(Episode 18) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Yet he heard nothing from whoever it was. This continued for another twenty minutes and then out of fear, he decided to leave the house. He almost collided with Pamela on his way out…

Ikenna: “You scared the shit out of me woman. Have you been the one hiding in the shadows trying to play cheap pranks on me?” he asked following her into the house. She uttered no word to him and just went straight to her closet, took the spacious handbag she hung on the wall and started packing some of her cloths. “What are you doing? Are you going somewhere? Aren’t you the one I am talking to?” he yelled when he realized she was purposely ignoring him.

Pamela: “Why on earth are you making noise? And where is your new wife?” she asked sarcastically without even looking up from what she was doing.

Ikenna: “What new wife?”

Pamela: “You know who I am talking about so stop feigning ignorance”

Ikenna: “Where are you going?” he repeated.

Pamela: “It’s none of your business, just stay away from me. You have a real wife now so what I do or where I go is no longer your business.” She retorted.

Ikenna: “As long as you are still my wife, I still have every say in your goings and doings. Besides, where did you crash last night? I was expecting you to come back last night so I could apologize but you never showed up.”

Pamela: “Oh really! Yesterday was the only day you could tender an apology I guess?”

Ikenna: “I did not say that”

Pamela: “I don’t even need your apology, it’s pointless and will not be of use. So keep it for someone else. I am done here.”  She carried her bag and made to walk away from him but he pulled her back.

Ikenna: “Where did you sleep last night and where are you going to now with your clothes?” he was becoming aggressive and desperate.

Pamela: “I don’t want to fight sir so please just let go of me”

Ikenna: “I should let go of you so you can disappear from my life?”

Pamela: “Who made that call? Am I disappearing because I want to? Remember this is a house I paid for with my sweat?”

Ikenna: “Go on and remind me how incapable I am”

Pamela: “I am not leaving forever. I am only going away to clear my head, come to terms with what you did and maybe decide what to do with your whore”

Ikenna: “Don’t call her that” he warned

Pamela: “I smell love in the air. Now will you unhand me? And if you try anything funny, I’d call the police on you. You cannot eat your cake and have it. I will be back but probably not in a good way.”

Ikenna: “You cannot leave me, no you can’t. I will not let you leave me, without you I am nothing. So just stay with me and forget the past, I will send Nkechi away so it can remain just us, we can be husband and wife again just give me another chance. It’s remaining a little time for you to be fully mine so I can’t let you leave.” He said shaking his head frantically looking like a hopeless teenager.

Pamela: “When you knew you didn’t want to lose me, why did you do what you did? Please let me go!” she snapped snatching her hand forcefully from his tight grip and walked quickly out of the door.


He stood hopelessly watching her go. He knew he was in a great trouble. Then all of sudden he remembered the silhouette of a man he kept seeing that noon and seemed to understand what it entailed.

Pamela: “You were right… the shameless thing did not want me to leave. He was just speaking gibberish.” She said as soon as she stepped into Tunde’s ward.

Tunde: “Well it’s understandable, no man would want to lose an amazing woman like you.” He said winking seductively at her.

Pamela: “Very funny. That reminds me- he said something that was kind of suspicious but I did not give any thought to it till now.”

Tunde: “What was it?” he asked sitting up curiously.

Pamela: “He said I should give him another chance that it’s remaining a little while and I’d fully become his. Don’t you think that utterance is somewhat suspicious?”

Tunde: “I don’t see anything suspicious about it, it’s just the ranting of a desperate man. Discard it.” He said in a matter- of- fact way.

Pamela: “Are you sure? My gut tells me something is up with that man”

Tunde: “Of course something is up with him- his fuckup is being treated and he seems to be losing his wife. So yeah, he will do or say anything to make you stay”

Pamela: “Okay then. So you are getting discharged tomorrow?”

Tunde: “That’s what Stanley said. I’d be coming around for dressing every two days.”

Pamela: “Good one. So I guess I’d be going home tomorrow then?” she asked trying so hard to hide her disappointment.

Tunde: “No way! You are not leaving me just yet. Don’t forget I am still a patient, I need someone to be taking care of me and you are my best candidate for that”

Pamela: “Seriously? I have to go back home dear. You can ask your houseboy to stay with you for some time rather than coming from home.”

