(Episode 20) The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story!

Mama Ikenna: “Where are you coming from madam the madam? Where have you been for the past three days I’ve been here? Is this how your useless mother brought you up? Is this how you were taught to act as a married woman? She raved accusingly immediately she sighted Pamela.

Pamela: “Welcome mama, I did not know you were around” she replied wearily.

Mama Ikenna: “How will you know? When you are busy jumping from one bed to the other. I said it, you are a prostitute sent to disgrace my son. Ikenna do you see it now?” she turned to Ikenna. “And who is this? “She asked when she noticed Tunde for the first time.

Tunde: “I am her friend, good evening” he replied with the same vigor she had used in talking to Pamela.

Mama Ikenna: “I see! So you brought one of your customers home? No wonder you are looking so pitiful. Shame on you” she spat on her.

Ikenna: ‘Mama what is wrong with you now? Can’t you see there is a visitor in this house?”

Mama Ikenna: “What visitor? You mean her customer? So you are also an accomplice uhn? You did not tell me you now use this house as a brothel” she continued stubbornly while Pamela stood there still wondering what to do about her confession.

Pamela: “I will just drop my bag inside and come back mama” she said and made to walk away but she drew her back forcefully.

Mama Ikenna: “Where do you think you are going to? You no longer belong here so get out of this house this moment or else I will call amadioha to descend on you.”

Tunde: “Madam why don’t you take it easy?” he said going to stand by Pamela.

Mama Ikenna: “Look at her, barren good for nothing asewo” she said with disdain.

Ikenna: “Mama that is enough, please go inside now!” he ordered pointing at the door leading to the room.

Mama Ikenna: “I cannot stay in the same house with this girl, its either she leaves or I do”

Pamela: “Really? Leave my house? My own house?” she asked incredulously.

Mama Ikenna: “Your own house? Look at this senseless girl. This house belongs to my son, what do you know about making money?”

Ikenna: “You should leave Pamela, go back to where you are coming from so peace can reign in this house. Come back when mama leaves” he quickly said afraid that she’d tell his mum she had been the one paying the rent and all.

Pamela: “Wow! Wow!”

Tunde: “Come let’s go. I think you’ve had enough for today” he said drawing her forcefully out of the house.

Mama Ikenna: “Don’t ever come back to this house again, do you understand?” she shouted after them. “Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now my son can have peace” she muttered under her breath. “Where is Nkechi? Nkechi…” she called.

Nkechi: “Mama I am coming, she answered from the room where she had been all along and ran into the sitting room nervously.

Mama Ikenna: “Have your seat and stop shivering as if I want to reprimand you for doing something wrong. Did you do anything wrong?”

Nkechi: “No ma”

Mama Ikenna: “So relax… I know you are pregnant, who is it for?”

Nkechi: “It’s for… for…?”

Mama Nkechi: “Talk now, I told you I am not reprimanding you, I just want to know who is responsible for it. Besides being pregnant is a good thing, a great news so hurry and tell me now”

Nkechi: “It’s for Ikenna” she said looking down

Mama Ikenna: “Which Ikenna? My son?” she asked excitedly.

Nkechi: “Yes ma”

Mama Nkechi: “Wow that is great! So eventually I am going to become a grandmother? Hai, Chineke nna ndeewo, Chineke nna ndeewo imela…” she stood up singing and dancing retying her wrapper endlessly. Nkechi looked at her and started giggling and grinning from ears to ears.

Mama Nkechi: “My daughter thank you, thank you very much. You have just saved this family from disgrace. Some people in the village have started insinuating that my son is impotent but you have just proved them wrong. When I get back home, I will go and arrange for your bride price to be paid with immediate effect”

Nkechi: “Mama isn’t that too soon? I cannot stay in this house with my madam. What if she kills my child?” she said pretending to be really worried.

Mama Nkechi: “Tufia! She is not coming back to this house again. Look at this house my dear, it’s now yours. I trust my son, he will take proper care of you” she said assuring her newly found daughter in law.

Ikenna stood unnoticed at one corner watching the two of them– “This ones do not know anything yet, not until it has dawned on them. Now that she has sent my wife away, what do I do? I know she is going to come back, she always comes back” he thought.

As soon as they stepped into Tunde’s house, she became still and fell on the ground with her whole body quaking violently. Her normally pink lips became so black and her eyes rotated in their sockets. Tunde was left confused as he tried calming her down. He remembered he could not do it on his own and started praying immediately. His houseboy Tope ran into the sitting room and was transfixed on the spot at what he saw.

