(Episode 6) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Ikenna: “Had I known, I wouldn’t have done what I did. I feel so terrible about the whole thing. Uhn! Maybe I shouldn’t feel sorry for her? She deserved every treatment I meted out to her last night for how she has treated me these last months. The Bitch deserved it all and more. I’m sure she will start behaving herself now” he chided and justified his actions at the same time. “All I ever needed from her is a little support and love. We are already married, it’s not like she can do anything to change that. Imagine the way she was touching herself last night when I’m here to do that for her, hmmmm” he sighed. He glanced where she laid sprawled on the floor and started feeling sorry for her again.

Ikenna: “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry about last night. I just didn’t know what came over me last night after seeing you like that on the bed. Please my heart” he said after he had sat down beside her on the bed. He made to touch her on the shoulder but withdrew his hand not knowing what her reaction to that gesture would be.  “Honey, can you hear me?”

Pamela: “Please leave me alone. You’ve already done what you wanted to so no need for lame excuses now. I beg you leave me alone” she replied weakly.

Ikenna: “Okay, I will leave you alone after you’ve had your bathe. Stand up now OK?” He said and tried helping her up. He was surprised at how fragile and weak she was. The bruises on her body made his heart ache with regret. He led her to the bathroom they shared with six more tenants: luckily for them there was no one using it.  He helped her clean up and led her back to the room. He was surprised at how submissive she had become. “It’s probably because she is very weak” he thought. She went to sleep as soon as her back had touched the bed. He watched her sleep and felt his heart reaching out to her. She looked so lovely even while sleeping that he felt like placing a light kiss on her soft lips but quickly checked himself. He knew he had to be careful in order not to incur more of her wrath. All of a sudden his mind went to the conversation he had with his mum the previous day:

Mama Ikenna: “My son, come back home and get another wife. Send that useless wife of yours back to her parents’ house, please take heed unless you fall.”

Ikenna: “Mama… why are you giving yourself unnecessary headache? No one is going to fall here, just give us some time all will be fine soon” he reassured his mum.

Mama Ikenna: “I know you are bewitched so come home, I will take somewhere so you can get cleansed. My dear, how long do you want to be childless? How long?”

Ikenna: “I will call you back later… I have work to do” he said and ended the call before she could say anything further. He sighed after he came back to the present and kept watching his wife closely.

Ndubuisi and Pamela’s mum watched as Odinaka sat stiffly on the bed, eyes staring into space and hands hanging limply by her side. They had tried getting her into lying back but she was as immovable as a thousand year old mountain. Ndubuisi had called his dad to come over as soon as he got there and so they stood impatiently awaiting his arrival. Few minutes later Chief Ojobo arrived and was also taken aback by what he saw.

Ndubuisi: “Thanks for coming so soon dad. We really need your help here”

Pamela’s mum: “Amakaaaaa…” she yelled out her last daughter’s name.

Amaka: “Maaaa” the little girl yelled back from the backyard and ran into the room.

Pamela’s mum: “Get a seat for the doctor’s dad from the parlor now!” she ordered and the little girl scampered off to do what she was asked to do.

Ndubuisi: “Dad, do you probably know what this is?” he asked as his dad stooped down to examine Odinaka closely.

Chief Ojobo: “I’m coming, let me quickly go get someone. This case is critical and must not be treated lightly. Ndubuisi, you go back to work, there must be other lives at stake waiting for you there. Go attend to your patients and leave the rest to me here. I will handle it” he assured his son whom he knew had feelings for the girl. He left without sitting on the seat Amaka had brought for him some minutes back and without saying a word to Pamela’s mum.

Ndubuisi: “I will be going back now” he announced dejectedly.

Pamela’s mum: “Okay my son, may God bless you”.

Ndubuisi: “Amen! Do take care and make sure you eat something soon so you don’t break down”.

Pamela’s mum: “Thank you”. She replied and stood up to see the doctor off. She paced up and down when she got back to the room, looked at her zombie-like daughter and burst into fresh sobs. “Ody my precious daughter, my joy and hope, why have you decided to dash my hope on a stone like this? Where are you my daughter? Can’t you because of this forlorn mother of yours come back to reality? You told me just some few hours back that you’d take me to the city, I’ve agreed to go with you. We will be inseparable so sweetheart, wake up and stop hanging in the limbo” she looked at her daughters face and saw tears cascading down her lean and beautiful face. She reached out and cleaned it off with the edge of her wrapper and pecked her lightly on the cheek.


Mama Nkechi, their immediate neighbor who was almost always at loggerheads with Pamela’s mum noticed odd movement at their house and sent her first daughter Nkechi to check what was going on there without being noticed. Nkechi who was the same age as Odinaka was just as lousy as her mum and was more than happy to carry out the task. From the backyard of their house, she tiptoed to the window and eavesdropped on Pamela’s mum’s heartfelt monologue and went back home to tell it all to her mum.