Tunde: “No! It’s you I want. You are the only one I want to be seeing and that will make my healing speedier. Can you do that for this unwell me?” he asked feigning innocence.

Pamela: “Okay I have heard you, stop pretending to be so sick when you are not. Shameless guy.” She said, threw a pillow at him jokingly and strutted out into the corridor apparently to go see Stanley.

Tunde: “What’s with you and Stanley these days madam? The two of you are always whispering behind my back, are you two dating or what?” he shouted after her.

Pamela: “Oh yes! He is my newest concubine in town. You are outdated already.” She shouted back.

Tunde: “Omoge mi ati padi mi, won ti se mi nkan ti o da…” He sang to himself and smiled broadly. “I don’t think I have ever been this happy before in my entire life yet here I am, on a hospital bed. God! Am I probably going crazy?” he thought and chuckled puerilely.

On her way back from the market, she overheard the woman selling provisions in front of their compound and her friend talking. She slowed down a bit just to know what they were really talking about in such hushed tones and looking towards her direction awkwardly.

First Woman: “Hmmmmmm! My dear sister, I feel sorry for that poor wife of his, I heard this one sent her out of the house. It’s terrible.” She said shaking her head.

Second Woman: “She is an ingrate. A nonentity, she is not even aware that the man she is clamoring so much for is nothing but a pauper. We know how they were before Pamela got this job she is doing now.  She will soon be sent back to the slum. Shameless girl.” She said looking towards her disgustingly.

First Woman: “Look at her, she seems to be pregnant o.”

Second Woman: “She will be pregnant na. Do you know how much she makes sleep elude us in the house with her disgusting moaning all day long? She is carrying a bastard of course. Who knows if the man is even the owner of the pregnancy? I hate women who try reaping where they did not sow. Women who want nothing but someone else’s husband. These bunch of women are nothing but a disgrace to us. And the men who patronize them are the worst. These men won’t ever know what they have until they’ve lost it. It’s a shame.” She lowered her voice as Nkechi approached them slowly.

Second Woman: “It’s okay o, I don’t want her trouble. She’s quite the troublemaker.” She said as Nkechi made to walk pass them but turned back.

Nkechi: “What did you people say?”

First Woman: “We said nothing and even if we did it’s none of your business.

Nkechi: “Is that so?” she said dropping the foodstuffs she had in her hand.

Second Woman: “Please just go inside, we don’t want any trouble.

Nkechi: “You are mad for saying you don’t want any trouble after asking me to brew some for you. How dare you call my husband a pauper? How dare you say my child is a bastard? You this jobless gossip mongers with no iota of shame in you. Its your sons that will be paupers for the rest of their lives and your daughters will bear only bastards even in their husbands houses” she raved pointing menacingly the shop owner who when she could not stand it anymore pushed her roughly. Nkechi staggered to the back and landed on her buttocks with a thud. She rolled her eyes and fell back unmoving.

Question: Do you think it is okay for Pamela to stay with Tunde while he recovers or should she go back to her husband’s house? What do you think Ikenna meant when he said it’s remaining just a little while then she’d become his?


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  1. Pamela should stay with tunde.as for ikenna maybe he’s about to send nkechi away and do something that will pls Pamela.I can’t really phantom

  2. She should stay with Tunde fot them to fight dat her spiritual husband together. I think Ikenna did something extraordinary

  3. Pamela should stay with Tunde……. It will be better for her there cos I dont Trust that Ikenna…… He must have used charm on her……..

  4. Hmmm
    This Ikenna is evil, Pamela should not go back because that statement he made means a whole lot. She and Tunde should be very prayerful

  5. Pamela should stay with Tunde till he recover . May be Ikenna want to go to the native doctor again and do jojo yo get Pamela back

  6. She should stay with Tunde cos there’s no point going back to her house as Nkechi is still there. Ikenna will want to make her pregnant as that is the only criteria his mother wants.

  7. hmmm….i think trouble is brewing, pamela shld stay with tunde, I want ndishi to do his worst, and for ikenna…he’s back to square one

  8. No way… she should not go back dere…she can probably get an apartment else where and stay dere 4 d tym being….nd 4 ikenna…I tink he’s into diabolic means….he’s fetish.

