For Laughs! GEJ VS PMB

For Laughs! GEJ VS PMB


A Tin of milk was #100
A Bag Of Sachet Water Was #80
A Bag Of Rice Was #8,000
A packet of condom was #50
A dollar was #177
A litre of fuel was #87 without queues.
Four seed of tomatoes was #50



A Tin of milk is #150
A Bag Of Sachet water now sells for #150
A Bag Of Rice now sells for as much as #14,000
A packet of condom now sells for #100
A dollar has risen to #404
A litre of fuel now sells @ #120 with long queues.
Four seeds of tomatoes now sells for #120
Truly and really, Buhari has changed Nigeria.

To make Matters worse, without corruption Buhari is missing.

Please, cast your votes contestant 1 or 2?




  1. Hmmmmmm the above is right ooooo lolzzzz packet of condom…… We just need prayer because I never believe things will go worst like this….

  2. Nigerian only care for the present situation and forgotten the errors of the past..GEJ was a big failure my thought though

  3. Your thought is amplified and exaggerated by propaganda from the western media who wanted change at all cost. Though the change they have now was not anticipated.

  4. It’s unfortunate Buhari inherited this mess. I wish he was president with oil at 120$per barrel; then the comparison would have been fair.

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