(Episode 4) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Pamela:  “What in the name of the gods do you think you are doing Mr.? She asked in between clenched teeth.

Ikenna: “You whore, so you can masturbate, pleasure yourself but won’t let me touch you?” he cursed under his breath.

Pamela: “It’s my body and I have the right to do whatever I want with it, now get off me or…” before she could finish threatening him, he cut her shut with a resounding slap.

Ikenna: “Or what? I said or what?” he barked and continued nibbling roughly at her nipples.

When she realized she could do nothing to stop him, she resigned to her fate and he did with her as he wanted. With the aggression of the past months she had denied him of his rights, he ravaged her over and over again. By the time he was done with her, she had bruises in places she didn’t even know existed.  There was no one to console her for her grief not even The Voice was there to give her succor.

Pamela: “Mama, you did this to me, I will never forgive you mama you sold me off for a morsel of bread, now I bear the brunt of your callousness. If my dad were alive, I’m sure this would not be happening to me” she wept and wept till the ocean of tears dried up and she had nothing to cry anymore.

Ikenna felt like he had won a lottery afterwards, he went outside and called Obinna on phone to narrate everything to him…

Obinna: “You be my real nigga. Na wetin I dey tell you be that. Make you start dey act like man, you be man you no be sissy.” He hailed and at the same time advised him.

Ikenna: “I dey tell you, the thing wey pain me the most be sey she dey do herself when I dey here dey suffer.”

Obinna: “She na sharp girl…But my guy, we’ve made a mistake o” he said switching from Pidgin.

Ikenna: “What mistake?”

Obinna: “Are you an idiot? You shouldn’t have raped her. Have you forgotten already?”

Ikenna: “Oh shit! Shit! This is a terrible fuck up. What do I do now?” he said pacing around nervously.

Obinna: “I don’t know, shouldn’t you have known the right thing to do too? How can you be so dumb?”

Ikenna: “Weren’t you the one who advised me to force her? What is wrong with you?”

Obinna: “So if I ask you to put your hand inside fire you will too? Good one. I have got to go now.  I am quite tired, we will talk about it tomorrow.” He said and hung up the phone.

Ikenna was perplexed and in a dilemma as to what to do. Thinking about it make his legs weak.

In the village, Pamela’s mum felt on edge over the fact that no one has called to inform her that Pamela was pregnant. She sat at the front yard musing over this issue. “I’m quite sure my daughter is not barren, we are very fertile in our family. No one in the history of this family has ever being barren. Hmmmmmmm, but this is becoming too burdensome. They ought to have called by now or is it that they are trying to keep it a secret for now?” she thinking until Odinaka went to join her after she noticed how deep in thought her mum was from where she sat under the huge mango tree in the compound.

Odi: “Mum, what is wrong this time around ehn? Why are you so deep in thought? What on earth is bothering you?” she asked one question after the other without waiting for an answer.

Pamela’s Mom: “My dear, you are too young to understand anything now, besides I’m not worried over anything, I’m just meditating”. She replied dismissively.

Odi: “Mama… but what you are meditating on is making you quite worried. Just take a careful look at your face in the mirror, you are like ten years older than your normal age”.

Pamela’s Mom: “Oh really? Well I will be fine my dear. I’m glad I have you and your sister here. I just wish we had a man in the family too”.  Her expression became sullen immediately she said that.

Odi: “Don’t worry mama, I will be better than even ten sons in due time. Just hang on for me please, stay strong and healthy. I will make it on time and take you to the city’.

Pamela’s Mom: “Ahahahahahahahahhah… ehn ehn? You will do that? Sounds awesome but dear, if I live this compound who will be here to take care of my husband’s grave and compound? When you go and come back will you like to meet a house overgrown with bush?”

Odi: “Well you are right in that regard, when the time comes, we will see about that though”.

Pamela’s Mom: “Oh sure my Brainiac. It’s going to be fine soon. I have to get to the farm now, I have a palm fruit ready to be taken down. I need to find someone who will help me do that since I can’t climb a palm tree.” She said standing up and retying her wrapper.

Odi: “Okay ma. I will go call Okechukwu Ugwuja to help out now. So sit tight till I come with him or till he comes”.

She watched as her daughter curried off. She wished Odinaka was the son she never had. She was so brave, understanding and hardworking unlike some girls in her age grade. She prayed within her that she’d get enough money from her palm oil trade to sponsor her education to the higher institution. She knew Odinaka had a promising future and she was certain it wouldn’t be compromised like Pamela’s was.

“Mama Pamela eeeeeeeee, eeeewooooo… aru emela eee” came the screams of Mama Okey; her husband’s uncles second wife’s scream. She ran towards the house with her hands on her head.  “Where is your mum?”  She asked Amaka who was playing hide and seek with her friends outside.

