(Episode 17) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Like a professional swordsman, she flung the knife at him and collapsed on the floor. He had tried looking back to see how close she had caught up to him, so the knife instead of his upper back burrowed deep into his right upper arm. He flinched with pain and slumped down. When he saw her on the floor, not minding the searing pain in his arm, he managed to crawl to where she laid and cradled her head on his laps.

Tunde: “Sweetheart… wake up. Everything is alright now. Please wake up” he pleaded weakly, weeping softly not for the pain in his arm but for the woman lying motionless on his laps. Her eyelids fluttered open and she quickly sat up, flushed until she saw the blood oozing from the place the knife was still burrowed in.

Pamela: “Oh my God! You are bleeding, what on earth happened to you?” she asked ignorantly

Tunde: “I guess this is the price I have to pay for loving you” he said and blacked out.

Pamela: “Tunde! Tunde! Can you hear me?” she said shaking him vigorously but careful enough not to make the knife burrow deeper. When she realized he had passed out and was losing too much blood, she quickly dressed up and called Stanley who arrived a short while later and the two of them rushed him to the hospital. Thanks to the hospital being Stanley’s, none of his staff asked any questions, they didn’t need to fill forms before he was attended to. Stanley attended to him personally and at daybreak, the knife had been removed surgically and he was transferred to recovery room to recuperate fully before getting discharged.

Pamela, still confused as to what had happened that night, the only thing she could remember was talking to The Voice unconsciously and after that, waking up on Tunde’s laps. She tended to him with sadness and quilt while he studied her carefully. She cleaned his body with the neat hand towel the nurse had provided her with and later fed him pap. Tunde knew she had questions but wasn’t sure he was ready to answer them. He didn’t want to hurt her any more than she already was.

Tunde: “Are you okay dear? Why do you look so downcast?”

Pamela: “I should ask you that…what happened last night. What did I do to you?” she queried squeezing the water from the towel into the bowl.

Tunde: “I don’t want to talk about last night sweetheart.”

Pamela: “But I have the right to know since I was in the house with you. I have a feeling that this was my doing. Please?”

Tunde: “Okay” he said throwing his good arm to the air. ‘’I think you got possessed by that devilish thing you keep talking to from your sleep.”

Pamela: “Oh My God! Then I really did this to you?” she lamented bursting into fresh sobs.

Tunde: “You see why I didn’t want to tell you? It was not your fault sweetheart, you were not acting under your will. Besides, the way you struggled in your sleep, I deduced you tried fighting him off for my sake. Thanks dear, for standing up for me with something that evil” he said using his left hand to draw her closer to himself.

Pamela: “See where that has gotten us… I am really sorry for making you go through this. Like I said, you still have the chance to back out now, I feel the fight is not over. I mean it’s just starting.”

Tunde: “And why is everyone giving me this advice if I may ask? Is it that no one understands my heart? Not even you?” he said feeling disappointed.

Pamela: “We are only concerned about your safety. At least when I’m done with this battle, we can get back together. Please you should understand me now.”

Tunde: “So you are asking me to break up with you because of this? What do you take me for? A coward who runs away when things are not so good and comes running back when everything is settled and rosy? Is that what you want to turn me into? You, my friends and family, none of you can give me a word of encouragement? Tell me I’m doing the right thing for once?”

Pamela: “I understand how you feel dear…”

Tunde: “You don’t understand, do you think I don’t have my own doubts too? Now I’m fighting my doubts and at the same time you guys’. How long do you think I can last before I get broken? Do you think I feel good knowing the woman I fell in love with is married and is battling with unseen forces? Baby I need your understanding, I need you to let me fight this with you. Only then will I be sure of victory. Can we do that?” he asked looking up into her tear-filled eyes.

Pamela: “But…”

Tunde: “Shhhhh… no buts. Just tell we can”

Pamela: “Okay then. We can do that… we really can” she said cradling his head in her bosom.

Tunde: “You don’t know how blissful it feels being able to hold you like this, being able to touch you. I feel like the world belongs to just the two of us”

Pamela: “I feel the same way too. I feel so blessed having you here”

Tunde: “You are blessed of course and don’t worry, this will be over soon” he reassured her.

Pamela: “How is your hand now? Hope it’s not hurting too much?”

Tunde: “It’s not as long as you are here my love” he said winking at her.


Stanley and Kolapo stood outside listening to them, they both had tears in their eyes at the end.

Kolapo: “Mehn! Our guy is truly in love at last. See him with one hand and yet clinging to her.”

Stanley: “See I have decided to just let the two of them be. He should do whatever he wants as long as he won’t get killed.”

Kolapo: “Can’t you see he almost got killed this time? He is alive by sheer luck. I hope they both survive this. Love is a bitch.”

Stanley: “I’m telling you. When you notice I am falling in love with an Eve, please and please, use hammer to get me back to my senses. Love makes a man into a foolish homo sapien. I refuse to be Love’s foolish vagabond”

Kolapo: “Love’s foolish vagabond? Now where did you hear that one from? “He said grimacing.

