(Episode 2) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Henry kept swallowing saliva as sweat ran down his cheeks. He had to increase the air condition. What was he to do? The question kept on playing in his mind.

First Lady: “The ball is in your court. See it as your route out of poverty. I’m sure you’ve been praying for God to send his blessings,” she paused and drew closer.

Henry: “Would she just stop talking please!” he whispered to himself, he ground the teeth.

Her presence was suffocating him,

“I wish I can disappear right away, “he added.

The blaring of her phone stole her attention- the joy it brought to his heart was boundless.

First Lady: “Yes, Cha-Cha,baby! Where are you? Oh, that’s nice. We are on our way.”

They had a conference for all the local governments’ first ladies of the federation.

“Was I too straight forward? Would he succumb?” she looked at him biting her fingers; he could feel her stare claw at him.


On the very day he had come for the job interview she had fallen for him. Throughout the interview she was staring at him lustfully the presence of her husband didn’t deter her from throwing her flirtatious gaze at him.

Henry: “Good morning, sir, ma!” he greeted the chairman and his wife.

Chairman who was having breakfast of fruits juice and cake glanced at him as he entered.

Chairman: “How are you?” he stopped munching and looked at Henry who stood as if he were standing on a time bomb,

First lady: “Henry right?” chairman turned to his wife and asked,

Chairman: “who is he?”

First lady: “the guy I told you about, “he still looked confused, “the guy my hair dresser recommended to me for the position of a driver!”

Chairman: “Oh I see, welcome!” he bite the cake in his hands munching noisily,

Henry: “Thank you,sir!”

First Lady: “Have your seat!” she looked into his eyes he dropped his and sat.

Chairman: “So, ehm, do you have any experience? I mean driving experience?”

Henry had lived with his uncle during his IT in Minna. That was where he learnt how to drive. It didn’t take him a week to learn. And during his youth service he had a part time job with an agro company where he helped distribute animal feed to customers with a van. That enhanced his driving skill.

The First Lady and Chairman seemed very impressed. The Chairman had an urgent call and he left his wife to continue the interview and instead of the formal interview she asked him personal questions. He was bothered about that since he had the assurance of getting the job.

Shola: “How did the interview go?” she served him with a plate of fried plantain and rice,

Henry: “Great!” he took the spoon and started a ferocious attack on the food.

Shola: “Wow! I’m so happy for you, baby!” she leaned her head on his shoulders.

Henry: “But she was always staring at me and asked me a lot of personal questions!”

Shola giggled,

Shola: “That’s how she is oo! She is just too kind hearted!”

Henry looked at her,

Henry: “You think so?”

Shola: “Ehen na. Do you suspect she is into you?”

Henry twitched his mouth sighed and replied,

Henry: “No, nothing,” he shrugged.

The suspicion had started then but Shola’s insistence of the chairman’s wife being a kind hearted person helped him conclude that he was just imagining things.


He laid in the car listening to music blasting from the speakers of the stereo. He had the windows wound up and the air condition on.  It was a dance hall music and he shook his head to the rhythm as his mind traveled to many places.


Shola barged in holding a pistol, First Lady hid behind Henry who was pleading with his girl friend,

while Henry fidgeting on the bed,

Henry: “Baby, please drop the gun down. It isn’t what you think!”


Shola who had tears trickling down her eyes was determined to pull the trigger,

Shola: “So, this is the conference you guys said you were bringing her to right?”

First Lady: “Please, I’ll pay you any amount! Just drop down the gun!”

Shola: “shut up! Shut up you shameless whore! You claimed you were helping me by giving my man a job and not knowing you were screwing him behind my back and you, Henry after I gave you my heart, money and everything you still had the guts to cheat on me!”

Henry: “Baby. I swear it was her idea. I didn’t want to do it! You know I love you too…”

Shola: “…just shut up! Before I blow your brains out! Love my foot!”

