(Episode 10) Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies

Assasino tugged on Kaylah’s trousers, she cried and screamed for help, but there was no one around. The guys who did not go to Eket, who were loyal to Stinger, Assasino had sent them out on sentry duty. They were all alone.

Assasino: “Scream your lungs out mama, no one is here to save you, Stinger is probably lying somewhere, soaking the earth with his lifeblood. You are on your own bitch” he smacked her hard across the face. She fell and hit her head, which made her pass out.

Assasino: “Damn bitch, you have to look at me when I take you. So sleep, I will be back for you” He left to another room in the bunker.

Stinger entered after a few minutes with Abasiama in tow, he saw Kaylah splayed on the floor and rushed to her. Abasiama looked around confused. Why were they underground? She wondered. She moved tentatively into the room, looking from side to side. Then her eyes fell on Kaylah, Stinger was shaking her.

Stinger: “Kaylah! Wake up!” he shook her. Kaylah roused from her unconsciousness with fear in her ears. She pushed Stinger away and looked down at her trousers; she touched herself and was relieved when she realized Assasino had not raped her.

Stinger: “Why are you like this, Kay?”

Kaylah: “Assasino, he tried to rape, he slapped me and I went unconscious. Perhaps that’s why he stopped” she began to cry. Stinger clenched his fist.

Stinger: “Where is he” he roared. Kaylah and Abasiama moved away from him, the look on his face was scary, that he would kill someone was a certainty. He made to move, but Kaylah jumped and held him tightly.

Kaylah: “Ifiok, you have to protect yourself, he sent men to Eket to kill you. I thought you were dead; he was so sure you were dead. Oh my God Ifiok, I cannot lose you again” she cried.

Stinger: “Hmmn” he grunted, “Assasino has bitten more than he can chew” He brought out his phone and made a call. As he walked on his way out, he had his gun drawn, so when he opened the door, and saw Assasino with three of the traitors, his reflex borne from many years on the street was fast. He shot all the three guys in a swift move, execution style, bullet to the head. Assasino was surprised and confused. He had passed through the back door, not knowing that Stinger was already back. They had planned to pretend like nothing happened, till they had another chance. But fate had played a fast one on him.

Stinger: “How do you wish to die, traitor?”

Assasino: “Please forgive me, it will never happen again. I swear my allegiance to you. Please” Stinger aimed the gun at his head, but he wondered if instead of killing him, he could use him. Assasino was the bravest and the most skilled fighter, even though he was dumb in some things. Besides, Assasino could not be trusted, but he knew who was superior, and it would be a long time before he pulled a stunt like this again. In the meantime, he would serve.

Stinger: “Alright, I am feeling lenient today, so I forgive you. But my eyes are on you” he said and lowered his weapon.


Mr. Assanga had gone to the doctor’s office to sign his approval for his wife to be flown to India. He did it with pain in his heart, but he trusted that Malcolm will take care of Kaylah. His son had loved her since day one, he was afraid the love had exceeded brotherly love. So he knew Malccom would do anything to save Kaylah.

Mr. Assanga: “I am ready doctor”

Doctor: “That is good; I will facilitate the visa and other documents”

Malcolm had met with Saving Girls Initiative; they had agreed to raise the sum of twenty billion, as the ransom money. To them, it was a way for them to gain publicity points, and also send a message to the public that they cared for their own, since Kaylah was their ambassador. They also thought it appropriate since they were in the business of saving girls. They made their intention known in a celebrated press conference, where the most exclusive journalists were invited. They presented the check to Malcolm. Since they were a nongovernmental organization, the government had no clout over them. Truly, they had tried to stop them, but they out rightly told the army that they could go ahead and try to capture the militants, but they were going to pay the ransom money. Malcom proceeded to the bank to transfer the money into his account. He had a plan in mind…

Kaylah was in the bunker, she had eaten the food Stinger had served her because, he spoon fed her, a miserly plate of porridge beans.

