Governor Okowa to release N350Million “funding” James Ibori reception, thanksgiving

According to online news reporter, SR, it stated that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State has reportedly authorized the release of N350 million to fund an elaborate church thanksgiving service and reception in honor of former Governor James Onanefe Ibori.

It can be recalled that Mr. Ibori was released from prison in the United Kingdom (UK) last December after serving a 13-year jail term following conviction on charges related to corrupt enrichment and money laundering. Last Saturday, the ex-convict governor arrived at his country home in Oghara, headquarters of Ethiope West local government area of Delta State, and received an excited welcome from his friends, political associates and residents of the state.

According to Newsmen, Mr. Okowa released the funds in order to ensure that the reception for Mr. Ibori, scheduled to take place on Sunday at the former governor’s hometown of Oghara, would be a huge event.

Last Sunday, Mr. Okowa and his entourage, including many members of his cabinet, visited Mr. Ibori at Oghara to pay homage. The current and former governors held a close-door meeting that last several hours.

It was reported that  the governor’s decision was “a way to show gratitude to Chief Ibori, who single-handedly made sure that he won the 2015 governorship election.” “Chief Ibori not only saw Senator Okowa through all the hurdles in the PDP governorship primaries but made him the governor of the state right from his prison far away in London. Before now, the governor had always vowed to give Chief [Ibori] an elaborate reception for standing behind him politically,” the source said to Newsmen.

Meanwhile, before filing this report, ADELOVE’s efforts to speak with the Commissioner of Information in Delta State were unsuccessful, as he did not pick up calls to his mobile phone. However, an official at the Ministry of Information confirmed that the state was playing a big role in the forthcoming reception for Mr. Ibori.



  1. Useless governor. Dr Governor, you have just been associated with a scandal concerning $10 million dollars and your mistress. People in Delta State are hungry, salaries/pensions are still owed, roads need to be tarred, hospitals equipped, a lot needs to be funded, should you be doing this. I thought more highly of you.Why do you not use your own money, not the State money, if you love and revere Ivorian so much? Are those of you leading us not sensitive to the times. You the leaders are calling for a llooming revolution with your insensitive and insane policies. Is there no value system anymore in this country? This is an Ostentatious and Misplaced priority. Rethink if you plan to do this.

  2. I really find it difficult to understand this country. Glorifying a confirmed thief?! Is that man even contrite over his crimes? And he is being celebrated, even by a sitting governor. What a shame!

  3. Mehn dat man shuld hav died in prison We have terrible leaders in dis nation jux imagine corrupt human tufiakwa useless politicians celebratin a thief

  4. But I am not surprised, is it not a PDP government? And u are still wondering why we are in this mess called recession, yet these unrepentant thieves, who have continued with their “trade” in their small corners, where they are still in control, said we should stop the blame game but I have bad news for them: Nigerians will never stop blaming them bcos the damage is so much, went too deep, to be ignored, moreover, they haven’t shown any remorse as examplified by this latest thanksgiving-hosting scandal.

  5. You guys want only Ibori to suffer for the evil of all Nigerian politicians. No honor in the land. If there is no political will to diligently prosecute corruption in Nigeria, pls don’t make Ibori look inferior to other corrupt persons.

  6. I weep for my State, Delta State and my country Nigeria! What a DEGENERATE race we have as leaders?! Can u see why God will wipe out all of these thieves and looters to pave way for a great Nigeria?! I’m totally disappointed in Okowa who appears soft spoken and morally sound! Never judge a book by its cover! What a DISGRACE!

  7. This kind of thing can only happen in Nigeria where people are elected into office not to serve the masses but to enrich themselves. This is the most ridiculous pronouncement I have ever come across from a public servant. God help that country and punish the criminals who can operate from within jails across the globe.

  8. The pain n agony of the Nigeria masses rest upon all of this corrupt politicians n their posterity for this show of shame and heartlessness.

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