Tope: “Oga this na epilepsy o no touch am, she go transfer am to you” he warned still keeping his distance.

Tunde: “It’s not Epilepsy, please go into that Foursquare Church nearby and call anyone you see there, even if it’s just one person. Hurry up!” he ordered and Tope ran out with speed. He carried her gently to the bedroom as the quaking reduced a little. Tope returned with two men trailing after him.

Tunde: “You are welcome, please we need prayers. Help me pray for her so she wouldn’t die please” he pleaded. The one who was with anointing oil introduced himself as Pastor Jim and his second as his PA. He uncorked the anointing oil and poured it directly into her mouth praying silently. The quaking suddenly stopped and she sat up immediately, quivering.

Pamela: “Yes I will confess, I will confess just stop tormenting me please”

Pastor Jim: “What do you want to confess to?”

Pamela: “I had intercourse with this man standing here” she said pointing at Tunde.

Pastor Jim: “Then you should ask God for forgiveness”

Pamela: “No, Ndishi will still kill me, its tormenting me so much. It wants me to confess to my husband, it will kill me. I will confess” she kept ranting. Tunde went close to draw her into his arms since that was all he knew he could do for her but she jerked back startling him. “Mad man, you want to touch me? I the queen of Ezike Oba? The only sweetheart of my heart? Wait… I will confess” she kept ranting. Tunde knew the momentary madness was back again and he paced around restlessly, Clueless and helpless.

Pastor Jim: “What is she talking about? What is Ndishi?” he asked confused.

Tunde: “It’s a god or should I say an idol which punishes any woman who engages in adultery in her hometown. Adultery is a taboo to their women”

Pastor Jim: “Then you have to take the necessary steps tradition requires” he said after Tunde had narrated how it can be appeased to him and how that is the only way despite his arguments that Such curses have been wiped out by Christianity.

She became herself again some hours later. She sat up feeling aches all over her body. Tunde was there by her side, holding a wet towel he was apparently using to keep her body temperature in check while she slept.

Tunde: “How are you feeling now?’

Pamela: “I feel terrible. Embarrassed is an understatement”

Tunde: “Hey! You don’t have to feel embarrassed, it’s just me and don’t forget what I told you earlier. Your embarrassment is mine too. So let’s not feel embarrassed and find a way to end this”

Pamela: “This will not end till I’m dead or confessed to the elders in the village and then do the necessary ritual cleansing”

Tunde: “Then let’s do that! I will go to the village with you. I can’t let you bear the shame alone. I have to be there with you since we committed the act together”

Pamela: “No you can’t go with me. It will make everything worst”

Tunde: “You know you can’t dissuade me right?”

Pamela: “Hmmmmmm! Okay I will give it a thought. But I still need to tell my husband about it first and I don’t know how to do that with his mother around” she felt like the weight of the whole world was strapped on her back.

Tunde: “Then let’s call him over. Who knows? He might show up”

Pamela: “I strongly doubt that. He is somehow egoistic too. But we can still try” she said trying to stand up from the bed.

Question: Do you think prayer can avert Pamela’s challenge without going to the village for confession? Should she confess regardless of her mother in law’s presence?


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  1. Well, let’s pray Ikenna show up, so they do the cleansing to that blind idol, but for that other gods, they need God ,thank God an anointed man of God has shown up, well Pamela, your pain will so be over, I see you smiling at the end

  2. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Her confession should be unto God for he whom the Lord sets free is free indeed. Her confession mustn”t be to ndishi and yes fervent prayers by God’s children can avert her impending doom.

    Night All!


  3. Derez notin prayer can’t do…they should pray deir way tru…..who is ndishi where d kings of king is…..let her confess to God and ask for forgiveness….he’s ever willing to forgive and show his mercy.

  4. PRAYERS CHANGES SITUATIONS. FOR THOSE THAT BELIEVE IN HIM, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN JESUS NAME. The confession is uselees, it has nothing to do with the situation on ground.

  5. Yes prayer can avert it bt she needs to make a confession too. That will be very cool to call ikenna over to tunde’s plc due to d anger his mum felt 4 pam. I bliv he will surely grant it since is still pam fending 4 d house rent.