Assasino: “Boss, there is a video you should watch” he had a phone in his hand. Stinger gave the food to Abasiama to feed Kaylah. He watched the video and a smile spread on his face.

Stinger: “Yes! Kaylah, you are going home soon. Your ransom money is about to be paid” he said joyfully.

Kaylah: “Who is paying?”

Stinger: “One Saving Girls Initiative”

Kaylah: “Oh my God, I am their ambassador. I cannot believe this”

Stinger: “Believe it bae” he said and did a shoki dance. Abasiama watched all these with reservations; she could not understand why Kaylah was being friendly with her abductor. She agreed that Stinger was nice to Kaylah., but then he kidnapped her, and if the money was not paid, he would not release her.  When they were both alone, Abasiama decided to broach the subject, this was someone’s daughter and she could have been her daughter.

Abasiama: “Small madam, you no get Efik name?”

Kaylah: “I am not Efik, I am Ibibio, and my native name is Aniekebo”

Abasiama: “You have a beautiful name. I am sorry about your situation, but it doesn’t seem like you are bothered”

Kaylah: “Mma, Ifiok has been my friend since childhood. He is not a bad person, he just made bad choices”

Abasiama: “he may not be, but he is dangerous”

Kaylah: “He is my friend, and I am not ready to give up on him”

Abasiama: “My child, you cannot save everybody.” She said earnestly. She was drawn to this beautiful child and could not explain why. Perhaps it was her beautiful soul that was calling out to her. She could not stop herself; she pulled Kaylah into a warm embrace.

Kaylah: “Thank you ma’am, I needed that” she said, as tears gathered in her eyes. She missed her mother and wondered what she was up to. If she had not been kidnapped, they would have flown to Paris to do their last minute holiday shopping before the holidays were over. She felt angry, such that when Stinger came in, she unleashed her anger on him.

Kaylah: “Has the money not been paid, let me go!” she said and burst into tears. Stinger was taken aback.

Stinger: “Yes, I will let you go, the money has entered my off shore account. Come on, lets go” he said acidly. Kaylah got up abruptly, and held him.

Kaylah: “We have to talk before I go” she said earnestly

Stinger: “Sorry, no talking, I told you, we are from different worlds, go back to your world, and let me stay in mine. I will always hold your memories as I have done these twenty years” he said

Kaylah: “You are twenty, oh my God, you look bigger and older” she punched his muscular arms. Abasiama looked at them and smiled, even though she had told Kaylah to stay away from Stinger, their bond was beautiful. They looked like two peas in a pod, she thought. Something gnawed at her mind, begging for attention, but she could not put her fingers on it.

Kaylah: “Ifiok, you have to leave this path, this is not your destiny. You were not made for this, life made you this way; you can find your true self again”

Stinger: “You are wasting your breath Kay. Look at our waters and farmlands, polluted with crude oil, our skies are polluted with gas flaring. We are the engine room of this contraption called Nigeria, but what are we gaining?”

Kaylah: “Ifiok, you are not doing this for the people, it is the people you kidnap and ask for ransoms” she said bluntly.

Stinger: “Maybe, but it is a good cause. Someone will listen, someone must care” he said through clenched teeth.

Kaylah: “I don’t want to go”

Question: Do you think Kaylah should leave Stinger despite ransom paid by her sponsor?  What do you think about Abasiama and her new job?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 11 (You don’t wanna miss this!) 

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  1. Good morning.

    It’s better for Kaylah to go because if army should find out the hide out it might be bloody. Abasiama’s new job is a good one at least she’s close to her son and destiny may play a good in all of them.

    Happy Sunday folks

  2. I think,kaylah should leave first, they can communicates via fone till he has seen the need to leave the wrong path.
    Abasiama is a step closer to finding her twins which are already with her.
    Good morning world

  3. Keylah may not want to go, but i don’t think stinger will let her stay with him. As for Abiasama, through that job, she is going to eventually discover that stinger is her lost son.

