(Episode 11) Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies

Stinger: “You don’t have a choice; I will carry you if I have to. Come on” Kaykah walked with him, and they left the bunker. When she climbed out, she was stunned and disoriented. There was sun in the sky, it was day. She walked tentatively as Stinger guided her steps to the waiting Hiace truck.

She got in and two men secured her on either sides, While Stinger sat in front, with Assasino as the driver. They drove to the Jetty and stayed in the car. Stinger needed to send someone out to scout the area, peradventure; the army had set a trap for them. He couldn’t go because he didn’t trust Assasino with Kaylah, so he chose one of the men to go. But unknown to him, the man he chose was an informant for the army. He was called Scorpio. Scorpio went out of the truck and walked forward, looking back every while at the truck as he walked farther away from the jetty. At the last minute, Sting sighted a man dressed in plainclothes, but he could swear, he had a rifle concealed in his long coat, he could make out the pistol grip.

Stinger: “Go go go” he yelled, just as the front windscreen shattered. He turned and saw Assasino had fallen on the steering wheel, and blood gushing from a hole in his head. He quickly pushed him away from the wheel and began to control the vehicle. All the while, Kaylah was screaming. Stinger turned the vehicle around and drove back the way they came. He decided he would take Kaylah to another location instead, she could just find her way back to her family. He cared too much, see where it got him.

Stinger: “Shut the fuck up” he shouted when Kaylah would not stop screaming.

They drove for a long time and it seemed that they had lost their assailants; Stinger stopped the truck abruptly and alighted. He opened the back door and pulled Kaylah out.

Stinger: “Just a few meters away you will find a hotel, go in and ask them to help you make a call so that your people can come and get you”

Kaylah: “Ifiok” she called as he walked away, she held on to the truck but Stinger did not look back, he turned the ignition and sped away in a haze of dust. Kaylah still stood there shouting his name, even after the truck had disappeared from sight. She began to weep when she thought of the fact that she might never see him again. She held herself tightly as if she was trying to prevent the pieces of her broken heart to fall out of her chest.

Malcolm was waiting for any news of his sister, the tech guys he was working with, were still tracing the money from the off shore account, to its final destination. But he was pensive, what if they took the money and just killed his sister. He paced up and down the living room. The house felt too big and lonely, his parents were in India for his mother’s surgery, Kaylah was with her abductors who may not release her, but kill her. He broke down in tears, and that was the time Nadia chose to show up.

Nadia: “Oh my God, I am so sorry; I didn’t know you were in this state. The gateman let me in” she said and rushed to hug him. Malcolm sniffed and wiped his face with the sleeve of his shirt.

Malcolm: “I am just overwhelmed. My parents are in India for my mother’s surgery. We have paid the money but we have not been contacted, am so frustrated and worried sick” he replied

Nadia: “I am here now. What can I do?”

Malcolm: “You could help find…” he was interrupted as breaking news came on air.

News anchor: “Today, near the Qua Iboe jetty, a group of militants were accosted by the Nigerian army. Two have been confirmed dead, there was a lady in the truck with them. An informant who is or was a member of this group told the army that the kidnapped beauty queen was being taken to a drop off point as at the time of the assault”

Malcolm: “Oh my God, I have to leave now” he said and hurried out of the house.

Nadia: “Go, go save your sister, when you are back, we will see if you can save her from me” she said and sat on the couch, looking around the big living room with disgust.

Kaylah had walked all the way to Esit Eket , she had removed the pair of slip on she had on when she was abducted and walked on barefoot. Her legs were sore and blistered by the time she got to Esit Eket. She located a guest inn, and asked for a phone.

Receptionist: “Madam no vex me this hot afternoon oh, you keep phone for here. You think say the world dey revolve around your fine face” the male receptionist said angrily. A guest was passing by and heard the receptionist, he stopped and scolded him.

Guest: “Is that how you talk to your customers? Show some respect”

Receptionist: “Hay God, see me see wahala oh, trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am. Customer or not, I go change am for you oh if you no waka away” he said blinking his eyes. The guest was about to make a retort, but he looked at him properly and saw that he was a cross dresser.

Guest: “No wonder, waste of time. Young lady what do you need?”

Receptionist: “Na your papa, your papa papa, in fact all your generations na waste of time and waste of space”. He shouted, blinking his long lashes. Neither the guest nor Kaylah paid him any heed.

