(Episode 14) Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies

Abasiama having walked for long, weary and feeble sat on a heap of sand by the river bank. She sat there staring into empty spaces. It was busy for fisher men went about their activities and those with commercial boats and ferries went about theirs too. It was quite noisy. There were those that sold fishes to customers by bank of the river. Her mind had gone back to Stinger, there something that attracted her to him and even Kaylah,

Abasiama: “Or is because I’ve soft spot for them?” she asked.

She felt very complete around- it was a feel of being whole again but she couldn’t explain why she felt that way around them.

Abasiama: “I don’t know them from Adam!” she sighed cupping her face in her hands.

She dragged herself from the spot where she was seated to where she’d board a boat,

Abasiama: “Old Essien town,how much?” she said to the young boys who were loading their boats and chatting.

They turned and looked at her,

Boat boy 1: “I am not going there!” he shook the head and threw his gaze to his friend.

Abasiama followed his gaze,

Boat boy 2: “three thousand five!”
She was shocked,

Abasiama: “Ah, my child, is that not little bit on a high side?”

Boat boy 2: “It isn’t my fault, ma. It’s recession and the raise in dollar!”

She shook her head and muttered to herself,

Abasiama: “How has increase in dollar affect transport fare,mbok? How are they even related?”

Boat boy 2: “Uhm, bring three thousand,mama!”

Abasiama: “I’ll give you two thousand and I can’t go higher than that!”

His friend nudged him to accept,

Boat boy 2: “Okay, bring it!”

She hopped into the boat without her exhausted mind refusing to think about anything. There was no more fight left in her. She had given up on seeing her children. Maybe they weren’t meant to meet.


Mr Assanga was pacing about in the living room, his wife curled up on the longest couch sobbing. Malcolm was seated on the arm of that couch.

Mr Assanga: “Malcolm, what had come over you? why would you tell such a vital thing in front of an outsider?” he stared angry at his son.

Malcolm dropped his head,

Malcolm: “I’m sorry, dad. I wasn’t thinking!”

Mr Assanga shook his head,he paused and stared at Malcolm,

Mr Assanga: “By the way, how did you get to know?”

Mrs Assanga was still sobbing as the men continued talking,

Malcolm: “I found it. I saw the adoption papers in one of your hidden boxes!”

Mr Assanga sighed and shook his head,

Mr Assanga: “You would have consulted us first!”

Kaylah hadn’t returned home since she left the house. Her phones were switched all efforts to get to her was futile.

Mrs Assanga stood up from the couch and faced the men,

Mrs Assanga: “If anything happens to my daughter I won’t ever forgive any of you!” she ran into her room sobbing.

Mr Assanga took his car keys and bolted out, Malcolm ran after him. They knew they were both in trouble if they return without her. They both shares in the blame.

Stinger was yet to be transferred to the maximum prison at Lagos. He wasn’t allowed any visitors but Kaylah had managed to convince the officers with plea and a tip.

Officer 1: “No take time o! sharp sharp abeg!”

Officer 2: “na risky tin shey you know?”

She nodded and thanked them,

Kaylah: “I am grateful!”

She was directed to a small room,

Officer 2: “Wait here!”

She sat on a chair. It was a small room with a small bulb. The light wasn’t enough to lit the whole room. It was a semi dark room. She sat down the anger she felt towards her foster parents had faded. It had melted. She couldn’t be more grateful. Who knows with them she would have being either dead or roaming around the street. They loved her as their own. She never could have suspected that they weren’t her parents if Malcolm didn’t tell her.

Kaylah: “I’m sorry, mum. I’m sorry dad!” she whispered to herself as she rested the chin on her hands on the table.

Trampling of feet’s made her jerk. Stinger was been dragged to the room,

Officer 2: “Siddon there! And I give you just five minutes!”

Stinger gave him a stern look. The officer stood by the door,

Stinger: “You didn’t have to come!” he looked away as she tried looking at his swollen face.

