Here are 5 Tips to Know About S*x Under the Showers to Make It Extremely S*xy

When you imagine having s*x in the shower, what comes to mind? It might be beautiful, n*ked, soapy bodies exchanging steamy kisses and awkwardly slipping against each other as you try to find a single stable position.

Yes, you are on an outing and it turns out that having a shower or a small rumbling in the swimming pool is one of the attractions of the date.

You can use the opportunity provided to steal some s*x while pretending to swim!

Needless to say, having s*x in a pool or lake sounds hot, but it actually makes you more susceptible to Urinary Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Again, the chlorine in a swimming pool can make condoms less effective. In other words, risk of infection or pregnancy is real at this time!

The shower is quite safe for s*x, though; but you may need some lubrication in order to make for easy entry.

Under the shower, you can be in a standing position whereby the woman wraps her legs around the man’s waist, allowing events to unfold from there.

In the swimming pool, simply swim toward each other and allow the body contact to be just down below. That way, any curious onlooker may conclude that you’re truly swimming.

And in the bath tub, being creative just gets better definition!

Below are important tips that make the shower s*x actually sexy;

1. Keep your crotch away from the stream of water
You might be completely aroused at the sight of your partner all slicked down, but that shower water could accidentally wash away all of your natural lubrication.

2. Prep your birth control beforehand
It’s really hard to open a condom with slippery hands, not to mention actually getting it on him. Get protected before you get wet—whether by birth control, IUD, or whatever your personal preference

3. Keep both feet on the ground
Do not put a foot on the edge of the bathtub. There’s always the possibility of slipping and falling. One good position that keeps your feet planted firmly on the ground is doggy style.

4. Use the shower for foreplay
Play with the sensuality of the water, the hot air, the new feeling of each other’s bodies. That’s a really great time, too.

5. Simply wash each other
Pause to appreciate and embrace the intimacy of the moment. You’re makeup-free, your body is bare, and you’re standing there together taking care of each other. To have your partner groom you, shampoo you, soap you, it’s pretty intimate. It can be slow, and slow is often really sexy.



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