  4. Good morning adelove I think Kaylah should leave stinger since her ransom has been paid bCos her staying will cause more trouble to stinger. Abasiama new job as already got her close to her kids will take few time for her to know stinger is her son bcos stinger was told when he was a kid that he was gotten from d river bank after his mother dropped him there.

  5. Kayla shld go, and and try and get him out sheddy biz… But if she goes Abassiama’s service wld not longer b needed. Am just wondering how the mother and children thing wld unravel. Blood is thicker than water

  6. I think keylah will want to stay but stinger will not allow her to stay with him. As for Abiasama, she should take d job, coz she will eventually discover that stinger is her lost son.

  7. good morning ALF…. Kaylah should go for now and look for another way to save stinger. this new job will lead abasiama to her children but i hope it won’t be too late then. oh my! this is getting more interesting.

  8. For Abasiama, an opportunity of staying wit her children.we can feel her peace being wit dem. Kayla,u jst hv to go,but u must find a way to help ur stinger

  9. his one na hot tea I can’t imagine what is happen now kaylah don’t let stinger go you can change him. kudos to you guys…. next pls sharp sharp

  10. Kaylah should live ifiok for na he ll listen to her someday because I believe they ll still b seeing each other after na. Abasiama job is OK ooo nothing ll happen to her na that she is with her babies

  11. I’m in love with this blog, Adelove you should make this your stories available in the bookshops because they are very good and will sell very well. reading your stories is like watching foreign movies to me. keep up with the excellent job

  12. I don’t even think kaylah will leave stinger and abeg if she leaves what will be Abasiama’s job…she won’t leave jare

  13. kaylah shud leave 1st she can’t change him a day she shud communicate with him 2 advice him.abasiama shud stick to her job

  14. There will soon be Family Re-union…….
    Good morning Adelove Crew and adelove fans…. thumbs-up to you all…
    Have a blessed sunday

  15. Goodmorning AL & Fs,

    Happy Sunday to us all. May we all refresh unction today as we worship our God and observe a Holy Day, Amen.

    There is no valid point for Kaylah to leave Stinger now because their bond is more than sheer age long friendship – they are family in the real sense moreso, they have their common biological mother with them now, She could leave at a later time.

    Abasiama’s new role is destiny and very apt too.

    God bless y’all!

  16. Kaylah should agree to go home for now tho she can b communicatin wit stinger tru fone calls nd dey make a beta plan for him to leave DAT life he’s living. Abasiama’s job there is about to end even wen it hasn’t started cos kaylah is going back home, I just pray dey get to know each oda or kaylah should go with Abasiama

  17. Kayla should leave to avoid him being captured but look for a means of livelihood for him.she should also take Abasiama home maybe as a house help because the job Stinger(Effiok) gave her is a risky job

  18. Kaylah should go for now then find another way of communicating with him ,Abasiama job is a good one because it will make her to unite with her children. God is really intervening

  19. Kaylah will not leave Stinger and go. They will give Abasiama listening ears and all of them will go at once. Though Kaylah dont know her true identity. Good morning all

  20. Kaylah will still have her way of contacting ifiok and will change him but it might be too late cos he has to pay for his deeds. Abasiam will find out the whole truth on her new job

  21. hmn this is serious, i dont think stinger will allowed her to stay. And for Abasiama she will like to know more about this bond that is btw kaylah and stinger. Happy sunday ALF.

  22. Kaylah need to leave now…..for the mother, is a good development – is not going to be easy though.

    Good morning all

  23. Adelove… Hehe. Mother
    Daughter nd son re together but dey dnt know they are related.. Ooga ooh.. Happy Sunday adelove crew.

  24. she wouldn’t want to leave, but she have no choice…Abasiama would lyk her job very well…cause blood is n will always be thicker than water.