Kaylah: “See what they did to you?” she said with tears in her eyes.

Stinger giggled,

Stinger: “It’s not like I don’t deserve it,anywhere!”

Kaylah: “You were nice to me,Ifiok. I won’t let you rot in here!”

Stinger bite his lower lips; he didn’t want to get emotion.

Stinger: “Leave me,please. I do not deserve any kind gestures from you!”

She just kept a unwavering stare at him- it was as if she was trying to reach out to something missing in him. She felt like family. He was endeared to her in a way siblings would to each other. She felt same way.

Officer 2: “Time up,madam! “ jacked Stinger by the hand, “Oya carry go!” he pushed him using the stick in his hand.

Stinger stared at her as he was taken to his cell. She walked out and leaned by the door crying.


Mr Assanga and Malcolm had arrived the police station to file a report about the missing Kaylah,

Officer 1: “How she be?”

As they were given a description of how she looked, Kaylah walked out. They were dumbfounded. They rushed towards her.

“What are you doing here?” they both chorused.

The police officers looked at each other and then turned their gazes to them,

Kaylah: “I’m sorry dad. I’m sorry, Malcolm!”

Mr Assanga: “No worries at all! We had come to file a report that you were missing!”

Malcolm: “I was thinking you’d been kidnapped again!”

She shook her head,

Officer1: “Na she bi dis?”

They nodded, “Ah,what a small world. Chai!”

They led her to the car. In the car they feasted on silence. No one said a word to another. Malcolm drove as fast as he could.


Mr Assanga,his wife,Malcolm and Kaylah had come to the motherless babies home where she was adopted. The woman running the place was young and beautiful. They had the same pointed nose like Kaylah. They narrated their story to her,

Young woman heaved,

Young woman:” I know of your story very well, “she said to them as she attended to them.

She wasn’t the one that gave them Kaylah. She couldn’t be. Judging from her age she must have been born around that time too. She told them that the one who could help them was Old nurse, her mother who used to run the place but old age and stroke had made her bedridden.

Kaylah was in tears.  Did that mean she wasn’t going to know who her real parents were?

Mrs Assanga: “Can you take us to her, please!”

Young woman: “it would be of no use cos she can’t talk!”

Mr Assanga and Malcolm: “Take us please!”

Young woman sighed,

Young woman: “Let’s go!”

They followed her out. Kaylah just followed not that she had any hope. She couldn’t tell how she felt.

Mr Assanga held her as they walked to the car.

Questions: Would Old Nurse be able to help them out? Do you think Abasiama would ever meet her children again?

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  1. With the help of the old nurse’s daughter, I believe old nurse will be able to help them. And definitely Abasiama will see her children again

  2. the nurse will help. Nd am sure she will re-unite with her children. Thanks adelove am among the winners bt i dnt knw hw to claim d price. Adelove nd crew you are the best.

  3. hmmm miracle will happen there must be a way she will let them know. And for Abasiama she will met with her children at the last minute.

  4. D old nurse will help,somehow maybe its been documented somewhere on how they saw her,d queen ll definitely see her children again

  5. Stinger will be pardoned after serving a light sentence, certainly abiasi will reconnect with her twins once the old nurse tells Kay how she was found. Next pls

  6. The old nurse will be able to help them although she can’t talk there must be a paper or document where she wrote nd explained everything …Abasiama would be able to see her children again through the help of the old nurse,her daughter nd Mr nd Mrs assanga

  7. Old nurse will help them in the best way she can, as for Abasiama, she’ll soon find her children or vice versa. Thanks adelove & crew

  8. Old nurse will be able to help dem out even though she can’t talk maybe tru document or she can still write on a paper and Abasiama will see her children cus dey will trace her to d village

  9. This episode seemed shorter than others or is it just me? Lol They say God’s time is the best and yes, Old nurse will be able to pass a message even though she can’t talk. Kaylah won’t give up on Ifiok, just happy they feel that siblings bond. Nadia the witch in beautiful clothings- just wondering what would become of her. Lemme just predict one of the beautiful happenings- Kaylah and Malcom would get married, Abasiamma would be able to get back to her children but as for Madam Nadia hmmmmm.. Dunno yet sha. #ThumbsUp Adelove Crew :*

  10. Of course the old nurse will help them and of course Abasiama will se her children again, that’ll be the climax of the story.

