(Episode 11) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

(Episode 11) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Chairman: “Hey,Felicia. How are you?” he said disinterested in anything she was offering. It irked her but she was determined to really get what she wanted.

She started by getting his attention first, asking for some money to support her business.

First Lady: Chief, I need  about N250 Million to support my new container from China and U.S. It should arrive in about 3 weeks time

Chairman: Woman, what do you need such huge amount for?

First Lady:  “My business na! what again

Chairman: But you once told me of N100 million interest you made last month. How about that? Can’t you use that to support your business. Chai, women eeehh!” Chief was staring at the ceiling and pointing finger to the roof.

 I really pity Nigerian Men … Our women be like … If  a Nigerian Man has N5,000 in the house and his wife has N257,000.. Do you know that the total amount of money in that house is still N5,000 ….. hmm.. Nigerian Men reading this AdeLove Stories, are we together?

His Wife hissed at the facts, she was less concerned.

He dropped his suite case, took off his Kaftan and was about entering the bathroom when she charged at him and smothered him with kisses- he responded but not in the way she wanted. She pushed on and even jumped on him. She kissed him wildly and attempted for them to fall on the bed but Chairman pushed her off and she landed on the bed,

“Please, I can’t do this right now. I’m so tired!”

She started crying,

First Lady: “what’s your problem eh? What have I done wrong?”she jumped from the bed and stood on his way, “are you seeing someone else?”

Chairman: “Felicia,please, I don’t have strength for any form of argument right now,please! I have head ache.”

She pulled off her nightie and stood before him bare and clung to him,

First Lady: “You must have me!” she struggled with him until they fell on the bed,

Chairman struggling to be free with his pot belly yelled,

Chairman: “what’s wrong with this woman,eh? Have you had too much wine to drink?” she was too strong for him to push away easily, “I’ll scream ooo! I’ll shout rape oo!” Abi you wan be the first wife to rape her husband?

She forcing herself on him,

First Lady: “Shout and I’ll tell the whole world how you have starved me and how you have refused to perform your duty as my husband.” She held him with all of her strength.

Chairman: “Felicia,wait! Wait! Okay let’s do!”

First Lady: “You promise?” he nodded, she quickly mounted on him,

Chairman: “No na, lemme be on top.”

First Lady gave him a gape,

First Lady: “and you won’t run, “he nodded, “You promise?” he nodded;  they were both sweating.

She fell on her back and he removed his trousers and singlet leaving just boxers and mounted on her. He kissed her and she bent his head over;  in an abrupt manner he bolted out of the bed into the bathroom like a flash she fled after him but he had quickly shut the door. He was panting inside. She hit the door swearing and cursing,

First Lady: “John, God will punish you! It’s me you’re starving eh? God will not forgive you.”she flung herself to the ground and started weeping, “I swear John I must get a lover. Very young and fine!”

Chairman who was still catching his breath yelled,

Chairman: “If you try it eh! I’ll divorce or marry a second wife. This is Africa, women don’t have the right to cheat!”

She shit back,

First Lady: “That’s before but not anymore. John it won’t be well with you ooo! I swear!”

She walked to the fridge and brought out a bottle of Whiskey returned to her position and opened it drank directly from the mouth,

“Your punishment is that you’ll keep inside there!”

He responded quickly,

Chairman: “ It’s better I sleep in here than to be assaulted by my wife! I will shout out to the world and let them hear! Man raper, that’s what you are!” He fired back.

First Lady: “so be it!”she continued drinking and sobbing.

Chairman had slept off in the bathroom. He woke up at about 1 am and the place seemed quiet it looked like First Lady had dozed off too. Peeping, he opened the door gently and withdrew his head when he heard as if she was mumbling some words. It wasn’t so she had passed out after drinking half of the content in the whiskey bottle.  Pouting his lips, he open the door, jumped over her, he looked at her to be sure she was still alive,

Chairman: “ Oh she is still alive!”he spanked her a little on the butt, “this is for making me sleep in bathroom. Stubborn woman!” he raised her staggering and fell with her on the bed,

First Lady: “God wee punis…”she was sleep talking, he paused and stood up after she had dozed off again.

