(Episode 4) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 3) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Grace bumped into the room. She stood in front of him. He couldn’t looked at her.

Grace: “Baby, we are waiting for you .”

Grace was a calm person who never wanted anything to ruffle anybody’s joy around her. She knew trying to ask questions why he yelled at Sandra might evoke some unwanted reactions. Osaze looked erratic. It could be a bad day at work, she thought.

Osaze: “I’ll be right behind you,” he said.

She left to the sitting room and she sat the quizzing eyes of her children followed her every move. The way they looked at her made her smile. Her funny children. Sandra was still sulking. After waiting for a few more minutes, Osaze dragged himself out and sat morose. Sandra didn’t wait for anyone to say anything as she broke into a prayer,

Sandra: “Thank you father for the gift of life. Thank you for protection and love. Thank you for my parents and brother. Bless and sanctify this food and provide for those who don’t have for in Jesus name I have prayed!”

They chorused “Amen” but Osaze’s was in whispers. It was his favourite Garri and vegetable but he ate it disinterestedly. Everyone looked down as they ate. The evening’s event had sapped the joy in the house. Osaze didn’t finish his food, he washed his hands and drew his chair back,

Osaze: “I’m feeling a bit off today,” they shook their headds as if to tell him, we thought as much. He stood up and went over to Alex and kissed his forehead, “Good night,man!”

Alex: “Good night,dad!”

Sandra fought with the tears that was struggling to have its way. He went over to her,

Osaze: “Good night, my baby!”she nodded, “and sorry for yelling at you!” a tear dropped, quickly she wiped it.

He left for the room. On the bed, he was tossing with a restless mind. No other thought occupied his mind than Zainab’s. He found himself fantasizing about her. It was the creaking of the door that brought his mind back. It was Grace, he shut his eyes pretending to be asleep. She changed into her nighties as she lied on the bed;  she looked  over him trying to see if he was awake or not. His eyes were firmly shut but there was no snores. He wasn’t a heavy snorer though but he snored. She tapped him,

Grace: “Hey babe,” he grunted and opened his eyes,

Osaze: “ Yeah,”he turned over.

Grace: “what’s wrong?”

Osaze: “How?” he looked at her

Grace: “ You said you had an off day today?”

Osaze hissed,

Osaze: “It is nothing serious, sweerie!”

Grace sighed,

Grace: “Are you sure?”

He nodded,

Osaze: “It’s nothing to do with work,” he cleared his throat. He had to quickly make it clear that he there was no problem at work. He didn’t want to make her worried for no just cause. It was stupid of him to try to rub off his moodiness on his happy wife and kids.

Grace: “Okay, I believe you! Let’s pray!”

They held hands and started praying.


As he got to work that morning he felt alive again. He entered the studio smiling. The workers were still cleaning the place,

They chorused, “Good morning,sir,”

Osaze: “Good morning Peter,Halima, Haruna, Ojonugwa and Praise!” he smiled at them. As he was about leaving the reception, he paused, “Praise.”

Praise: “sir!” stood up, he was dusting the framed pictures on the ground.

Osaze: “Follow me so you’d get new pictures. Take away those ones and put in the store! I want here to have a fresh look!” Praise nodded,

Praise: “ehm,sir.”

Osaze: “what’s it?”

Praise: “I want to suggest we leave this here,”he raised one up. It was a picture in Black and White but with deep expression. It was sublime. It was a picture of a small girl selling Fura dei Nunu on the streets. Osaze took it when he had just started the studio.

Osaze nodded,

Osaze: “That’s right,bro” Osaze was always impressed with Praise’s suggestions. He thought deeper than his colleagues. About to take a step,

Praise: “ehm sir,”he looked at Praise.

Osaze: “what is it?”

Praise: “You’ve got a visitor in the office!”

Osaze was taken aback,

Osaze: “Visitor? Alhaji Musa?”

Praise: “No, sir!” Osaze wasn’t expecting anyone that morning only Alhaji Musa, his biggest and most generous customers,

“Just make me pyn kawai!”

That was what the only concern of Alhaji. He loved pictures like the princesses in Disney land.

It was Zainab. His heart still missed a beat when he saw her despite the fact that he had been informed that she was in his office. He still was surprised,

Osaze: “who do we have here?” he crossed over to his chair and she was smiling. She wore a black Jalabia with a hood and leggies and the Jalabia was very long.

Zainab: “I came to finish our business!” Osaze was lost for words. What business? He thought, she could see traces of bewilderment on the face, “you were supposed to take me shots remember?”

Osaze: “O…ofcourse, how can I forget?”

He sent for Praise and Halima to get the studio ready,

Halima: “It’s done sir!”

Osaze: “Let’s go!”he took his camera and Zainab followed behind. It was an amazing thirty minutes shoot. She didn’t struggle to pose. Osaze was dazzled by her model-like poses. He didn’t want to ever stop clicking. When they had finished he didn’t want to stop going through the pictures. The smiles on every picture was magical. It told a sweet story. It was poetry itself.

“Did you ever model during your school days in the UK?” he said as he saw her off to her car.

She smiled and opened the door of a Venza,

Zainab: “it just comes naturally. Every adventurous person is like that!”she smiled again and sat in the car.

