APGA BoT Member Gives Single Ingredient For Igbo Presidency In Nigeria

A member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State, Rommy Ezeonwuka said an Igbo president could only be possible if the people of the South East region forged a bond of unity.

In a statement at the weekend, Ezeonwuka said the divide among Igbo was widening by the day, a problem that should worry all right thinking Igbo persons.

“The day we begin to see ourselves as one, speaking with a voice, then we would be able to produce a president. It is with this one voice that we, as a people can put an end to perceived marginalisation. Other regions of the country spoke with one voice and they got president, so, why should ours be different? We have so many who are much qualified to rule this nation. All we need is to agree and pick one person,” he said.

Ezeonwuka lauded Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano for taking the state to greater heights. He said the governor’s first term in office has made Anambra a state to be emulated by  all.

“Good things come to those who are patient. The governor told the people to be patient and they did. Today, Anambra people have everything to be thankful for. The state is number one in education, infrastructure, agriculture and security.

“This is the simple reason Obiano’s second term bid is unquestionable. He has done so well and the people are happy with him. Let others come and learn from him,” he said.

He called on all to support the governor so that more can be achieved by the end of 2021, urging  Igbo, in their quiet time to remember and say a prayer for those who were no longer with them. He said even in developed nations, prayers are held for the dead.


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