Female Police Officer causes stir online with her sizzling photos

Female Police Officer causes stir online with her sizzling photos

A sexy New York cop police officer has left many men going crazy for her curves and sexy body. The officer is known to be a cop by day and a lingerie model by night.

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It was reported that Samantha Sepulveda is an officer in Freeport, Long Island, according to a New York government website, making $143,000 last year. But when she’s not heating the beat, she’s hitting the beach to show off her bikini-clad body for her Instagram account which has got more than 110,000 followers.

According to her, because of her attractive and charming look, she doesn’t need to force suspects, they willingly come with her.

‘I talk men into handcuffs all the time because they don’t want to fight me,’ she told The New York Post.

‘You can arrest me any time!’ is another favorite joke she hears at crime scenes.

Sepulveda believes that being a female cop means she can deal with tense stand-offs better than the guys.

‘With a female officer, their guard is lowered. There’s less aggression and the situation is defused,’ she said.

Sepulveda is 32 and became a cop in 2010. Three years later a friend invited her to model in a runway fashion show for their lingerie company.

The selfie-loving cop has since traveled the world modeling underwear in the UK and Spain, to Australia and Nicaragua.



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