Kaylah: “A phone. I have just been released by my kidnappers; I have to reach my family”

Receptionist: “Ha madam, na you be Miss Lagos wey dem kidnap, ewe, sorry oh. Abeg, take phone call” he said and extended the land phone to Kayla.

Guest: “Wow”

Receptionist: “Please mister man, I thought you were checking out, drop the key and be on your way” he said in clear English. This got both Kaylah and the guest surprised. Kaylah had tried her parents’ number, none was connecting, so she tried her brother’s number as a last resort.

Malcolm had called all the people he knew in top position who could give him intel about the whereabouts of his sister, but none knew, the militants are escaped when the army accosted them. There was a general outcry against the actions of the army, people came on television to condemn the army, even SGI, threatened to sue the Nigerian army. But all these was not what Malcom wanted, he wanted his sister back. He was in his car, thinking of the next step to take when his phone rang.

Malcolm: “Hello” he listened as the voice on the other end shakily asked him to come to Esit Eket.

Malcom: “Kaylah, I am coming right away. Stay inside the guest inn and don’t move an inch” he said and turned the ignition.


Stinger, when Scorpio did not contact him, he knew he had been betrayed yet again, in a different way. He communicated with the other groups scattered all over Eket and Ibeno, that there has been a compromise and everyone should lay low. He decided to hurry to the bank and cash some of the money so he could distribute to the group. The money had been wired from the Cayman account through Switzerland, to his PBC bank account. He entered the building wearing a hood and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses, and walked straight to his account officer who was in on the deal and had a percentage cut from the money. The young man who was his account officer refused to pay heed to him; he stood up immediately and left his work station. Stinger was still wondering at his behavior when he felt a hand on his arm. He turned round and stared into the face of an aboki soldier.

Soldier: “You move I shoot you” he said in heavily accented English. Stinger closed his eyes in defeat, after being so invincible he had been caught. He cursed the day he met Kaylah, where before she had brought him good memories, this time, she had brought him nothing but bad luck. He raised his hands up in surrender. Two other soldiers, heavily kitted pushed him along, with their gun trained on him.

Question: What is going to be Stinger’s fate now that he has been caught? What does Nadia have in store for Kaylah again?

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    • Oh, what a twisted destinies. If the foundation is broken, what can a righteous do. Their destiny was thwarted by a stupid culture. What a touching story.

      Well done Adelove

  1. stinger will face the law though he might be pardoned if kaylah steps in. Hmmmm Nadia what else can she have in store for kaylah if not evil. any which way actor no dey lose for film.

  2. Kylah ll come to rescue Stinger from the army with the testimony of how he helped her and as for that Nadia,I no she want to pull kylah down but God pass am Shaa….It is getting hotter!!!

  3. I pray nothing happens to stinger, but as for Nadia, the wicked shall die.

    To Adelove and crew I wish you guys could hold a semina anywhere in Nigeria so I can see you face to face with that opportunity to express my gratitude to you, I can’t just imagine someone I don’t know making me happy without paying a dime, abeg endless blessings awaits you guys.

  4. He’s gonna be paid wit his own coin
    & Nadia once a looser will always be a looser wen u’re not doing tins right
    Adelove na u biko

  5. I can’t tell what will be stinger’s fate now that he has been arrested, as for Nadia maybe she want to tell kaylah her real identity

  6. Hmmn…I didn’t expect this part o…I don’t even know what to think anymore…well, it could b a way to redeem Ifiok. What now happens to Abasiama

  7. There is no problem without it own solution be it good or bad. it won’t be easy for stinger to get out the problem just like because it’s a criminal offence except by the special Grace of Almighty.

  8. Kaylah will defend Stinger while Nadia will tell her kaylah about her true parentage that she was an Orphan and not Malcolm’s blood sister but am sure Kaylah won’t be detected

  9. Oh gosh!! I saw dis coming. He wll go to court if found guilty he wll serve his punishment dats if he is not executed but i pray dat wt kayla’s influence he wll be free again. Nadia can not do more than a dead rat. Nxt episode pls

  10. Stinger will go behind bars. But will later be free. Nadia with her evil mind will find a way to harm kaylah but will still nt succeed.

  11. Stinger’s fate wont be that bad, he’ll eventually come out of darkness, Nadia has evil plans for Kaylah but i believe God will continue to save Kaylah & put Nadia to shame.

  12. the law will have to take it course.maybe with kayla testimony the number of years will be reduce.nadia wont be able to bring kayla down.she will only shame herself

  13. Kaylah will try her possible best to free him and he might end up getting a light sentence or be killed, it all depends on how far or cruel he has been…… Nadia will use the letter she saw against Kaylah, guess that Kaylah’s true origin in it…..

