(Episode 19) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

First Woman: “Nkechi… Nkechi…” she called her tapping her roughly on the shoulder.

Second Woman: “Wahala dey o, she seems to have passed out. What do we do?” she asked bewildered as her friend started using the edge of her wide skirt to fan her.

First Woman: “Go and bring water fast fast. I cannot allow this girl to die like this, bring plenty water” she kept fanning her and looking around to make sure no one has noticed the scenario.

Second woman: “Here is the water…” but before she could get the water close to Nkechi, she sprang to her feet.

Nkechi: “If they born you well, let even a tiny drop touch me, I will show you what I am made of” she threatened.

Second Woman: “So you’ve been pretending all these while? Na wa oo” she said a little relieved.

First Woman: “I did feel she was pretending, that was the reason I asked you to bring plenty water, wanted to know how long she’d hold” she said looking at her friend ignoring Nkechi.

Nkechi: “Well this is just a tip of the iceberg. Look at me very well, I am an ogbanje and I am the queen of my coven, the next time you as much as lay one finger on me or talk ill of my family, I will die in your hands and be reborn to another parent while you dine with maggots in your grave. So be careful from now henceforth” she threatened and walked away feeling herself.

First Woman: “She is a mad woman true true. Who will live with this one as a husband? I feel sorry for the man” she said shaking her head.

She woke up sweating like a lamb being led to the slaughter house. Tunde on whose arms she had slept had her sweat all over him too. He had felt her struggling in her sleep just like she did the night she attacked him, he was quite scared that the same would happen again but she woke up calm though frightened out of her wits.

Tunde: “That must have been a terrible nightmare. Look at the way you are sweating under air conditioner.” He said worriedly, reaching out to dab the sweat streaming down her face.

Pamela: “It was more than a terrible nightmare dear. I am so scared” she said holding on to him even tighter.

Tunde: “Care to share?”

Pamela: “I saw a terribly looking snake pursuing me. I woke up and went back to sleep like three times and the same snake appeared those three times.  I have never seen snakes in dreams before. I am really scared”

Tunde: “Don’t be scared dear, I am here for you. Nothing will happen to you while I am here and it is just a nightmare.”

Pamela: “I guess it’s time for me to go back home. It’s been two weeks already and you seem to have fully recovered. I need to go take up my duty as a wife again. Hope you understand me?”

Tunde: “Yeah yeah. You should go back but if anything happens, don’t hesitate to beep me please. Let me know everything going on with you in that house, do you understand?” he asked emphatically.

Pamela: “Sure, I understand. You are my guardian angel anyway and I love you very very much”

Tunde: “Someone is head over heels in love with this nigga at last” he said jokingly. “I love you too, much more than you can ever imagine” he said and lowered his head to place a light kiss on her forehead.

She kept having nightmares about snakes and masquerades chasing her. It kept getting worst until she could no longer go to work because of how terrible she looked due to her lack of sleep.

That afternoon as she sat at the corridor just watching the passersby, she felt a sharp pang of pain on her head. At first she thought it would pass but it didn’t. She quickly ran inside and started pouring water on head but the more water that touched her head the worst the pain grew. She took her phone and called Tunde who arrived there an hour later and found her sprawled on the floor with her hands on her head, crying.

Pamela: “I think I am going to die, I can’t take this anymore. I just don’t know what’s happening to me. Oh my head! “She cried holding her head tightly.

Tunde: “Hang on dear, I will have to take you to the hospital right away.” He scooped her up and carried her out into his car. People around looked at them and shook their heads, “what a messed up family” some of them said.

As soon as they stepped into Stan’s Memorial Hospital, she became frantic and jumped down from his arms.

Pamela: “What do you think you are doing carrying me like that? Do I look like a baby to you? Oh my heaaaad!” she wailed clutching her head again. People stared at them. A nurse ran towards them…

Nurse: “Please is anything wrong madam? This is a hospital and noise is not allowed here” she said and made to lead her to a seat but she jumped out of her reach.