Quickly he made for the door and ran out.


After three weeks of being discharged from the hospital, Henry sat down in front of Shola’s house thinking of what to do.- he’d fully recovered. He couldn’t relax and depend on her to fend for him. It was insensitive.

Henry: “Yes, this is it. I’ll go there first thing tomorrow morning,” he said.

The idea of becoming a commercial taxi driver had popped up and he decided to visit the park the next day.

Questions: Was being a taxi driver the best thing to do?  Would Shola by happy with the idea? Do you think First Lady would carry out her threat?

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    • Henry needs to start from somewhere, I love the fact that he’s not depending on shola but rising to the occasion…as for 1st lady, she has no excuse whatsoever,her punishment has just started. She must have done something to push her husband away from her

  1. being a commercial taxi driver is better than being subjected to ridicules by some people that think they rule the world

  2. I think for now it’s good instead of his last experience, Shola should be happy with that and as for the first lady, she is bent on doing that

  3. Man must survive o.its better than doing nothing. First lady is desperate, she will carry out her plan.shola has no choice than to support Henry

  4. Being a commercial driver is way better than going to beg chairman for his job back. And as for shola she will be happy he would be bringing something to the table.

    As for the first lady telling the chairman is not the issue becos she already has the thought and she tried it on henry.

  5. Been a taxi driver is not the best thing..but wetin man go do?
    Shola won’t be happy either and as for first Lady… She will go in search of lover..probably Henry.

  6. Hahahahahahaha this episode is very interesting. she will carry out her treat, for Henry is better for him than being lock up in jail again or to commit atrocity.

  7. Being a Taxi driver is better than doing nothing. Shola loves him, so she can manage for the time being. The first lady should do whatever she want, am not interested in her matter.

  8. Being a taxi driver may not be the best thing to, but is better than sitting down at home and expecting your woman to be feeding you. Shola may not like it but she did not have choice than to leave him doing it, who knows maybe from there he can find helper. First Lady may carry her treat because she have feed up of starving of sex and she will be catch by chairman.

  9. Been a taxi driver was better than staying ideal at home, shola has to support his guy and I guess First Lady will go ahead with her threat…

  10. When the required valuable material is not available, the available one become valuable. Since there is no job at the moment, he has no option. And for Shola she need to understand

  11. it better dan depending on shola, shola will not like d idea but she got no choice, firstlady is already into wat she threaten to so wat d point asking whether she will carry out her treat.
    Can’t stop laughing,
    Chairman: “ It’s better I sleep in here than to be assaulted by my wife!” You are a Raper Fel. I will shout out to the world and let them hear! Man Raper, that’s what you are! He fired back

  12. yes is the best thing to do for now, and yes shola will be happy for he, i believe that first lady will carry out her threat

  13. First lady is not threatening, she is on d verge of her mission, she has
    got who wld succumb yet. Henry shld step up, atleast the taxi thing is not a bad idea. Adelove dis episode is very short abi na pirated

  14. Shola might not like Henry driving a commercial bus but Henry is a man now, he cannot depend on Shola ..and am sure First Lady will look for young lover outside …very interesting Story Adelove

  15. Its better than doing nothing. This is Africa, the sooner he picks himself up the better before pple start talking. Shola will object bt after much argument she’ll agree. As for madam first lady, she’ll carry out her threat so well, remember Bridget already nursed the idea in her head.

  16. Better than not doing anything.
    First lady may carry out her plan since she’s very desperate and starved by chairman her husband.

  17. unable to comment at d blog thou I was able to read d story. yes,its not that bad idea since it pays more than being a jobless person. He should jus b more cautions when dealing wit customers. Shola will try to against d idea cus of his experience as a driver only if henry can try to make her see reasons by persuading her. First lady will try to carry out her threat but it won’t pay her cus she has missed it frm d start.

