Meet pretty University graduate selling Moimoi for A living (SEE PHOTO)

One of those patronizing her moi moi business shared her photo online and wrote:

“A Customer’s Report: This chic you see here is a University graduate. Her Queen’s English was mind blowing. The way she handled selling her moimoi ehhhh?! I had to buy more than I came for. Her customer service was. I felt like I was in a 5 star restaurant. Talk about selling moimoi with class.

Some people may look down on her, but this chic could go home daily with nothing less than 20k profit. Multiply that by 6 days a week and 28 days a month. some of you corporate guys don’t earn that as salary.”

That she’s selling Moimoi and another lady is wearing the most expensive clothes and sleeping with men in big hotels doesn’t mean she can’t be married to a man who will be governor tomorrow.

If you learn to live life according to your time, you won’t destroy your destiny pursuing trivialities.



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