First lady: “Please, Shola this shouldn’t end like this. We could find a way out of this mess, please! Just name your price! I’ll give you everything!”

Shola nodded as tears kept rolling down,

Shola: “You think money can solve all problems right? Because you are rich, you feel you own the world right?”

First Lady shook her head still pleading while Henry was in tears. Shola pulled the trigger at First Lady and her brains splashed on the ground,

Henry: “Hah! Shola! You just killed her! Ooooh my God!” he curled up to a corner sweating profusely.

Shola standing over the dead body crying,

Shola: “Go to hell where you belong and tell the devil that I am saying hi. You could use the money you ought to give to bribe your way out of torture!” she heehawed.

Henry stared at her but it wasn’t his innocent and gentle Shola; he saw a monster with the eyes of a viper ready to strike.

Henry: “Oh my God, help me! Help me! I’m so sorry!”

Shola flung her eyes at him,

Shola: “And you!” she pointed the gun at him, “come here!” he crawled to where she was standing as strands of sweat ran down his fore head to every part of the body- he was gasping,

“Open your mouth!” he did as she had the gun in his mouth before he could say a word his brains were spluttered on the ground too.

“Drop your gun!” Police officers rammed into the room.

She turned looked at them, smiled and pulled the trigger on herself.


Henry woke up sweating,

Henry: “Oh,oh thank God. It was just a dream!” he was panting.

After few seconds a text came in, it was a message from the First Lady,:

We aren’t going home today. I have booked for separate rooms. We are having a party tonight meaning we would finish very late. Smiles.

He looked at his phone again and read the message a countless times. Was it a dream too? He thought.

What should Henry do? Was the dream some sort of warning? Was she setting a trap for him?

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    • Brother Henry, please be like your brother Joseph that ran away from potipher’s wife and left his cloth in her hands. ..flee every appearance of evil. .

  1. Henry ooooo. Pls be careful. Not all that glitters is gold. Kindly sleep in your madams car for the night and avoid the room

  2. The dream is a warning, the first lady is setting a trap for him , she wants them to be alone so she can accomplish her mission and Henry will surly fall for her…… Hahahahahahaha, first to comment…….. Weldone Adelove

  3. That dream is a warning sign to Henry. The first lady is setting a trap for Henry but he will fall for it somehow.

  4. hmmm that dream na pure warning to henry. I didnt see it as a trap. Henry should not do anything stupid with first lady.

  5. Henry is not a dream ooo, tell her you will come back for her or sleep in the car, this is definitely a trap for him. The outcome is wat God showed u from ur dream. Run as far as ur leg can carry u ooo if u like ur life

  6. I don’t trust that first lady one bit, its most probably a trap and I think Henry should be weary, inform his girl friend before the matter gets out of hand

  7. I think the dream is a warning. All what first lady trying to do is to get a chance alone wit henry and make him fall 4 her or do her bidding. Henry should jus fake being seriously sick 4 her or fake an accident,since she care 4 him,she will be more concern abt his wealth and plan 4 another opportunity.

  8. Henry should not succumb to temptation. None of these have ever gone right.On one side is the Chairman, on the other hand is Shola.He has to thread carefully.Well done Adelove and crew. You guys rock.

  9. Henry should just be careful. What he had wasn’t jst a mere dream, it was a revelation and a warning to him. First lady wants to lure him tonight into having sex with her.

  10. This is a big trap for Henry….. He should just tell Shola everything better still invite her to spend d night with him

  11. Henry should find an excuse and give her so that the dream he had doesn’t come to reality. The first lady is really setting a trap for him and if he is not careful,she will surely get him.

