10 Interesting Facts To Know About Tonto Dikeh’s Husband “Snatcher”, Rosaline Meurer

10 Interesting Facts To Know About Tonto Dikeh’s Husband "Snatcher", Rosaline Meurer

Rosaline Meurer is a Nollywood actress and a model who had her formative years in Gambia where she did her educational studies. The family were sojourned there almost all their growing up years before relocating to Nigeria

• Rosaline Meurer is a bi-racial lady from Delta state. She also has Dutch blood coursing her vain. Her father is from Netherlands while her mother is from Delta state if you call her a half cast you might not be far from the truth.

• Rosaline Meurer is a fast rising actress who has featured in some good numbers of home videos. Some of which are Red Card, The Getaway, Broken Bond, In the Cupboard, Vendetta‎, Open Marriage, Spellboard etc including Oasis that brought her to limelight as lead actress

• Rosaline Meurer Is one of the top brand ambassadors of Ebony hair of Multi-sheet company for over two years now. She has featured on their several adverts and souvenirs.

• Rosaline Meurer Bagged her first movie award last year as the Next Rated Nollywood star at The Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award 2016 held in Sheraton Hotels Abuja

• Rosaline Meurer’s name has become controversial in a short time haven been linked to a romantic relationship with Nollywood colleague Chinedu Ikedieze in the past which he discarded and recently with Ton‎to Dikeh’s Husband which she went all out to debunk. She cleared the air and stressed that they have been family friends from her growing up days.

• Rosaline Meurer is resident in Lagos with her mother and younger brother and sister. Though she travels to Abuja, Asaba etc especially for movie shoots and NGO projects

• Rosaline Meurer has been one of the notable Ambassadors of Big Church Foundation, a charity NGO owned by Tonto Dikeh Husband – Olakunle Churchill. Other Ambassadors are Amb. John Fashanu, Amb. Rachel Bakam, Praiz and three serving youth Corps members.

•‎ Rosaline Meurer’s strongest advantage in movie shoot is that she is creative, can interpret scripts at will and possess a high degree of oral proficiency in spoken English. On the positive sides, she speaks over 5 languages including Dutch, Gambian Dialect, Delta language and a bit of Hausa.

•Rosaline Meurer is also a movie producer, though not sent anyone out to the commercial market but at an advanced stage of launching out productions. ‎She was motivated by producers and directors like Emem Isong, Zik Zulu Okafor, Chico Ejiro.



  1. If she is so intelligent to bring merit to herself on her choosen field, she can as well get a good man for herself instead of snatching someone else’s husband.

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