  18. Hmmmm! Why will chairman should stop running away from the wife for goodness sake,and I pray Henry gets a good job,BT am thinking chairman is Henry’s brother anyway guessing…. Still waiting for the next episode

  19. Henry should stand up for himself as a man…am sure Shola would understand and as for First lady,if she goes ahead n get a lover,i wouldn’t Blame her at all..

  20. I guess first lady will cuz she hungry, Henry does not have a choice for now, it is better than staying at home without doing anything.

  21. Staying idle is an ideal for Henry, is a nice idea for him to take the taxi driving work. Shola has no choice than to accept Henry’s faith if she truly loves him. As for the first lady, whatever decision she may take is her choice, but she has to be very careful, coz she has already opened up for Mr. Chairman her next line of action.

  22. Being a text driver is better than him depending on His girfriend….. First lady should not try it bcos she will loose her home for good, chairman is looking for a way to send her packing, she should not give him d chance ooooo

  23. Well being a taxi driver is not good idea but its better than sitting at home nd depending on Shola. He has to start from somewhere. Shola will be against the idea because of d experience Henry had. First lady will carry out her threat but it won’t pay her

  24. First Lady has the intent of cheating that is what he attempted with Henry. So she might do it coded. Lets see as it drives.

  25. taxi driver is not a bad work,shola have to agree with him. As for first lady, she will carry out her threat. her friend might even find one for her

  26. Being a taxi driver is better than stealing or being idle, Shola will agree if she is reasonable, firstlady should do what she wants with her husband/accomplice.

  27. Good Evening Adelove Crew & Fans,

    I am so ecstatic and grateful for your kind gesture once again as I confirm receipt of my lucky winner star prize of #3,000.00. To think it’s coming in this time of recession. God truly bless the hands with which you have given and congratulations to everyone here as i know we are all winners in our different rights too. I celebrate fellow star lucky winners as well.

    For our dear Henry, being a taxi driver may not be the best thing there is to do but it is certainly a good step in a right direction. Surely Shola would finally get to understand and support her man’s courage; she will get past any initial disappointments the idea may present her.

    First Lady Felicia has got it bad this time. I see her going along with her threats, one may want to sympathize with her though but I think folks like her missed it along time ago.

    Okay, let me give room for others……..

    Thanks again ALC&Fs.

    Up & Forward

  28. Man must survive, he has to start doing something…….. Lol….. I really pity Nigerian Men … Our women be like … If a Nigerian
    Man has N5,000 in the house and his wife has N257,000.. Do
    you know that the total amount of money in that house is still
    N5,000 ….. hmm.. Nigerian Men reading this AdeLove Stories,
    are we together?

  29. Being a taxi driver is not bad…it is better dan being idle,Even if Shola is not happy with d idea I don’t think she has any option cos he is a man. As for first lady,she will probably carry out her threat.

  30. Our people say there is sweetness in good labour.Henry is a good guy sha,if na some niggas they don’t mind banging a woman old enough to birth them.Shola shouldn’t complain,else a worse temptation will come to Henry.

  31. I think he should try taxi driver n am sure shola will support him…….. Frist lady should carry out her threat bt pls on single men…….. Or men dat dat re willy 2 cheat……… She should leave my uncle 4 me ooooo @henry

  32. lol…I love that drama btw chairman and his wife….. well, I think Henry being a taxi driver is d best tin he can do for d main time

  33. been a taxi driver might not be the best but definitely not a bad idea, its much better than been subjected to working for the likes of first lady and co.

  34. ofcus shola won’t mind since no woman pray to b d one feeding her husband.. n d first lady will also carryout her treat

  35. He can be a taxi driver, from there help will surely come, He might come in contact with first lady again,but Shola has no choice than to accept First lady will surely carry out her plans with her friend’s advice.