  12. well I guess d dream was a revelation to henry but am sure first lady will succeed in tempting henry into it….only God can help u @henry

  13. Henry be warned ooo not all that glitters are gold….The dream might be a sort of warning ooo,it might not b shola this time but chairman himself

  14. Henry had better be careful…it might be a sort of warning…

    Adelove please me I don’t have twitter handle o

  15. the dream is a warning to henry and henry should try to hint his girlfriend about what first lady is up too,finally need to be very very careful

  16. Henry should leave her go and come back the next day and pick her up, And that dream was vision giving to him, Henry should inform his girlfriend the approach of the first lady towards him , Adelove I love you so much

  17. Henry should be very careful because this dream is a big warning. She’s not setting a trap just want to have him to herself. It’s well oo

  18. Henry should look for any vital excuse to tell her so she would allow him go bcos dat dream is a warning sign. It’s ain’t a set up she just wanna have him for d night.

  19. Temptation indeed, but I expect Henry to use his own intuitive in dealing with the matter. Though, not easy to go off….. Adelove, well done

  20. The dream was a warning and Henry has no choice but to call Shola and tell her. Is part of the First Lady’s plan to spend time with Henry….Henry run for your life ooo.

  21. I think Henry should tell Shola what is going on… D earlier the better. I also think d dream is kind of warning of what might probably happen if he ventures into d relationship with the woman. And yes,she is setting a trap for him. Nice one Adelove. Next pls.

  22. Tell her you want to go home, let her tell you when to come and pick her up the following day. That dream is enough to make you stay clear that woman.

  23. d dream is just a sign dat he shouldnt be entice by money and fall in for d first lady cos d end will be bad, and I think d first lady didn’t really get separate rooms for them..

  24. Hmmmn Na wa ooo, Henry should think every well o and not break Shola’s heart. Rebuke the devil and he will flee from you. Its better to walk away and loose that job o than to sleep with someone’s wife. That dream is a big warning. It may not only end up being Shola alone with the gun but the Chairman who will be after his life. This is a big trap o. Henry should run for his dear life now.

  25. Its getting hot already… you should avoid her advances or ur dream will become a reality. Beware of first ladyoooooooooo. Adelove much love

  26. Ha this is a warning to Henry but at this time there is no turning back, all he has to do is to lock up his own room till the morning they are to go back

  27. a dream is a warning of what is going to happen in the nearest future, henry should try to avoid the first lady cuz if nt it will be a mission accomplished for her. this story is nt all about reading alone but learning something out of it.

  28. Henry should call or text his girlfriend;Shola; stating the new development and telling her what he thinks and fears. That dream was really a sort of warning to him…he should tread carefully. The first lady’s intentions towards him would lead to their doom

  29. This isn’t a dream rather a reality since he regained his consciousness. The dream was a sound warning to him to very careful and vigilant to both the first lady and shola.

  30. The dream is kind of warning(so that he can be careful). Henry should be smart and careful. The first Lady just want to satisfy herself.

  31. So it’s a dream…… Shola: “shut up! Shut up you shameless whore! You claimed
    you were helping me by giving my man a job and not
    knowing you were screwing him behind my back and you,
    Henry after I gave you my heart, money and everything you
    still had the guts to cheat on me!”

  32. Good After ALC&FS,

    Hoping everyone is having great fun if not with recessional trends at-least with AL trending stories.

    I do not know how he would do it but methinks Henry should come up with some crazy excuse to get out of the madam’s claws for now as fast as possible. Henry must RUN FAST.

    Apparently the dream was a warning – such deals always end up bad and sad.

    The Lady is clearly digging around our boy and a very skillfully set trap it is.

    Over to waiting episodes.

    Up & Forward.

  33. This is surely a trap and the dream, a warning as well…. Henry should just cook up a story to tell her so as to not to spend the night out

  34. Henry should thread carefully o. The dream is a sort of warning of possible outcome of d relationship. And it is a trap ooo.

  35. Henry should go home and come early d next day to pick her
    If she comes to the room and didn’t see her she will know her plan has failed and that Henry is not interested

    Also Henry should tell shola about everything that’s happening

    No its not a trap

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