(Episode 13) Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies

Kaylah threw herself on the chair, gaped at Malcolm, who still felt the sting of her anger as he rubbed the part of the cheek where her vicious slap had landed.

Malcolm: “Can we get going?” he managed to say.

Kaylah still angry,

Kaylah: “What happens to Ifiok?”

Malcolm could hardly believe his ears; was he in a reverie or had Kaylah lost touch with sanity.

Malcolm: “What happens to a criminal?”

Kaylah: “He is not a criminal!”

He shook his head and threw the hands in the air,

Malcolm: “Then, please, tell me, is kidnapping not a criminal offence?” she rested her head on the chair as he folded the arms.

Tears, steaming, rolled down her cheeks and it burnt her cheeks. Malcolm sat close to her, he knew she was angry but didn’t know her to calm her down. In silence they just sat looking opposite directions. At that moment she hated Malcolm. Why would he do that? She thought. After thirty minutes of silence Kaylah decided to use the axe to break the frozen silence,

Kaylah: “I am going back home. I won’t stay here in Lagos!”

Malcolm perplexed,

Malcolm: “What?”

Kaylah: “Yes! I’m staying back to fight and I must sort for ways of proving to the world that Ifiok isn’t a top criminal!”

Malcolm with words stolen by the insane decision shook his head,

“You don’t have to say anything!”

She stood up dragging the handle of her bag and flung it on the shoulders.

Malcolm heaved, stood up and jacked his bag too,

Malcolm: “ I’m staying with you!” she bite her lower lips, nodded and they left the airport.
They flew back home, and in the cab,  she sat with the thoughts of Ifiok weaving in and out of her mind.  She rested her head on the window of the car. They were both seated at the back,

Malcolm: “I’m sorry!” he grabbed her hand; she nodded in a vigorous manner, “ I didn’t know his arrest would get to you this way!” he added with a pinch of jealousy. Was she in love with Ifiok? He thought. He couldn’t stand the sight of Kaylah marrying another man. For a long time, he had been itching for the opportunity to tell her the truth about her real parents. He knew his parents adopted her.  He had found out the day he was looking for some credentials in his parents room when he stumbled on the papers- the adoption papers. Into her eyes, he stared crazing for her lips and wishing he could just tell her, “Baby,marry me!” that would sound absurd to the world who believe they are siblings but to him that would be the ideal thing to do for they are lovers. He was in love with her and that was a feeling he wasn’t ready to forget about.

Kaylah: “I’m sorry too!”she slide into his arms, “I’m sorry for over reacting!” he rubbed her hair and placed his nose on it.

Malcolm: “ Are you in love with Ifiok?” he couldn’t hold it anymore.

She raised her head, peered into his eyes and smiled at him,

Kaylah: “You think so?” smiled again.

She could smell jealousy from afar whenever she saw one. The question exposed Malcom’s ignorance and he felt shy like one who had displayed a little form of childishness. He grinned,

‘No, I’m not!” she smiled and returned the head to where it was.


Getting to the house they were shocked to hear that their parents were back. It was Bassey, the gateman that told me. It was supposed to be a surprise.

Bassey: “ Ah, una don come back?” he expressed his shock to see them back for they had bade him good bye that they were going to Lagos.

Kaylah smiled and Malcolm who most times flared up at Bassey who had the knack for unnecessary questioning replied,

Malcolm: “We changed our mind!”

Bassey: “Okay o!” he locked the gate, “Oka and Maram don come back iyo!” he said in his funny accent.

They were surprised, “Really?” they chorused.

He nodded and added,

Bassey: “Jus’ na! Jus na!”

Malcolm sighed as Kaylah dashed into the room, screaming,

Kaylah: “Mummy! Daddy!” she barged into the room and flung herself on her mother who was sitting. They both landed on the bed in a tight embrace. Her father smiled. The mother and daughter were in sobs, “I missed you mum!”

Mrs Assanga: “I missed you, baby!” she cuddled her.