  11. Wow!!! So happy she was able to forgive her foster parents. Sure the nurse will help maybe on seeing her she could talk again. By His grace fate could till bring Abasiama back to her children again cos the spirit of her late husband will not allow her to lose them forever.
    Adelove and crew well done

  12. Happy birthday to me first of all as no body want to wish me, The old nurse will help, but for Abasiama to ever find her children, that one is very sure and close. good afternoon all.

  13. Am sure Abasiama will find her children again and the old nurse will help them out. But I don’t think there’s any hope for Stinger. Nice work Adelove.

  14. yes the old nurse must talk because she is the only one that knows the history of the twins..and as for. Abasiama, she is at the verge of reuniting with her lost twind..

  15. the old nurse most av told her daughter about d incident so it likely she is d one DAT will narrate d story to them. yes,,,abasiama will b able to see her children again cus kaylah will look for her n she will also help ifiok out.

  16. The nurse will give them a detail information about her which will be similar to that of Ifiok. As 4 queen Abasiama, she will definitely find them but is going to be the last episode.
    Ride on@Adelove

  17. yes, the old nurse will, because she is the only one that knows the history of the twins…as for Abasiama, she is at the verge of reuniting with her lost twins

  18. Kaylah and stinger are the twins abiasaima is looking for and faith will bring them together again. The old nurse will help them

  19. the old nurse will help them and Abasiama will surely see her children is just a matter of time …… next pls

  20. Would Old Nurse be able to help them out? Yes because am sure she would have detailed information about kaylah and her twin brother which will set kaylah on another journey to try find her brother Do you think Abasiama would ever meet her children again? Only time and the intervention of fate can tell that but yes they will definitely meet

  21. Thank God Kaylah has accepted her foster parents.Abasiama will see her twins again.The old maid will help them with the documents or how to trace her real parents. Thank God, the final episode will address every issue. I just can’t wait for the concluding part.

  22. The old nurse will be able 2 help them in a way, & the twins will reunite with thier mother with d help of kaylah foster parent.

  23. The nurse will give them a detail information about her. Maybe trace the histroy of the land of Esain. Queen Abasiama, she will definitely find them but is going to be towards the ending of the episode

  24. The old nurse may not be able to speak but may be able to write a little. Abasiama will definitely meet her children.

  25. please what is holding my own package, i have not seen it yet. Or has any body received his or her own?
    Adelove and crew

  26. am feeling very optimistic about this latest development. everything is finally coming together, all filled with nothing but possibilities. hurry!

  27. I believe the old nurse will be able to help. Maybe with the help of some documents which they were taken in to the orphanage. Yes Abasiama will still see her children.

  28. Old Nurse might hv a place where she writes down where and how each child was found. As for Abasiama, am certain fate would bring her children back to her.

  29. Hummmm….. this is full of suspense but I think d old nurse will help them a little by telling them how kaylah was found but for Abasiama, I really wished she could see her children again.

  30. Of course, Abasiama will meet with kaylah, even stinger………..once old nurse can describe Whr dey were taken,dere can be a note written 4 reference purpose.

  31. The old nurse won’t b able to help them out but another person who witnessed to scene will help them. Yes. Abasiama will meet her children.

  32. If the old nurse could not tell them about kaylah,they will get some important information from her.Abaisama should stop stressing herself when the time comes God will re-unite her with her children.