Pamela: “You all are crazy in this market place. I need to find a place to nurse my baby. Oh my head!” she held her head and started running round the reception.

Tunde: “Please help me call Stanley immediately” he said to the nurse.

Pamela: “Oh yes! I will confess, I had sex with him, yes I did have sex with him. Yeees! I will confess ooooo please leave me alone, leave me alone” she said trying to remove her gown but Tunde quickly grabbed her tightly. Stanley arrived with some nurses who pinned her down as one of them sedated her. She fell into Tunde’s arms weakly and slept off.

Tunde: “I have to take her back home, this is not a hospital case” he said sadly to Stanley after they had transferred her to the same bed he had used some weeks ago.

Stanley: “What was she ranting about man? That was true madness she was displaying in there. What is happening?” he was oblivious of what was happening so Tunde told him everything about the Curse. “Oh! This is outrageous, you mean something this barbaric still exists in this evolved world?”

Tunde: “Even did not believe it, I guess until now”

Stanley: “But since you knew this was the case, why did you have to sleep with her? Are you really that daft? This can claim this lady’s life.”

Tunde: “I think I was crazy. This is not the time to apportion blame anyway. Once she wakes up, we have to take her home so she can confess to her husband otherwise, she might die. Oh God! This is my fault, I shouldn’t have done it no matter what.”

Stanley: “I guess this really isn’t the time to apportion blame so let’s hope for the best. I guess she’s awake now”. They walked over to her and noticed she was herself again. “How are you feeling now?” he asked looking down at her as she laid still on the bed.

Pamela: “I feel better now, I am no longer having headache. I need to go home. I have to go home” she said sitting up weakly.

Tunde: “Yes you have to and I will take you home now” he said and scooped her up from the bed again. He could not imagine how much weight she had lost in just two weeks. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and rested her head on his chest.

Pamela: “I am sorry for putting you through all these mess. I feel so ashamed of myself” she whispered weakly.

Tunde: “You don’t have to be sorry, don’t forget we are in this together. Your problem is my problem, your tears is my tears, your curse is my curse and your joy is my joy. So let’s stick together and overcome this hurdle.”

Pamela: “Oh Tunde! What will I ever do without you? Right now you are the reason I am still alive, I might have committed suicide a long time ago. My life is a train of wreck right now”.

Tunde: No don’t talk like that. I hate hearing anything about death, you are doing just fine. You are so brave my dear” he said patting her head fondly.

Pamela: “Brave?” she scoffed weakly.

Tunde: “Yes brave, not everybody can fight the battles you are fighting now and still remain sane”

Pamela: “I just wish everything was better for us, I wish I had met you first, I wish I didn’t have to get married when I did. I feel so unworthy of your love” she said dejectedly.

Tunde: “Stop talking like that now. You were young and naïve, stop beating yourself up over what you cannot change, just move on, live. Who knows someday there will be light at the end of the tunnel? I think you need to see a psychologist”

Pamela: “Why? You think I am going out of my wits? Have you started seeing me as someone who is emotionally unstable?” she asked with disappointment written all over her face.

Tunde: “Of course not, okay then let’s forget about that and just thread carefully from now on” he said maneuvering his car through the mainland traffic jam. He had tears in his eyes as they drove towards Orile. She closed her eyes all through.

She was extremely taken aback when she met her mother in law in the house when they arrived at last. She closed her eyes with regret and wondered why her mother in law should be there only at that point in time. She thought of how she was going to confess to such a thing with her being around.

QUESTION: Will she go ahead with the confession? What do you think happened to her at Stan’s Hospital?


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  1. She will not be given a chance to talk as mother in law has come to throw her out of the house. The curse was at work at Stan’s hospital

  2. she should go ahead and confess if she want peace of mind.she’s already displaying sign of insanity at Stan’s hospital

  3. Pamela will confess just as soon as ikenna’s mum tells her that she is not wanted as a wife anymore since she can’t bear any child for her son and nkechi is already pregnant with her grand child. What happened in d hospital is an attack from her spiritual husband and an onset of d curse placed on married women who commit adultery.

