Makarfi Faction Wants Dismissed Police Officers Reinstated

The Ahmed Makarfi-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party has called for the reinstatement of the six police officers who were dismissed on Friday over their alleged unethical behaviour during the December 10 legislative rerun election in Rivers State.

Until their sacking, the policemen were attached to the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike.

The Police authority said the dismissed officers behaved unethically during the rerun election.

Before their dismissal, they were given orderly room trial during which they were found guilty.

However, the PDP in a statement on Saturday in Abuja, condemned in strong terms the dismissal of the six police officers.

Spokesperson for the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led caretaker committee, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, said the offense adduced for their secret trial and subsequent dismissal was a mere concoction and a ruse.

He alleged that the dismissal was a pointer that there was a planned rigging of the election.

Adeyeye said, “The hurried dismissal of these policemen is another valid pointer to the pre-election rigging plans and the assassination attempt on Governor Wike by the All Progressives Congress-led administration before the December 10, 2016 rerun elections in Rivers State.

“It will be recalled that the Nigeria Police Force withdrew over 70 percent of its personnel deployed in Rivers State Government House and the Chief Security Officer to the governor few days to the elections.

“It is obvious by this latest action that the APC-led administration after the failed assassination attempt on Wike, decided to punish the six police officers who defended their oath of office and job ethics by refusing to carry out the hatchet plans.”



  1. PmB is worse than OBJ . Nigeria is cursed
    Politics of bitterness and hate
    Why dismissed police officers who did not commit any offense. By escorting the governor to collation center is now an offense . Chai what a country ! From one tyrant and clueless president to another
    Nigeria is cursed
    Worse now all the so called human rights activists are silent …

  2. Marty. Did you read the police reason for the trial & dismissal? They were not dismissed for escorting the governor but for using fire arms at polling/ collation centre against earlier directive by the police authority. What would have happened if other officials also encourage their escorts to do the same? And you know what the governor & the others would have been protected but commoners would have been the victim. Wike or no Wike, people in authority should not behave as if they are above the law. It is unfortunate that Wike distroyed the career of these men. Let us see how he will now use state resources to restore them. Power is transient. He can only use the state resources for them for absolute 8 years. What happens after that? Career people should not allow politicians to destroy their career.

  3. I advise that we get the facts right rather than playing to sentiments. They were dismissed for unruly behavior, including freely using firearms at polling centers and storming a collation center with the governor, where multiple rounds were fired again. They were investigated, were confirmed to have indeed fired shots from their guns without any reason to do so. Can we count how many people have been killed in Nigeria in the past, and the police simply hid under the term “stray bullets”, when there was in fact no reason to shoot in the first instance? Why take the lives of citizens with bullets bought by their taxes for their protection in the first instance? How many people have been harassed, assaulted or killed in Nigeria by the same police force in the past without anybody even acknowledging that a report was filed? Have we not heard audios of the same governor threatening that INEC officials will not leave the state alive? Will you also call that witch hunting if it is investigated? Let people be held accountable for their deeds please. Being in opposition is not an acceptable excuse for unruly conducts.

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