  25. God has finally brought the family together in a way that seems good. Nothing will make Kaylah leave Stinger cause Childhood friendship is the best, it hard dies in someone. good morning all.

  26. Kylah should go for now then she should try and keep in touch with him….Nadia weldone with your evil plan oo,God dey see u,wondering what she’s upto

  27. Kaylah should go.. She’ll only endanger stinger more by staying behind.. The important thing is that, they’ve been able to get in contact again, she can start her transformation work on stinger even without staying with him . N since she’s leaving, i think she shud take Abasiama with her..

  28. Kaylah has to leave to help secure stinger better place and yes the job the queen accepted is a good one because through it she will find out they are his children. Kudos to you adelove crew.

  29. Thank God for the reunion. Kaylah should go for the main time because many people and organizations have put their resources in line for her release. As for their mother, it’s a deal done. Ifiok is on his way to his father’s throne gradually. Life!

  30. Kaylah should leave first, the she and ifiok can communicate through phone. Then for abasiama, she should try and stay close to stinger maybe from there she’ll discover her lost twins

  31. kyalah may leave but not until stinger has being persuaded to leave the kidnapping business. she will not let go of him. but fir abasiama ‘s new job is a welcome development because she is together with her son.

  32. jus like I wrote in one of d previous episodes, Malcolm is in love with Kaylah.
    Stinger would protect Kaylah & still push thru with his plans unknowingly they were twins, and that they would reunite with their Mum…….
    Now, I think d best is for Kaylah to leave d bunker & pursue her true life, may b Stinger would later change for gud.
    Meanwhile, Kaylah & their Mum might sort things out, thereby knowing their true identity…..
    Whichever ways, d true pictures keep unraveling……….
    Weldon Adelove.

  33. Kayla would leave unhappy but she will come back for him, Abaisama job seem some how at the beginning but she would soon start to enjoy it because she find some things interesting there, beside behold her son in disguise

  34. You know blood is thicker than water. abasiama is fortunate to meet her children again with a twisted fate even though she is not aware of it yet. it’s an opportunity that really occur in such abasiama circumstances. It can only be God. Kaylah should not just leave stinger in that situation because after this meeting, it’s stinger’s destruction. Kaylah should persist to help him get out of the part of destruction.

  35. Hmmm! Abasama with her lost twin. I strongly believe that at the end of this story Kaylah will get married to Malcom beccause of the love he has for her and Stinger will go back home to take over the throne that belongs to him.

  36. Their Destiny is really twisted.
    Abasiama is with her long lost twins
    kaylah won’t leave stinger she will be with him but it will v dangerous for her.
    With time Abasiama will tell stinger her story.
    happy Sunday Adelove crew

  37. Stinger would not allow her to stay. As for Abasiama the job is dangerous even though it’s now leading her to what she has been praying for. next pls

  38. I think kaylah shuld leave stinger for now but she shouldn’t let any1 knw abt who he is nt even her family while der keep talking on phone. Abasiama made d right choice 4 taken the job @ list she will get to knw who stinger really is. Good morning all

  39. Kaylah should leave stinger for now and later find a better way of talking home out of such life, staying there with might get bloody if the army eventually locate the hideout.
    Abasiama is close to discovering her children. She should keep her new job.

  40. 9c one, kaylar wil go nd dia mother got a gud bt dangerous one nd she will soon find out dey’re his children . bt I hope dey wont b arrested ooooo cos can stinger be free frm all he has committed ?

  41. Kaylah should leave stinger for now and later find a better way of talking him out of such life, it may get bloody and dangerous for her if the army eventually locate the hideout. Abasiama is close to discovering her children. She should keep her new job. There is hope for her

  42. She shud go bck to her duties but still try to keep in contact with him.As for the woman..she is their mum.Everything works together for good.. her job is God sent job.