  36. The only problem I have with this mr Henry story is that it’s too short. Before you start reading, you’ve come to the end. Other than that it’s a very interesting story.

  37. Being a taxi driver is better than working for that wicked First lady. Shola should better love it o she has no choice. As for that wicked first lady, if she still goes after Henry she’ll be disgraced this time around.

  38. Been a public taxi driver is not the best thing for Henry but he has no option, Shola will be happy because it is better than working for first lady. And First lady will definitely carried out her threat to chairman because she is desperate and sex starved

  39. I day laugh o, first lady and her husband acting drama in the bed room.
    Well a man has to go out and hustle for for something to eat. Wether Shola like it or not, real men don’t wait for women to continue feeding them.
    For first day, is a settled matter, she will go out with young boy as she has already tried it with Henry, unfortunately for her, Henry did not want.

  40. Shola will be in between buying the idea and objecting to it but she ha no choice as for first lady she will carry out her threat and Henry will be the young lover she want.

  41. Being a taxi driver isn’t the best for Henry but man must not be dependent on a woman, as for first lady it’s her way of life she will get a young guy to be doing her husband’s duties

  42. Is better to start from somewhere, I think Shola will support him. First lady will surely carry out her plans and that will lead to her down fall.

  43. D first lady has no reason to cheat on d husband bcos two wrongs cannot make a right and u dnt repay evil with evil. To gain her husband, she need to confront him seriously.

  44. Taxi driver Is better than staying idle. well not really but she will let him do it than doing nothing. i think she will carry out her threat.

  45. People Doing Taxi Driver Re Nt Bad More Over Is Work, Is Even A Better Wrk Dan Doing Nothing I Think Shola Shuld Be Happy O Half Bread Is Better Dan None

  46. Being a taxi driver is never a bad idea, Shola will have to understand with Henry. First Lady will carry out her threat of getting a younger guy since her husband is not ready to satisfy her in bed.

  47. chia.. come and see comments. adelove fans I sight all of una.. I most be pick DS time around by God grace. weather network like it or not.. shola will agree. first lady will find a lover. after all, she has been trying to see with Henry. so no different.

  48. I think first lady wil carry out her treat
    being a taxi driver is better than staying at home for henry
    I think shola wil nt b happy

  49. Being a taxi driver is better than depending on Shola, while Shola too have no option than to support him. First Lady will carry out her threat and it will be disastrous.

  50. First Lady needs satisfaction and if Chairman is not coming forth she will definitely find solace elsewhere with Bridget around, it won’t be far.
    Henry needs to get something doing, commercial driver no be bad thing.
    Ole lo ba omo je ( Yoruba adage).

  51. Being a commercial taxi driver is still better dan doing nothing, an idle man is a devil’s workshop. Shola may not be happy wiv d idea buh Henry shld be able to convince her. Wiv d situation in 1st Lady’s house, I think she will carry out her threats.

  52. Being a taxi driver is not the best thing & Shola will not be happy but it’s better than being idle. First lady is likely to carry out her threat since she takes advice from her evil friend.

  53. so funny I can’t stop laughing. She fell on her back and he removed his
    trousers and singlet leaving just boxers
    and mounted on her. He kissed her and
    she bent his head over; in an abrupt
    manner he bolted out of the bed into the
    bathroom like a flash she fled after him
    but he had quickly shut the door. He was
    panting inside. She hit the door swearing
    and cursing,

  54. One shouldn’t despise the humble beginnings. Henry should go for who knows God’s package for him through that means. It’s well

  55. Being a commercial driver seems like a good idea other than being assaulted by the first lady. Shola has no other option na because he cannot continue to depend on her. First lady will definitely carry out her threat and might end up being divorced by her husband; that’s if he finds out.

  56. what else is he going to do if not fine of surviver why won’t sola be happy that her boyfriend is a hard work guy and first lady she will carry out her plan because she has try it before

  57. Being a taxi driver will not be a gud occupation for him and shola will not like it. Firstlady will surely givein to her threat

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