Mr Assanga: “There’s no need for the tears!” as he sat by the edge of the bed.

Malcolm: “Welcome dad,” he had just entered.

They hugged each other,

Mr Assanga: “Thank you for handling your sister’s case with maturity!”

Malcolm: “If I don’t take care of her. Who would?”

Kaylah and Mrs Assanga were seated as they all broke into giggles,

Kaylah: “Go joor!” she pushed him away as he stroked her cheek.

He hugged his mother,

Malcom: “So happy to have you back, mum!” he kissed her fore head.

Mrs Assanga: “I couldn’t be happier baby!” She drew Kaylah closer as the three of them were knitted in an embrace.

Mr Assanga: “and doesn’t daddy deserve some sugars too?” he said with arms opened as they rush at him.

They sat on the bed together. Their parents narrated how their journey was and how the operation was done successfully, “I almost died of tension just like when your mother was in labour with you…” Mrs Assanga grunted and he stopped,he was looking at Malcolm who in turn looked towards Kaylah who was carried away by the warmth of Mrs Assanga’s embrace.

Kaylah jumped out of bed,

Kaylah: “Lemme quickly prepare your favourite Afang soup!”

She argued with her parents who said they would all go and eat out. Malcolm and Kaylah insisted she cooks for them.

As they both went out of the room, Nadia jerked from the couch. She had been in the house for close to an hour. They were taken aback,

Malcolm stood in her face, grinding the teeth,

Malcolm: “What are you doing here again?”

Nadia giving a mischievous smile,

Nadia: “I came for the last time before going ahead to do that which is the needful, “ she gesticulated.

They were both fuming,

Malcolm: “What part of hell do you belong?” Nadia smirked.

Kaylah moved closer as they stared into each other’s eyes,

Kaylah: “Go to hell!”

Nadia moved away smiling,

Nadia: “my terms are simple gimme your title and the story of incest, “ she smiled looking at the tow of them, “wouldn’t see the light of the day or else…”

Malcolm was done. He wouldn’t stand and listen to the poisonous Nadia spread venom all over the house. She was trying to hurt Kaylah but he wouldn’t let that happen.

Malcolm: “Oh,else what?”

They had dragged themselves to the dining area where their voices wouldn’t be heard.

Nadia: “Use the information I have to bring you all down!”

Kaylah was afraid she didn’t know what to do. Was she to plead with Nadia or just let her have the crown?

Malcolm: “Please, go ahead!”

Nadia looked at him, was he serious at all?  Kaylah looked at him too, “Yes, please, go ahead!” Kaylah pinched him it was a plea so he wouldn’t provoke the demons in Nadia- he had damned the consequences; the opportunity had presented itself.

“ Let the whole world know that we are lovers and not siblings!”

Kaylah: “what!?”

Nadia: “Huh?”

They were both surprised, he turned to Kaylah,

Malcolm: “Yes, Kaylah. You were adopted!”

She shook her head,

Kaylah: “No! No! It can’t be! Mummy! Daddy!” she ran into their parent’s room in tears.

They were surprised to see her in tears, Mr Assanga jumped down from the bed,

Mr Assanga: “Why are you crying, sweetie?”

She stood shaking as tears trickled down into her mouth,

Kaylah: “Please, tell me, it isn’t true!”

Mrs Assanga threw her arms around her as they sat down,

Mr and Mrs Assanga chorused, “What is it?”

Kaylah panting,

Kaylah: “That I was adopted!”

They both froze as their eyes locked in each other’s. Tears gathered in their eyes. it was all over- the secret had been revealed. They had intended to tell her that day. Mr and Mrs Assanga looked away sobbing.

Kaylah stood up her eyes feasted on them,

Kaylah: “So it’s true! That I am not your daughter! And no one cared to ever tell me!” tears rolled as her chest became hot. She was angry.