  6. prayer will only do little out of it but to cleanse everything totally she needs to confess to her husband and also go back to village to do d necessary confessions and sacrifice

  7. Its better they go through special fasting and prayer session and seek for forgiveness. Prayer is the sword of a believer and she should also clear her mind off Ndishi as such doesnt exist and av faith in God

  8. I thought if prayer can. since confessing to her husband is d only solution, let her go ahead and do so. it doesn’t matter who is around, mother- in- law,elders, priest or priestess etc. what matters is her freedom.

  9. Prayer can do all things through God. But God will not answers such prayers cause you know the consequce of the offence and you went ahead and do it. Satan came to Jesus and told him to fall from the moutian that God will sent His angels after him. Jesus refuse cause He knows His Father will sent His Angels after Him. And said thy shall not tempt thy Lord your God. Some thing like that the Bible say. So let her go and confess her sins before his husband and her village elders and do the nessary things.

  10. Prayer can solve all the problems if they believe. They should call Ikenna over, he’ll come ever because he’s desperate.

  11. With God all things are possible wat they need is prayer she should confess to her husband, but she should not go to any shrine dat can worsen her problem. just look for God, know him and walk in is way who is Ndishi in front of almight God confess to ur husband and pray believe in God miracle .

  12. Give to caeser what belong to caeser, she is not yet a christain bcos she has not accept christ b4 now.
    She must confess according to tradition.

  13. she should confess already and be done with this ndishi thing. i am getting tired of it. Besides she should go to church and get serious with God. prayers can solve her problem.

  14. The bible says give to cesar what belongs to cesar and to God what belongs to God……. Let her confess and be free…. Where I want the pastor to come in is on the part of that her spirit husband…….

  15. Stupid Ndishi cursed, the husband that cheated on her, Ndishi did not hold him. She should accept Jesus as her Lord and personal savour and every thing will become alright.

  16. James 5:16… confess ur sin to each other and pray for each other because d prayer of a righteous man is more powerful and effective…. der is nothing impossible unto God.. prayer is d master key

  17. Stupid Ndishi cursed, the husband that cheated on her the so called Ndishi did not torment him. Pamela should give her life to Jesus and every thing will become alright.
    No confession to any body because no body is perfect.

  18. Prayers can avert Pamela’s challenges without going to d village for confession, but she really nids to confess to her husband be4 taking d necessary steps..but not in d presence of DAT her wicked mother in-law…only God can help her out of d predicament

  19. I believe prayers can avert that evil act and she shuld not confess dat since her mother in law is around cos she’s going to worsen the whole thing

  20. Prayer cannot avert it without her confessing to her husband.She must confess,irrespective of the mother inlaw’s being around for her to live..She has lost the marriage already,so no need of dying in silence.She can then accept Christ for her total deliverance and restoration..

  21. I guess non of the people commenting here is actually from Enugu-Ezike. The man of God who advised traditional approach first by way of confession to the concerned is not stupid or weak or prayerless in my judgement. It is not in all cases that instant prayer can work. That’s why at times there would be revelations from God about some causal conditions that can make the mountain of our prayers & fasting impotent. This is a similar case study to that effect. We sincerely hopes to hear from the horses’s mouth( I mean from Ezike Oba indigens) through Adelove research.

  22. I believe prayer can do it but it will be wise for her to confess to her hubby. She should do the confession even in the presence of her mother in law,afterall the marriage will no longer hold.

  23. Player can change any situation… She owes her confession to God alone. Going to the village n performing any rituals will make things worse. She shud not tell her husband in the presence of her mother in law.. She’ll over blow the fire.

  24. She has to do the needful which confessing to her husband and also observe the traditional rites because their marriage was built on it then she will accept Christ as her personal Lord and saviour.

  25. Prayer can save her na…but I still don’t understand why the people from the church advised her to go to the village…maybe that is where restitution comes in sha

  26. Prayer is the key to all predicament, but wat i fail to understand is, the tormenting has been there even before she collaborated withTunde. I so feel for her, n her family is not even aware. For Nkechi it wil b dawn on her wen d coast get cleared….

  27. There is nothing prayer cannot do..she should make d confession in front of the mother inlaw after all the names d mama have called her she should just accept it and be set free LOBATAN

  28. There is nothing prayer can not do?? she has to confess but with that her mother-in-law na war oooo, she will become topic in the village and her family will become a laughing stock, Prayer alongside faith will work magic, they need prayer

  29. Commenting fr d 1st tym on dis site!!! Yes prayer can do jst dt witout visitin her village or confessing, bt ikenna is d 1 am doubtin – is he nt responsible fr her predicaments ryt frm onset, wat did he av to do wit dt old man????
    Adelove wat abt her systa odinaka, is she well totally nw nd wat is d fate of dr ndibuishi (did dy end up as couples)????

