Civil Servant In Ekiti State Takes His Own Life

Civil Servant In Ekiti State Takes His Own Life

Reports reaching ADELOVE have it that a Level 12 officer, Tope Afolayan, of the Ekiti State Civil Service has committed suicide.

Afolayan who is a native of Oye Ekiti, was a staff in the office of the Accountant General of the State until the incident happened last Thursday.

He is survived by a wife, who is a teacher at a public school in Ado Ekiti and three children. Afolayan was also a final year Law student at the Ekiti State University (EKSU).

The deceased was also said to be an interpreter at a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) branch in Ekute area of Ado Ekiti.

His colleague, who spoke on the condition of anonymity on Sunday disclosed that Afolayan committed suicide by hanging himself in the ceiling of his house, located on Peace Avenue, Olorunda, Ado Ekiti.

Afolayan, who has since been buried, did not leave any suicide note before taking his life.

He was, however, said to have consistently complained of failure to pay his debts because of the non-payment of arrears of salaries owed government workers.

A source said: “Although he didn’t leave any suicide note before hanging himself, he had been very moody and heartbroken for a couple of weeks before the incident happened.

“He had been complaining about the debts he owed which he was unable to defray because of the arrears of salaries. In fact, he was among the last batch of applicants for car loan but his name did not come out.

“We are shocked by Tope’s death because nobody thought he would go to that extent, we are still mourning his death.”

Police spokesman Alberto Adeyemi confirmed the incident which, according to him, was reported at New Iyin Road Police Station in Ado Ekiti.



  1. If it has gotten to this point, then we are in big troube.
    The norm; that Nigerians will always adjust to any economic situation no matter how bad, has commenced its way to extinction!
    Solution to our economical tribulations, is urgently required.
    Good lord! please bless us with someone who will come clean the issues that are deeply rooted in this country.

  2. See what Fayose’s guguru(popcorn), epa(roasted groundnut) and boli(roasted plantain) policy has caused
    Fayose goes about blaming others without ever caring to remove the peg in his own eyes
    People in Ekiti state are dying of hunger while Fayose is busy minding federal government’s business

  3. we need to take governance more serious these days. so many things are wrong. unfortunately 2019 is still far. God pls take control.

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