Mr and Mrs Assanga tried reaching out to her but she dashed out of the room sobbing. She ran passed Malcolm and Nadia, while Malcolm followed her. Mr and Mrs Assanga were left befuddled with their heads buried in their hands.

Questions: Where is Kaylah going to? Would she ever forgive her adopted parents for keeping such secret from her? What’s the fate of Ifiok? Is he going to be killed?

…. Stay tuned for Episode 14 (You don’t wanna miss this!) 

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  1. I hope Ifiok wouldn’t b killed. As for Kaylah, she would come around…she would forgive dem. But would always see Malcolm as her bro

  2. she will forgive them cos they gave her family, love nd care nd support her to wia she was today nd I pray ifiok wont be killed. its getting more interesting. Happy New week to u alleged.

  3. She’ll definitely forgive them. She’s just going somewhere to clear her head. Ifiok won’t be killed. He’ll have a hard time, maybe even jail time. But he won’t be killed. Hey, whats happening to Abasiama?

  4. kaylah need some time alone then she will come around.
    she has a gud hrt. Ifiok won’t be kill I believe on on God’s intervention.
    Gudam Adelove crew happy new week.

  5. Kaylah would forgive her adopted parents, after all they contributed in her success. Ifiok won’t be killed. He may be sentenced to jail but he will later regain his freedom.

  6. It is normal reaction though, but she will understand and forgive them. And for stinger he will later regain his freedom.

  7. She will just leave to calm her head down and will probably meet abasiama. Ifiok wont be killed. Definitely she will forgive her adoptive parents. Adelove weldone

  8. hmmmnnn… wicked nadia, kaylah need to take a walk amd wake up to confeomt the reality that just unfold in her life. ifiok may be prosecuted but later ganted amnesty…i hope they all live happily after all. nafia, your doom is near. good morning ALF.

  9. Ifiok won’t be killed and all Kaylah will do is to go in search of Ifiok. She will have no choice than to forgive the foster parents. Ifiok cannot die. Well done, Adelove.

  10. Kylah must come back,she needs time to get over the shock,Heading to nowhere where she would meet her mum,with her(mum) explanation and story,together with Malcom they shall rescue Ifiok

  11. She will forgive them certainly after they explain to her why they kept the secret from her. She is heading to the place where her abductors kept her, ifiok won’t be killed Kaylah will find a way of releasing him.

  12. Blood is ticker than water and destiny is a very strong thing that cant be taken away easily. the trio will find themselves, reunite and get to know the secreat and even find their root. Ifiok will give up militancy and get back to the royal family and may be possibly take that that belongs to him.
    Even in the creek he was the dreaded leader, he has no place in crime just that the tide of time sent him to the street where he learnt from the bitter side of life. Next Epi please…..

  13. its hurts knowing people who u thought are your folks are not ..kaylah will come around.. She just need time to process all what she just found out..ifiok won’t be killed…they might grant him amnesty

  14. The truth at last.Shame ön u Nadia.kaylah will come around 2 forgive her adopted parents..Ifiok stinger,i believe u will be safe.Abasiama,relax u will soon smile.Malcolm,big brother…….i salute ur courage.

  15. Kaylah just going out to cool her head, because she did not expect what she is hearing, and she is going to forgive that they keep the secret from her and she is going to marry Malcom since they are not sibling. And Nadia have lose she did not have anything to use again Kaylah again and she will also lose her as a friend. Kaylah is going to fight for ifiok freedom. They are not going to kill ifiok. Adelove thump up

  16. Kaylah will come back,she just needs time cool her head,maybe the bunker.it’s the right thing to tell her.Nadia has fallen once again
    Efiok won’ be killed

  17. Kaylah is going to the bunker. She will forgive them but will take a long time. Ifiok won’t be killed cos Kaylah will go after his case.

  18. Kaylah is going in search for Ifok…she will later forgives her Adopted parents and ifok won’t be killed but will go to prison.

  19. She just ran out to clear her head and absorb the secret but she will still come around as for Ifiok he will be acquitted.

