James Ibori In UK Court For £250m Asset Forfeiture Hearing

James Ibori In UK Court For £250m Asset Forfeiture Hearing

Ex Governor of Delta State, James Ibori, yesterday appeared before a Southwark Crown court in United Kingdom, UK, for the hearing of asset forfeiture case against him.

Ibori, who was released last year December after serving four-and-a-half years in a United Kingdom prison for money laundering, may forfeit assets worth about £250m should the judge rule against him.

The British Government had accused Ibori of stealing about $250m from the Delta State Government part of which was used in buying six houses and luxury vehicles in the UK, the United States and South Africa.

Meanwhile, it had reported earlier that Delta State may not get anything from the assets and the money which the UK claims he stole from the state.

The Delta State Government has already permanently forfeited $15m of the Ibori loot to the Federal Government for failing to cooperate with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to bring Ibori to justice.



  1. The delta state goverment in consonants with Nigerian culture is ready to loose more. As more money will be spent to celebrate their ‘illustrious sons’ home coming.

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