Troops storms Jammeh’s village, set to capture him [VIDEO]

Troops storms Jammeh’s village, set to capture him [VIDEO]

The Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) has taken laid siege to parts of The Gambia after the refusal of the outgoing president, Yahya Jammeh’s to relinquish power to Adama Barrow.

ECOWAS troops are now in Banjul, the capital and were met with almost no resistance.

However, the region of Kanilai, Jammeh’s regional village, where his presidential guard are on ground with huge weapons, have also been occupied by over 7, 000 soldiers representing West Africa nations.

Recall that the West African troops late Thursday arrived The Gambia aimed at installing the country’s new president, Adama Barrow.

This followed the political impasse in the Gambia, following Jammeh’s loss to Adama Barrow in the country’s December 1 Presidential election.

Despite Jammeh’s insistence of clinching onto power, Barrow was yesterday sworn-in as President of Gambia in the country’s embassy in Senegal.

A video footage on YouTube shows that the troops are well positioned to strike and get Jammeh arrested if he fails to give up by 12pm.

Also, load of trucks with ECOMOG troops are in The Gambia patrolling round villages with citizens celebrating.

An eyewitness said, “As we all know right now, our new president is Adama Barrow. He was sworn in Senegal.

“Troops cannot wait to throw Jammeh out if he fails to pack out before mid-day.

“No resistance from Jammeh’s forces, they wouldn’t even dare.”

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