Arsenal need a complete change and Arsene Wenger has to go

Paul Parker laments the weakness at Arsenal’s core and calls on Arsene Wenger to move on.

Arsene Wenger took Arsenal the football club into a new era after George Graham. But if they want that kind of impact again then Arsene’s got to go, he’s got to move.

The current side don’t match up to his great team of Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Petit and co. They are very, very poor in comparison. There are problems right through the squad.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the club personified. There’s something there but I think he needs to move clubs or have a change of manager to get the best out of him.

And don’t get me started on Theo Walcott – he’s very fortunate to still be an Arsenal player.

Arsenal need someone to come in and force the whole club to change. They need a different ethos, something different from the top to the bottom. Arsene’s looked after the whole set-up, right down to the youth team, and they’re all in that same kind of style. It needs to change and the club needs to adapt to what the Premier League is now.

To compete in English football now you need to be very solid, very strong and organised, and there’s not so much flair now.

I’m still struggling to understand why they pick the left-back Nacho Monreal or Gabriel. And I question Kieran Gibbs on that. Why’s he not playing? Is it the manager or is that Gibbs’ attitude is wrong? Because Gibbs, in my opinion, should be playing regularly for England. So you have to question why he can’t get in ahead of Monreal. He can’t tackle, Monreal – he’s like a school kid in a playground.

I don’t even enjoy watching Arsenal now. They just frustrate me. With some of the things going on they should be competing for the title. But Chelsea are a better team – and they’re even a better team to watch.



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