  14. Well, the law will take its cause on stinger, but he would be shown mercy because kyla will intervene, Nadia may think of poisoning kyla or turning her brother against her

  15. He will be punished but Kayla will come to his aid. Nadia thinks Kayla won’t come back alive but for the mercy of God. Nadia still nurse the idea of killing Kayla but she won’t succeed

  16. He will face the law and serve punishment. Kaylah can help him so that the sentence can be reduced.
    Whatever Nadia is planning against Kaylah will not work.
    Adelove the suspense is becoming too much ooo.

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  18. stinger is definitely going to serve his jail term after which he will be rehabilitated and reunite with kaylah and mum. Nadia is gonna taunt kaylah about being adopted or something like that

  19. Oh Stinger, it’s a pity but I think Kaylah will fight for your release. Nadia will try to poison Kaylah but will fail

  20. Stinger ll be sentenced to prison, Nadia might try to poison kaylah,but she won’t succeed, her greed n evil mind ll not let her rest until she has fallen into d trap she set for kaylah

  21. Nadia is trying to blackmail Malcolm about his relationship with Kaylah. Stinger will face the law but Kaylah will come to his defense. They will be united with their mother.

  22. Good Afternoon AL & Fs,

    Whao! Well Stinger will have to face the law now but with some divine providence obtain pardon sooner.

    Nadia on the other hand will not quit fighting Kaylah- the note she found days back would be put to good use.


  23. Kaylah has regain her freedom, while Stinger is on his way to prison.
    Nadia on her part will still try hard to downfalls Kaylah, bt will be eventually unfortunate……….
    Weldon Adelove.

  24. eyaaah! stinger might be convicted or escape. nadia is a failure and she will always be. no good has come from her except evil, betrayal and jealousy.

  25. Stinger will have to face the music. It’s a cross for him to carry. Nadia will be exposed and more shame awaits her.

  26. Stinger will face the law but Kaylah will intervene and testify on how he treated her so he will be released… Nadia is back because of the pink paper she found thinking is what she will use to destroy Kaylah this time

  27. Stinger will serve some years in prison but later be released with the help of kaylah , as for nadia she may end up killing herself if she did not desist from her evil plan against kaylah.

  28. hmmmmmm adelove so twisted even to a level that no one can predict what will happen next except you and your crew member,you are too much,kaylah wiil come to his rescue and use all her power and influence to save stinger and for Nadia she will soon meet her waterloo and fail in all her plans for kaylah

  29. Stinger wld b persecuted, kayla wld do as much as she can to make sure he gets mercy. Adelove na una biko oooo, boring football matches today but interesting Adelove stories to make up.

  30. By some weird miracle Stinger might escape. Nadia may have only found out that Kyalah was adopted which will not threaten her in any way

  31. The only thing that will happen to Stinger is that he will go to jail and become a changed person through the help of Kayla .Malcom will see Kayla.Nadia will meet her waterloo.As for Abasiama , she will locate her twins no doubt.

  32. He will be shown mercy on Kaylah’s insistence.
    Nadia will want Kaylah to forfeit her crown based on blackmail of what she found in Malcom’s room

  33. Stinger is all over the game is over now, time up. But might be given a second chance if Kaylah steps in the case. As for Nadia to Kaylah, Her evil intentions towards Kaylah still in fresh.

  34. Stinger will be locked up for some questioning before deciding on his fate. I think Nadia wants to blackmail Kaylay with whatever information she have found out.

  35. Its sure that stinger will be convicted but i for one knows that kaylar will step in to state her side of the story on what role he played in saving her during her abduction. And she will fight for his release after knowing more about their bond as twins of same fate.
    As for Nadia she will met a waterloo as she plan on black
    mailling kaylar of being an
    illegitimate daughter of mr. And
    mrs. Assenga. Adelove u r super.

  36. Hmm stinger will be detained by the army but he will be release, he won’t be killed. Nadia will reveal the secret to Kaylah that she’s not the biological sister of Malcolm and that will break Kaylah heart.

  37. Kaylah will rescue stinger. Nadia wants to use the piece of information she got from Malcom’s room against Kaylah but it will backfire on her.