  33. Abasiama will unite with her children and Malcolm and Kaylah are likely to get married. The old nurse will give them a lead to their source.

  34. Old nurse will help them. And Absiama will find her twins n she will be shock that she have been wit them n didn’t knw der were the children she have been looking for.

  35. yes the old nurse will be able to help them with some vital information that will unite the twins. they say blood is thicker than water

  36. Hi AL & Fs,

    Yes the old nurse would be instrumental to helping Kaylah locate her biological parents.

    And yes Abasiama no matter the hopelessness will find her kids cause she is destined for it.


  37. of cause old nurse will surely help them. obasiama will find her lost children and from the look of things, Malcolm and kaylah might end up marry each other. thumb up for adelove and crew. new here though.

  38. The old nurse will help by letting them know that Kayla was picked from the river. And Abasiama will surely met her children again.

  39. Wow this is touching. Old nurse will be of help to them, I can sense it, a miracle is about to happen.Abasiama will find her children again

  40. Guys dnt forgt dat d twins parted ways in d water probably dey found kayla by d bank of d river nobdy kw her story or who threw her in d water so is still very complicating. Old nurse cud only tell dem d person dat brot her n if traced d person d person cud only tk dem to d river bank she ws picked up may be frm dia help might come frm anybdy dat kw abt d queen dat had twins dat ws cast into d river. But i doubt hw stinger too wll come into d story line who pickd him up? Is only Adelove n crew dat can answer these questions.

  41. Yes , the Old Nurse will help them out with a Vital information of how Kaylah was find and brought to the Orphaned Home , and Abasiama will see her Children again.

  42. Yes Mrs Abasiama wud c her children again though it wont b easy. I believe old nurse will help Abit to trace Kay original birth.

  43. Through God’s grace the old nurse Will describe where kaylah’s file may be,which will give them clue to what happened to her and her background.

  44. Yes!!!!!! Old nurse would be able to help her out although she’s ill and yes Abasiama would reunite with her kids…Adelove kudos! Please help me out; I don’t really get updates early enough.

  45. Old nurse will help them directly or indirectly. Abasiama will be reunited with her children again. Fate has a way of uniting families.

  46. Old nurse will be able to help at least if she can talk she should be able to write n there should be documents about her. Abasiama will be United with her kids. I’m a sicker for happy ending

  47. The old nurse is from old essien and she knew it forbidden for someone to give to twins in their village.based on circumstances behind how they were found.

  48. I don’t think Abasiama still boarded the boat. I feel she changed her mind and came down because she has a strong feeling and attachment about Ifiok and Kaylah. The old nurse will tell them where she found Kaylah.

  49. Nice one adelove.
    surely the old woman will definitely trace their history and abasiama will meet her children once more.

  50. yes d old nurse will be of help either by recovery from her illness or to jot her story down and kaylay will marry malcon

  51. Yes, the old nurse would help them. Maybe she might have wrote down her detail together with her wears or something that would make it easier for her real parents to identify her. adelove thanks for this lovely story!! well done. next pls

  52. finally fate will bring abasaiama and her children together…as for stinger I think he will not make it out of there

  53. I think I understand the whole story now… Kaylah and stinger are twins and abasiama is their mother…blood ties couldn’t allow stinger to make advances on kaylah… Final episode will be more interesting

  54. The old nurse will give a lead on,Abasiama will surely recover what she lost buh that will be towards the end of the whole story

  55. Na wa o! This is indeed “a twisted destinies” old nurse will help anyhow, Abasiama will be reunited with her children how? I don’t know, Ifiok will be pardoned anyhow , Malcom will propose to Kaylah ,Nadia will continue to loose and it will all end well

  56. I dont think old nurse will be able to help the since she cannot talk but the daughter can go through their old document for answers and for Abasiama, she will find her children though it wont be easy

  57. By a stroke of a spark, recognition can come. So yes the old nurse may recognize them.
    It is possible for Abasiama to still find the twins

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