  9. It’s better Pamela stays with tunde there she will find peace and also discover herself as for Ikenna I believe he’s referring to the charm

  10. Pam should go back to her husbands house and be paying Tunde visit from there,am thinking something I hope this Ikenna got nothing to do with this strange voice of Pamela. Cox they sounds alike oooooo

  11. I don’t think its okay for Pamela to stay with Tunde oo,what if d voice enters her again, something worse could happen to Tunde.

  12. Pamela should stay wit tunde until he recovers, it was becx of her DAT he got dose injuries.. So as for ikenna maybe he wants to use Pamela for something or maybe he is up to something will seems not to be normal

  13. pamela should report Ikenna to her pple in d village and Wat nkechi did with her husband. It’s not OK for Pamela to stay wt Tunde Bt she can visit him because ndishi can cum with anoda strategy to hurt Tunde if Pamela stays with him. dts story is ghen ghen. next episode

  14. Pamela should not stay with Tunde n she should neither go back home,she should jst stay else where n clear her head…
    That Ikenna of a husband is not clean…He has a cockroach in his cupboard

  15. She should not go back yet ooo. The plan of Ikenna, his friend with the old man will spoil if she stays away from Ikenna bcos it’s remaining just a little while for her to bcome what they’ve plan to use he for.
    Mayb is blood money he want to use he for.

  16. Pamela should still stay with tunde and enjoy peace of mind and loving life. Ikenna should not be trusted with the words he uttered, he has a skeleton in his wardrobe. Pamela should stay from ikenna, make him no hurt the poor girl.

  17. the heart wants what it wants , pamela does .nt love ikenna any more though wrong of her cos she was d still1 who got married to him n she is d 1 who sex starved him n it seems ikenna wants to right his wrongs from dat statement cos he obviously still loves pamela

  18. it is okay for Pamela to stay with Tunde as this is safer for her so that she can avoid any diabolic power that can be used on her by Ikenna.

  19. There’s no point going back, she should inform her mother all she has been going through so dat a permanent solution can be sought-after.

  20. Although It Is A Risk,but,i Feel Pam Shuld Stay Put Wit Tunde,bcos It Is A Greater Risk To Go Bck To Ikenna.I Strongly Bliv Dat Ikenna Has A Hand In Pam’s Predicament.

  21. I think Pamela is not right staying over wit tunde she shud av rent an apartment for d short period
    And ikenna means DAT it remain small time before d charm be effective

  22. Ikenna still hopes something good would come out with Pamela. Nkechi faints due to the push she received, pamela needs space to clear her head from the things going on around her.

  23. pamela should go back to his husband house, she can be checking on tunde from there, and for Ikenna, i think he has smth to settle with his own evil spirit.

  24. Ikenna must have done something supernatural and have limited to pay for it. Pamela should remain with tunde for the time till everything is settled.

  25. Pamela should not stay with Tunde. She should go home to her mother and tell her all she is been going through. maybe she can help

  26. I just don’t thinks its right for Pamela to stay with Tunde till he gets bak in his feet. Ikenna has gone diabolical about Pamela and from what he’s been told, he needed more time to avert the consequences of his past actions of forcing her to bed.

  27. Ikenna is diabolical, he used diabolical means to marry Pamela. May be instructions from the native doctor he is talking of.
    Is ok for Pamela to stay with Tunde until he get better.

  28. Tunde should av know his life in danger having Pamela around with him in the same house. If pamela can not go back to his husband’s house, let her find somewhere to stay first until she clear those bad taught off her mind. And for Ikenna, maybe he has complete the marriage rite.

  29. Now I got the whole thing. that voice that always come to Pamela is that baba ikenna went to. he had an agreement with that spitit that after helping him to marry Pamela with his diabolic power, the spirit with have access to Pamela before he will take over his wife. Hmmm next episode please

  30. Pamela should manage in Tunde’s place but stay clear of intimacy and as for Ikenna wat he mean by dat is he juju to marry ela and may be their is certain time d juju will be permanet and may be dat time she will be his wealth but i dont no in wat way..