Stanley: “I saw it in a poem by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson titled Diamonds and Pebbles. You should really learn to read books”

Kolapo: “I have heard you doctor. What is the title of the collection? I am sure that Diamonds and Pebbles is just one poem is a collection, right?

Stanley: “You are current buddy. The title of the book itself is ‘I Said These Words’.

Kolapo: “Okay now. Now what about Tunde’s parents? I don’t think they will ever agree for him to date this lady let alone marry her. She is married for Chrissake”

Stanley: “That is why I did not bother telling them about him being admitted in the hospital right now. They shouldn’t know all the details, they are okay with just knowing she is married and nothing else. We can still help him talk to them. They will probably listen to me since I’m their family doctor and they’ve never had any cause to doubt me before. We can make this happen for our buddy mate.” He finished optimistically.

Kolapo: “Okay then, I guess I have no option but share in your optimism. I have to leave now, you know I am a businessman”

Stanley: “Okay businessman, see ya some other time” They shook hands and went about their different businesses.

Ikenna sat in his sitting room musing over the disappearance of his wife. Her phone had been off and he didn’t know any of her friends in the office apart from the mystery guy who went calling that day. He was still thinking about where to go looking for her when he thought he saw a shadow move swiftly across the room.

Ikenna:  “Who is there? Nkechi?” but he thought it couldn’t be Nkechi since she just left for the market. He relaxed but the shadow moved again, slower this time for him to catch a proper glimpse. “Please stop playing pranks on me and come out from the shadows now…”

QUESTION: Do you think someone is really playing pranks on Ikenna? If not, what do you think he is seeing?


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  1. no one is playing pranks on ikenna.it’s the voice that do speak to Pamela that is after him just as it’s after tunde

  2. Hmmm, like seriously no one is playing prank on him, I think is that voice that normally speak to Pamela may be his not happy with Ikenna for making Pamela to leave the house…

  3. No one is playing pranks on him, the evil he did to get married to Pamel is here to live with him nd torment him. Remember the old herbalist warned him not to get a woman pregnant nd Nkechi is pregnant for him. What happened to Tunde’s enough to drive the lovers into God’s hands. I envy such true love. Good morning everyone nd Adelovelies..

  4. No one is playing pranks on him. Instead d evil voice in love with his wife has come for a visit. Gudmorning ALFs and crew.

  5. Nobody is playing pranks with him it’s either the voice the spiritual lover of Pam, ndishi the curse coming to torment him, or the consequences baba warned him about!!

  6. No one is playing pranks on ikenna, the evil he did just to marry pamela has come to pay him a visit and stays with him since that herbalist has warned him not to get someone pregnant and Nkechi is pregnant for him

  7. Nobody is playing pranks wit ikenna, I think is also d same voice which normally speak to Pamela,, maybe d voice wants to tell him wia she was and knowing fully well DAT he would go look for her..d voice wants Pamela yo be wit ikenna whom she can tell not to touch her and he will agree, becx he doesn’t want anyone defiling Pamela, he wants her for himself only…stupid spirit

  8. No one is planks on him his evil deeds have final caught up with him. Pamele and tunde should surrender to God fully because he alone can deliver them, the battle is not there battle but of the God’s.

  9. I don’t think anyone is playing pranks on him, I guess it is Pamela’s spirit husband, he probably want to tell Ikenna about what is happening between her and Tunde after failing to achieve his aim the first time.

  10. Indishi spirit is just ravaging around. I believe that Tunde and Pamela love bond will break the bond between Pamela and the spirit

  11. The voice is back for Ikenna, kai this guy is in trouble ooooo. I dey pity am. Tunde and Pamela should go for spiritual cleanse..

  12. No one is playing any pranks on Ikenna..It is the consequence of his breaking his path of the deal,because he used Juju to marry Pamela..It has started hunting him,because devil does not know the word.”.sorry”

  13. nobody is playing prank on him, d shadow I think is d repercussion of d warning d native doctor gave him which he fail to heed to

  14. he is seeing the shadows and is not a prank I think ikenna brought this shadow cause of what he did in secret hmmmm hands crossed

  15. Ikenna Life don super better oo. Nobody is playing prank on him. Is the voice or rather let me say d consequence time has come for him since d Baba warn him not to impregnate any lady for NW. And since Nkechi clame to b pregnant for him, I tink his time is up to face the repercussion.