  38. What the f*ck… Kaylah ll come to stinger’s rescue bt he has to undergo some punishment before then sha…. This Nadlah of a thing is nothing but and evil full of hatred and enviness…such a pathetic pretender.. God have mercy on your children ooo

  39. stinger will find his way out and will became a better person. will pretend that she really miss kyalah after which she will try another plan but would nt succeed again

  40. Stinger will face the law but maybe convicted as for Nadia she found out that the Assangs are not Kaylah’s biological parents.

  41. Stinger will get punished and might serve a gail term but will later be freed…. I think Nadia found out that kaylah is not really one of the Asangas and she knows that will break her on hearing that.

  42. I believe kaylas will see him on news and come to his rescue but their mum how will she see him again being close to her children yet didn’t know them God help her

  43. No,stinger will not be purnished 4 long,thou he lived a dangerous life bt it was caused by d government. Nadia as find a way to destroy kaylar repition bt kaylar honesty will triumph ova it.

  44. Stinger will face the court of law and if kaykah should help him the justice can still give him little punishment and as for Nadia her plan will not come to pass.God bless you Adelove

  45. Its certain DAT stinger will b persecuted but kaylah will com in for him and d for dat Nadia of a girl, I know she has com to blackmail Malcolm but she has failed woefully. Nice one Adelove so much suspense I can’t wait for d next episode

  46. Kaylah will rescue stinger. Nadia d Devil
    wants to use the piece of
    information she got from Malcom’s
    room against Kaylah but it will
    backfire on her. kudos Adelove

  47. Stinger might escape surprisingly from d soldier o and will probably surrender himself again much later of which kayla and abasiama have a role to play. Nadia will probably reveal a secrete dat might want to tear the family apart(kayla adoption or malcoms past) but she wont succeed.

  48. Stinger will pay for his crime but Kayla will intercede for him. just curious as to who will tell queen Abasiama stingers where about. Nadia will never succeed! Adelove well done. next episode please

  49. Stinger will be persecuted and put to jail but not for long because Kayla will testify on how he helped her. Nadia is always plotting evil, now is the time she’ll put to use what she found in that letter, making Kayla to find out that she’s adopted and also revealing Malcolm’s feeling for her. Even if she goes to the press she will eventually fail because Kayla has already won the heart of the people

  50. Its a pity that Stinger was caught, i believe he will be rescured somehow and as for Nadia i know the envelop she took from Malcolm room that day has something to do with Kaylar but she wont succed with her plot

  51. intriguing,is time for stinger to pay for his crime,I hope kaylah helps him out.Nadia may burn herself in her bid to harm kaylah.hope all her plans fail

  52. Stinger will surely go to jail. Kaylah will try to help him out n as for Nadia her evil plans won’t wrk. Adelove una weldon oh but me nt happy oh I dnt always get my meg on time I dnt knw if its 4rm my end or urs pls help check it out 4 me tnx

  53. Stinger will escape hopefully…..Nadia found sometin in Malcom’s drawer d oda day nd it wsnt revealed. she will probably use it against malcom as a blackmail 2 date her, against Kayler or her entire foster family

  54. Hmmm…Stinger will undergo trial buh Kaylah will testify in his favour. Nadia’s intentions might not pull through because Kaylah has already captured the hearts of the people especially the children; Nadia might intend to tarnish Kay’s image with the pink paper she found in Malcon’s room. However, this would only bring the twins closer to their mother

  55. Stinger might offer the army men money and they will let him go. As for Nadia, she can only offer Kaylay evil. She is of no use at all. She should better accept defeat. but been a coward she will be blaming her failure on Kaylay

  56. Stinger is gonna face the law, bt wit the help of kaylah, he might be shown mercy.. As for Nadia, i think she wants to break the news about the DNA result she found he Malcolms room to kaylah or to the press.

  57. Hmmmn.. I hope Stinger will be released as for nadia she’s going to use d document she found in malcom’s room against her but her evil plan will backfire

  58. Stinger will face the law but by the help of Kaylah his punishment will be reduced. Nadia will try to poison Kaylah but will not succeed.

  59. Thank God that kaylah is safe….. Stinger will be punish but with the help of kaylah he would be free….Nadia won’t succeed in every plan she is about to plan

  60. Stinger will be arrested, detained and would be made to face the law.
    Nadia will want to use a piece of paper found in malcon’s room against kaylah.

  61. Kaylah will rescue Stinger and they will know there mother. Nadia is about to blackmail Kaylah, but am very sure that she is going to fail.

  62. I think he is going to be locked up first…and kayla is going to be his saviour by telling them the story of his life from the begining and what led him to crime…and finally, she is going to advocate for him to be granted amnesty…..and as for nadia, she is already loser…

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