  31. hummmm. I smell a rat, Ikenna has hand in Pamela issue, and also I think that Anuty of Pamela needs to explain somethings, Pamela should stay with tunde but they must be prayerful

  32. Pamela should manage in Tunde’s place but stay clear of intimacy and as for Ikenna wat he mean by dat is he juju to marry ela and may be their is certain time d juju will be permanet and may be dat time she will be his wealth but i dont no in wat way..

  33. Its okay for her to stay but they need to seek for solution fast. as for Ikenna he has done something with the old man that’s why he utter that statement but i don’t think they will succeed bcos there’s a bigger force fighting them already except the seek a higher power that’s when they will be delivered.

  34. Pamela should stay with Tunde, I suspect Ikenna is up to something or should I say into something devilish, who knows may b he has something to do abt d spirit in Pamela’s life

  35. The best thing for Pamela to do is to stay away from Tunde for now so as to keep the evil spirit @ arm’s length untill God’s intervention. I know Ikenna is diabolical, only God knows what he has done, but i know @ the mention of the name JESUS CHRIST every knee must bow nd every other power remain powerless.

  36. Ikenna is behind the mysterious shadow. He made a pact with the devil and he broke it before the given time.

    As for tunde love don scatter him head. He should allow her go and stay somewhere else but not her husbands house, he has forgotten how the spirit entered pammy

  37. Ikenna have hidden agenda,time will tell sha,everything is still in suspense. Pamela shld go to her husband, there is still mystery to unravels,at the end she will be back to Tunde. But they both need deliverance.

  38. I remember that old man….. I think they are performing rituals and as for Pamela, don’t trust Tunde too much….. Stay at an arm’s length with him

  39. Getting more revealing and entertaining.nkechi loves trouble and she has bitten.more dan she can chew.yeye gal.pamela seek God’s eye oh

  40. She should stay with somebody else but not Tunde because of d danger on ground and Ikenna did some diabolical things on pamele but it’s back firing on him.

  41. I can’t advice her to go back to her husband house, because Ikenna have something that is hiding for her and the baba that Ikenna is seeing have told him the time. And is not also a good decision for her to stay with Tunde.

  42. if only it was safe I would have advised she go back to her house but it’s not so its better she stays with Tunde. Ikenna’s statement suggests he knows something about Pamela’s travails

  43. if there’s anything I wished for, it is for Pamela to leave that marriage. as for what ikenna did, only Adelove crew will answer that one.

  44. Pamela shouldn’t stay with tunde…my candid advise to her is for her to look for a place to crash for awhile,while she sort out things …ikenna no doubt is hidding sumtin …it’s just a matter of time b4 the truth comes out

  45. Its not advisable for Pamela 2 stay with tunde..i will advise her 2 stay sumwia else but not wit her good for nothing husband nd that snitch called nkechi…I think ikenna has a hand in Pamela predicament

  46. I think Pamela should stay with tunde
    as for ikenna,I think he has something upstairs regarding to d old man instructions via he should not impregnate any lady

  47. Pamela shld stay with Tunde & fight d battle together. Ikenna is abt to reap what he sow, by his diabolical ways.

  48. Its okay 4 pam to stay wit tunde,@least a day or two but jus little afraid of the spirit not to ree-use pam on him again. I think what ikenna means with that statement is d evil deeds he has done tru d help of the old man on pamela.

  49. Pamela staying wit Tyne is scary ooh because d spirit might possess her again and she might kill Tunde dis tym ooh and as for dat Ikenna he is diabolic and he must be upto something maybe he wants to harm Nkechi

  50. It’s not ok for Pamela to stay with Tunde,she better go report the issue in the village…. as for Ikenna. I don’t quite understand his statement

  51. Maybe Ikenna has a made a covenant with the spirit and that is why the Voice spirit has been sleeping with his wife…wicked man

  52. Suspence filled,,, Pamela should stay back, & fight this unknown shadow with Tunde,. As for Ikenna nemesis will soon catch up with him because he is up to something diabolical.

  53. Pamela should stay with tunde but no sex o or else , the spirit hubby will deal with tunde again. May be that old man that ikenna friend took him to has decided to help him and do something to keep pamela with him forever and to pursue the spirit hubby away from pamela.
    Adelove, is it ur bus i saw packed at olohuntoyin street at bariga last night.