  16. Its d voice,n tunde n pamela shd be strong in prayers,I guess it ws d voice dt made her accept ikeena in d first place

  17. Stanley: “I’m telling you. When you notice I am falling in love with an Eve, please and please, use hammer to get me back to my senses. Love makes a man into a foolish homo sapien. I refuse to be Love’s foolish vagabond”
    Kolapo: “Love’s foolish vagabond? Now where did you hear that one from? “He said grimacing.
    Stanley: “I saw it in a poem by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson titled Diamonds and Pebbles. You should really learn to read books”………

    so Interesting

  18. I feel sorry for tunde but both of them should Stand up and fight for what they believe in. As for ikenna I hope he gets what he deserve

  19. Am still wondering y d strange voice didn’t kill Ikenna but rather wants to kill a man who isn’t even married to Pamela. Or could it be it’s cos Pamela has love for Tunde, maybe I think so. As per the question, it’s not a prank but reality. The strange voice has finally paid Ikenna a first visit. I just hope it kills him or does something less than that

  20. D evil spirit is here in ikenna house 2 join force wit him in fighting d battle………. Bt am sure dey will both fail…….. Pemela n tunde God will give u d strength 2 fight…. Jus call on him……..

  21. It’s the shadow with the voice. And I think, Ikenna, knows the source of this. It only came to Pamela after she married Ikenna. Ikenna is diabolic and this evil will catch up with him

  22. There is problem ooo.
    It’s the voice that’s appearing to Ikenna, I think the voice wants to use Ikenna against Tunde. May God help Tunde ooo

  23. The spiritual husband is at it again,that’s whom he is about to see. Damn it,Pamela has been through a lot. Am glad she has found love,she needs to find Jesus

  24. No pranks ,its karma knocking at his subconscious door becoming reality ,it’s his turn .i only wonder if he’s man enuf to handle.

  25. I don’t think anyone is playing prank on ikenna o,its either d voice or d spirit backing his deeds wit d old man his friend obinna take him to.

  26. Pamela’s misterous voice has come to teach Ikenna a lesson…….. For betraying pamela……. Cant wait…. Next episode pls

  27. I love this part Stanley'” wen u see me falling in love with my Eve please and please use hammer to bring me back to my senses” lol* funny love is sweet! Am loving this so much! Next episode pls…..

  28. Playing pranks NO he is just tasting part of wat he serve my dear, so i like were this story is heading. i think dat baba said something like with wat Ikenna did with pamela no remedy and it wount affect her if she sleep with another man but it will bounce back to him. Adelove thanks for yesterday

  29. The same evil voice speaking and tormenting Pamela is the shadow he is seeing. l could remember the dibia warning him against getting some one pregnant which he has done and secondly that Pamela should not sleep with another man , which of course has happened. The dibia a said he will pay for it if both happens. In a but shell, he charmed Pamela into marrying him.

  30. It is that voice that is playing pranks on him, he is obviously upset for at ikenna for making his wife leave home n run to Tunde

  31. Its not a prank by anyone rather the strange voice or the repercussion of the warning by the old man is about to start…

  32. Ikenna is seeing d spirit, it is what d baba him & his friend went to met was warning about, now is about 2 pay 4 his doings

  33. No one is playing prank on Ikenna. It is the mysterious voice that have just paid Ikenna Visit. Good Adelove crew, thanks for the wonderful episode. next….

  34. No body is playing prank on Ikenna, the shadow he is seeing is the same demonic powers that is tormenting Pamela. This time around is Ikenna, turn the feel the burnt because he has offended the gods.

  35. The spirit that torments Pam has come to pay him his own visit since he fucked up by impregnating Nkechi which the Baba warned him not to.

  36. Stanley: “I’m telling you. When you notice I am falling in love with an Eve, please and please, use hammer to get me back to my senses. Love makes a man into a foolish homo sapien. I refuse to be Love’s foolish vagabond”

    Kolapo: “Love’s foolish vagabond? Now where did you hear that one from? “He said grimacing.


  37. Ikennah has chopped what is not rightfully belongs to him, and his legimate wife Pamela is now aware, and spiritual attack must now be shifted to him in accordance with rules of Ndishi. Pamela may be free now.

  38. I think Ikenna knew something about the Voice that is disturbing Pamela and now that Ikenna has impregnate another woman, the Voice has come to meet him

  39. It could be the voice since Pamela is in the hospital…and Nkechi left for the market. But do the voice also visit during the day??..Judging from the story, it comes only at night. Well, just saying

  40. It could be the voice…but do the voice also visit during the say…Or it could be dibia that warned him earlier. Who knows??….as the story unfolds…

  41. its not a prank rather its the unseen shadow that pamela speaks to…what does he want with ikenna or perhaps he wants to use ikenna to get Tunde

  42. hmmmm; just like a true life story…..i’ve seen things like this…#no jokes….a lot of girls are tied to spiritual husbands nd marine spirit…we just have to prayful…..ADELOVE your stories inspires me everyday of my life; u reveal d truth….like d owner of this blog is a pastor

  43. Noone is playing prank on Ikenna, the messenger he sent has come to deliver the message, nemesis is about catching up with Ikenna. Weldone guys

  44. The shadow is of that voice’s. It might have come to give Ikenna his own piece of warning to stay clear of Pamela or else face the tune of thge music.

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