Osaze: “I see!” he stood over her with his arm resting on the opened door, “thanks for coming around and permission to use the pictures for a collection I am working on.”

She smiled again,

Zainab: “You’re welcome. And make sure I have my copies too.”

They giggled.

Osaze: “Yes,ma!” they laughed the more. As she was about driving off she handed a piece of paper to him. It was folded. He watched her drive off and he smiled.

In the office, he unfolded the paper and read:

Meet me today at Dankaka Hotel by 7 pm. I’ll be waiting. I don’t mind you coming late. No excuses but you’re free to cancel. Winks

He sighed, and threw himself on the chair.

Osaze: “Oh my God!”  He sighed again; his phone rang. It was his wife,

Grace: “Hey,baby. How are you?”

Osaze: “I’m good love! You?”

Grace: “ About leaving for the market!”

Osaze: “Okay.”

Grace: “Baby, don’t forget service is by 6:30 today oo!”

Osaze: “I can’t! I’m hungry sha!”

Grace: “Just try and hold on until till four. My lazy baby who cannot fast!” they laughed.

Osaze: “Gerraway!”

Grace: “Love you. Kisses!”

Osaze: “Love you too!”the call ended.

He was thrown in the mud of befuddlement. The date or going to church with his family.  He held his forehead that ached.

What should Osaze do? Should he refuse the date or go on with it and forget going to church with family?

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  1. One thing is sure and that is that Osaze has lost it……. Until that zainab destroys him, he will never recover…. He will cancel the church programme…….

  2. Zainab is on a mission and she will accomplish it by tearing that peaceful family apart and leave Osaze a looser…..

  3. Osaze should forget about the date and go to the church with the family..Anyway I know that my advice will fall on deaf ears..He has been possesed by the spirit of lust and he will look for a flimsy excuse that he will use to cancel joining his family to the church but will instead honour Zainab’s invitation..see you..see..destruction..

  4. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Osaze has long lost his will. He better diplomatically let go the will and infact run to Church for prayers and counselling.



  5. God first before any other thing he should cancel that date. After all the condition includes that he can cancel it.

  6. if only he could still think aright, bt he has almost lost it to Zainab. he should better open up to his family & allow himself to be helped.

  7. he should refuse the invitation, but he didn’t because his mind is where the devil’s snare (zainab). I pray the receive sense asap

  8. He should go to church with his family, his attention to zainab is already robbing him of the joy he enjoys with his family. Hmmm but I feel osaze will come up with an excuse for his wife so he can go out on the date with zainab.

  9. Mr osaze wld b choose going on d date dan go to church with his family…………. Thats the power of women, especially the likes of zainab…..

  10. Osaze shud nt go for the date but go with his wife for the evening service. I dnt think Osaze wud go wit his wife to church, he wud mk up an excuse.

  11. pls Osaze dnt go for d date just try and wave d date away. remember God first, family second and nothing else…..lol, but I don’t think he will go for d date

  12. osaze should forget the date with zainab and follow his family to church so that he will not go and fall into zainab trap because the devil is using her to get osaze by bringing problem in his family and business

  13. Some of us are talking as if they dont knw what men/guys are capable of doing wen it comes to new babes or crush……….
    ……… Put ur self in osazie’s shoe, u wld do the same thing….

  14. Osaze is in a cross road, between his family and an affair with a total stranger who he knows little about. Just be carefulllllll

  15. He shuld jus go to church wit d family,maybe zainab thinking wuld b out of his sense and mind. Once again,he will be fully back to his family bt I don’t think he will,he may see dis as an opportune to knw zainab intention towards him.

  16. is heart is so fragile he may wish to go for the date but the best for him is going to church with his family, at least for the love of his family.
    May God deliver him from Zainab’s net.

  17. He should go to church with his family. I think Zainab has a hidden agenda which will result to downfall of Osaze if he doesn’t take care

  18. He should go to the church with his family and forget going on a date with the devil, who is bent to destroy his happy family God gave to him.

  19. Osaze!Osaze!!Osaze!!!how many times have l called you? Flee from every appearances of evil. Don’t say that you are not warned.

  20. He should go to church with his family, he should remember his previous dream, the devil is around him to destroy d unity and love in his family. He should turn down d date and follow his family to church and pray against d temptation

  21. Adelove na Fura da Nono….. not ….. “Fura dei nunu”….. anyway u try sha….. As for Osaze, since he has the option of canceling the appointment, I suggest he should, to avoid the unavoidable…..

  22. Osaze is trending on a dangerous path oooo, if he accepts this date at the detriment of the church service, that simply implies he has accepted and welcomed infedility. He should think well before executing any actions oooo, to avoid regrets

  23. Hmmm osazie is already deep in this lust of his and i doubt if he will follow his family to church, but the best thing for him is to go to church with his family than going to the hotel to commit imorality

  24. everybody has being suggesting church. but d fact is dat in one way or d other we have been in dis kind of ugly scenario and ended up taking d wrong step. its not easy. but may God always help us.

  25. Osaze should ignore zainab invite and follow his family to church. once he steps into dt hotel to c zainab, that will b d beginning of osaze’s destruction. God help u osaze.

  26. The priority of any good man is his family despite any short pleasure. Therefore, Goodluck to Osaze on his decision yet to take.

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