  4. Yes let her confess… Ndishi is really tormenting her … I guess Tunde should take her to church for real prayer…

  5. she will confess. But not when her mother in-law is around. The mother in-law the compare to force her out of the house due to her unable to get gregnant for her son. I believe that is her mission to the house

  6. i think it’s d repercussions of ndishi at play at d hospital (partial madness) n she just have to confess cos dat’s d only way she can’t recover from it all………. getting more interesting

  7. She should confess joor, the shame is not going to last forever. What about the boundage Ikenna has kept her? Breeze will soon blow and we will see fowl yansh.

  8. Afternoon ALC&Fs,

    Even if she should go about a confession, which I think is imminent, it must not be before Nkechi’s mom so quickly, no. And somehow I do not think Nkechi’s mom is there for that. At the right time she should.
    She had a spiritual attack possibly from her spirit lover.


  9. She should confess ni.but I doubt if she would stay one more day in that house again. She will be thrown out I guess

  10. She need prayers more than anything . But why women suffer in the hand of indish. Men are left to enjoy themselves. Pamela just confess and pray hard. Pls nxt episode

  11. Yes,I guess she will which will do her some good. I think d spirit is in charge of her @ d hospital 4 d abominable act she engaged wit tunde.

  12. She should go ahead and confess after which she can divorce Ikenna and marry Tunde.
    The thing that happened to her was the curse from they village that a married woman is not meant to sleep with another man.

  13. Yes, Pamela will go ahead to confess to her husband even in the present of her mother-in-law as this will peradventure end her marriage with Ikenna and free her from absolute madness and death. Ndishi brought spirit of madness upon her in Stanley’s hospital as a repercussion of the sexual intercourse she had with Tunde

  14. She should go ahead and confess for her own safety and sanity. D curse of Ndishi was at work in Stanley’s hospital. Nxt pls.

  15. She should so she can be free but they should look for Pastor ooo ASAP. Its d curse that has started having an effect on her, i pray she finds Christ soon before its too late.

  16. The story is getting more nd more twisted. Pamela just displayed madness. Somebody should advice Tunde to seek God, i don’t like the way he’s going about the matter, he’s too docile for my liking, as a man he should stand up to the situation @hand. Is he that daft as not to know that for Pamela nd himself to have peace they need God? Confessing to sleeping wth another man will just add to her misery. I think the best thing to do now is to find Christ then wait to see how things unfold.

  17. Pamela should confess to her husband, the unseen forces made her go insane each time she’s with Tunde. pamela case and that of her husband including Tunde need a total deliverance

  18. She need to be confessed but if she confess either she will still die but she needs to go deliverance in the church so that both of them are to be saved

  19. Let her confess though her mother in law will not make it easy for her.
    The curse of Ndishi was at work in her at Stanley’s hospital.

  20. Pls o adelove,I want to read episode 16 since yesterday bt it’s nt opening,now episode 17 to 19 has been posted bt can’t read it without reading episode 16 1st,pls help me out,do something for d link to open so I can continue wit d story pls am already missing out o

  21. she should go ahead and confess ones and for all may be that one will give her a chance to be leaving a normal life she deserve

  22. better to confess than to remain silence, Pamela has already displaying an act of insanity at stan’s hospital. Ndishi is at work.

  23. I don’t think that she will confess in the present of her mother-inlaw. The spirit of madness by ndichi was at work at the hospital. Only God can deliver her

  24. The curse is with her at that hospital…. She won’t be able to confess because the mother INLAW is around because is possible the woman is there to chase her away from her son house….

  25. Hmmm. I think she was close to going insane. And i have a funny feeling Ikenna’s mother is aware of what her son must have done.

  26. Yes, she will go ahead with the confession. She displayed madness @ Stan’s hospital bcos that’s the repercussion of sleeping with anoda man and Ndishi is at work, she needs to confess before she completely go insane.