  54. No, it’s not okay for Pamela to stay with Tunde, she should go back to her husband house cos she still legally married to him and there is something behind what he said that its remain a little while that she will fully become his, Pamela needs go back to her husband so that some things can be reveal to her, ikenna has some secret agenda

  55. palema should stay with tunde till he fully recovered. and I think ikenna is behind the evil spirit that is disturbing pamela

  56. Abeg she should stay with Tunde o. Ikenna seems to be diabolical and knows exactly what is going on with Pamela and d voice. She should stay with Tunde so dt together dey can fight it.

  57. Pemela shouldn’t stay wit him oooo it is risky……… Bt I would love dem 2 b 2geda ooooo……. Wat a lovely couple dey would b……… Hmmmm ikenna has a skeleton in his cupboard…….i guess he nided her close in able 2 complete his charm on her…….. So she won’t b able 2 object his command……

  58. Come to think of it,Pamela’s aunt is nowhere to be found and ikenna might have bribed her with some money…… Nevertheless I hope everything goes well for Pamela and Tunde

  59. She shld stay with tunde while he recovers, for ikenna i bliv he has something under his sleeves, am suspecting his movement, he might be beyond all d predicament dat is befalling pamela. The voice…… Next episode pls

  60. Pamela should stay away from her home but not with Tunde, even if she would stay with Tunde, they shouldn’t be having sex. Ikenna knows and have done evil against Pamela unknown to Pamela. But the evil has failed him

  61. Pamela shouldn’t live with Tunde pls, it’s too dangerous for both of them. Ikenna’s statement was from the evil spirit. It may be planning to use Pamela for another dangerous mission.

  62. Ikenna used charm to marry pamela, he is also behind d spirit disturbing her, i guess, since he can’t ve her physically, he gets her spiritually. Destroying nkechi’s pregnancy is part of d measures in making pamela his finally. I think she should stay with Tunde for now nd seek God’s intervention.

  63. Pamela should just rent an apartment and stay away from both Ikenna and Tunde for the time being so nobody would get hurt. She can be visiting Tunde but shouldn’t stay @his place cos something more worst than the last might happen.
    Ikenna went to see an herbalist that’ll help him terminate Nkechi’s pregnancy spiritually, so I guess what he said connects with that. And I think Nckechi’s fall might work out in that aspect for Ikenna but I pray it doesn’t so Pamela would be free from him

  64. OMG are you people sleeping here? See comments anyways kudos Adelove. Did I hear Nkechi say her husband, this girl is sleeping on bike. I can’t wait for this curse to be broken I like tunde and pamela’s love

  65. I think Pamela should not stay in Tunde’s house to avoid repetition of what happened the last time. Also, I think Ikenna’ statement had to do with what the native doctor told him.

  66. Pamela needs to take care of him bcos he is in dis mess bcos of her and what ikenna said has something to do with DAT baba he went to see with his friend

  67. yes she should stay with him until when he will recover and never to go back to her formal husband house and ikenna might be working on using more powerful diabolical way to tie her down permarnently as his own

  68. Pamela should stay away from Ikenna even if not with Tunde so they can fight the spirit together as for Ikenna,yeye dey smell & i believe he did something diabolically maybe the time is coming for what he did to be over.

  69. Staying with another man Nd yet married to another is wrong,but she needs true love Nd sacrifice to overcome the power of ndishi as for the husband I smell a rat,his hands are not clean

  70. Pamela is better of with Tunde the way i see ikenna he has an evil plan maybe so dat pamela would love him again….next episode pls

  71. I think Ikenna is up to something with the way he is sounding, Nkechi will surely be disappointed. Tunde shouldn’t take thing with playing thing, he should look for some spiritual help

  72. Pamela is right to stay up with tunde because going back to that house will constantly remind her of what the husband did and as for Ikenna we all know he is up to something

  73. I think its best she stays with tunde for the now.. Ikenna is playing dirty n been diabolic.. Pamela tunde really needs God now

  74. Pamela shldnt go bck to ikenna, she nd tunde can fight the battle togeda afterall she neva luved ikenna frm day 1 and dat ll even prompt ikenna to send nkechi away frm the house. I fink it was d voice dat entered ikenna nd made him talk lyk dat, it was d spirit not ikenna.