Nkechi: “Mama, I think I know what is happening in the house at last”

Mama Nkechi: “Ngwa tell me something” she said clapping her hands like a teenager

Nkechi: “I think Odinaka has become a zombie. She can neither walk nor talk, I heard her mum say she’s hanging in limbo”.

Mama Nkechi: “Heeeeeeeiii…so the rumor is true? I heard the thing caught her on the road but I wasn’t sure since I did not witness it myself. You see? My Chi has caught their mother at last with the way she’s been cheating me in this village and acting like she’s the only one whose daughter is married to someone in Lagos. That’s good for her kwa”.

Nkechi: “Mama do you know what I think? I think Odinaka is possessed by Satan itself” she said feeling proud of her observation.

Mama Nkechi:  “Tufiakwa! You people should better be careful, the only time you are allowed to go near their house is when you want to go and do your CIA work there. If you go there anyhow and you also get infected with whatever is hailing her then you will be on your own” she warned her daughter sternly.

Nkechi: “Whatever, that’s their own problem, me I cannot get possessed o since I am the marine goddess myself” she bragged.

Mama Nkechi: “Oh shut up there! Marine goddess my foot, ngwa vamoose to the kitchen with immediate effect, your siblings will soon be back from wherever they go to and must meet food when they get back” she watched her retreating daughter and shook her head. “Look at her, there’s nothing she knows how to do: go to school she refused, find a husband she was unable to, all she knows to do is snitch around. Only God knows who she took after with her ugliness. Kai! How much will she fetch me as bride price? Cheap little thing. Look at Odinaka her age mate, very intelligent, responsible and will soon be writing WAEC at the age of fifteen, who knows she might actually become a doctor later and her mum will start being called Nne doctor. Heeeeei, I’d be damned, how I wish the girl never recovers from her illness or demon possession or whatever it’s called” She mused.

Chief Ojobo later went back to the house with a native doctor whom immediately he had set his eyes on her, left the room with the chief on his trail.

Native doctor: “Ojobo… you know I will not lie to you, the person behind this girls predicament is…

Question: Do you think the Native doctor will tell Chief Ojobo who is  behind her predicament? if not, what will he tell him?

… Stay tuned for Episode 7(You don’t want to miss this!)

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  1. Maybe he wants to tell Chief that a spirit is disturbing their family … The family self get many enemies… I hope odinaka recovers quickly ooo

  2. GdPM great ALC&Fs,

    Yep he would tell Chief Ojobo……..he seems to have some deep insight and potency to deal with the issue, at least at this level.


  3. Nawoo, I said it… There is a strong force against that family….. They dont need a native doctor bcos the person behind everything would be more powerful than the native doctor so he might not actually tell them the truth…… What they need is Jesus Christ, the one true name above every other names…..

  4. The native doctor knows the girl’s predicament and who I saw behind it and I don’t think he’s going to tell chief Ojobo because all of them work in hands…

  5. This problem may be that someone is accursed in d family. And d person responsible may be the mother. Not that it is deliberate, cos she might not be aware of it. My thought on who is responsible.

  6. The person who is behind her predicament is Ndishi, it’s a spirit only Adelove and crew know oo.I hope Odinaka recovers.Their family needs God.

  7. Which kind suspense be dis knw, i fink d native doctor knws who is behind it nd might not want to say it out bcos if he does it may affect him in one way or d other. Edishi curse as specified in d title is d one disturbn d family, dey re under a curse.

  8. Chai, so wicked of nkechi and her mum o. Nne,na u nkechi resemble*lol* back to odi,I think the native doctor is not going to tell chief ojobo person behind it dat quickly bt may tell him the kind of ailment,reason for it and what to do.

  9. see bad bellyism some people are just cruel and wicked
    the native doctor will tell them whats wrong and probably tell them to do sacrifice….
    now ikenna feels sad but when he was doing it he felt ontop the world i just hope pam will forgive him sha

  10. I don’t tink d native doctor will tell him who is behind d gal predicament neither will he b able to help but instead he will warn chief ojobo to stay away from d family

  11. He will definitely tell him its her mother’s scandalous and wayward lifestyles that has caused the attack on her.

  12. Yes ,d native doctor might tell him who is behind Ody’s predicament and how powerful d person is. Abeg dey should save Ody o. Next pls.

  13. Hmmmmmm. who is doing them in the family is very close to them,probably the curse they inherited from their father.

  14. i pray they find solution to d matter on ground……who could be responsible…..or maybe when their mother dont hv a child for many yr…. e may ask them frm devil…..devil cant gve someone free gift nd nt collect thousand of it……next episode adelove

  15. I wish the native doctor will tell the mother who is behind her predicament but they all the same ten and ten pence.

  16. Wow, how I wish that the native doctor will be able to discover the cause of the sickness and also proffer solution asap.
    God is in control.

  17. No, I don’t think the native doctor will tell the Chief who is behind her predicament. But will suggest to him on what to do.

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