1. Still checking time to time 4 d new update. Really missing d eary mawnin coffee. AdeLove and crew,it is well. We will b here wating 4 u anytym its tru

  2. Fine Weekend Morning AL&Fs,

    Having checked for latest Story Episode update by the hour since 7pm, yesterday, I had this feeling.

    It’s alright, it’s expedient matter of fact for our collective interest.

    I should share this post because some fans are still very confused this minute and do no have access to an official statement from the Crew.

    God’s speed.

    Upward & Forward

  3. why is 8am turning indefinite. kindly work harder on d site, so it can be fully working soonest. still awaiting d next episode pls

  4. I believe you are working on it to serve us better. Please beg the technician to do fast. Hope you will make up with the 3 episodes that we have missed

  5. Wow,nice new home page. I can really see u guyz are under construction. I lyk the new style of reading,commenting even it has a reply. Kip d good work Adelove and crew,I hail una. Just make d nxt episodes fast biko.

  6. Pls adelove can we still going to see story read today or we should wait till 2mrw? Because everything is just boring when I did not see your story read today. Thanks

  7. I tot as much,thinking you’ve unsubscribe be from the link o…..The weekend is so boring….cnt watch home videos n foreign videos again, always checking my phone,a beg adelove I don’t like sitting idle o

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