  75. Pamela should stay with Tunde so that they can conquer. Also, about Ikenna’s statement, he is d own that is using the evil spirit to disturb Pamela so it just remain little time that d spirit will free her. So, there is no doubt that he knows what is happening to Pamela.

  76. This is a big temptation for Pamela. I don’t knw what Ikenna is upto but its better she stay away frm him at least for now.

  77. pamela should stay with tunde, ikenna actuallydid something fetish to marry pamela and now he’s about to lose her cos he wasn’t patient

  78. Hmn, pamela should stay with tunde. I think ikennadid something fetish to marry pamela and was probably warned not to impregnate someone else so that she could be his finally but he was impatient

  79. Ikenna, you better leave Pamela alone! Tunde Tunde don’t be a jealousing type…….
    Nkechi you better wake up b4 I pour you water……..

  80. It seems Ikenna did charm for pamela and his affair with nkechi has spoilt it. hmmmm
    I dont think pamela should go back home. let her remain with tunde…

  81. I suspect Ikenna, he is the architect of all that is happening to Pamela. She can stay with Tunde in the hospital but I will suggest she dissolve her marriage with Ikenna first before moving in with Tunde.

  82. Its not right for Pamela to go stay will Tunde.she should just get another place to stay for the main time.As for Ikenna I think his hiding somtin. Wow! Its feels so good to be back I have really miss adelove stories n all of u too.n I want to tank evety1 of u for ur support n prayers during my mum’s burial God bless u all

  83. it’s wrong for Pamela to stay with Tunde and I think Ikenna used Jazz on Pamela, He is the brain box behind the Shadow figure

  84. Noo, She should not go back to h
    Ikenna rather she should get her own apartment and to what Ikenna said , I think Ikenna is diabolic.

  85. I think pamela should stay with tunde till he recovers ikenna might have done something devilish with the Baba and maybe the time is already near before the effect of the charm surface

  86. Its not a good idea for her to remain with Tunde she shouldn’t forget that she’s married to Ikenna. On why Ikenna said she would soon be his I think he’s is getting love portion from that old man or some sort of charm thatll make her love him.

  87. Pamela should not go back to her husband.She should stay with Tunde and look for solution.Ikenna is into something bad.

  88. Its dangerous staying wt tunde for now that she’s still married but going back to ikenna isnt an issue, cos hes using juju on pamela

  89. It’s not really wise for Pamela to stay with Tunde neither is it wise for her to go back to the husband as I feel he’s diabolic

  90. i think d better she sort things out with her husband. if it’s a divorce, she should better do so she can b free from Ndishi & b ready to marry Tunde without…

  91. Pamela should stay with Tunde for two of them to conquer the battle through God, I think Ikenna is reffering to the spell he casted on Pamela & the shadow messenger he sent after Pamela through voice.

  92. I’m suspecting that ikenna used her for rituals n is only waiting for d appointed time before he can star making d money…lolxzxz just wondering shaa…is Nkechi dead?

  93. As it stands now pamela should take permition from her office and go back to the village and pray heard with this tunde will be free from th spirit for the time being, i believe ikenna will be exposed somehow because he is not clean

  94. Pamela is a married woman and until her marriage is dissolve she is not free, so she has to go back to her home. Ikenna has a deepen secret and that secret is evil and am sure is what he use on pamela to get her marry him.

  95. Yes, she should stay with Tunde because she’s not safe in her husband’s house and I Ikenna is into an evil plan and he has been assured by the native doctor that soon, she will be under him.

  96. I think with that statement he made, its quite obvious that Ikenna is the mysterious voice that always torment Pamela on a regular basis. Its the work of that babalawo he visited which gave him some do’s and don’t’s.
    In as much as Pamela is still legally married to Ikenna, staying with Tunde is out of it. I still maintained that its better for her to go back home and relate everything to her people. They’ll be the one to decide her divorce from Ikenna and probably, Tunde will be made a better man by marrying Pamela.

  97. Pamela should fine somewhere to stay first, so DAT d evil force will not command her against her wish
    Ikenna Knw something about d evil strange voice,but why it happened to odinaka too is what I don’t understand
    Next episode pls
    Adelove thumb up

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