CAN criticizes new regulation that made Adeboye resign

The Christian Association of Nigeria has criticized the regulation that forced former General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye into bowing out in Nigeria.

Adeboye disclosed his retirement as the head of the church in Nigeria as a result of the new legal requirements set up by the Financial Regulations Council, guiding all registered churches, mosques, and CSOs demanding the heads of non profit organisations like churches now have a maximum period of twenty years to lead their organizations while in retirement, they are not permitted to hand over to their families.

Following Adeboye’s resignation, the Church in Nigeria is now to be led by Pastor Joseph Obayemi.

Reacting to the development on Sunday, CAN stated that the law, regulating the tenure of the heads of not-for-profit and religious organisations, was created to weaken the church in the country.

The National Director, Legal and Public Affairs, CAN, Kwamkur Samuel, argued that a similar law, which compelled churches in Nigeria to surrender their mission schools, built by missionaries and churches to government, had been introduced in the past.

Samuel stated, “From the look of the law, it seems to have been enacted with a good motive to regulate the excesses of not-for-profit organisations in Nigeria and ensure prudent management of offices and resources.

“But in practical terms, we feel strongly that the law is targeted at weakening the church in Nigeria and ensure that the generals of the church, who have the vision of developing the church, are pulled off to make churches and members vulnerable to attacks.

“It is difficult for the church to keep quiet on such laws.

“While, as Christians, we are admonished by the Holy Bible to respect and be obedient to constituted authorities in our nation, we are sure it is in response and respect for this admonition that our highly-esteemed father, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, decided to resign his headship of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.’’

He added, “We will consult widely and study the law further and the future implications in line with our vision and calling as pastors, implications on our followers, and the motive of the law before taking the appropriate measures of clearly stating our opinion for or against the law to the authorities.

“Adeboye is not just a Redeemed Church pastor but a mentor, counsellor and distant pastor to a lot of Christians and non-Christians in Nigeria and the world over. We understand the news will take many by surprise but the fact that he remains the General Overseer (Worldwide) is enough consolation to most of us.”



  1. I differ strongly from the view of this revered gentleman regarding the weakening of the church because of a man of God being retired. Apostle Paul commended quite a number of churches he help Jumpstart for the continued growth in spiritual matters. Paul was in prison for sometime and the church still grew so why should our own churches weaken because the overseer steps down. Was the church built by him or by God. As long as we can validate the spirit working in a church as being of God then it matters not who presides, the anointing of God remains. The challenge I’m seeing is fauthfuls had unknowingly been worshipping the overseer instead of seeing him as merely a channel for God’s work. How sad for such fauthfuls. “If Christ should return will he find faith on the earth?”

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