  27. Dis is really getting serious & none of them never thought seeking God’s intervention. Not even Pamela’s mother.

  28. I dont tink she’s going to confess befor her MIL say wat bring her to lagos but Tunde should av been praying to God before now even if she confess her husband will no dat is wat he did to her. God help pamela because she av already suffer befor now God will surely help her.

  29. I sensed its d voice she do hear dat is at work tormenting her. She has always been having related attitude before she moved in to her husband’s house back in d village.

  30. Eeya, I think she will confess so that she can be free. As for what happened to her at Stan’s hospital. It was all the work of Ndisi.

  31. she will confess, else she dies, the Ndishi’s curse looks powerful, but if she draws close to God every yoke in her life will break,
    I think Ikenna might die and she will end up marrying Tunde too

  32. D course was at work in Stan’s hospital meanwhile she may not be given opportunity to confess as her mother in-laws has come to throw her out

  33. She should confess……bt nt infront of ha mother in law…… she can even make thing worst

  34. She should try and confess maybe a solution to all this problem can come out and she’s free to date tunde and ikenna marry he’s ngozi.ndishi is at work but I think ifeanyi did something devilish for her to accept him suddenly and I remember the night she wanted to change her mind

  35. I really pity Pamela, d mother in law might not allow her say anything, she has come to throw her belongings out of her sons house, but she just need to confess to be free.

  36. she might want to confess, but would the mother inlaw give her the space to do so? the mother inlaw hates her so much, she might want to throw her out. let wait n see how adelove wld twist it. next episode pls………………….

  37. Her mother in law might not even give her a chance to talk Coz she didn’t like her in the 1st place,at Stan’s hospital,Ndishi curse is at work.

  38. Pamela should confess, patapata they will send her packing then she can be with Tunde and then together they will seek God’s face and conqure the evil spirit disturbing pamela then they can get married……

  39. Pamela should confess, patapata they will send her packing then she can be with Tunde and then together they will seek God’s face and conqure the evil spirit disturbing pamela then they can get married…..

  40. It will be good for her to confess irrespective of who is in the house because if she doesn’t she’ll do it in the presence of multitude of people in the village’s market square as what happened to her in Stanley’s hospital is a sign of the curse of Ndishi.

  41. She won’t.. N even if she’s to do such a thing, not before her mother in law. Who knows what ikenna must av told her before Pamela came home…
    I think the wrath of Ndishi came upon her.

  42. This is the work of ikenna, she should just keep mute, but knowing Jesus is the first step to her healing cos there’s power in the name of Jesus.

  43. Yes, she has to confess before the curse would be averted. She was under the spell and curse on getting to Stan’s Hospital.

  44. She was manifesting Ndishi cursed with signs of madness. She will not confess because her mother in law is there to throw her out.

  45. Well…this rule still exists in my village…a married woman does not sleep with another man if she does she would face dire results. She has to confess to d elders n she would be cleansed. If she tells her husband n he conceals it n ends up eating d food she cooks, he would die before d woman serves her own punishment.
    This is exactly what d story says. Though I’m from Enugu state but I’m not from d exact place mentioned above.
    Back to the story…she must confess to be free. Then she can tell the elders she doesn’t want to be married to ikenna again…cos I’m beginning to suspect d guy sef!

  46. Love Matters……….. Tunde: “You don’t have to be sorry, don’t forget we are in this
    together. Your problem is my problem, your tears is my tears,
    your curse is my curse and your joy is my joy. So let’s stick
    together and overcome this hurdle.”

  47. I think wot happened to her in stans hospital is dat their village belief of not having sex witha another man except ur husband
    I think Pamela wil still confess despite the presence of her mother in law

  48. she need to confess so that they can get solutions to her problem, something that happened to her at the hospital is the repercussions of the crime she committed.

  49. She just have to get it done right away. Only if that’s the atonement for her infidelity. More so, her mum should be aware of the confession.

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