  20. Tym for kaylah to meet wit her mother, she will definitely 4give her foster parents…..dey did nothing wrong. story getting hotter

  21. KAYLAH will step in to plea for Ifiok
    Nadia will still be A looser she is
    I feel for Kaylah buh she shud consider Malcom- still one house one family
    Adelove, I forsee get together in future with ur fans- I’ll gladly attend

  22. kaylah is going to look for stinger, she will forgive them because they brought her up. stinger will not be killed

  23. Ifiok is not going to be killed, but he Will likely face the law. I think Kayalah is going for the intervention of Ifiok’s case. good morning to you all ALF & ALC. Today is my birthday please my friends wish me welloooh, you can also add me Facebook with “Treasure Louis” to wish me better. thanks all.

  24. Kaylah is just confused and would understand especially with Malcolm’s affection for her……Mr n Mrs Assanga are not to be blamed for not telling her the truth before because it’s not as easy as it seems….Ifiok will be released but it won’t be easy….But I still maintain Nadia is a demon

  25. Kaylah please come back home oh! Ur parent love you that’s why they couldn’t tell you the truth cuz they didn’t want to hurt you. You need them cuz i believe they will be of help on your fight for Ifiok’s freedom

  26. She definitely will forgive them. She just want to be alone for the time being. Ifiok will regain freedom soon. Nadia is doomed.

  27. Kaylah don’t av anywia to go it was becus she shocked and will still come around.. She will forgive her foster parent and ifiok will not be killed

  28. kaylah is going to cool off her head, she will forgive the Assanga’s Kaylah will try to see to Ifiok’s bail he will be sent to jail for some years though and will eventually be released.

  29. Kaylay is going to look for Stinger and will forgive her adopted parents at the end. No they will nt kill Ifok, Kaylay will fight for his release.

  30. she will come back,she need time alone to think in the process she will meet the woman that stinger assigned to take care of her when she was hostage. stinger will not die

  31. Kaylah doesn’t have any place in mind, she’s just running away to cool her head. She might run into her real mum, or better still run to where Ifiok is being kept. She will still forgive her adopted parents.
    Ifiok will serve punishment, they might reduce the term if Kaylah can intervene.

  32. I think kaylah will wander about for some days where she will come in contact with abasiama she will eventually forgive are foster parents. stinger will not be killed

  33. Ifiok wld not b killed but might b imprisoned for a period of time, for kayla she just walked away to go and think about the reality of the whole story. Who knws she might stumble on Abasiama who wld persuade her to tell her worries. Who knws mother n child might unite frm there.

  34. It’s normal for Kaylah to behave the way she did upon discovering this, but then she will forgive the Assangas for this.She will want to know her real parents and that will trigger more revealations.Nadia has failed yet again, as for Ifiok, he will be pardoned.Kaylah’s testimony will help him regain freedom. Thanks Adelove, next episode.

  35. For now she doesn’t know where she’s going. She’s just furious because she found out the truth about herself and she just needs some time alone to clear her head and at the end she will forgive her adopted parents. And as for ifiok luck may shine on him and he might be imprisoned with hard labor instead of death sentence.

  36. She’s going to look for her parents. Yes she will definitely forgive them if for nothing for making her who she is. Ifiok will not be killed

  37. In celebrating my birthday with my fellow Adelove fans here today, I have decided to dedicate today being my birthday to fasting and prayer for all Adelove fans and crew that the Almighty God shall grant all of us long life and prosperity and above all more happiness as we continue to read those didactic stories of Adelove. Amen!!!! feel free to add me on Facebook with Treasure Louis to wish me more. CHEERS!

  38. Ifiok wld not b killed but might b imprisoned for a period of time, for kayla she just walked away to go and think about the reality of the whole story. Who knws she might stumble on Abasiama who wld persuade her to tell her worries. Who knws mother n child might unite frm there.