  43. I think after much persuasion and promises to be contacting her from stinger she must have to go…and as for Abasiama, Kayla may take her along to stay with her…

  44. Kayla will go forcefully since the demand has been met. Abasiama will learn of who Stinger is and Kayla will be told her own side of the story of how she was adopted. Abasiama will tell Stinger her own story and how the twins were abandoned in the river and her search for them. That way Stinger will know who she is

  45. abasiama will leta get to know DAT stinger is her son by asking him some question or wen she told him d reason she was there in there place, dey will get to know each other.
    while kaylah is still there at efiok place she will get to hear abasiama story n wen she get home n hear wat r patent get to say about her den she will know d truth, or doubt DAT abasiama might be her mum.
    yes kaylah will have to leave stinger’s place.

  46. Kaylah would try to take Stinger along. Stinger may have problems with his gang but he will overcome. Abasiama will come to know her children in the course of her job. They will all try to leave the bunker. FATE

  47. Happy sunday adelove fans and crew. Wow! Faith I say has crossed path indeed. Union I await. woooooooOoooooooooooooooooh!!!!! Dis suspence is killing, next pls.

  48. Kaylah might not want to go but stinger will not allow her to stay, she will go but she will be back for him……. The job is good for Abasiama cos there she will learn alot and probably the things she will learn will bring her close to her children…. Good morning house and thanks adelove, u are the best…..

  49. Let Kaylah leave Stinger for now, if Stinger later know that Abasiama is his mother he will come around and change. Adelove happy Sunday

  50. i think kaylah should go first at least to reassure her family that she is okay but keep in touch with stinger.Abasiama made the right and should listen to her heart.i hope kaylah takes her along as she goes.

  51. Kaylah may leave temporarily but will be communicating with him on phone then for Abasiama, she may go with Kaylah. More grease to ur elbow Adelove

  52. I pray Kaylah doesn’t leave Stinger. They should get to know themselves more and talk about their lives in front of Abasiama. Abasiama should now open up to say her reasons for coming to Ibibio while Stinger and Kaylah are present.

  53. Kaylah shouldn’t leave Stinger, if she does, that will be the end of him because a trap has been set for him by the military.
    I’m quite sure Malcom has made an agreement with the military to move in on Stinger and his men, once Kaylah has been released.
    I’m happy for Abasiama, with her new job, she’s found her twins, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

  54. Kaylah should leave stinger for
    now and later find a better way of
    talking him out of such life… See the family together but never knew they are..

  55. its a tough one adelove but I guess she just ve to leave for the time bin so as not to trigger more tension to her parents. as for them reuniting again……that’s for sure and with their mother with them.

  56. She won’t go…even if she is been released, she will still get in touch with stinger.
    They mother will continue with her Job.

  57. Adelove u are just too much. Am beginning to see light at d end of d tunnel for Abasiama, stinger and kaylah. Thumb up adelove and crew

  58. I don’t think kaylah should leave stinger because the have this bold that held them together though they r twin but unknown to them, even if the leave each other fate will bring them back and as for abasiama she is in the right house unknown to her too.

  59. Abasiama and her twins but not yet revealed. Kay has d feelings that Ifiok has a ghud heart and she won’t give up on him till he becomes a better person. Kay shud go and return later for Ifiok. Ghud morning Adelove

  60. Kayla should leave him for now & try to Look for a way out to help get out of his dirty Job, my only hope now is for Abasiama to know that they are her children.

  61. Kaylay should go first but need to keep in touch with Stinger because the Army is on the look out for them. Abasiama’s job is nice and destiny will take its course.

  62. Definitely kaylah must go home she can’t stay there with stinger, stinger will ask abasiaba to go with kaylah or he will rent a small apartment for her unknown mother.

  63. Kaylah will sure help Ifiok out of his world of illusions, Abasiama is likely to tell them the story of her twins that were separated from her and Ifiok will get to kn dat is his mother then the lookout for the other twin will set in.

