Fayose can be impeached – Lawyer

Human Rights Activist, Osuagwu Ugochukwu has disclosed that Ekiti state governor, Mr Ayo Fayose is not above impeachment.

This was coming after Ekiti governor has petitioned the Chief Justice of Nigeria raised an alarm over an alleged plot by the APC to impeach him.

But Ugochukwu said once provision of section 188 of the Nigerian Constitution is completed a Governor can be validly impeached upon a resolution to be adopted by not less than two-thirds majority of all the member the State House of Assembly.

He said, “To me Governor Fayose is not above being impeached. Any Governor can be impeached by his or her state house of Assembly and there is nothing undemocratic about it.The process for impeaching a Governor of a State in Nigeria is contained in Section 188 of the 1999 Constitution.

“Once adopted the Governor shall stand removed from office as from the date of the adoption of the report.

“If the impeachment process succeeds in Ekiti state then Fayose stands removed as Governor. The office of the Governor will pass to the incumbent Deputy-Governor, and he will take the oath of office. Fayose should note that once he is impeached he loses immunity from arrest and prosecution and can be arrested by the IGP and prosecuted if there is any crime he may have committed.

“There is no point running to the Chief Justice of Nigeria.The CJN cannot save him from impeachment which is a legislative process. Those who are linking me to the plot to impeach Fayose are wrong. Besides there is nothing unlawful if the Ekiti House impeaches Fayose by complying with the Constitution. Let Fayose face his cross alone.”



  1. Barr. Ugochukwu just said the obvious, just stated what the constitution said concerning impeachment and as he concluded, 100 letters by Fayose to whosoever can not stop his impeachment if initiated by the appropriate persons.

  2. Ugochukwu how much were u given by APC? Even if u have scores to settle with Fayose, it should not be in this manner. Why do all tribes have Igbo’s in their mouth? For just a token, they will sell their blood brother. I feel sorry for u.

  3. let alone oppositions, Nigerians can not be enslaved by APC government who have been trying hard to impoverish all Nigerians. The Party has failed woefully and has disappointed both man and God. But Buhari meant well, it is only his henchmen and his Governors e.g. Aregbesola of Osun State that are cogs in the wheel of his progress. Aregbesola has been deceiving people saying he has paid all salary arrears and pension, he is acting as if he is God and nobody can touch him because the state house of assembly have compromised their authority for the returns from the Governor, they have forgotten the people who voted them in. Nemeses will catch up with them all and Aregbesola. IJN. Isa ala u.

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