  39. Kayla will forgive her parents, she only needs time to think it through, besides what more could they have done for her if she was their biological child..as for ifiok he won’t be killed there will be a way out. Next episode please

  40. Ifiok wiil not be killed.Kaylah and her family will reunite.Everything will be fine.Adelove please remember my name this week o!

  41. Kaylah doesn’t have a place in mind to go.Ifiok will not be killed and she would forgive her foster parents for keeping the secret away from her

  42. Where is Kaylah going to? Probably to a place where she can collect off and think better Would she ever forgive her adopted parents for keeping such secret from her? Yes she will once they explain the circumstances to her What’s the fate of Ifiok? Is he going to be killed? He won’t be killed

  43. Kyalah will definitely forgive her foster parent, Malcom will expressed more of his feelings towards her and ifok will not be killed but….

  44. kaylah need some time alone then
    she will come around.back to the foster parents she’s a girl with a gud heart. Ifiok will never be killed, he can’t be killed sef

  45. Well kaylah need to be strong and considerate forgiving hr adopted parents and give them a chance to explain,well at the same time happy that her love for Malcolm can blossom,her career would still be here and not to the thief of a friend Nadia,ifiok will be sentenced on lower level but free later.

  46. have said it earlier that nobody can predict what is going to happen next but all what I believe is that ifiok will not be kill,kaylah will find her true identity and all will end well for her and she will also forgive her fosters parent and for Nadia she will end up as a loser.

  47. Kaylah is probably going to a place where she can think of ifiok. Yes, she’ll forgive them. And no, ifiok won’t be killed.

  48. Kaylah is running no where. she is going to come to her senses and also believe what she just heard. it’s even a good thing she had committed no abomination with Malcolm. Nadia is a loser and she just lost this battle.

  49. Kaylah just wat to give herself space cuz of the bitterness of the news once she get over it, she will come back & as for ifiok he will be safed.

  50. Kaylah is still in shock of the news and she is going somewhere (no place in particular) to clear her head. And She will definitely forgive her adopted parents.
    For Ifiok, Kaylah will intervene and fight for his freedom, He won’t be killed.

  51. I just can’t wait to see what happens next,i feel like watching a movie on this one! It will make a lovely one..not all bad people were born bad but the situation that revolves around us moulds us into the people we become! Nothing feels more satisfying than reaching out to the needy and less priveledged kids,God please watch over them

  52. Kaylah will forgive her foster parents but she needs time to think about the news she just recieved besides Malcom will go with her so that she doesn’t harm herself. Ifiok won’t be killed cos Kaylah will come to his rescue.

  53. Kaylah will go ahead and forgive her parents when they tell her how she was saved from from being drowned.
    Ifiok himself can still be saved, I believe something will change for him.

  54. kaylah will forgive her foster parent but I think she will find it a bit difficult to accept Malcolm as a lover rather than a brother and ifiok too will not be kill but might be granted amnesty…… well done Adelove

  55. yes kaylah will forgive her foster parent, she will surly come back home. her next move will b to help ifiok n search for her biological parent. Nadia already lost d fight..kudos to adelove n team!!

  56. Kaylar doesn’t v a particular place she is going to. Malcom may suceed in persuading her home or somewhere else n if failed,she may likely bump into her real mum on d way. She will surely forgive her foster parents. Ifiok may be given another punishments cus of his work bt will not b killed.

  57. Kaylah need some time alone to clear her head. She’s got a good heart she will forgive her parents for they made her who she is today. And Malcom is also there for her. Ifiok will not be killed. Kaylah will fight for his release.

  58. yes she is going to forgive them…and like I said earlier, ifiok would be granted amnesty….as their destiny is revolve around each other, that same destiny will bring them together again for then to be united with their real mother..

  59. Kaylah is just angry now but wil 4give her parents. She’s just going some were to cool off first. As for Ifiok he won’t be killed.