  64. What! Kaylah did I hear u say u don’t want to go? like seriously? Abasiama’s job I a good step in taking care if her son in a awkward way unknown to both of them that they are mother and son

  65. Kaylah will never give up on Stinger,though she will leave but will still keep in touch..Abasiama,s new job will help her and the children rekindle a relationship and unite later as family….Thanks Adelove..

  66. Kaylar should go for now atleast so the people that paid her ramson will know she is okay, after she can come from time to time to see Stinger and Abasiama. Abasiama should maintain the job because this is divine connection

  67. Suspense!!!! Wish Adelove can jump to the concluding part, cos am getting more impatience to know the fate of the three characters in this story.

  68. I think Kyla should go, because if the army find the whereabouts of Stinger, he may not survive it, Abasiama’s job is a good one, things may turn arround for her good but she can be used against Stinger

  69. Kaylah should try to persuade Stinger to change his ways, she shouldn’t leave him. Abasiama’s job OS the only link to knowing her children whom she has already found by she is so ignorant about

  70. Seems Abasiama is enjoying her new job not knowing they are her children, think Kaylah shouldn’t leave for her to save her brother.

  71. No matter what happens in life, there is life when there is hope, Stinger will still leave his treading destiny to his real one, it will just take a time, Abasiama should continue with the job, she will smile at last.kaylah just have to leave the place

  72. kaylah should go and get stinger contact so that they can still be talking and that may change his mind,abaisima need to focus on her new job because that is only she can get the truth

  73. kaylah should stay behind and make stinger leave his bad ways. abasiama new found job will help her realise that her employers are actually her children

  74. kaylah should stay behind so stinger could change his ways. abasiama new job will make her realise her missing children

  75. Kaylah should go cus Stinger is not safe, on one hand is d Nigerian army on d oda is Assasino, Abasiama on her own side should keep her job, it make her close to her son although she’s not safe as well

  76. Reunion! Ifoik will tell them his life story,how he was thrown into the river and was picked and taken to orphanage. Then Abasiama will know his son.

  77. I think Kaylah should leave Stinger for sometime but try keep in touch with him so as to change him for better I believe Abasiama and her new job will help Stinger to feel the need for a mother figure in his life and might even make him end up drawing close to her and opening up about his past to her

  78. kayla shudnt leave stinger ooo. she shud stay back or if she leaves she shud find a way to communicate with him. Abasiama is in d right place. destiny has brought her closer to her children

  79. Kayla will go back home, abasiamas job is okay she should keep it but this 1 dat asassino was not shot I think stinger has problem

  80. she should wait a bit.at least that will make abasiama fulfill her mission probably see a birth mark to know they are her children.and she got a good job of taking care of kayla

  81. I hope in the process of their discussion and persuasion, they might tell a little of their story, I hope Abasiama would be listening. Buh all the same, wherever Stinger goes, Abasiama and Kay goes. The truth will prevail at last. Next episode please…Adelove…intriguing story…well done

  82. Stinger shuld force kaylar to leave either by pleading or forcefully bt promised to b intouch wit eachother. Abasiama job is okay cus she is @ a door step to her destination. Even abasiama may leave stinger to go care for kaylar wit his approval cus mainly he accepted her in other to take care of kaylar. Happy sunday to all

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  84. If kaylar leaves now she might live to regret it as its so clear that destiny is playing a trick on them. So i suggest she dont leave but stay to discover whom he really is. Cudos adelove

  85. Kyalah needs to leave as there is no point trying to convince Stinger by her presence.
    Abasiama is in midst of the people she desperately wants. Maybe a little more prodding and she’ll get her answers

  86. Though Kaylah is not concern about the ranson that was paid but was more concern about who stinger has become and will love to talk him out of that way of life. But she need to leave that place at the moment, she can always find a way to communicate him.
    For Abasiama, Blood they said is thicker than water, she can feel it and her new job is a step closer to finding her twins. (Though she is with her twins a while ago without knowing it).

  87. kaylah will go home but before she will leave she will have to collect his contact from him in other to communicate with him

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