Police Discover Civil War Land Mine In Ebonyi

Police Discover Civil War Land Mine In Ebonyi

After many weeks of scientific analysis on an object found by a scavenger in Okposi, Ohaozara Local Government Area of  Ebonyi State, the state police command has confirmed that the object was a remnant of a bomb used during the Nigeria Civil war.

Police Public Relations Officer for Ebonyi state, DSP James Madu confirmed yesterday that the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) object was indeed a land mine used during the Nigeria Civil War.

“The object suspected to be bomb IED, which was found in Okposi, was taken for scientific examination in our forensic headquarters, Abuja.

“It was not as if a bomb was planted in the area, so to say; it was one of those land mines that were planted during the civil war.

“Our headquarters has directed that it be destroyed and our bomb section has done so.

“We have conducted a search for similar objects in other parts of the state and we have not seen any.”

Some of these explosives couldn’t detonate at that time. This particular land mine fell into the river which continued to move it round until it got to the river bank and somebody saw it and alerted the police.

“So, it was not a planted bomb.”



  1. What’s wrong if efforts are made to atleast have zonal or state police forensic offices instead of one HQ office where matters of forensic concerns from all over the Nation are referred, without regard to speed of process….just a thought.

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