  30. yes prayer can avert all her problems without confessing to anybody ,she should rather confess to almighty God himself for the forgives

  31. There is power in the name of Jesus and at the name of Jesus,every knee must bow n every tongue shall confess that he is Lord. I blv prayers can avert every evil power of ndishi.But even d bible said that when we confess our sins we ll be washed clean so she still has to confess

  32. Yes,prayer can avert it,she should not go to d village, let her go for deliverance, total liberation, after which she can confess,her confession will bring many to the newly found faith.bible also condemn adultery, d Ndishi is right to punish her but nt with madness but grace is found only in Jesus Christ.let her come to the throne of grace to receive mercy.

  33. Even Jesus said give to ceaser what belongs to ceaser she just have to confess her sins to her husband and whoever that matters to be free

  34. I believe prayer will because there’s no other condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus and I still think she should ignore Ikenna’s mum and confess

  35. ndishi being what it is,den shenjust need to go confess n get normal den think of what step to end all this shit up ,its so painful .bt dint no if she wud b safe her husband still bei.ng alive n tunde still gallanting around her

  36. Prayer is the only key to this problem, apart from d sin she committed she highly possessed by the so called Ndisi bcos she was dedicated to it. That’s why it’s tormenting her n hunting who ever is close to her so she needs proper deliverance.

  37. I believe with prayer she will be deliver as long as she accept Christ as her Lord & personal saviour & confessess her sins.

  38. Well is not her fault and is not natural it may have the hand of mother in-law and nkechi but by confession to her husband will make her free and by prayer and fasting the curse will be averted

  39. This is one tradition i cherish so much,commit adultery and face the consequences.Thats why adultery is a common thing these days,nobody cares!

  40. There’s nothing prayer can’t do, they should just take everything to God bcos He’s d Author & Finisher of our faith.

  41. pamela should first of all confess to her husband whether the mother inlaw is there or not. after confessing, she should go for serious prayer to break that unforseen forces tormenting her.

  42. Of course I believe prayer will save Pamela, because prayer is the key. I think she should confess to Ikenna so that she can be free

  43. She should confess, and i believe prayer can avert that curse without going to the village, there is nothing prayer cannot do, but let her give to Caesar what is his before the will prayer continue.

  44. Of course prayer can avert it.
    They both need that seriously in their lives now.
    But she made a terrible mistake knowing fully well the repercussions yet dragged herself into committing such sinful act with Tunde.
    She could have divorced Ikenna if was tired of the marriage.

  45. Pamela must confess her sin to her husband first because God himself is against the sin of adultery , tradition must be respected no matter what! Even the pastor advise her to do so.

  46. Nothing should be done than prayer. Because she did not committed the adultery intentionally it was frustration that push her to it.

  47. Prayer can change anything but if a Pastor can tell one to do all the rituals that is required why not?
    And for this to happen there must be a confession. So in my opinion in other to avert possible danger she should go ahead and confess irrespective of who is around.

  48. noting is impossible for God to do, prayer is the master key it can unlock any problem. she will be free with prayer, its not adviceable for her to confess in the presence of the mother in law. Nkechi will suffer and am sure that pregnancy is nt for ikenna.

  49. Prayers can avert Pamela’s challenges without going to d village for confession, but she really needs to confess to her husband be4 making any moves but not in d presence of DAT her wicked mother in-law…

  50. Yes Prayers can avert/remove any spell or curse placed on anybody. But if she truly wants to. Confess her sins then she can do so not minding the presence of her mother-in-law.

  51. I’ve said, only God can heal her n not Ndishi n that stupid marriage isnt the will of God so ikenna should let her go pls

  52. The prayer cannot work/avert until she carryout the necessary tradition precedure. Becos she knew the consquency and yet she did it. She have to confess.

  53. i strongly believe that nothing can’t be doing with power of prayer. but if she believe confession would be the the best solutions she can confess So that she will get solutions to her problem.

  54. Confessing to the elders alone cannot avert the penalty of the act. I think she should pray too alongside Tunde- a prayer of confession and forgiveness.

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