  60. Kaylah is going to find her real mum I believe, she will do all in her power to rescue ifiok, that wil turn out to be her bother, I pray she come to love malcom’s. The way he love her

  61. In her blind rush to leave d house, she was knocked down by a car on speed. Oma se oó. Anyway she’ll forgive her parents and as for ifiok if he lives by d Gun he’ll die by d gun. Child hood misfortune or not a crime is a crime we shouldn’t paint it otherwise

  62. Kaylay is running away to find Ifiok, she will definitely forgive her adopted parents and Ifiok will not be killed. As for Nadia I am happy that she has lost, but been a she devil that she is, she will not give up.

  63. Kaylah wants to av an alone time
    She wld forgive her parents it might be difficult but she wld.
    Ifiok wont b killed, kaylah wld help save him

  64. Interesting story. Kaylah will run to the police station to find Ifiok. Ifiok won’t die, the twin Ifiok and Kaylah will be united. Malcom just have to say the truth because he is in love. Love is a beautiful thing

  65. Nice story,so touching and heart piercing…for me I think Ifiok deserves a second chance and as for Kaylah, I believe she will definately return back to her parents.

  66. she is going to the orphanage to find out who she is and after look for ifiok.I don’t think ifiok will be kill for his fate .

  67. kyalah would forgive her adoptee because she dont have any reason to be angry afterall dey have shown her parental love n care. for the stinger he will be release.

  68. kaylah is still in shock so she is going no where in particular, ifiok won’t be killed, kaylah will forgive her adopted parent

  69. Hello AL & Fs,

    Whaoo! Finally – the site is running like a snail these days. Kudos to AL all the same.

    Kaylah is headed for nowhere in particular. On the other hand, she will eventually forgive her adopted parents – they’ve been there for her all through.

    Ifiok / Stinger is destined to be saved, by divine arrangement he will not fall for death.

    AL pls put in some works to make the site readily accessible again.

  70. she is going away for the main time ,she will forgive them later as for ifiok he will come out of the jail and all sha be well

  71. She definately will come back to them to hear the story leading yo her adoption.this will eventually lead to Ifok being vindicated.

  72. Kaylah has no destination in mind as she is still in shock…I don’t think her parents did wrong by not telling her earlier, because they loved her like their own child…, Ifiok will be released

  73. She is running to no where, she will still come back and face the reality after all they give her the best. She will forgive them. By his grace stinger will not die.

  74. Twisted Destiny Indeed… Kaylah,Ifiok and Abassiama would get to see each other. Ifiok would not be killed… Kaylah would Forgive the Assangas

  75. Kaylah doesn’t have anywhere in mind but might decide to go back to the bunker.. She will still forgive her foster parents Ifiok will not die

  76. mtcheeeeeew, y will kaylah b angry with Mr&Mrs Assanga for not telling her d truth of her identity, so far u heard that u ar been adopted that means u have no parents so y taking it up with the people who care and treat you as der only daughter….. rubbish

  77. Kayla is in shock and needs to be Alone for now….. she will surely forgive them after she have heard their story for they treated her like their biological daughter. And Ifok will not be killed. I believe he will be saved.

  78. Kaylah will forgive her foster parents and Ifiok won’t be killed. Kay probably wants to b alone to clear her head before returning home. Nadia will loose it all. At d end of this, Malcom will get married to kaylah.

  79. Kaylah don’t have anywhere to go. She is just angry and will calm down soon. She will forgive her parents and as for Stinger, I believe amnesty will be granted him.

  80. Kaylah is only trying to let her anger go, she might want to meet Ifiok, since she knows he was adopted.

  81. Kayla will still return nd 4giv her parents she doesn’t have anywhere she’s going nd they will decide to help her look 4 her biological parents since dey have d money. Ifiok myt not die but will end up facing d law 4 his actions since it has gone to kiri kiri prison

  82. Kayla will forgive them and they’ll help her look for her biological parents
    Stinger is going to be alright. next episode please

  83. Ifiok would be saved though he must learn his lessons,kaylah would find a place in her heart to forgive her foster parents

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