Pamela’s Mom: “I am here mama Okey, what is wrong? Why are you looking so aghast?” Pamela’s mum said after she ran to the front yard from the backyard where she was busy preparing lunch.

“Heeeeei…… come and see for yourself” she said and took off. Mama Pamela followed suit. They half walked and half ran. Pamela’s mum could not think of anything to help quench her curiosity and fear of what the matter was but she followed Mama Okey anyway with clenched teeth and heart in her throat. When Mama Okey finally stopped in front of the village square. What she saw made her jump with grief. It tore through her heart and a heart wrenching shriek escaped her throat.

Pamela’s mum: “Oh God! Somebody help me please, Odinaka lets go home ehn? Why are you just standing there like a statue? Mama Okey please why are her eyes dilated like that? Can no one tell me what happened to my daughter?” Odinaka stood there unmoving, unresponsive.

Mama Okey: “Okechekwu, tell her what happened” she said facing her son who had a palm tree climbing rope strung across his shoulders.

Okechukwu: “Ma, help me hold this first, let me carry her home, I will tell you what happened to her there. Look at how people have surrounded us here”. He passed the rope to his mum and lifted Odinaka to his shoulders. It was just like carrying a dead body.

Okechukwu: “Okay” he said as soon as he had laid her on the bed in the girls’ room.

Pamela’s mum: “Okay what? Please hurry and tell me what happened to my daughter biko” she said while scrutinizing all of Odinaka’s body desperately.

Okechukwu: “She came to call me to help you put down a palm fruit, on our way here, she just screamed and became quiet. I really don’t know what the issue with her is. I just pray she will be fine” he explained worriedly.

Question: What’s that special force tormenting Pamela’s family? What can you make of what Obinna told Ikenna?


… Stay tuned for Episode 5(You don’t want to miss this!)

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  1. Haaa! This is starnge. I’m sure some evil forces are in control. I can’t wait to what really happened. Episode 4 please!

  2. So it’s a family thing…no son, dead husband, possessed daughters, bad marriage….even Ikenna has partaken of d bad fruit to make his matters worse…this is a family curse! They need Christ

  3. Hi ALC&Fs,

    Sounds like the Pam family is under a serious yoke of marine spirit. From Obinna’s account, Odi may just have been taken over by the same kind of spiritual yoke that possessed her elder sis, before.



  4. There is a curse hovering around the family as for ikenna, he is not man enough to handle his family thats what obinna meant

  5. It seems pamela’s family is under a cursed or female children are possessed due to somethings not perform when they are given birth to. As 4 ikenna I think its going to cause him not progressing on his work 4 raping. Maybe

  6. It might b dat raping a woman especially one’s wife is a taboo in their place, and Pamela’s family might b under a generational curse.

  7. I think Pamela’s family is under a curse and as for Ikenna and Obinna, I suspect they belong to a cult that forbids raping women.

  8. I think Pamela’smother wud av committed hersef to some spiritual n diabolical initiations n Shud b back firing on her girls ,as for ikennadats a wrongful taboo to commit

  9. There is a problem in dat family imagine pam’s mother telling her dat as the first born, anything that she does would affect the other which is why she couldn’t run away from ikenna… ND as for ikenna, I think it is a taboo to rape one’s wife where he is from

  10. Pamela’s family needs Jesus… They are under a curse. Ikenna on the other hand has made matters worse by rapping Pamela his wife.

  11. Hmmmm, something have gone wrong in there family. Maybe is against there culture to rape there wives. Good night adelove

  12. Are u sure one of their uncles is not responsible for the things happening in the family? They might be plotting to wife the family out so they can claim the house and cash crops since pamela’s mother did not give birth to a son

  13. hmmm….am curious what is happening to dis family, firstly pamela is hearing voices like she’s ogbanje, now it d little sister……

  14. Hmmmm… .. This is getting complicated and the suspense. Maybe Ikenna is aware of the kind of person Pamela is and I think pamela’s family is under a curse.

  15. I think there is Evil force tormenting pamela’s family and it seems that their Aunty is behide that. And Obinna and Ikenna has their own secret.

  16. It could be an ancestral spirit or covenant made wit god’s dt is affecting dia family. As for what Obinna told Ikenna,I can’t make a thing out of it. Waiting anxiously. Next pls.

  17. Adelove,pls how do I read episode 3,been trying to open d link since yesterday bt its nt opening,pls I need to read it b4 reading episode 4 and 5,pls do something

  18. It’s either there’s an evil spirit in their family tormenting them or that it’s a taboo to rape a woman from either of their villages.

  19. i think dere is a fore father course aganist pamela’s family whic is spiritual husband. obinna’s advice to ikenna was ok by tell him to take charge of his family bt ikenna overacted

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