play with little children, feel alive once again before her world ends.

  49. stinger won’t succeed, Nadia is a jealous friend, abasiama Will look for the children since she felt that are not dead, stinger be careful because Kayla might be ur twins sister

  50. Stinger will succeed in his plan not know dat is her twins sister …….but he will not be able to harm her.Nadia is a jealous friend indeed.Abasiama plan we favour her at last…..

  51. I hope stinger won’t hurt his twin sister, Nadia is a big time jealous friend!, I pray Abasiama won’t do something nasty to herself.

  52. I don’t fink stinger n his team will succeed. Yes,Nadia is a jealous type. Abisiama plan will b to go in search of her children since she has faith they are still alive somewhere or go to the whiteman church n pray,even becum a devoted person cus of her children.

  53. for stinger and his gangs to succeed will be extremely difficult ,Nadia was just too jealous of her friend and she didn’t careful she might end up been caught and disgrace with her jealous attitude

  54. Stinger n his term may succeed but he won’t hurt Kaylar ,Nadia is a jealous frnd,but she wil probably v a change of heart.
    D Queen’s plan,I pray it turns out to b a gud one.

  55. They will succeed nd Nadia worth not to b called a real friend cos she very jealous. Abasiama may decide to leave that village nd that may grant her d opportunity to meet one of the twins

  56. Stinger will succeed in kidnapping his twin Kaylah,their mother Abisiama may leave the community hoping for miracle. There will b an encounter btw mother and children.

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  58. Stinger will succeed in his mission, Nadia is a jealous and bad friend and Abasiama mission is to leave d town and look for her twins for good

  59. She wished things were different, she wished she didn’t have to keep this secret that haunted her every time she thought of Kaylah…

    The truth will be reavealed soon…. Stinger kidnapped his sister,!!

  60. Abasiama will look for her twins, she might have put birthmarks on their bodies and that will help her. kaylah’ s friend will be kidnapped and she will later work with stinger in order to capture kaylah

  61. Yes, he will succeed in kidnapping Nadia, Nadia is jealous of kaylah nd the twin mother will begin to search for her children maybe the nearest town to the stream..

  62. Stinger n his men will succeed in their plan. As for Nadia she’s really jealous of her frnd she can’t even hide it. Abasiama will go close to the white man God n he will see her thru

  63. Stinger & his men would definitely succeed in their plan, Nadia on her part is just a crazy jealousy. bt I hope d Queen’s plan works out positively, so could have comfort with her children. I also hope Stinger would discover that Kaylah is his twin sister b4 he made a mistake in his mission.
    keep it up Adelove.

  64. Stinger will succeed in his plans, but it might be Nadia that they took instead of Kaylay. Nadia might. Nadia is a Jealous friend , i wish Kaylay will find her out before it will be too late, and Abasiama I pray her plans works.

  65. stinger will succeed in his plan,Nadia is a terrible friend nd I believe her end will be disastrous nd it was too late for abasiama r plan failed b4 she got to obiong he has committed suicide

  66. That Nadia is not a friend, she is her rival. Stinger may succeed in kidnapping her he won’t hurt her. Only her knows what she is up to, I just hope that it’s not to commit suicide.

    Ride on AdeLove!!!!!

  67. I guess d target was kaylah but they will kidnap Nadia instead…stinger eventually if u succeed in kidnapping kaylah don’t try to do anything funny or harmful to her, bcos she’s ur twin sister pls

  68. Na woooh! Stinger and his group will succeed, but notn bad will happen to kaylah, nadia is a big time jealous friend. Well maybe d idea abasiama has got will help her out of her misery. I pray notn bad happens to dem all, until they met with their parents.

  69. Abasiama wilk return to d whiteman’s god.sniper will succeed for now,but later on bring dem closer. Nadia is jealous who wld turn out to b a loser.

  70. It’s becoming more interesting. Stinger will succeed in kidnapping his target but will later found out that she’s his lost friend. Nadia is indeed a jealous friend and also an enemy. I think Abasiama has plan to look for her twins. It’s indeed twisted destinies.

  71. Stinger will succeed in his kidnapping. Abasiama is on the lookout for her children. Nadia is a jealous friend,a bad one for that matter. But I believe the bond between keylah n stinger will not allow him to hurt her.

  72. stinger ll succeed n maybe it’s kaylah dat ll be kidnapped, Nadia is damn ever if care is not taken she may poison kaylah if she has her way.

  73. Stinger jst want to survive but I see it as a way God want to brng both twins togeda. But if dia is anybdy to kidnapp it sud be nadia d jealous frnd so dat nxt tym she wll learn to mind her own bis. Morn ALF, good job ADEmylove.

  74. Stinger will kidnap Kaylah. Nadia is a jealous friend looking for an opportunity to bring Kaylah down and take her place. Abasiama’s plan might be to go back to the whiteman’s God and I pray she finds help there.

  75. Stinger will succeed with his evil plan and dt will bring him and Kaylah together first as his lost childhood friend then later know her as twin sister.Absiama’s idea will bring her to meet her children.Nadia is jelous.

  76. Stinger and his group will succeed,Nadia is a jelous and evil friend seeking for Kaylah downfall.Abasiama is looking for how to locate her twin and I hope she succeeds

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  78. I feel for u abasiama, God ll answer your prayers. Nadia i knw dat u re a jeolous nd very wicked person buh u wnt suceed

  79. Nadia is just a bad jealous friend! Stinger and his group will succeed but I hope they capture Nadia instead of Kayla. Since abasiama has chosen to seek the white man God, I’m sure God will lead her to her twins.

  80. Stringer will definitely suceed in his kidnapping attempt but that will bring him close to his twin sister. Kaylah made mistakes by bringing Nadia close because your closeness to your rival will bring only jealousy. Next episode pls

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